Lori fucks her massage guy part 1

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Lori fucks her massage guy part 1
Hi! Call me Lori, I’m 29 years old, I’m short, about 5′ 2″. I weigh about 200 pounds, and I have huge 38DD tits. My hair is long and brown, I’ve got quite a libido, I squirt, and love anal. Make up your own profession for me, it wont detach from the story. My tale begins 4 years ago.

My boss from work got me a gift card for a massage for doing such a great job at work. I asked if there was anyone that he would recommend, and Todd (my boss) said to ask for Tracy. The weekend was coming up, and I wanted to relax after doing whatever it was I did to get a free massage. (See, it’s kind of like a choose your own adventure porno story.) I called up the Generic Massage store, and the receptionist answered my questions about where they were located. I asked for Tracy, and soon had an appointment scheduled for Friday night.

Fast forward to Friday after work, I went home and grabbed a shower. My fingers swirled my bushy pubic hairs in the shower, and I thought about getting in a quick rub. The warm water hitting my chest stimulated my nipples getting them hard, and one thing I haven’t mentioned is that I can cum just from nipple play. While I’m at work, I can set my phone to vibrate, and hide it in my bra. It only takes a few minutes, its a great way to keep excited about doing whatever it is that I do.

I lathered my hands up with soap, and ran them over my breasts, squeezing my nipples, until they couldn’t get any harder. Feeling hornier, I moved my left hand to my pussy, directly on top of my clit. Minutes later, I had a mini orgasm. Refreshed, I stepped out of the shower, and continued to do those things one does after a shower and gets ready for something.

I drove to the Generic Massage Store, and I gotta say, it looked better than it sounded. Arriving a few minutes early, I walked in and was greeted by an older lady. She handed me a clipboard full of paperwork. Name, age, health history, medications, all the standard stuff. I passed the info back to the lady and she said that Tracy would be right out. I sat back in my chair, and saw there were other people waiting for a massage. It was like a generic mix of people, ranging from my age, to those beyond their 50’s.

This was going to be my first massage, and Todd kept telling me all week long that that Tracy was amazing. This helped reassure me, I was a little nervous about a woman touching me. The door opened and out came a pretty handsome guy. He stood about 5′ 11′, 175 pounds, black hair, and brown eyes. Yup, it was like I could see his drivers license. And then this guy comes over to me, and introduced himself as “Tracy.”

Thanks Todd! He led me back and upstairs to his room. I suddenly felt a little nervous and excited. He was hot and was going to touch me. The thought of a “happy ending” massage never crossed my mind. He had me sit in a chair in the room and asked me where I hurt. I told him I didn’t really have any problem areas, but just wanted to try out the massage, as “he” had come highly recommended.

Before leaving the room, he said I could wear whatever I wanted, but suggested to go nude. For my first massage, I decided to leave my panties on. For those wondering, they were black, with a hint of lace and red bow. French cut. The rest of me was nude, the chair wearing what I had just taken off, and I crawled onto the table.

I could feel some warmth from the warmer under my body, my head face down on the table. I heard him enter, and soon his hands were all over me. Strong and slippery fingers, forearms and palms were covering my body. Up and down my back, over my legs, and he even mumbled something about doing my ass. I would like to clarify, he was so professional about everything, but my mind and body were in the relax zone, so what I heard is “can I rub your ass” as he said “can I work your glutes”.

In a daze, he had me turn over to work the front. His skillful hands found sore parts of me that I was quite unaware of. My arms, legs, chest, neck and head soon received the wonderful attention that my back side just received. I went in with the the expectation to just feel good when I was done, but this guy nailed it. Todd was right.

Again, there was nothing naughty about his massage, no hints of sexual intent. I felt like a new woman. I asked if he ever took home clients, and the nights that he was available. Tracy told me that he’d be happy to take me on at home.

At the end of the massage, he grabbed my phone (um, it was sitting on top of my purse) and entered his number, and even took a selfie for a contact photo. I was glad he did that, as over the months/years that followed this massage, I started to look at his pic while I masturbated.

