Meeting Dana At Moreau State Park

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Meeting Dana At Moreau State Park
Years ago I lived in upstate New York. I was hiking some trails in Moreau Lake State Park on a hot, humid, summer day. The sun was shining, but I was able to get some shade from the trees as I walked. I didn’t see anyone else on the trails, and my mind wandered to where it always does…sex.

I thought to myself – “I’d love to run into some hot, horny girl willing to suck my dick.” No playful romantic banter, just wild, rampant sex.

As I rounded a bend, I did run into someone. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a girl, but a teen boy of about 18 or 19. Rather skinny and small, with wavy, brown hair. He was wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and hiking boots, as I was. He looked up at me as I approached and said “Hello.” His face looked effeminate, with full sensuous lips (that appeared to have a soft layer of pink lipstick on them), very fair complexion, big doe eyes, and his voice was rather high. I also noticed his fingernails. They had a light pink polish on them.
I wondered…

“Hello back at you. I…er, was wondering…”

I couldn’t believe I was being this bold.

“You wouldn’t be wearing panties that matched that nail polish, would you?” I asked as I felt the blood begin to rush down to my cock.

He stopped and stared up at me. He seemed to be about 5’5″ to my 6’2″. He also looked a little scared.

“Listen, sir – I don’t want any trouble. I’m just out trying to have a good walk.” he said.

“So am I. I’m not looking for any trouble either, but this walk is making me a little hot and sweaty. I thought there might be a way to crank it up some…You know, really get the heart going and work up a sweat” I said as I stared into his eyes.

“Do you know these trails?” he asked.

“Kind of…Well, not really. I’ve only been coming here for the past couple of weeks, off and on…” I said.

“I grew up not far from here, I know these trails like the back of my hand – come on!” he said as he grabbed my left hand in his and started off.

He walked quickly, not saying anything, and I started to worry that he was taking me to his family, or a ranger station, to report me as a pervert he found on the trail…

He cut off the trail, went through some bushes and weeds, to a clearing. It was very private, and I don’t think I would’ve found my way back to the trail if I had to. He stopped, and moved closer to me as he put his hands around my back and began caressing my ass. He looked up with closed eyes and pursed his lips to kiss me. I grabbed him closer, and put my lips to his. We began mashing our lips as our tongues snaked out of our mouths to explore the other’s. We started groping and caressing one another, and our breathing became ragged. My hands groped and grabbed his bubble-butt ass in hunger. I was hot from the weather, but also with lust and wanton sexual desire.

He broke the kiss long enough to pull away quickly and say “I’m Dana. Not Dana – a boy. Dana – a girl. Think of me as your girl, Dana…” as she again mashed her lips against mine. I hungrily lapped at her mouth, sucking the air from her as I did. It was my turn to quickly pull away “I’m Jamie…” I uttered in a harsh, whispered tone “and I want you, now!!”

Our hands were busy pulling away what clothing we had on. I yanked her shorts down and she stepped out of them, along with her lacy red panties. Not hot pink, but incredibly sexy looking, nonetheless.

I did the same when she yanked mine down, then she reached out for my cock, which was rock hard now.

I shoved a hand down past her stomach and didn’t have to wait long until I felt the tip of her cock standing straight up. It felt like I just brushed past her belly button and her cock head was right there! I had to look down – it was fucking huge!!! It had to be at least 11 inches long, and 3 or 4 inches around!!! It looked abnormal on Jordan’s thin, frail frame. I felt like I was trying to grab a tree branch, and my mouth began watering into hers as I thought of trying to get that thing down my throat.

“Jordan – what the fuck!!! Holy shit – that’s huge!!” I said as I cradled it in both my hands.

“Yes…” she lisped into my ear (probably on purpose) “I want to be someone’s gurl, and will do anything to be their gurl, but I have this…” she said as she slapped it gently as I held it. “I’ll never get rid of it, no matter how big my tits get, or how small my waist gets! And guess who’s ass it will be in shortly…” she breathed heartily into my ear, sending shivers down my body (especially my ass!)

