Mistress Flavia and Ophelia Flagellate Me — Chapt

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Mistress Flavia and Ophelia Flagellate Me — Chapt
Chapter Two

While Mistress Flavia was out of the dungeon, Ophelia quickly secured my hands to the metal bar above my head. Kneeling at my feet, she attached a heavy steel spreader bar between my ankles. When she was finished, she stood up and looked at me. She placed her hands on my chest and dug her bright red fingernails into my nipples. Then, she slapped my face several times with each hand.

“I can’t wait to start beating you. I love all these words we are using to describe your flagellation. I want to scourge you. I want to chastise you.”

When Mistress Flavia returned, I saw that she had changed into a stunning, bridal white corset with red trim. The provocatively designed corset cradled her breasts, and cunningly exposed the top half of her areolas.

“I wanted to get a Roman style tunic to wear for your flagellation,” she said. “But this seemed even better.”

She handed a small red bundle to Ophelia.

“Ophelia, in honor of your assistance in helping me flagellate Chris, I’ve brought you some red leather pasties adored with a hex nut and washer on tassels. Just like the metal attachments on the flagellum.”

Ophelia looked genuinely pleased and honored..

“Mistress Flavia. This is so kind of you.”

“Here, let me help you take off your delightful red bra. Chris won’t mind getting to see your breasts while I apply these luscious pasties.”

Ophelia stood proudly before Mistress Flavia as the pasties were lovingly applied to the nut-brown areolas on her tits. She looked like a soldier receiving a metal. Her tits shook as she moved, and the tassels gyrated delightfully.

“Ophelia, now that you’re wearing your punishment uniform, I think we’re ready to begin Chris’s flagellation,” said Mistress Flavia.

“Mistress Flavia, I think we should call him the prisoner and not by his name.”

“Thanks. That’s a good suggestion.”

“And, I think, since he’s a prisoner who’s going to be punished, we need to put him in chains.”

Mistress Flavia looked surprised and delighted by the suggestion. “Please show me what you mean.”

Ophelia quickly dragged over a heavy six foot chain which clanked on the floor. In her other hand she held an adjustable cock ring.

“Mistress Flavia, please let me attach this ring tightly around the prisoner’s ball-sack and then attach the heavy chain to it. That way, while the prisoner is tied up, there will be a serious weight hanging down from his balls and giving him extra pain. Whether he’s standing still or jerking around from the whipping he’s going to receive, he’ll feel the weight of that chain on his tied-up balls”

“A splendid idea, Ophelia. Do it,”

Ophelia knelt in front of me and hesitated a moment. I could see the tassles on her pasties jiggling with excitement.

“Mistress Flavia, I request permission to chastise the prisoner’s cock and balls before I attach the chains.”

“Ophelia, you certainly are getting into the spirit of things. Chastise the prisoner any way you wish.”

Ophelia grabbed my ballsack tightly in one hand and tugged it down. With her other hand, she gleefully slapped my cock back and forth. With the open palm of her hand, she rigorously slapped my cock, and then, just as stringently, with the back of the same hand, she slapped it back. I gasped each time she slapped the shaft of my cock. With each hard well-aimed slap from her hand, my cock bounced from side to side. Sometimes, she slapped my cock straight down. Other times, she slapped it sideways. Sometimes, she slapped the tip of my cock like her hand was a hammer and my cock just a nail.

“I’m going to beat your pretty little cock until it’s covered with bright, purple bruises,” Ophelia taunted me, punctuating every second word with another vicious slap on my bruised cock.

Then, still tightly gripping my ballsack, Ophelia stopped chastising my cock, and she began paying attention to my tightly imprisoned balls. At first she hit my balls with light taps, but she gradually increased their force, until she was shocking my balls with harsh blows. I was grunting and gasping. Ophelia was glowing with passion and cruelty. I could see she was having a good time beating my balls.

Mistress Flavia let her keep attacking me. Each time Ophelia slapped my balls, it took my breath away. And as the force of her slaps increased, I felt a wave of nausea wash over me. She was relentless.

“OK. OK. Ophelia.” Mistress Flavia interrupted. “I think you’ve chastised the prisoner’s cock and balls enough. Attach the chain.”

Ophelia cinched the cock right extremely tightly around my ballsack, and then attached the chain. It felt like it weighed at least 5 pounds.

Mistress Flavia continued. “Now we’re going to scourge the prisoner with leather whips. This is the initial stage in his long slow journey into pain and agony. We’re going to hurt him, but we’re not going to make him bleed. Not yet. I’ll take this thuddy cowhide flogger to whip his back and ass. And, Ophelia, you employ this rawhide flogger with lots o sting on his chest.”

The two women took their positions. I stood naked before them, hands spread out and raised halfway to the ceiling, legs attached to a heavy metal spreader bar, about three feet across. I was totally vulnerable.

Each time Mistress Flavia hit my back, I staggered with the weight of the blow, and my feet involuntarily shuffled beneath me so I could keep my balance. As I staggered, the weighted chain clinked and cruelly pulled at my balls. I’d been whipped like this before, but the pain increased with each stroke of the whip.

It was no accident that Mistress Flavia had allowed Ophelia to whip my chest, because she was an expert and inflicting pain especially on my nipples. She sensed just how to flick the whip so the sharply cut rawhide would cut across my nipples and into my chest. Each time she swung the whip at me, I could see the tassels on her red pasties bounce happily.

Sometimes Mistress Flavia would hit me so hard that I jerked forward and my chest collided with a complementary stroke from Ophelia’s whip. Sometimes, Ophelia would sting me with the sudden sharp lashes of her whip and I would recoil in pain, harshly jerking the chain on my balls, and unintentionally giving Mistress Flavia an opportunity to flog my back even harder.

