Mariah part 1

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Mariah part 1
Mariah gave a smile to her family, friends and fans as she stood in the dock awaiting the judges return. She was wearing the clothes she had been wearing when she was arrested. Tight blue denim shorts. A top that didnt leave much to the imagination. It was shaped like a butterfly, with the front wings covering her curvaceous breasts and the rear wings covering her ribs. The intricately woven material was almost see through and clung to her body. It was held in place by thin tight strings that ran over her shoulders, across her back and around to the front, attaching to the sides of the wings covering her beautiful breasts. Another string ran around her back holding the rear wings close in to her body. To finish the look she whore high heeled shoes which flaunted her lovely strong legs. Mariah looked great and she new it. Of course this is what had got her into this mess in the first place and she was wishing she had selected more appropriate attire for that important business !
meeting a week ago. She could hardly believe it had been a week since she was arrested. The trial hadnt taken that long, only a couple of hours. Most of the time had been spent in her cell. She hadnt minded that too much, as it gave to time to think and contemplate the error of her ways.

There was suddenly a lot of movement in the court as everyone was standing up. The judge had just reentered the room and was moving towards his seat. He was carrying a thin file, probably Mariahs file. She felt sad that her whole life could be laid out on a few sheets of paper. The judge sat down and opened the file. The rest of the court followed. Mariah of course remained standing, along with the two large guards, one on either side of her. Mariah was unrestrained, but she new there was no hope of escape. And trying would only make things worse.


“No your honor” What else could she say given what she was wearing. And the it was true, she had used her body, her looks, to get where she was today. She was guilty and she had admitted it.


Mariah almost fainted when she heard the sentence. She went weak at the knees. She had heard that sentences for this type of crime were severe, but she never imagined it would be this severe. One of the guards stepped forward, grabbing her arm to steady her.


Mariah barely heard the second part of the sentence. Her mind was still spinning, trying to come to grips with the first part of the sentence. Surely an appeal would would reduce the sentence. Maybe to a fine and some jail time. Yes, she would appeal the sentence. She would be all right.


The other guard stepped forward and grabbed Mariahs other arm. They began to lead her away. The court was quiet. Mariah could see her family crying and trying to console each other. Her fans were in shock, even though most of them new this was the likely outcome, hell it had been all over the news and most reports had predicted this, but they still couldnt believe what was going to happen to their beloved Mariah. Mariah had missed all the news reports. She had been in virtual isolation since her arrest. Her only contact had been her lawyer. “My lawyer.” Mariah thought “Why hadnt he told me this could happen. Why had he told me to plead guilty.” She looked at him sitting there in his flash suit, that she had probably paid for.

“You bastard!” Mariah yielded “You were suppose to help me, be on my side. How could let this happen to me ?”

“REMOVE HER” the judge demanded.

The guards already had her half way to door. She wasnt going quietly, struggling as the guards dragged her away.

“No, please your honor, I beg you, please have mercy on me, Im sorry, please, Ill do anything…”

It was too late as the door closed behind her. Mariah stopped her pleading and started crying. Tears running down her face as they dragged her back to her cell.

The guards pushed her through the cell door and slammed it shut. Mariah fell to her knees, sobbing uncontrollable. What was she going to do ? How was she going to get through this ? Would she even survive this ordeal ?

Suddenly Mariah felt an arm around her.

“Its all right dear” a soft gentle voice whispered. “Calm down, take some deep breaths”

Mariah tried to get a hold of herself, controlling her breathing.

“Thats better” the voice whispered. “Here have a drink” she said handing Mariah a glass of water.

“Thank you” Mariah said as she drunk. “Who are you ?”

“Why dont you sit up on the bed and Ill explain”

They got up and sat on the edge of the bed. The woman kept her arm around Mariah and handed her a handkerchief. Mariah suddenly realized she wasnt in her own cell. This was larger and had two beds.

“Where am I ?” asked Mariah.

“This is a holding cell. This is where well be spending the next few days.”

