Liz 3

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Liz 3
Saturday’s weather was all that the forecast promised. Liz and her c***dren, Laura and Robbie, arrived around noon. Laura is 18, slim with her mother’s looks. All the confidence of a modern young woman. Robbie, is a shy boy of 17, tall and quiet. I told them that as I have lived in Europe where nudity is accepted in spas, beaches etc. I like to be naked particularly in the summer. I went outside, took my shorts off and settled on recliner. I had already got some music going and six bottles of prosecco in the fridge.
Liz and Laura were first to emerge, Liz, had a beach towel wrapped round her. Laura wore a dark brown string bikini. Robbie came out in a pair of swimming shorts. I was naked, my cock freshly shaved clean and smooth. I could see both Laura and Robbie having a good look at it.
I had two sun loungers and two inflatable air beds. We spoke a bit about being naked as we enjoyed some chilled wine. Liz, on the lounger beside me said “well I am going topless just like on holiday in Greece” with that she pulled the towel and it fell open. The wore blue bikini briefs, no top. Her 36C tits (at a guess) topped with brown nipples, semi hard looked great. “It was about 8 years ago you know mum, Jack, did you know mum’s been waxed this morning for the very first time in her life” Laura announced. “Has she indeed? I’m look forward to enjoying that later” I responded. Laura looked embarrassed briefly. I passed Liz sun cream and watched her spread it over her body, she seemed to take extra time on her tits resulting in her nipples becoming fully erect. From behind my sunglasses I could see Robbie was paying close attention but I also felt he was looking at my cock too.
Laura was laying face down on a sunbed, she reached behind her, untied her top, slid it out and dropped it on the grass giving me a quick flash of her firm round tits topped with tight pink nipples.
“Jack, please can you put cream on my back” Laura asked. I knelt down beside and started rubbing in the cream in a more massaging sort of way. “mmmmmm that feels nice” she said as I applied deep pressure. She seemed unconcerned by the occasion bump of my cock as I leaned over her. Once her back and sides were suitably covered, along with the side of her firm young tits. I moved onto her legs. Given the design of her bikini, the bottom half was little more than a thong. I thoroughly enjoyed kneading and squeezing her bum cheeks then moved to her thighs. As I spread the cream on her inner thighs her legs parted a little to give me a great view of her thinly tightly covered pussy. She seemed to be pressing her mound into the airbed like she was getting off on my ministrations.
An hour passed with banter getting increasingly risky probably due to the wine and heat of the sun. Laura announced a game of dates and she was going to go first. “I dare mum to go naked like Jack”. By now Liz was nearly finished her fourth glass of wine and seemed pretty relaxed. “Okay but I get to make the next dare. We live in that tiny flat and Laura and I have to share they’ve surely seen me naked often”. With that she raised her bum and slid the bikini bottoms off and dropped them on the grass. Her recently waxed pussy looked good enough to eat, perfectly smooth.
Liz then announced, “I dare Jack, to roll Laura over and put suncream on her front”. Quick as a flash Laura rolled onto her back and propped up on her elbows. “Come on Jack, please give my front the same quality treatment” she said. She lay down flat on the airbed as I knelt beside it and started massaging cream into her shoulders moving quickly to her firm young tits. Her nipples quickly became bullet hard. I did tease them a bit. Laura’s eyes were closed and she was quietly saying mmmmmm. She had a hand hanging over the edge of the airbed which regularly touched my cock. It was palm up so she was having a good feel. As I moved to her legs, as before, they parted, her bikini presented a perfect camel toe picture as I massaged her inner thighs. Her breathing was starting to speed up. I stopped at that point. “My turn again” announced Laura. “Wait” said Liz “there’s a bit of the front missed” Liz was pointing at Laura’s pussy area. I pulled the strings and drew the bikini bottom away. Laura’s pussy looked so inviting. A perfectly smooth mound, slit obvious in the middle. I massaged a little cream over her mound as she made soft moaning noises raising her hips to meet my stroking fingers. Her legs parted as the tip of my finger stroked up and down her slit.