About every 3 weeks after that first massage, I was on his table at his house. For the next two years, we had become pretty good friends. I knew that he had a girlfriend, so I never pursued anything more than his massage. I even wore panties during the massage during this time. Secretly, I wanted to be nude, and have his tongue buried in my pussy.

Then he let it slip. One night during my massage as his hands were working the back of my legs, he said that his girlfriend had left him and moved out of state. At that instant, I knew I was gonna have him fuck me. My mind instantly went into seduce mode.

I’d had 2 long years of fingering my pussy, and squeezing my tits at work imagining him touching me. I slowly moved my arms and hands under the sheet closer to the sides of the table, hoping that he would brush his cock against my hand and also hoping that he didn’t see me purposefully do it.

As luck would have it, good luck, as he went to work on my back, I could feel the head of his dick through his pants bump against my pinkie. The brief fraction of a second there was contact, I felt a spark between my legs. Two years of fantasizing about his penis, I didn’t factor in the next step after contact.

My hand freaked out and flinched away, then came an almost automatic “Sorry about that”. Tracy just laughed it off. He then finished my back, and my frightened arms went back to my sides. Finished with the back side, I flipped over in my usual manner, with the exception of giving myself a stretch after I had been covered with the sheets.

See, I knew his routine, after we flipped over, he’d start with my legs, which held the sheet in place. As I placed my arms above my head, my tits began to come out from the under the covers. The sheet only covered half of my tits, the room was dark, but there was still enough light that he could see my breast from where ever he was standing.

He worked both of my legs, however he seemed to be doing this a little more slowly, I’m guessing that he was watching them jiggle with his motions. After he took my left arm from under the covers, he carefully and slowly pulled the sheet back over my bared breasts. As he did so, he said “looks like the girls were showing”. “Oops!” was my reply.

I followed up with “I’ll bet you’ve seen them before, besides, they are just boobs.” Knowing that he saw them excited me and my nipples began to constrict, poking against the sheets. The continued work on my arms, caused the sheets to continue their foreplay on my nipples. With each drag of the sheets, I was close to cumming. Fortunately, the massage had ended, as I might have cum. I’m sometimes vocal when I orgasm, and I wasn’t quite ready with my plan.

When I got home that night, I was extremely turned on, the massage was 90% of it, the other 10% was me alternating pinching my nipples and rubbing my clit under my dress as I drove home. I couldn’t wait any longer. I went inside, stripping my clothes off as I made my way to the bathroom to masturbate in the tub.

I had no need of lube, as my panties made a slopping sound as they hit the tile. I reached for my vibrator, and pushed it deep inside, and after a few good thrusts, I was spraying the tub with my cum. There’s a reason I masturbate in the tub, clean up is so much easier.

Three weeks later, I had texted that I was going to be about 15 min late, I had work thing to do. He replied to just come inside when I got there. The all day work thing that I had to go actually ended early, so I realized that I could run home, change into something more comfy, and still make it to my massage on time.

Tonight, I decided that I’m only gonna wear my dress and panties, with a jacket. Once I got there, I was going to be nude while Tracy massaged my body. I wanted another chance to feel his cock against my hand, and I wanted it to last longer. This was my agenda for the night.

I was actually 10 minutes early from my usual time, so I wandered inside. I could hear some sporting event on the tv. I called out for Tracy, but the TV must have covered the sound of my voice. I called out again, as I made my way to the massage table.

As I walked down the hallway, I turned the corner to see a nude Tracy in the shower. He had a very nice body, some bulging muscles, a hot ass, dark hairy legs. He turned around and I could see that he had no pubic hair, or what I thought was none. My hand went immediately between my legs.

This was not on my agenda for the night. Something unplanned. I watched as he lathered up and shaved his cock, his balls, his entire pubic region. If I could guess the size, I would call it a good 4″ soft. I loved watching him shower, but i knew I couldn’t get caught. I slowly backed out and made my way for my car. It was dark outside, so I knew I could get a quick cum in without anyone watching me in my car.

