Maid Becomes Legal Guardian & Fucks And Marrie

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Maid Becomes Legal Guardian & Fucks And Marrie

This is sidhu.I am going to share my life’s hearty experience.The life begin for me as an great tragedy at the age of 8.After being lost my parents in an car crash,I became very lonely at the very little age.Though my grandparents were very rich and took care of me very well,I felt the need for my mom and I was longing for my mom’s care.

But at the right my grandpa appointed a servant maid to look after me and her name was lakshmi.At first I did not like her because I could not substitute anybody for my mom.So when she came near me I ran away.But only after an month,we went solved.She looked after me very well.She was just 18 but cared me as if her own c***d.Even my grandpa was surprised and made lakshmi as the full time maid to me. I slept only with her and she was too close that she made me bath,fed me,made me sleep,etc.This aroused some bad reception in my society because lakshmi was from an low caste so many of them depicted my grandpa.He did not even due to my happiness.I just sensed her as my stepmother.

Years went on and during my 17 year birthday I heared a news that lakshmi is married and went out of town.This news gave me a heart breaker.She went to Chennai after marriage.I was gasped.In addition to this my grandparents died just one year after this.This made me think as an orphan.Days seemed to be years.Nothing seem to be good.I was counting my days to complete my schooling.

The day came which I was expected for.Then I went to Chennai to join an college.After joining the college,I went to her home as an surprise.On seeing me she was overwhelmed.When she saw me she came running to me and hugged me.She started to cry.After an minute of humble gesture,she took me in.It was very small house and his husband was working in private BPO as an night worker.So he was sleeping inside the room.So at the evening,her husband started for his work ,asking me to stay back.

We were chatting in the bedroom and after some time she went to make dinner for us.I thought of helping her in making dinner.So I entered the kitchen and saw her body structure.

I told her”Your body has changed a lot in this two years,lakshu(her nick name)”.
She smiled and said that”I became too fat only after my c***dbirth”.
I told”O,you have a c***d,where is the junior I must I see him”.
She replied”He is dead my dear,He was dead inside my stomach itself before birth”.
I was shocked to her this.
Then she replied that”Honey,You are here my dear.You are my junior”.
“But you look beautiful now lakshu”,I said.

Then we had our dinner.I went in to the bedroom and sat on the bed. Lakshu came in and just removed her saree and her blouse and wored her nighty.O my god I did’nt expect she would do this.She was awsome.She was 31 years old.browny skin,mediun sized boobs with bigger belly,huge dick. She was about 5.2,with long hairs,good lips,stylish look.Though she was too beautiful,She would be an ideal tamil lady.

After changing her nighty she asked me whether I have any night dress. I did’nt have any so I would adjust with it.But she gave me a trouser and asked me to wear it.So I removed my T-shirt and pant and stood in my underwear in front of lakshu.She saw my body and told that your body is more slim than before.I replied “It just the diet lakshu”.
I wored that trouser and got to bed.

The next morning I got up and every by calling bell sound.It was lakshmi’s husband who came.Since it was 3’o clock in the morning,he came in asked for some food to eat.So she took him to the kitchen.After 30 minutes,I was little thirsty so I went inside the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen,lakshmi lifted his nighty upto her buttocks and spreaded her ass huge enough to fuck. She stood facing the wall by holding the window grill.Her husband was half nude in his shirt with his huge tool in his hand.He was applying some oil on his long penis and preparing for an fuck.He caught her boobs on nighty with one hand and caught her hairs tightly and inserted his penis into her bushy pussy.At first he was slower but soon she increased his speed As his monster goes half inside the lakshmi’s honey pot she screams with pleasure ummmmmmmmm……….. ohhhhhhhhhhh……….Then he inserts his entire monster into her pussy she caught the wall very hardly and fondled.As he started his movement faster and faster,she told him fuck me ahhhhhhhhhh come on sssssssssuuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaaaa,it seemed she was at her orgasm.

