Moans or Music

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Moans or Music
It started innocent enough. I went to pick up my wife’s friend Allison in order to bring her to a ‘girls only’ Deck and Pool Party at our home. My job was to drive home whoever was feeling tipsy. Allison always got tipsy so she didn’t even bother to take her car. And this is where I came in.

On my way to pick-up Allison, my wife rang my cell phone and said that she just talked to Allison and she promised to be ready by the time I arrived.

I said, “Honey. You know she always keeps me waiting. I’m going to Dunkin’ Donuts and spend 45 minutes with donuts and Iced Coffee. It’ll an hour and a half or so.” I figured my Sunday afternoon was ruined. Boy, was I wide of the mark.

However, as fate would have it, Dunkin’ Donuts was closed for repairs, so I drove directly to Allison’s house off Redondo Drive Parkway.

When she answered the door, Allison was dressed in a simple robe. She said, “Well, if it isn’t Gary. I’m not exactly ready yet, but I can put you to good use. Follow me.”

I didn’t move, but said, “I can’t stand waiting for my wife to get ready so like, ah, how long you going to be?” I was frustrated and let it out, not caring since she was my wife’s friend, not mine.

She said, “Well, it can be fifty minutes or five minutes depending if you cooperate.”

Waiting fifty minutes was out of the question, so I followed her up the stairs. At this point I was to pissed to admire her jet-black long flowing hair or her very feminine round sexy ass.

As far as appearances, Allison’s face was average, but a turn off to me since she seemed to be always sad, like she suffered all her life. I never knew what kind of figure she had since I only saw her in bulky jeans, sweatshirts and dress suits. She did not dress sexy, but I sort of could tell that she probably had a nice figure but didn’t want to show it off. I doubted she was a looker. Like she was at least three years older than me, pushing 33 to 35, and older chicks don’t do nothing for me. So quite frankly I didn’t give a rat’s ass for her except to please my wife.

Anyway, I followed to her upstairs study when she said, “Sit here, I’ll be right out.”

She returned quickly still in her robe but let it drop to he floor and said in a worried tone of voice, “How do I look? I need a second opinion.”

Underneath the robe was a bathing suit since she was going to a Pool Party. It was a one-piece pale green swimsuit, conservative in style. This was the first time that I had seen her in a bathing suit and quickly averted my eyes from her body as she’s my wife’s friend. Yet I saw enough to know that she had a hot body. Usually I gawk at young chicks, but here was an older woman who was stacked. For the record, I’ve never had sex with a chick older than me.

I replied, “Great. So I guess we can go now.”

She snapped, “Smart ass. Men really don’t have any fun with clothes.”

My reply. “I ain’t a fashion critic and besides you look okay, Allison.”

But Allison was having none of my praise. “I feel like a fat cow.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Sure I heard that kind of women talk from my wife, but my wife while attractive has nowhere a sexy body. Nowhere. Period.

I said, “Not too big, not too tight, no holes in the suit, so what is the problem? ” As soon as I said it, I knew I made a mistake. Never be flippant with a woman who is insecure about her figure.

Allison said, “First, I know you didn’t mean it. You said it fast without looking.”

I gave her a once over from head to ankles. “So I looked, already.”

She wailed, “Oh, bull, Gary. My butt, belly and boobs are the problem.”

I soothed her by saying, “No one will notice. I mean it’s a girl only pool party.”

Allison was unyielding, “Oh, they’ll notice. You don’t know how cruel us woman can be behind our backs”

“If you say so. ” I laughed.

She added. “Oh, I know women! But seriously, Gary, how do I really look?”

I gave her an okay gesture with my hands and my face.

She growled, “Gary!”

I said, “Okay, I’ll look you over real good although my wife might kill me if she knows that I checked out your body. ”

She liked hearing that for some reason and seemed to relax for a few seconds while

I looked her over.

This is the exact moment where I began to falter. So I took my time and thought about how she looked before answering. As I said, she’s around three years older than I am; I’ll be 30 in a few months. Yet in spite of her advanced age, Allison still had a sexy figure. Maybe it was her tiny waist that made everything else seem so hot. Her tits looked large and firm, her ass was real shapely. In fact, that was the best part of her body. I gawked at her tits, saw her nipples in the one-piece bathing suit that covered a lot but I was still able to make out enough to know that she was built much, much better than my wife was. She was built to fuck. As a young man, I’d do anything to fuck a chick as good looking as her and now in my twenty-ninth year, I’d…no, no. I’d do nothing. I’m married. Happily. Period. No affairs for me.

“Why are you taking so long to answer me, Gary? Oh, god, is it really that bad.” Her voice was now alarmed. And most importantly of all, she was totally unaware that I was gawking at her body. Chicks get like that; they get so consumed by their inner thoughts of not being attractive that they miss the obvious.

Somehow I was losing it, maybe it was her figure, maybe it was that I was resentful for her making me wait, but I was no longer diplomatic especially with my eyes. I was yearning for her body like crazy. I said, “Want the truth or ……”

She said nervously. “Tell me the truth and then … I’ll…..I’ll hide in the closet.”