All I needed was a minute. I was wrong. During my peeping tom session, while I had one hand on my clit, my other hand grabbed my phone and made a video of him showering. I sat in the passenger seat, hiked my dress up, slid my panties out of the way, and began to rub my clit. I paused the video, zoomed in on his prick, and came 10 seconds later.

I regained my composure, and slowly began to walk back for my massage. I had to take the edge off before my massage. I walked in, and called out loudly this time that I was here. Tracy replied “he’ll be there in a min, just finishing up.” I made my way to the massage table, and walked by him just pulling his shirt over his chest.

I closed the door, or at least thought I did. I had just pulled my dress up and over my shoulders, and I could hear him enter. All he could see was the backside of me in my panties. Coyly, I held the dress over my front and turned around. It was great to watch him blush. He apologized so many times, still covering myself, I said “it was fine. there’s nothing that you haven’t seen before.”

I was excited, as I held the dress covering myself, as Tracy tried not too look. He had no idea that I watched him in the shower just minutes before. We did or normal pre-massage talk. I told him that nothing was hurting, just needed to feel good again.

Tonight’s massage was just like last weeks, but with my three additions. I kept my hands and fingers close to the sides, hoping for a brush of his sweet fuck stick. I was going to stretch after I turned over and let my tits fall out again, and I was going without panties.

Just before he closed the door, he told me we were starting face up tonight. I protested my disagreement, “But we always start face down”. There went my plans. Improvisation needed to happen quickly. I heard the door close. I was still getting naked, so that hadn’t changed, I could still have my hands to the side, so I could grope, or at least hope for a fondling. I just had to figure out a way to let my tits fall out again.

Tracy’s new routine felt wonderful, he worked my face and head and neck, just like in the past, and then went to my chest and arms. When he went to work my legs, I took my chance and stretched my arms above my head again. As I returned my arms to my sides, I could feel my nipples poking against the sheet. I couldn’t tell if they were showing, so I kept itching my nose, in hopes of exposing my tits.

I kept one hand down by my side, sure enough, my finger tip grazed his dick again. We both apologized, and my hand instinctively retracted, but this time I held my ground and slowly pushed it back. He bumped into it again, but neither of us moved. He didn’t hang out on my finger for too long, just long enough to work my leg there, then moved along to the next spot.

As Tracy worked my legs, he took a little longer than normal, hopefully watching parts of my tits dance around as he shook my body. Before we flipped, I could feel the sheets slowly being pulled back up towards my neck, he commented again that “The girls came out again!” All I could manage to say was something along the lines of “Must be one of the perks of the job they didn’t tell you about in school”.

He laughed and said you are so right. I asked if he ever got to massages breasts, and said he hadn’t since school and would need to practice first. I looked up at him and said “You could practice on me, the girls are right here.” In a quick motion, I snagged the sheets from his fingers, and pulled down the fabric that covered only a portion of my (now you gotta scroll back up to find out what size my boobs are) giant tits.

His face regained that rosy look from earlier, my seduction was working, and asked if I was sure. Jokingly, I pulled the sheets back up and asked “It wont hurt will it??” He said “No, it shouldn’t,” in his most ‘I gotta be professional’ attitude.

He then apologized for any lack of grace, explaining that it had been years since he’d done this. I could hear him take a deep breath, and slowly pulled the sheets down all the way and my tits were free. He slowly oiled my breasts, starting at the middle of my chest and working outward with the same tender touch that has roamed my body for the past several years.

There was nothing awkward about the way his hands circled my globes, it was like he’d been doing this for years. My nipples immediately responded, getting very hard, I didn’t want to freak him out by moaning so I did my best to stifle any din that may escape my lips.

Almost ready to cum, he stopped just before I did. Genuinely concerned, he asked “Was that ok?” “It felt wonderful, but you can practice on me whenever you need.” “Thanks, I’d appreciate that, let’s turn you over”.