It was as if they were using their whips to knock me back and forth like a human tennis ball. And as the impact of their blows jerked me back and forth, the heavy chain weight on my balls grew more painful.

“That’s fifty strokes, Ophelia. Want to switch sides?”

“My pleasure, Mistress Flavia.”

When Mistress Flavia stood in front of me, I used the few moments between each blow of her whip to admire how beautiful she looked in her exquisite white corset. With the effort of swinging the heavy whip, the corset had slipped down a bit, revealing the pink areolas of her fine breasts.

Like two athletes playing a cruel game, they knocked me back and forth with their whips. They were ready to keep whipping me all afternoon.

“The prisoner’s looking nice and red,” Ophelia said. “Perhaps it’s time to put away these relatively painful leather whips and begin the real flagellation.”

Both women took their whips to the rack on the other wall. Mistress Flavia returned carrying the Roman flagellum with its metal washers and ½ inch hex nuts on each of the 18 tails.

“Ophelia. I’m going to begin on his back. But I want you to stand in front of him and torment him in any manner you wish.

I couldn’t see what Mistress Flavia was doing, but from the sounds I heard, it seemed as if she was swinging the flagellum back and forth in front of her, to get a sense of how it flowed through the air. When she felt comfortable with the whip, she moved in closer.

While she eagerly waited for Mistress Flavia to make the first strike, Ophelia moved in close to me began working on my chest and nipples where were already red and raw from their initial whipping.

“I can’t wait to see you suffer and bleed while you’re being scourged with the metal whip,” Ophelia said to me, loud enough so that Mistress Flavia could hear.

Mistress Flavia’s first lash across my back sent an icy spasm of pain exploding down my spine. Ophelia had brought her face up close to mine, close enough to kiss me, if she’d wanted. It was as if she wanted to share the agony I was experiencing. I even felt her press her groin against my cock and balls.

Each blow of the whip was like a sharp, cutting punch. I could feel the weight of the metal washers beating on my flesh and I could sense the sharp angles of the hex nuts cutting into my back. Ophelia kept her body close to mine. I could feel the hex nuts on her pasties pressing into my nipples. I could feel her getting excited. After one very painful lash across my back, I felt Ophelia reach down with her left hand and grab my cock. I could feel her fingernails digging into the bruised flesh.

“I love seeing you suffer,” Ophelia said in a hissing whisper, squeezing my cock even harder.

Mistress Flavia was calm and methodic. She scored my back with five forehand strokes starting at my right shoulder and going diagonally towards my left side. Then she used five backhand strokes to lash my back from my left shoulder down to my right side. My back must have been criss-crossed with hash marks like a barbequed steak. I was terrified of the damage her whip must have been inflicting on my back. I groaned and moaned each time she struck me with the metal-tipped whip and the steel weights seemed to rip across my back.

Mistress Flavia’s backhand strokes were more painful. Each time the cat clawed across my back, my feet shifted with the impact of the blow and the weighted chain dragged at my balls. With relentless fury, Mistress Flavia inflicted five more strokes on each side of my back. Then five more. I writhed and struggled as I hung there from the crossbar. All this time, Ophelia’s nearly naked body was pressed tightly to mine. She tightly gripped my cock. I tried to accept Mistress Flavia’s punishment in silence, but my pain and terror slowly mounted. Sometime after the 20th stroke, I cried out in a breathless sob of agony.

“Let me gag the prisoner,” Ophelia said.

“Yes, please gag him.”

Ophelia quickly rammed a large black ball gag into my mouth, and tightly secured the straps behind my head. She held me close to her body again.

“Please resume the prisoner’s punishment,” she said, grabbing my cock in her vice-like grip.

With the gag muffling my cries, Mistress Flavia re-doubled her efforts on my back. I believe I was actually screaming, but very little noise escaped from my gagged mouth. Every time Mistress Flavia struck me, my aching, writhing body was pressed against Ophelia’s, and she seemed to twist and clench my cock tighter..

“Whip the prisoner until he bleeds,” shouted Ophelia.

Mistress Flavia was determined not to stop scourging me until I was indeed bleeding. Each time she struck me, a spasm of terror and pain raced through my body. My back felt as if it were on fire, and each lash of the whip increased the heat, pain, and fear I felt. Ophelia still had her body pressed tightly against mine. She actually embraced me, as if she wanted to experience each blow of the whip as it sent spasms of pain through my body and into hers.

“I love whipping him so much.” Mistress Flavia said. “Soon we’ll see his blood.”

“Whip the prisoner harder, Mistress Flavia. Really scourge him.” Ophelia was holding me very tight now. She kept squeezing and twisting and pulling on my cock.

Mistress Flavia continued methodically slashing and ripping the awful metal-tipped flagellum across my martyred back. While Ophelia pressed tightly against me and strangled my cock, my back arched in new spasms of pain.

“The prisoner is bleeding.” Mistress Flavia said. “I can see trickles of blood on his back. And I can see more blood inching down his sides.”

“We’re not going to stop now, are we?” Ophelia asked.

Mistress Flavia slashed the flagellum across my bleeding back several more times. I screamed and groaned, but with the black ball gag stuffed in my mouth, my cries were weak and muffled.

“No, Ophelia. The prisoner’s flagellation is far from compete. As I promised, you will also get a chance to chastise the prisoner with this flagellum and make him bleed. I’m going to let you whip his chest until he bleeds.”

Let’s change places. Now it’s your turn to flagellate the prisoner.

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