“Who are you ?” Mariah asked again.

“My name is Jenny. Im an inmate serving a three year sentence. I have been assigned to you”

“Assigned to me ?”

“Yes, I will be helping you get through your sentence.”

“Helping me ?”

“Yes, sort of looking after you, guiding you”

“What will happen to me ? I mean exactly.”

“Ok, Ill explain. Theres no way to be gentle about this, so Im just going to tell you straight. Tomorrow morning at nine oclock the guards will come and take us out to the courtyard. You will be taken over to the beam in the middle of the courtyard. The guards will then place your feet in the foot restraints. They will tie ropes around your wrists and pull your arms up to the cross beam. While those two guards keep the tension on your arms, a third guard will nail your hands to the beam.”

Mariah started crying again.

“Go on” Mariah sobbed “I want to know”

“Ok, the guards will then remove your top and leave you for an hour. As with all the breaks, I will be allowed to comfort you and give you something to drink. After the hour is up, you will be given your first five lashes. You will then be given another one hour break and then the next five lashes and so on”

“Oh my god, I cant believe this is happening to me. Is there anyway I can get out of this, Ill do anything”

“Im afraid not, but youre a strong young women. You will survive this”

“But twenty lashes!” Mariah sobbed “How can anyone survive that”

“Twenty in total, but spread out over the day. It is their intent to punish you, not kill you”

At that moment there was noise outside the cell door. Two trays of food were pushed through an opening at the bottom of the door.

“Dinner time” said Jenny.

“Im not hungry”

“Look here Mariah!. Do you want to survive this ? Do you want to live ?”

“Yes, of course I do.”

“Then you are going to need all your strength. Now come and get this down you”

Jenny handed Mariah the tray and started eating her own. Mariah had to force it down, she wanted to survive, she wanted to walk out of this place alive.

After they had finished eating Mariah asked Jenny “What did you do ? I mean what was your crime ?”

“I committed adultery.”

“You got three years for that!”

“I wish that was all I got. I also received ten lashes. So I know what youre going through.”

This didnt really comfort Mariah, after all she was going to get double that number. Mariah then wondered “Can I see your back ?” she asked quietly.

Jenny was hesitant. “I dont think thats a good idea”

“Please, I want to know what …”

“What! What youll look like ?”

“Yes, I want to know”

Jenny got up and unbuttoned her blouse. She dropped it down off her shoulders and then turned around so that Mariah could see.

“Oh god” Mariah cried turning her head away. Jennys back was covered with long scars. There was barely any part of her back that wasnt scarred. In places the flesh was hollow where multiple lashes had intersected. Mariah started crying again. Jenny quickly pulled up her blouse and went and sat next to Mariah, putting her arm around her. Jenny couldnt think of anything to say, she just held her tightly.”

“LIGHTS OUT IN FIVE MINUTES” came over the speaker system. It startled both woman.

“You need to get some sleep.” Jenny said quietly.

“How can I sleep knowing what awaits me tomorrow morning.”

“Thats all right” said Jenny “I have something that will help you sleep.”

Jenny pulled a small bottle out of her pocket. She opened the bottle, took out two pills and handed them to Mariah. Handing her a glass of water, she said “Here takes these, theyll help you sleep.”

Mariah was trusting Jenny now and didnt ask what they were. She just put them in her mouth, through her head back and took a big drink.

“Thanks” Mariah said as she lay back on the bed, trying not to think about tomorrow. She remembered back to when she had first started singing. She was so yo …..

“Mariah. Mariah wake up. The guards will be here soon.”

“Soon ? But I only just …”

“Its the pills, they knock you out pretty soundly. You need to get up and get ready. Here drink this.”

“That tastes horrible!”

“You better get use to it. Youll be drinking lots of it today. It contains lots of stuff to keep you going.”

Mariah sat up and started drinking.

“Oh and go to the toilet. Its going to be a long day and youre not going to get another chance.”

Mariah complied asking “When will it finish ?”