In a daze, I moved to my other side. He pulled the sheet back to work on my back, I thought he could feel my nipples through my back they were still so hard. My back relaxed, he peeled back the sheet to work my butt and legs. He instantly saw that I had no panties on.

He laughed and said “I wondered when you were going to go without them, what helped you decide that you don’t need underwear?” “I didn’t know if you were ok with it, but decided to juts do it.” He then told me most of his clients go nude so it was no big deal at all.

Not knowing any better, I really had no idea what he would have thought. I totally have been wanting to fuck this guy for over 2 years, but didn’t want to be the other woman, and didn’t want to be a creepy pervy patient. Besides, he gave me a hell of a massage. I then rewound my brain to two years ago, when I filled out his paperwork.

It said that I could be nude if I chose. Derp! Oh well, I’m naked on all my massages from here on out. “You could have reminded me a long time ago you know!” I cried out. He apologized again then finished. It took a little longer than normal, but also felt better too. He inserted a new addition sliding his hands from my ankles up to my shoulders. It felt amazing. I told him to do that a few more times.

He obliged my request, and left me in bliss. I snuck in a quick hug before leaving. And this became our new thing, he would practice his breast massage, I’d leave my hand around for his cock to bump into my awaiting fingers. At the end of the night, I’d rush home to get rid of any sexual tension.

This was all well and good, but I wanted to see his cock again, and progress things further. I wondered if it would work again, I texted him and said work was going to run late again, and I’d be about 15 min late, hoping I could catch him in the shower again.

Same instructions as before, just come in when I got there. Arriving 10 min early, which would be 25 minutes early from my projected ‘late’ time. I opened the door, could hear some sitcom on tv, and then I could hear the water of the shower running. I peaked around the corner and I got the same great view. Soap bubbles flowed down his body, I then got an even better show.

My phone was already out and recording, my free hand was up my dress, and I slid a finger through my bush, and my finger disappeared inside my pussy. His hand went to his cock, and with a few motions of his arm, I watched his cum erupt from the tip of his dick and splash against glass door of the shower.

I took my queue and quickly and quietly made my way to the front door so I could go get my cum on, then come back in and announce my entrance. In my haste, I slipped a little on the floor, and did a partial split. This was more of a splits than I thought, as my inner thigh groaned as I re-stabilized myself. I made my way to the door, just to turn around and call out for Tracy.

My leg really hurt, and he came in running wrapped in a towel, I had to gasp, the poor guy, I barely gave him time to enjoy his after cum glow, and dry off. Oh well, score one for me. Water beaded down his chest, and I could see a sizable bulge underneath his towel.

I walked with a bit of a limp, and told him that I had just slipped on his floor. He helped me to his table, and up I went. I’m sure he caught a good view of my ass and pussy, and said he’d be back in minute. This was all normal, I’d change out of my clothes, and he’d come back in after a minute and he’d start to massage me. these days, it was just a dress and nothing underneath.

I slipped my dress off and placed it and the rest of my stuff off to the side. Just for fun, I set my phone (which was set to record) in an inconspicuous spot. I crawled back onto the table, pulling the sheet up and over my body. I closed my eyes, and heard the door open. He then asked me to show him where it hurt those most, and I had to point right next to my pussy. We’ve all pulled our groin muscle at one point.

Calmly, he said something of the effect of his hands were going to be extremely close to my vagina, but all I heard was “my fingers are going to be close to your pussy.” He continued saying if it’d help me feel better, I could cover my privates with my free hand.

Dilemma. Sure I could cover my fur burger, and grind my bean with my hand while he soothes my groin muscle, or I could do the other thing and be completely exposed as his fingers dance carefully around my quivering bushy mound.

Still deciding, I re weighed my options. I still had to cum, after watching him in the shower, I just needed to. But I wasn’t sure if I was going to be loud when I came. My mind raced, and better judgement took control. I told him he was fine. With careful positioning, he covered most of my groin area with the sheet. I could feel his oiled palm creep up my inner thigh.

