Midnight petal

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Midnight petal
I am mia this is based on a true story.

Hearing her close and lock the door behind me (* as I showered leaving wet white breast dripping wett)* slowly..she gazed at me from afar as I saw her throbbing orgasm slowly rise.. biting her lip . Moaning. We had always been close aunt kim and I. As I rubbed my vagina slowly. Tugging my nipple softly. Circling it with my finger.. she growled.
Orgasming.’yes..’ she moaned.
Watching me shower. I knew her glare.. throbbing..overwhelmed her biting her lip slow. Ahhh…
my wet breast glisned my vagina soaked wet. .in my fingers as I stroked gently..
I got dressed in my robe headed to bed as itbslide off..slowly..
aunt kim growled. Orgasming. Spellbound glaring at me. Winking.

I knew … as she growled.. entering my room locking the door behind us.
‘Hi.’ She wh..ispered ,stroking my vagina gently.. rubbing….
rubbing. .hard. Caressing me between my legsslow. Twirling my curls between her teeth biting hard. Gently pulling my nipple & tugging.

Suckling me deeply’ . Delicious ‘…
she said. Suckling me deeply.harder. And harder.deeper and deeper. (* instantly giving me oral sex. Circling my nipple and breasts with kisses and licks. Massaging… coming in my mouth twice. Deep.
Her toungue twisted higher and higher deeper deeper long and gently. Deeply twisted up my vagina. ‘ growling..’yes…’ biting hard down on my vagina and nipple. Caressing my breast deeply. Circling my nipple with her heated cool breaths.wet around me.licking..kissing my breast caressing.massaging. Tugging my vagina softly. Rubbing.
rubbing rubbing…
suckling me deeply passionately my vagina gently stroking me..
suckling me slowly.. stroking
stroking.. my curls..rubbing hard.rough.
Pecking my breast and nipple.
a cool breaze from Her breath and kiss going up my vagina as her lips devoured my vagina softly.twistsof her tongue higher deeper harder up my vagina.
turning tasting me as she ate me out deep and slow .orgasming hard. Nuzzling me slowly.
Rubbing between my legs gently. Pecking…
pecking.. pecking.
rubbing. Pulling …circling high with her toungue. Biting my nipple.tugging me between her fingers. Rubbing… rubbing rubbing..kissing and squeezing..giving me oral sex again and again. In a sinfilkybwicked storm .her mouth in flame on my breast caressing my breast slowly.licking..kisding my breasts and nipple.tugging .
pulling my nipple with her teeth.
softly..stroking between my legs massaging…
I moaned ‘ god yes aunt Kim.’

nuzzling. Nibbling my vagina slowly…
a fire overcame her as she dove deep inside me devouring me with hot kisses . Wickedly hot.cool kisses circling my breast as her kisses grew more intense.and fingers twirling high upmy vagina. Turning. Rubbing.. twisting her toungue ..going .in and out.
up and down.side to side.circling me slowly…sliding herself gently into me kissing my vagina in circles. Twirling her toungue and fingers gently licking, stroking between my legs. Deepthroating me hard . ‘Delicious..’ she whispered.
Opening my legs wide. Rubbing.
rubbing. Rubbing..rubbing.
Nibbling my breast and nipple twirling her fingers tugging gently. Slow. My nipple soft was squeezed between her fingertip. ..Finger fucking Me rough and slow.

‘Good girl..’ she whispered. Opening my legs stroking caressing between my legs and fucking Me slowly
deeply. Hard. Rubbing hard between my legs. Nibbling my vagina biting the tip .her teeth pulling my nipple slow. Sliding herself deeper deeper up my vagina and twisting.in circles.licks and kisses. Caressing me between my legs slowly.
Hard. Massaging my hips. Caressing my breast suckling my breast deeper deeper. Harder. Ghost like kisses softly circling my vagina.tugging.pulling..
she nuzzled me slowly..tenderly between my legs with her teeth. Massaging my between my legs.. stroking..caressing my vagina slowly..deeply.’yes…’ she growled.suckling me deeply.on my vagina. Circling my curls with cool kisses and licks.cupping my breast caressing my nipple gently tugging.


twirling my nipple between her fingers . Stroking..me slowly tugging.
tugging. twists and turns.tuggs rubs.rubbs pulls.

*Pinning me to the bed fucking me from behind twice.. orgasming hard inside me.

pulling hard and orgasming.between my legs.
Grazing my hips with cool breaths..and cool kisses, rubbing me slowly.
Fucking Me slowly gently again and again. In wild devilish hot need.
She throabed deep inside me. Rubbing hard. Rough.stroking between my nipple .
my vagina enjoying deep tugs and wickedly hot licksand .kisses .

tuggs..pulls.. suckling me deeper and deeper.longer… for hours…

bitingmy nipple tugging..biting my vagina gently.
Her fingers opened me wide .’ah beautiful.’she whispered licking my vagina slow.fucing my slowly…as her orgasmed exploded into me.
I..in. in a slumber.,
squeezing my breasts kissing me tenderly.on my breasts massaging my breasts slowly stroking gently.and
.. tugging.hard.