“Probably about five oclock.”

“Five oclock ? I cant hold on that long!”

“Its all right. You can piss yourself, no one will notice or care. But dont shit yourself. The guards hate that, and you dont what to annoy them.”

Mariah was just finishing when she heard the sound of the cell door being unlocked. The door open and a guard walked in.

“Lets go.” He demanded.

Mariah looked at Jenny. Jenny walked up to Mariah putting here arm out.

“Come on, lets go”

Mariah took her hand and they moved towards the door. As they reached the door the guard grabbed Mariahs arm. Holding it tight, he escorted her our of the cell. Another guard grabbed Mariahs other arm and they both escorted her down the corridor towards the courtyard. Mariah looked back over her shoulder to make sure Jenny was there. Jenny followed a couple of feet behind. She was carrying a bag and an umbrella. Mariah couldnt figure out why Jenny was carrying an umbrella, it was summer time and it hardly ever rained in summer.

“It looks like its going to be another warm one today.” one of the guards said casually.

“Yes” said the other “I hate working on days like this. It get so hot out there.”

“Thats because the walls keep the wind out. Its all right for managers, they get to sit in their air-conditioned offices, watching on video.”

“Yea. They dont realize what its like standing around all day out there.”

“True. We should have a word to the union rep. There must be something that can be done about it.”

“Good idea. Oh, by the way, Im taking the wife and k**s to the beach for a barbecue tonight after work. Would you and Sandra like to come ?”

“Thanks, that would be great. What do we need to bring ?”

“Ill get Sally to ring Sandra, let them organize it.”


They reached the edge of the courtyard, the air was still and cool. Mariah shivered as the cooler air hit her. Goose bumps forming on her skin, her nipples hardening slightly beneath her butterfly top. Mariah got her first look at the beam. Her knees buckled and her ankles twisted in her high heel shoes. The guards quickly lifted her and continued.

“Nooo, please” begged Mariah, her voice trembling.

“No point in begging to us.” the guard said “We have no control over the proceedings.”

Mariah was crying, her face streaked with tears as they approached the beam. The beam was horizontal, about six foot above the ground and ten foot long. It was held up at each end by beams running vertically into the ground. All three beams measured about ten by six inches.It was obviously a very strong structure. Horizontally across the face of the top beam were a number of half inch holes.

They reached the middle of the courtyard. The guard on Mariahs left let go of her arm and knelt down. He grabbed her ankle and slid it hard up against a post that stuck up twelve inches from the ground. He then tightened the leather shackle around her ankle. The guard got up and grabbed her arm again. The other guard then repeated the process on her right ankle.

Mariah stood silently crying, her feet about two foot apart. The left hand guard got two pieces of rope from a hook on the left hand beam. He handed one to the other guard and they proceeded to tie an end around each of Mariahs wrists. They worked quickly and carefully, having done this many times before, they new how to get the ropes tight enough so that Mariahs hands could not slip out. They then threw the other ends of the ropes over the top beam, catching them as they came down. Quickly taking up the slake, Mariahs arms were drawn above her head. They finally let Mariah go as they positions the ropes and began to put some tension on them.

“Hey Jim” shouted one of the guards “Get over here. Were ready for you.”

Mariah heard some noise behind her and turned her head to see another guard. He had placed a small step ladder beside her left foot. He ascended the ladder, bringing his head up even with the top beam.

“Ok, a bit further out Pete.” Jim said.

Pete slid the rope connected to Mariahs left arm a bit further along the beam.

“Ok, thats it” Jim said ” Now put a bit more tension on it.”

Both guards pulled their ropes tight and Mariah winced as the ropes bit into her wrists.

“Thats it, hold it there.” said Jim “Ok lady, spread your hand out flat against the beam.”