My heartbeat quickened, he wasn’t k**ding when he said his hands were going to be close to my girl parts. His slippery fingers probed all around my labia,never quite touching them directly. As his fingers moved around, they somehow were moving my lips and hood of my clit. Fuck, he might make me cum. Which would be great, even if it was an accident.

He then found the spot of my pain, it was less than an inch away from the opening to my dripping cave. I winced a bit, causing my hips to shift, which had the domino effect and his thumb pushed against my labia. My juices had been percolating and this accidental touch was enough to break the seal.

Tracy instantly pulled back, he was still trying to be professional. I almost came, but told him he was fine, the pleasure helped with the pain. He replaced his hand again, but very carefully avoiding my clit. To help break the tension, he joked and asked if my hairstylist was on vacation, I laughed and joked back “she doesn’t do bikini waxes.”

He began to move my leg around in circles, still holding his finger so close to my love button. I knew any more contact could cause everything to get wet. The motions of my leg didn’t help matters, I feared my pubic toupee was going to become a wet hairy mop. As if the oil between my thighs made things better, I was going to cum soon.

My eyes still closed, my face showed expressions of discomfort, but soon subsided, until his hand moved and found a new sore spot. Going from pleasure to pain was quite a sensation. It reminded me of almost getting caught fingering myself when the parents came home. The feeling of being really close, and hearing “honey, we’re back.” No cum for you!

The pain had quickly interrupted whatever orgasm I was about to have. This new spot was about midway down my leg, so sadly he moved away from my pussy. I thanked him for making my leg feel better, and then he worked my other leg.

My injury wasn’t really all that severe, but I got to feel his thumb against my clit. Sure these were baby steps, but a long enjoyable seduction. And probably a long story if you’re still with us at this point. I don’t know why i didn’t come out and say “put that dick inside me Tracy!” I enjoyed our little game, but I wondered… did Tracy?

He’d been massaging my tits for a couple months now, true I did ask him to do it, and he went about it very professionally (I’m guessing, he was my first masseur, and no one else had massaged me before. I just knew it felt good, and got me wet.) I still got to feel his cock against my hand, it was still through his pants, and I was now nude under the covers.

Back to reality, one leg massaged, he just started to work the other when my hand felt the familiar bump of his trouser trout into my fingers. But there was something unfamiliar about the fabric. Also, he seemed a little more rigid than times past. I then realized, when he had stepped out, I figured he was going to come in wearing his usual attire, like a t shirt, and sweats, or yoga pants, or underwear, or something more than a towel, but he didn’t.

No shirt, no shorts, great service. (= Just a towel. “Fucking really?” I asked myself. I guess that brush against my clit proved he was enjoying this game. I slowly opened my eyes to verify what a simple touch had told me. I laughed and repeated what he had told me a while ago.”I wondered when you were going to go without them.”

I could see his face blush even in the dark room. Half joking, I said “You could have put clothes back on”. He replied “You got here too early and that slip near the door prompted some immediate action.” He resumed massaging my upper body, tits and all.

He seemed to know when to quit, which was right before I was about to cum. Always bringing me to edge, but never pushing me over it. I turned over and he worked my back, then my butt and my legs. At the end of my hour, he said he wanted to quickly work my inner thigh again.

I told him that he could only if it didn’t hurt. I could feel the heat of his slippery palm against my knee, and he slowly worked towards my crotch. It just dawned on me that I was completely nude, and spread eagle. I was in such a daze and didn’t even realize the sheet was missing. My inner thigh was still a bit tender, but his hands kept slowly sliding the length of my inner thigh.

With each pass, he came closer and closer to my what I’m guessing were drenched labia. If they weren’t, it was just a matter of seconds, and then it happened. His fingers slid up my thigh, his motions caused my lips to rub under neath my matted mess.