She then dropped to her bare knees, and engulfed my cock in her mouth down to its base. My cock is about 7 and a half inches, but nowhere near the size of Dana’s fucking b**st between her legs. She sucked hungrily, as I put my hands on her head, pushing my cock deeper down her throat. This was someone who knew how to suck cock, and I let my head go back as I looked up in the sky as my eyes began to roll back into my head. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead and head and began streaming down. Dana’s hands were clawing at my chest, alternating between pinching my nipples and rubbing the sweat around my chest.

I was moaning and groaning. I felt the need to cum, the need to orgasm – I told Dana I was almost there.

She lifted her lips off my cock head with a loud pop and said “Give it to me, you fucking stud! I want it down my throat, I’m gonna suck all that baby batter into my guts!!!” and continued her active assault on my cock.

I felt my body begin to shake in the heat. Sweat was pouring off me as I pushed harder on the back of her head, causing Dana to let out a loud, garbled “Mmmmmmffffffpppphhhhh!!” with a slight gagging sound. Her nose was smashed against the skin of my groin, and the torrents of cum then erupted in her mouth. I think I felt 5 or 6 solid cum blasts into her mouth. Dana held her face against my belly as my cum streamed down her throat. Waves of orgasmic pleasure flashed in my head as I grunted and grunted, jerking my hips to the waves of orgasmic euphoria washing over me. It felt like we stayed there for a full minute, before I finally let go of the pressure I was applying to the back of her head.

Dana slowly eased back barely an inch, then began sucking hard as she lowered her lips to the base of my cock, again. She was breathing hard through her nose, but she never released the vacuum seal her lips formed around my cock. Slowly, ever so slowly, she began pulling her head up my dick. She sucked so hard, then would stop and swallow a couple of times as she worked her way up, slowly cleaning off all traces of my sweat and cum with her tongue and sucking.

I was bathed in sweat as Dana stood up and I fell to my knees and used both my hands to hold this giant fuckstick and try to push it past my lips. It felt warm, and I could smell the musky scent of his groin, but also the scent of perfume which Dana was obviously wearing. This drove me wild with lust as I licked and lapped at his crown. I felt like that was all I could get in, then I relaxed and allowed a couple more inches into my drooling mouth. My spit flowed down the sides of my mouth, mingling dripping down my neck and chest, mingling with the sheen of sweat there.

Dana’s hands pushed my head down another inch, or two, but it was so wide, it was going to take some time for my mouth to stretch to her girth, and Dana needed to get off. She roughly pulled back on my head by my hair, and pushed me back until I was lying on the ground on my back.

She straddled up between my legs and pushed my legs up in the air. I said I couldn’t, its too big. But she could tell my whimpered pleas were false “I’m going to fuck you, and fuck you HARD!! You want this fuckin’ monster, don’t you? Tell Me!!!” and I felt the lust build as my sexual desire craved to try and take that monster cock into my bowels.

My whimpers turned to pleas “Yes, yes – I want that cock in my ass. I want your cum inside me, now!!”

I couldn’t believe this little girly-boy now had control over me, thanks to that ginormous love-tool between her legs. I was drooling and lusting to be impaled by that fucking tree trunk. I didn’t care if it split me in half – I’d die happy!!!

She spit onto her hand a few times, then put it up to mouth and told me “Go ahead, you wimpy slut – give me some of your spit-slime to shove up your ass so it won’t hurt so bad, because it’s gonna hurt – but you want it to hurt good!!”

The pure sexual ecstasy of the situation overwhelmed any sensible thought. I did for a split-second, think of us here, in a state park, naked but for our socks and hiking boots, having wild a****l-like wanton sex! I thought about what I was about to go through, and was scared for a second, but the lust took hold again. I spit into her hand, then grabbed both my legs behind my knees and hiked my ass up to allow access to my new lover’s giant cock. I could feel her hand massaging our lubricant around and into my tight hole. She only pushed in to the first knuckle, so it wasn’t stretching my asshole out as much as I would’ve liked.