She had been divorced for over six years. As far I knew she seldom if ever dated. So her self-esteem as far as being attractive to the opposite sex was probably low.

She continued, “Gary! I can’t let them see me like this. I’m sagging all over.””

I said, “Allison. Your figure’s better than my wife, but you better not tell her I said that.” Then I added, “You’re pulling my leg, right. Like angling for compliments?”

Now she really smiled. “Gary, I appreciate you saying that. Really, I do. Give me a sec to let that sink in, but I liked hearing that. And no, I won’t tell your wife. So yes, you can say what you like, and not one word will get back to her. Of course, they better be complimentary.”

I felt relieved but not sure why. Her smile changed her appearance for the better.

She turned her back to me, letting me take in her long legs, superbly shaped butt, and a finely tuned back and that flowing long dark black hair. But it was the ass that had me reeling. My cock was twitching. Allison may not be as pretty in the face department as my wife, but her body was the body of a twenty-two year old babe.

She asked, “Give me a guy’s point of view. How do I look? I mean has gravity taken over? Be truthfully honest.”

Maybe if I waited another second I would have never blurted this out.

“I got a hard-on.” I whispered, but she most certainly heard me. I quickly turned my back on her and headed for the door to go downstairs.

She blubbered, “Oh, my god, oh, my god. Wait. I can’t believe you said that to me. How could you? Gary that was….”

“The truth.” I replied. I was standing in the doorway of her upstairs study and felt like a fool, a man about to be beheaded, with a hard-on.

“Yeah but…,” She was now getting embarrassed, her face was getting a rosy color. Her eyes took in my jeans. I knew she could see my hard-on pushing my pants out.

She continued, “No one ever said something like that to me. That was crude, Gary”

I was worried what she might tell my wife. “Yeah, maybe but I’m not coming on to you. All I did was tell you the truth and now what, you put me down.”

I wanted to get away from her and quickly walked down the stairs. The whole episode since I arrived in her home took less than five minutes.

I felt she was right behind me and her voice was insistent. “Wait. So if you’re not coming on to me, why use those words? Why mention your, ah, your sex organ?”

I knew I had to be diplomatic or she might tell my wife some bullshit story about me coming on to her. I replied. “Because it was the truth. You did ask me from a guy’s point of view and I hate to inform you, Allison, but for a guy, a stiff dick means you’re a turn-on. Like you’re very attractive and so my damn dick got hard.”

I stopped, thought for a second, then added, “And in case you forgot, a hard-on is meant as a compliment. You got that? Compliment, not a come-on”

She seemed flustered and raised her voice, “But tasteless. You got to admit.”

My cock was no longer hard. I sneered. “Whatever. Do me a favor, don’t ask me how you look next time.” Then I thought of how not to let my wife get involved and cover my ass. I added, “Wait until I tell my wife about this.”

She asked incredulously, “Really? You’d tell your wife about this?”

I waited a moment, said, “I got nothing to be ashamed of. When I got married, I didn’t lose my manhood. Point is, Allison, just because I got turned on doesn’t mean I am going to hit on you. Sally and I’ve been married over seven years and I haven’t cheated. I still think she’s hot looking. But we tell each other our sexual fantasies. Just because someone turns you on, doesn’t mean you have to fuck her. But it doesn’t stop me from getting a boner when I see a hot looking chick.” I was talking way too much.

She sat down and looked up at me with her big brown eyes. “Sorry. You’re right, I think.” She was pondering and that made me worry. “Listen, I got to think about it; sit in the car, I’ll be out in a minute. I got to change into street clothes anyway.”

I should have left to sit in the car, but being a stubborn Taurus I wanted to argue my point of view. “What is there to think about, Allison? I meant it as a super compliment of worship. Can’t you get that?”

She seemed amused now, “You’re irritated with me?”

I said, “Damn straight I am. Like you asked me to look at your body. I did. My cock got hard. That means you look great as far as I’m concerned and now you are off on some ego trip or something.”

She said, ” Sorry. Maybe you’re right.” She paused, then continued, “Maybe? Not sure. I think you could have used more delicate words. But, sit for minute.”

When I did, she spoke, “Yes, it was a compliment and I no longer feel like a fat cow.” She smiled and gave me the peace sign. “You know, I don’t socialize since my divorce. This is the first time I put on a bathing suit in years. That was my second divorce, you know. I feel I’m no longer attractive to men. You understand that, I hope, Gary? And you’re really a sweet man for sharing your thoughts with me.”

I replied, “Just remember it was meant as a compliment.”

Her voice got soft, sweet. “It really has been years since a guy looked at me that way. I guess I ….I… I guess……”

I asked, “You guess what?”

She shifted her legs, and now I had an open view of her body as she lounged in the chair in her bathing suit that had turned me on. Her tits were prominent, her pubis mound pushed out at her crotch. Her legs were wonderfully long.