Glancing at Robbie, I could see that he was very hard in his shorts. “My turn”, I announced “I dare Liz to wank Robbie’s cock”. Liz walked round and knelt behind Robbie who was sitting up. She put and arm round him and slid it into his shorts. You could clearly see that she had grasped his cock and was slowly wanking it as I was stroking the pussy of his sister. Laura was starting to get pretty wet by this point. “Put a finger inside Jack, finger fuck me” she gasped out. Laura’s fingers were now completely round my cock and she was wanking me briskly. I leaned forward and started to lick her hard nipple. This was enough for her as she moaned “I’m cumming Jack, don’t stop please”. I glanced up to see Liz had taken Robbie’s cock out of his shorts and was wanking him fast. I guessed he was also about to cum too. Laura was thrashing about grinding against my fingers in her cunt. Next thing Robbie is shooting spunk like a fountain first blast landing on Laura’s shoulder.
After a couple of minutes, you young ones had regained a bit of composure, albeit still a bit tipsy. “So Liz, both these teenagers have cum thanks to us. Think its time for them to repay the compliment.” I said. “Robbie didn’t look too shocked to be wanked by you, is there something I should know?” “Maybe” was all she said with a wink.
“So, Robbie, you’ve been looking at my cock a lot this afternoon, I dare you to bring me off in any way you choose. I further dare you Laura to bring Liz off in any way you choose”. Robbie looked a bit more shocked now. “I’ve never done anything like that before” he said. “ I think you want to try it though don’t you” I said. “Yes I do” he replied. “I’d guess Laura and Liz have a bit more experience” I said. “well we do share a bed in that tiny flat” responded Laura.
“So Liz our time to enjoy ourselves” I said. Robbie moved over and sat beside me on the airbed as Laura moved over to Liz. Robbie, ran a hand over my stomach and curled his fingers lightly round my cock and started to stroke it up and down. “I can feel it getting hard” he announced. “This is so fucking horny” Laura said, watching intently. She turned her head and started licking her mother to k hard nipple. “Hold it more firmly Robbie, it wont break” I said, “ that’s good, wank me slow”. I could see his cock was solid again how I envied his youth. His cock was a good seven and a half inches as I teased it with my finger tips.
Laura was now sucking and licking Liz’s tits and also rubbing Liz’s clit. Liz lay back on the airbed and spread her legs wide, Laura positioned herself between Liz’s thighs and brought her pussy mound down on top of Liz’s. They had obviously done this before. Laura ground her hips in a circular motion, I guess it was clit on clit. They were both breathing and gasping heavily. From where I was you would think that Laura was fucking Liz.
“Do you want to try licking it Robbie?” I asked him. He nodded, pull my foreskin down the lick my knob end. He followed the instruction, licking my cock lick it was an ice lolly. “try it in your mouth if you like” I said. He immediately dropped his mouth over my cock and commenced bobbing up and down. He was learning fast. Just when I thought I would let him suck me off I could hear Liz gasping out “Jack, I need your cock in me, I need to be fucked till I cum.” Robbie withdrew, and I moved over to where Laura had been shortly before.
Liz’s legs were wide apart feet flat on the airbed. I inched forward and positioned my cock at the edge of her cunt. Taking my cock in my hand I stroked it up and down Liz’s wet cunt lips. “Get it in me you bastard” she gasped out. I drove into her in a long hard plunge. Stopping when I was fully in and started to grind in a circular motion. “oh yes, again, I’m going to cum.” I drove in half a dozen times, hard and deep. She came hard, I could feel the muscle spasms of her cunt and this set me off filling her cunt with my spunk. Out the corner of my eye I could see Laura was wanking Robbie off and he shot a second huge load.
Before they left I did want to know more detail about their relationship. When Luz and Stuart divorced, they moved into a tiny flat. Laura and Liz had to share a bed. Robbie had a box bedroom. Hot water was short supply, sometimes showers had to be shared. Sometimes things just happened. It had started with accidental nudity but now there was some playing with each other. Laura had slept with one boy drunk at a party and her female flatmate once. Robbie was a virgin but might be bisexual. As they left I told them they could visit or use my garden any time.

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