Finger fucking Me rough. ’yes..,good girl.’ She whispered. Orgasming. Turning hard. ‘Relax sweetness.’rubbing me deeply.spanking my white bottom.and breasts. She dove into my vagina deepthroating me hard. Deep.thrusting. Jaggedly into me ..’ your intoxecating.’ She moaned…
lunge lunge
going deeper and deeper inside me. ‘Delicious.’ Moaning.(* as she fucked Me rough for hours)* having hot oral sex .orgasming deep between my legs. Over and over… grinding me., hard
land squeezing.,

‘ I love how soft u are.’ Kissing my vagina in nibbles.. rubbing tenderly. Caressing my nipple and tugging.
Suckling deeper and deeper harder between my legs..
rubbing me rough rubbing rubbing up and down deep inside my vagina.
suckling me deeper and deeper. Gently softly…
kissing the inner vagina wall as her tongue slide slowly gently kissing her way highe deeper in my legs. Twirling… around me. In waves . Tugging..turning softly.. gently.
stroking between my legs..in a slow deep dark massage.

as the oral sex grew devilish delicious. Devouring my nipple in kisses.
)* fucking Me rough for hours)* Oral sex lasting hours..
pushing me to the bed to fuck Me cowgirl style.
..her fingers,.twisted up my vagina stroking me softly..
pecking me softly on my vagina. I moaned.
‘ oh god yes aunt Kim.’ *

as the pressure between my legs grew deeper and deeper.harder.she suckling me slowly..deeply… tenderly.
Deepthroating me deepervand deeper.
Giving me acwickedly hot rimjob and heated oral sex. Her fingers stroked between my breasts tugging my nipple slowly massaging…teasing me with mouth in my hips .
Finger fucking me rough. Long and slow. Her fingers went hard. Up my wall pulling. Pinching.
rubbing me hard and rough,
the ..
finger fuck deeper deeper,.rougher and rougher..

licking my curls in circular motion with hotbwet kisses kisses and licks. Squeezing my vagina hard. Biting the tip.
Nibbling my breasts and nipples..caressing….me slowly..gently kissing my nipple as in melted in her trap and she gently rubbed tugging… tugging
my nipple.pulling slowly..
rubbing..hard deep between my legs. Suckling me deeply passionately on my vagina. Caressing me deeper and deeper inside with herwarm cool kiss. Turning me to my side to fuck Me rough for hours.
whispering. .’yes…’

whispered in my ear..’ I love your kisses..’ groping me hard. And turning. Pulling me to her vagina.’ Suck me hard..’ she whispered. I obeyed.
‘Good girl..’ as I fell into her hips kissing softly rubbing softly..
twirlingmyself higher and higher deeper up her vagina wall. In circles..
giving her
’the twister’ hard deep gently..
‘ahh..yes…naughty angel..’
lick me clean..’ she whispered. Nuzzling my ear..as I bounced up and down deeper deeper into her hips. On her vagina.
She Pulled me gently to her vagina
‘deeper..’ she whispered.
As the oral sex became darker and darker..
(* and we melted intertwined in each other.fucking. Hard. Roughly.for hours.
* the twister. Nipping the tip of her nipple stroking caressing her vagina..
giving her deep oral sex for hours.*

roughly fucking her good and hard.deep.slowly…
her nipple wet in my mouth. My breast wet in her heated teeth.
Her touch flamed…
her tougue a twirl up my vagina…
rubbing..hot kiss gently on my nipple as fingersvwent deep breath hot as sin up my vagina.encercling my nipples,wet kisses.abound… lapping…my breast in

Licks and kisses.
as she went gently deep inside me fucking Me softly from behing. Caressing my breast, hugging me tight.
Gliding slowly into me.., stroking..
fucking me from behind over and over…slowly…
biting my vagina hard. Kissing the tip. And caressing my breasts..she growled softly kissing me..and gently glide into me slowly…kissing my breasts tugging me skow.
‘ I love how tight unare my precious.” Beautiful innocence’ she moaned in my ear. ‘Good girl..’ she whispered..ficking me hard.deep and long. Rougher and rougher…
rubbing between my legs ascwe fucked long into the night. The thunderstorm crashed down from outside.
as her orgasm showered inside me
hugging me tightly.as I slept in her arms
kissing tugging her breast .as her fingers twirled my vagina. And she nuzzled herself deeply in my vagina curls kissing.
nuzzling…me tenderly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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