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like big assssss
Hi all, I’m Mark, a 20 year old guy and I want to share my story of how a girlfriend turned me bi and probably gay.

So it all started at the beginning of the summer break, four years ago. I was done with school, had no retakes and since a long time, free to do whatever I wanted.

My parents left for France like they do every year, but for the first time they left me home. As I stated that I had nothing to do here, and preferred to stay home with my friends. Which, after long debates and a lot of nagging they agreed too. Thusly I was home alone, without a care in the world for 3 whole weeks.

And being a sixteen year old, you probably know how I spent this time. Porn, porn and more porn.
I’ve been watching porn since before that day ofcource, but never was I able to do it without hiding it from my parents. So for the first time, I could enjoy it.
This started out timidly, but I quickly decided that this would be a lot more fun without clothes.

Now after a day or two of not doing much more than watching porn and movies while wanking, I got slightly bored with it all. I wanted something more, well interactive.

Needles to say, I took the next step and started visiting chatrooms. At first ones specific about sex, but soon I discovered that that’s where the old gay men are, which I had no desire of speaking too at that time. But after some googling I found a few sites that had some teen rooms, which of course were flooded with teens that wanted too cam and RP.

I was quite happy with my find and started chatting up all the girls I could find, with frustratingly little results. I had some chats with girls, and some that lasted for quite a while.
I quickly filled my MSN with new girlfriends and even got friendly with some, though none of em went beyond the exchanging some naked pics and roleplaying.

Some wanted to see me on cam though, claiming that they had none. I obliged to some I liked more, and showed off my naked body. Which soon escalated to, cumming on cam, drinking it, and fingering my ass.
I know now that those girls were probably guys, taking advantage of me. But I can’t say that I mind, as the illusion was real enough. (Just hope that there aren’t any video’s of me on the Internet)

Somewhere halfway the second week however, the story starts to get interesting. I met a Greek girl on the chat, called Emily and after half a day of talking, she was willing to go c2c.
She was a bit older than me, I think 17 or 18, had long black hair and a nice slim body. Decent Bsized tits and a bald pussy.
But she did stress, that she liked to be dominant, which meant that I had to be her sub.
I of course was overjoyed that I finally hit the jackpot and eagerly agreed to the deal, as I’ve been a sub to quite some girls over the last few days, so it’s not like I did anything new.

Well, we cammed for about half an hour, playing a dare game where she asked me to do something, and then did the same in return.
It started soft with showing my body and dick, spreading my cheeks and stroking my cock. And she also did all these things after me.

She then stated that my ass was my vagina, and that I had to finger it like a horny little girl would, first with one finger and then with two and eventually three.
I did my part and she rewarded me by fingering her cunt.
Next I had to lick my fingers, which I did. At this point I was too horny and excited to care what I was doing anyway.

She finally asked me to stick a pen up my ass and told me that it was a dick fucking my slutty pussy.
Once it was her turn however, she got out her pink dido and showed me some tricks while telling me that I should just go on and cum now.

This, as you can probably guess, did not take me long.

After that we talked for some time, not just sex but everything. Soon becoming friends. She had started calling me her slut and I can’t say that it didn’t arouse me. The word alone was enough to get me hard.

We repeated our cam fun about two more times, once that night and once the next morning. It was this third time that she asked me to cum in my hand and lick it clean.
I came into my hand, but after that the feeling resided and I lost my appetite for it, but after some pushing I did lick it up.
She told me that I was a good slut, licked her fingers clean and told me that its a pity that I wasn’t a girl, as I would have made a great gf for any guy around. After which she started talking me into cross dressing.

She wanted to see me in my sisters clothes.
At first I objected, saying that that’s gay and I didn’t want to do it. I still remember the smile on her face after I said that, and her reminding me that I was her slut and had to do what she said. And eventually she convinced me, promising me to dress up in some really hot lingerie.

So the next day I gathered some of my sisters clothes that I was told to look for; A bra and matching panties, a cute, preferably pink, shirt, a skirt, some colorful socks and a headband, as my hair was too short for any other girly friz.

I looked the best I could and found some matching white panties an bra with pink polka dots, a red girls T-shirt, a pretty short jeans skirt, some knee-long white socks and a nice headband with a big pink bow attached to it. Yea, my s*s had some killer taste.

Then I brought it all back, and showed her over the cam, she approved of the attire and asked me to don it, again promising me to do the same with hers, which was a pair of black crotchless panties and an open bra. So it basically came down to an outline of her private parts.

So I dressed up quickly, being still relatively hairless, besides some around my crotch and light hair under my armpits, it came out quite well.
She applauded and laughed, told me that it stood me better than anything else she saw me in asof yet.
And got to doing her part.