He knows it very well so he starts pushing his monster heavily into her honey pot after few minutes her screams convert in pleasure and she whispers ohhhhhhh……….. yes…………After 10 minutes of pussy fucking,he caught her right legs in his hands and was at his master stroke.He inserted his penis into her asshole.As soon as he inserted his penis,she pushed him and sat down.Lakshmi slowly stroked his penis while he was standing erect and he was pressing her melody boobs very vulgarly.Then he held her head and made her suck his penis but she refused so he compelled her to suck and he pressed her head towards her penis.He stated to fuck her mouth.And he slowly started to mourn and soon he loaded his cum into her mouth.She immediately spitted it but he ordered her to swallow her.Then he too sat down and started to smoke. Inspite he was fully drunk,he was very normal.

Next morning I got up at 10’o clock and lakshmi was washing the clothes.She came to me and asked my trousers to wash.She got my trousers leaving me in my underwear.After a while she came back to hand over a towel to me and asked me to take bath.After my bath gets over I asked lakshmi for my clothes but She insisted me to tie the towel for a while until the clothes gets dried.After me lakshu went in to have a bath.I was sitting on the bed chatting in my mobile,she came out wearing the nighty. She went to an corner behind me and change her dress.

I casually turned back.She was wearing her underskirt but faced towards the wall. mmmmmmmmmmmm she was too hot.I gather little guts to turn back and asked her,
“What is the breakfast today?”

She slowly wored her underskirt upto her shoulders and tied it around her neck.She came in front of me and I was shocked to see her wearing just a single clothe and standing in front of me.She casually saw me and asked me,”What do you need baby?”.After asking she was drying up her long hairs.Then she went in and …
…return with some snack.She asked me to eat it until she prepares the breakfast.

She went and dressed up in pure traditional way in her saree.She was busy in her work.Just after 20 minutes,she came out and gave me the food.We ate and went inside the bedroom.
I resting on the bed and she came in and sat on edge of the bed.I slowly came near her and slept on her thighs.She mildly caressed my hairs.
“Are you happy lakshu?”,I asked her.
“I’m fine dear”,She replied.
“Are you sure”,me.
“Yes,my dear”,she said.
Then after two wonderful days,I went back to my college hostel and came to see her during every holidays.Soon I found out that they were not so close and had no good relationship between them.One year had passed away there was an break between them because he had an affairs with an lady so they have even applied for an permanent breakup in the court.The court had asked them to wait for another one year for the breakup.

One month after that incident,I went to her house and she was in the bedroom.She was sitting in an arm chair.I slowly went in and touched her hairs.she did not react.Then I found that she was faint and unconsious.So I sprayed some water over her face.She slowly came into consious.She told me that she hav’nt had food for the past 3 days. So I quickly ordered some food and made her eat. She I asked her to get ready and we went to an temple near by and came home.

When we came home,there was no power so we entered the home and lit an candle.Then she sat near me.
I could see her bright face in the candle light and she was very beautiful in her saree.So I went near her ears and whispered that “Can we marry each other”.

She saw me in an great shock. She slowly whispered that” Are you joking”.
“No I am serious”….
“But But……..”……
“I am sure that I will look after you very carefully lakshmi”
“O baby It is not too easy as you think dear because you are younger than me in addition I am an low caste girl and how come will I be able to marry you.”….
“Are you ready to marry me then nothing is really a matter to me”.
“But I need some time to come out of that marriege evil”….
“Then dont take too much time just take about 5 minutes time to come out of it,my wify”.
She smiled and Said “I am out of it my dear husband”.
I was overjoyed and hugged her.

She desperately kissed me on my chin.cheeks and on my chest.We were kissing lip to lip deeply and our tongues were speaking to each other in an romantic way.Taste of her salaiva was very good that I was unable to stop kissing her.I sucked her upper lips and held her tightly. Her bouncing boobs were pressed on my chest and I can felt her nipple to be harder even through her saree.She closed her eyes very tightly.