She grabbed each leg by my ankles and pushed them back, and I felt her push her cock head against my puckered sphincter. She didn’t say anything, she just grabbed the tip of her cock with one of her hands to guide it in. I kept feeling her readjust as I squirmed, my sensibilities not wanting this carnal penetration. But my lust-filled, deviant, sexually driven carnal desire wanted her cock to rip my asshole wide open!!! I wanted it!!! I NEEDED IT!!!

“FUCKING DRIVE IT HOME, I WANT YOUR FUCKING PILE-DRIVER JACK-HAMMERING MY ASSHOLE NOW!! FUUUUCCKK MEEEEE – FUCKING DRILL ME, FAGGOT!!!” I screamed. I was out of my mind with lust as Dana shushed me to be a little more quiet, then looked down into my eyes and said: “Take this you fucking whore!!!”

I screamed at first, the painful agony of her cock head, then after a second or two, she plunged deeper and deeper. I think I gurgled a slight cry or scream. I was impaled on a foot long monster!!! She pushed and pushed until her balls slapped against me. The initial pain wore off, and Dana’s in and out motions became more fluid and massaging. Her fucking cock was huge, and there were times I thought the head of her cock would start coming up my throat. Sensational waves of pleasure began flowing up my body, and I reacted by rhythmically counter-thrusting to Dana’s thrusts. She leaned forward and planted a big, sloppy, wet kiss on me, our tongues dancing in one another’s mouth, sharing our love juices from earlier.

This triggered something in me, and I started coming like crazy. There was no warning, it just happened! My cock was rubbing between our bellies, and I shot another 4 or 5 jets between our bellies. The cum, mixed with our sweat, created a lubricating, but somewhat tacky, substance that made our skin make wet, slapping noises as they ground against one another.

Dana looked like the blood vessels in her neck might burst as she continued pumping into my ass. Sweat was pouring off her, and her hair was all matted and damp. I reached up, grabbed her wet, sweaty hair, pulled her down to my face and began playing another hard game of tonsil hockey. I crossed my legs together and smashed them onto her lower back saying “Fucking cum inside me! Take me for all I’m worth, fucking make me yours!!” I then began chanting “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” each time she pulled almost out, then drove it back home in my gut.

Finally, she tensed, shivered, threw her head back and forth, and collapsed onto me. I had felt her push one more deep inside me when this happened, and I guessed she had come, Unfortunately, I didn’t feel her painting the inner walls of my rectum.

“Uuuggghhh – that was fantastic!” was all she said as she fell onto me and kissed my cheek then ear, and then passed out for a minute. Her cock pulled out of my asshole as she rolled off me. My asshole suddenly felt empty, deprived of some precious cargo it needed in it.

It was way too hot (literally and figuratively), and our bodies were a slimy, sweaty mess.

I tried to clench my sphincter to save her precious juices inside me, but I felt some flowing out. She really rode me hard, but good. I never felt so fucked out before. I felt sated – sexually!

Dana really looked sweet laying next to me, a sheen of sweat covering her, and beads of white cum from me still stuck on her stomach. I licked her face and belly a little. She tasted luscious. The more I stared at her, the more woman I saw.

Dana awoke a few moments later. She slowly rose up, looked at us both, and said we were a mess. I told her I tried to lick up the mess, and she gave me a coy look, a smile, then a deep french kiss. I was ready for round two – me taking her ass, but she quickly looked at her watch and said she had to go. She had to go home, clean up, and get ready for work. She worked at the outlets up in Lake George, and told me to stop by.

We dressed, and I asked her if she hiked often. She said no. Although she knows the area and trails, she’s always come off-season, but she’s willing to try to hike every Tuesday – weather permitting (this was prior to cellphones and texting).

I told her “Great” and that I will be here again next Tuesday if I don’t see her at the outlets before then.

I also told her “I always wanted to get back to nature somehow, and I thought hiking these trails would help. I can’t wait to cum back here!!”

She giggled and gave me a kiss.

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