We played a little and she kept on complimenting my new look and told me that she wanted me to wear this every time that we cammed, because I was the perfect little slut right now.
She also added that I could leave out the panties and had to fill up the bra.

So being totally under her spell, I did what she wanted and for about a day or two she made me keep my promise, while we continued our games. At which I had gotten quite good at that time, fingering my ass for my own pleasure, sticking in various objects, eventually the handle of a screwdriver and eating my cum like the slut I was.

It was at the beginning of the last week of my vacation that she went a step further, she wanted me to fool a guy into thinking that I was a girl, going on cam with him and making him cum. I had to report back with a screenshot of him cumming and a log of our chat and that I was forbidden to cum until she said so.

I can’t say that I was reluctant, it might have been the hornyness, but I didn’t perceive it as gay but as just another test/game. Thus I went back to the chatroom, made a female profile, where I clearly stated that I was a slut that wanted to cam.

It didn’t take long to get flushed with PM’s, and I picked someone out, I think at random.
He was an ordinary guy of somewhere near my age, and quite happy with his score. I deliberately made the room a bit dark, sothat he wouldn’t see that I was a guy. I flashed him my chest and stuck my hand down my skirt to turn him on, which was all that was needed.

After some praise and cheering, telling him how good his cock looked and how I wanted to suck it, this all being an act of me just wanting to make Emmy happy, he came and tole me that I was an awesome slut and he wished that he could fuck me.
After that I gave my gf the pic and log and she complimented me on my obedience. Rewarding me with some hot c2c action. Then she said that she had to leave, and that I was to watch a vid while she was gone.
This vid was a gay porno where one of the actors was dressed as a girl, not unlike me, and the other was just a hot naked teen. I watched trough the whole thing, which lasted for about 40 minutes, and got quite turned on by it. I’m not sure if it was the built up cum that I didn’t wank off or something else but I envied the slutboy in the vid.

Not long after that she came back she asked me if I liked the video, upon which I replied that I did. She said that she expected that, as all good slutboys would.

After that she told me that she couldn’t cam anymore because her parents had come home, just as mine would do in a few days time. So we spent time sharing porn and doing some more “cam jokes” with guys. Little had I noticed that all the porn she sent me by now was gay porn, and she asked me for feedback constantly. And eventually it clicked and I started to look for it myself, having discovered a new love for dicks and being a sub slut.

Eventually my parents also came home, so my crossdressing and cam days were over, but I kept watching and sharing the porn. Now spending time with her by roleplaying, where I often got the part of the girl.

This all lasted for about a week or two, when suddenly she had to leave for the day, going somewhere with her parents.
So I spent most of that day watching porn, but eventually I wanted some contact, so I opened my old sex-msn and chatted up one of the girls I had in there.

She asked what I was up too, and I said that not much had changed, I had a cam gf with whom I cammed daily until my parents came back and that I still spent my time with porn and chat.
She said about the same and asked me to pass down a good vid, cuz she was horny too and wanted to satisfy herself.

Of course I passed her a gay vid, upon which she reacted weirdly, asking why I was sending her gay porn. I told her that that was what I watched now, as its hot. Then she asked me something that made me realise what was going on. “Lol, you’re gay?”

I wanted to say no, but as I did, I realised that all my sexual fantasies lately were based on men. This really confused me, as I thought that I was just being bossed around and slutted up by a girl. So I quickly opened my naked woman folder, just to discover that they hardly exited me anymore.

The ones that were of girls in action, were the ones that turned me on, but I realised that I envisioned myself as those girls, being pounded by the guys and not the other way around like used to be the case.

I imagined myself fingering a girl or licking her cunt, something that used to get me hard almost instantly now only quickly turned into fantasies about cock.

I was quite distressed because of this and when Emily came back, I told her so.
“I think you made me gay.” I said, to which she replied, “No, you always were, I just helped you realise it.” After which she started telling me how she just knows when guys are gay and helped me around a lot of confusion in the future.

Now I can’t say that I was happy with this, I felt used and manipulated, worse yet, broken. But she kept on assuring me that no straight man would do anything close to what I did, even at the start.

I blocked her that day and spent the rest of the summer in utter confusion, and the confusion remained for quite some time. So did my feelings towards men, tough I am able of finding girls arousing too occasionally.

Now after almost four years, I still spend some of my vacations and free time on chatrooms, but gay ones. I don’t cam, as I find the risk of recording too big now, but I do roleplay and swap pics.

I’m still a virgin though, as I never approached a girl since and am too much in the closet to find a boyfriend. But I have little doubt that this is how I was meant to be now, and wish that I still could contact Emily to thank her for showing me what I did not see myself.

So if you ever read this, or anyone who was helped by her does. Thanks!

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