Then I came down and pressed her boobs hardly and then I started to chew her blouse. I unbuttoned the hooks of her blouse and she wored an pink coloured bra.But it was little harder to unhook her bra so she helped me open it.
Wow it was amazing browny boobs with a black little nipple.I held her tits and started to kissing them.I also licked her sweaty black underarms and said her sweat is very spicy just like u.She smiled a bit and she was enjoyed.I kept on sucking the breasts and licking the areola.

In an fury she came down and removed my track pant and my underwear.She tool my tool out and it was very small as it was in semi erect position. She held my cock in her tight grip and pulled it backward to open it. Then she rubbed its wet top part. My pre-cum was getting high and it was making more slippery in her hand so that She was enjoying rubbing his hard big wet slippery cock. She hand was moving on my cock from top to end. My big mushroom pink top was shining with wet pre-cum and inviting her to suck it.She took my cock in her mouth and moved her tongue on it, licking my pre-cum.She kissed my pink top and put it in her mouth, it gave immense sensation to me and then She swallowed its full length in my mouth and as She swallowed I couldn’t bear it.

She started chew it in her mouth holding his balls in my hand.This made me shout loud oohhhh…. And I couldn’t control myself so I tilted my upper body backwards and layyed on the bed.She was sucking my cock furiously, playing with my balls.Her saliva was all over his cock.She was enjoying it.Then She walked on the bed and came near my face and sat on my face with my legs on either side of my head.She looked at me and ordered to suck her pussy well and make her squirt.She pulled down my thong to knees and sat on my face.My mouth caught her salty pussy and he started licking her clit.

She started chew it in her mouth holding his balls in my hand.This made me shout loud oohhhh…. And I couldn’t control myself so I tilted my upper body backwards and layyed on the bed.She was sucking my cock furiously, playing with my balls.Her saliva was all over his cock.She was enjoying it.Then She walked on the bed removing her panty alone.She came near my face and sat on my face with my legs on either side of my head.She looked at me and ordered to suck her pussy well and make her squirt.She pulled down my thong to knees and sat on my face.My mouth caught her salty pussy and he started licking her clit. She slowly became wet.So she came down and I came above her.She removed my T-shirt too.

Then lifted her underskirt upto her pussy and I placed my penis top on her clit and started rubbing on the lips.My cock became hard.Then I held her by placing my arms under her under arms and started kissing her.I inserted my hard cock inside lakshmi’s pussy and paused for some seconds and this was my first time inserting my penis into a pussy.So I slowly started moving forward and backward.Her legs were open wide and I started fucking her well with powerful strokes.Her pussy was very slippery and my cock was moving in and out very smoothly.

But soon my penis started to burn and started to bleed.So she caught my head and kissed me in an great temper.Then she caught my bleeding pussy and caressed it and inserted into her pussy. This regained some power and consciousness to me,so I increased my speed.She curiously made me press her boobs.She asked me to grease my penis…with lots of salaivas.But very soon I was little exhauted,so she pushed me aside and got to my top.

So I removed her underskirt and made her sit upon my penis.After sitting on my cock she started jumping wildly and her speed was increasing.Her wild jumps were producing thappp. . Thappp. Sounds in the room. It was really awesome to hear them.Suddenly she moaned heavily ohh…. . Mmmmm so I increased my speed too.Soon She made a loud sound aahhh…hhhhuhhhh…and i fell on me.I thought she would had her orgasm. Then I got up and made her to be in doggy style.I inserted her asshole but since my penis was already bleeding it was very tough.So I inserted my penis into her hairly pussy by holding her boobs and soon loaded my cum into her pussy.We both became exhausted.But she sucked my penis again and it became too hot and started to pain.She was too furious and finally loaded my last cumm into her mouth.

Finally we both laid on the bed exhausted. Now you too can share your sexy sex experiences with us

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