Mariah wondered for a second what would happen if she didnt comply, but concluded that no good would come of it and so she spread her hand flat on the surface of the beam. As she did so she looked up. “Oh my god, thats not a nail, its too big” she thought. She was right. The so called nail was ten inches long and half an inch in diameter. The last two inches tapered to a point, with a quarter inch hole drilled through the shaft just where the taper started. The other end was flat and round about two inches in diameter. The point was pressed up against Mariahs hand and before she could say anything, the hammer struck.

“AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Mariah screamed, at first from the shock of what she had seen, but then from the blinding pain that shot through her hand and down her left arm.

“AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” she screamed as the pain continued, blood running down her arm.

Jim new what he was doing. The nail had gone through Mariahs hand, without breaking any bones, and through one of holes in the beam. The nail protruded out the other side of the beam and Jim quickly slid a pin through the quarter inch hole, securing the nail in place.

“aaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhh god please, I cant take this.”

Her pleas fell on deaf ears and by the time she had stopped screaming, Jim was on her right hand side ready to drive the second nail home.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Mariah screaming even louder as this new blinding pain shot through her hand and down her right arm, joining the pain she was still feeling in her left hand and arm.

Jim had got it right again, driving the nail all the way through. The flat end of the nail pressed up against the back of Mariahs hand.

“AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Mariahs screaming continued as Jim quickly slid the second pin into place, ensuring that Mariahs hands werent going anywhere.

“Ok lads, let go of the ropes” Jim shouted to the guards.

He had to shout to make himself heard over Mariahs screams of agony. Both guards relaxed the ropes.

Even more pain for Mariah to endure as her hands pulled tight against the nails. The additional pain surging into her.


Jim untied the rope from Mariahs right wrist and then quickly move to the left and removed that rope. He move his step ladder to one side and placed the ropes back on their hook. He then took a knife from his tool belt and cut the strings on the back of Mariahs top. It was one of the easiest pieces of clothing he had ever had to remove. He gathered it up, picked up this ladder and walked off. The other to guards also move away.

Mariah stood all alone, half naked, blood slowly running down her arms, her breasts on display, her nipples harder than ever. Her screaming had switched to whimpering, but she was still in extreme pain.

“Good the bleeding is stopping” said Jenny quietly “You did well, a some woman pass out when the second nail is driven in”

Mariah wished she had passed out, anything to make this pain stop.

“Please I cant go through with this” whimpered Mariah “It hurts so much. Ill do anything. Please make it stop”

“Im sorry Mariah, I cant do anything. I wish I could. Here have a drink” said Jenny as she pushed a tube up to Mariahs lips.

Mariah sucked a mouth full. It was the same horrible stuff as earlier, but she hardly noticed. She took a couple more mouth fulls.

“Ok, try to calm yourself down, breath deeply. Youre going to get through this”

Mariah breathed in deeply. It hurt a little more as it caused her to pull harder on her hands, but she found as she relaxed the pain became a little more bearable. It was now 9:30 and the sun had started to shine into the courtyard, striking Mariah on the back. It felt good, but Mariah wondered how it would feel after a few hours.

Jenny continued to comfort Mariah. Fifty minutes passed. Mariah had been standing for over an hour, her legs were beginning to ache. Of course her hands and arms still hurt like hell, but the bleeding had stopped. On top of this the sun was now really starting to burn, the backs of her legs and her back were fully exposed.

“Its almost time” Jenny said “Theres one more thing I need to tell you. You need to push on the beam with your hands just before each lash”

“Why ?”

“The whip has a lot of force behind it. If you dont push back it will push you forward and that will force more your weight onto your hands”

“Ok, how will I know when to push ?”

“Just watch me. Ill nod when its time to push”

“Will the whip be worse than the nails ?” Mariah asked, thinking that surely it couldnt be.

“I dont know, I wasnt nailed” replied Jenny. She new it was, as other woman had told her it was, but she couldnt bring herself to tell Mariah. She would soon know for herself.

Mariah could hear some shuffling behind her and saw Jenny backing away.

“Oh noooo, please nooooo”

Jenny nodded. Mariah pushed with her hands, squeezed her tear filled eyes close, gritted her teeth and waited.

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