It was so slow, but my orgasm was building. It was matching his rhythm, and I realized that I was slowly gyrating my hips. He kept sliding his hands up closer until one of his passes brushed against my lips. I emitted a slight squeak, and then his other hand repeated what the first just did. Slid all the way up, from knee to crotch and right into my labia.

I couldn’t believe it, then his hand brushed against my labia. I could feel my hot juices seep from my pussy. I moaned on each touch. Then he stopped. A fucking gain. But he had a reason, there was someone else he had to work on that night. That lucky bitch. Bummed, I sighed, and turned over and sat up, I could see his cock still covered by the towel, was almost poking out.

I just looked down, and grabbed his dick through the towel, and pulled him in close, I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in for a hug. It felt really good to feel the warmth of his body against my slippery skin. I could feel his hard cock poking into me. I thanked him for being so sweet and taking care of my leg.

He stepped out to get ready, I grabbed my dress and slipped it over my sexually aching body. As I got to the front door, I opened it, and there was Todd. Remember him? My goody two shes old boss? We haven’t talked about him in a while.

We exchanged pleasantries, I haven’t seen him in ages, cuz I quit that job and went off to do something else. For those of us who are still here, this is a major plot twist. I had you pick my job, and now I changed it. Some serious M Knight Shamallama stuff right there.

I raced home, then realized, I forgot my phone. I only had just enough time to cum, then head back to Tracy’s to get my phone. So I sat on the toilet, and pushed my fingers into my wet slippery hole, and got a decent squirt, it helped, but then my mind took control, reminding me that I needed to get the phone back.

Zooming back across town, I pulled into his driveway and timed it oh so perfectly. Todd was shaking Tracy’s hand, and they were saying their good byes. I ran up and said I forgot my jacket. Tracy said it was right where I left it, I quickly excused my way past them. I could hear them chatting in the background, I saw my jacket on the floor, then grabbed my phone from it’s hiding spot.

I made sure I had all my stuff this time, then greeted the men at the door, nice things said to each other, I wanted to hang out, but I needed to get home and finish cumming. The wet spot on my car seat told me so. I ran 4 stop signs getting out of his neighborhood.

Once home, I laid down in my tub and began to shove my digits inside me. My free hand played with my nipples, and in seconds, I was spraying, gushing, all over my tub. Spent, I crawled in bed for a well earned slumber.

The next day I spent in the tub, cumming and playing for hours. My leg felt great, but around 6pm, my phone said I had a text. It was from Tracy. He was wondering how my leg felt, and was texting as he had a last minute opening. Wanting a repeat of last night, I quickly responded that my leg was still pretty tender.

I grabbed a quick shower, then put on my dress, and made my way back to Tracy’s. I was early again, I opened the door, and called out for Tracy, and he said he’d meet me on the table, and be face up again. I closed my eyes, and couldn’t help getting in quick feel of my finger on my clit, then I pulled the sheets up.

As soon as the sheets were over me, they were quickly being pulled off my legs. I wondered if he was watching me as I got in my quick diddle. I casually opened my eyes, and there was Tracy, in a different towel this time. I laughed and asked “is this your new uniform?” Tracy said “If someone would arrive on time, then we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

I told him he was right, then closed my eyes again. I thanked him for fitting me in on a Saturday night. I could feel the sheet was only covering my abs and chest. I told him that I wasn’t shy anymore so if the sheet got in the way he could just move it. He said nothing, as the background music filled his silence, the rest of the sheet slid off to the floor.

My legs were being positioned like he was going to eat me out, my eyes closed. I hoped he would, but would have to wait. Suddenly, I heard a buzzing sound. Very much sounding like a vibrator. I was all for it, then realized that the sound was coming from hair clippers, I felt the cold steel buzzing away my pubic hair. I asked him in a stern voice “What the hell are you doing?” Mid clip he responded that the hair was getting in the way.

“Oh. sorry about that.” Who was I to argue? It was very long. I was too shy to go to the beach, thanks body issues, plus, we don’t have any beaches in this great state of wherever the hell we are. And it had been 10 years since my last boyfriend. I saw no need for grooming.

His fingers were again carefully placed, as to not touch my aching pussy directly. But that didn’t stop him from ‘accidentally’ brushing the clippers against my clit from time to time. I giggled each time. He said sorry. A few minutes later, my rain forest had been cleared. All my pubic hair, even my inner thighs and taint were less than 1/19th long.

“Did you want to feel again?” Yup, he saw me. Of course he saw me, I asked “If you think it would help”. Not sure why I said that. What’s it going to help? So I calmly slid my hand over my belly, slowly down to my now mowed jungle. It felt a little prickly, but felt good. I knew he was watching me this time, so I used both hands, pushing my lips into my clit, then I pulled them apart. I could feel him watch as my fingers spread me open.

Stifling a cum, and said that does feel better. I put my hands in their usual spots, and my hand bumped into a towel covered hard on. “Sorry!” I think I hit it quite hard. “I’ll be fine” Tracy grunted. I soon felt his hands slide from my knee to my crotch again, still not touching me directly.

Once again, he aroused me and stopped before I was going to cum. How the hell did he take charge of my game? After a few minutes with my upper and inner thighs, he went directly for my tits. My nipples got hard at the very first drop of oil.

My tits were soon feeling fantastic as he swirled and played with my breasts. I knew this little pleasure portion was almost over, why? because I was about to cum. As he slowly finished, I reached up and placed my hands on his wrists, I practically begged him to do it again, like it was the first time tonight.

He complied. Winning! I told him to do both at the same time. Little did he realize while he focused on my nipples, I was cumming. Yup. I let out a slight moan every so often. I asked him if he could just hold the pressure. In layman’s terms, PINCH MY NIPPLES!

I know the results of this, and it’s a fantastic cum. Nothing that’ll squirt, but still lovely none the less. My chest was soon heaving, and my breathing rapid. He slowed his pace, and was finished with my front. It was turn over time.

If this was a night for skipping parts, this was it. Once again, my legs were spread open, and my hands at my side. He started again at my knees and began his ascent up to my pussy. I could feel the towel brush over one of my hands. It’s not relevant to the story line, but you, the reader, gets to pick.

Then his hands began pushing closer towards my labia, his hands still never touched my aching loins. Learning from my nipple experience, I told him to go higher up. This was a barely audible whisper, but when I felt his thumbs surround my clit and slowly pull on it, I knew he heard me.

My moans were more pronounced, encouraging more attention. “Can I go higher?” he asked. “Please” and then I felt his fingers slip inside me. I heard him say “So hot” as my juices coated his fingers. I was that wet, even the other nine fingers that weren’t included, became wet by association.

At one point or another, I could feel him slide all 10 in. No, not at the same time, but individually. He kept finger fucking me. My fingers needed to return the stimulation his fingers were giving me. Reaching under his towel, I felt the drops of precum on the inside of his towel.

My fingers followed the trail and I felt his hot tallywhacker in my hand for the first time. I could hear him moan as I squeezed out another drop. He made me cum again, but I knew I wasn’t done yet. His hips moved his Johnson out of my reach, as I tried in vain to find my new meat trophy. I felt my body being turned over, and heard a quick snap and felt my legs being pulled.

It wasn’t just my legs, he was pulling my body near the edge of the table. My eyes still closed, my legs spread open, I felt his tongue on my nipples, and then in one smooth motion, he had slipped his cock inside me. I couldn’t believe it. I was getting fucked. Each pump of his body into mine kept building my orgasm.

I arched my back a little to get his cock right where I needed it to be. Three more thrusts, two “CUMMING!” My flood gates had been breached. I squirted out, I wasn’t sure if he could tell, but second’s later his body began to twitch and spasm. I was glad he had the foresight to have a condom.

I wasn’t planning on getting laid that night, but glad it happened. Thanks for sticking around to the end. Comments welcomed.

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