She asked, “Can I share something with you. I mean it goes no further than the door. Not your wife, especially not your wife or she and I might n longer be friends. Can you give me your word, Gary?”

“Sure.” I replied.

She insisted, “I won’t share my feelings with you unless I can be one hundred percent certain of your loyalty. Not ninety-nine percent. Your word?”

“Okay, I give you my word. Swear not one word to my wife or buddies.”

She said. “I liked it. To my amazement, those few crude words make me feel good. I feel like a woman again.”

“That is what compliments are supposed to do.” I was still unsure and had to defend myself. “I didn’t mean to gross you out, Allison. Really didn’t think before I spoke. You said speak as a man would and my reply came out of my gut. No harm, right?”

She was still sitting over ten feet away but I felt we were touching. She said, “Oh, I like what your gut had to say. It was pure, real, simple and powerful.”

Then she really, really blushed. She continued but was not looking at me. Her voice low, almost a whisper. “Hearing you say your were erect. And seeing how you were looking at my body and then seeing, you know, seeing the bulge. I got scared, Gary. I guess I should have said thanks and left it at that.”

I laughed, “But then we wouldn’t have had this interesting conversation.”

Her voice was soft. “Gary, I need a favor. Don’t tell Sally about this. I have my reasons, please.”

I quipped, “No problemo, Allison. I mean like she ain’t going to be too happy with me if she hears I got a boner from looking at you.”

She smiled in a soft feminine way. Something I have never seen her do. She said, “Gary, I got to change into street clothes. I’ll put the bathing suit on at your house so give me a minute. Really, one minute to change and we’ll go.” At the top of stairs, she turned, said, “And give you time to calm down.”

I knew that she had seen my hard-on through my pants. Now I could enjoy being turned on, and not fear her wrath. I joked, “Good idea. This one is a real beauty.”

At the top of the stairs, she again requested, “And don’t tell Sally. I really need for you to promise me.”

I felt in control and said, “I won’t if you answer me one question.”

She paused and said, “Sure. Just ask.”

I was still sitting near the door, sprawled out on a sofa, “I don’t want to ask it unless you will really answer it. And I got my reasons for making you promise me, fair?”

She said, “I’ll answer.”

I didn’t let up, “But truthfully?”

“Of course, Gary.”

I looked at the ceiling away from her; it was getting to close for comfort. “I don’t know why I want to know this but I do.” I said defensively.

She was still standing on the steps, posed, giving me a full frontal view of her tits, her belly, her prominent mound, and long feminine legs. It was a sexy, tease pose. I had it done to me before so I knew it rather well.

She asked, “What could be more threatening to say then you got an erection from looking at your wife’s friend?”

I was unsure. But I saw her waiting for an answer.

“Did you get wet?” I spit it out.

“Jeez! Oh, my god.” And Allison sat down on the top of stairway steps. Her eyes searched my face for a clue. She said, “You’re incorrigible.”

I shrugged, then blushed. “Okay, that was way out of line.” I got up and walked to the door to leave, said. “Listen, I’m turned on again and please forgive me Allison, like, it’s not me talking. I’m coming across like a jerk, but hard-ons do that.” I lowered my head in shame, but hadn’t left the house yet

Still at the top of the stairs, she spoke. “wait, Gary, don’t leave. Let’s talk this out, please.” She took a breadth, then continued, “To answer your question, no.” Her voice was again soft, feminine. “I… I wasn’t …… wait.” She paused. “Give me a sec.” She closed her eyes and then continued, “When you first told me about your erection, no, I did not get ah, you know, ah, sexually excited. In fact, I was stunned and totally taken aback. But now, in the last minute or so, well, ….”

I waited for her to finish but she did not. I asked. “Well what?”

“Well, yes…” she answered.

All I could say was, “I take it you mean ……”

Allison said, “Yes… okay, yes. That is what I mean.”

I said, “Wet?”

We were the only ones in the house, yet she whispered only for my ears, “Very wet.”

I stammered, “Don’t tell me that.”

Allison was smiling, playful. “You told me your erection was a real beauty this time. I didn’t know there were different types of erections.”

I said, “Listen, Allison, while you change, I need to go to the bathroom and give myself a hand job or a gallon of cold water. This talk is getting too much for both our sakes. I don’t want no problems. Like I’m married, and my wife is your friend.”

“I agree.” Then she said, “You can use the bathroom downstairs. I’ll be finished before you or …ah, ….how does it take to do what you need to do?”

She was giggling. Playful. She actually looked attractive when she smiled. Ever since I’ve known her, she had that long sad, face.

Then her demeanor changed, she looked thoughtful, then said, “I’ve never seen a guy do that to himself. Always wanted, but no guy would let me watch. Know something, I have two big fantasies actually. One is watching two guys suck each other, and the other is watching a guy masturbate.”

“Rent a fag porno.” I immediately felt stupid for saying that.

She asked, “Are you really gong to do it?”

I looked at her, not sure what she meant.

“Masturbate?” She clarified.

I replied, “I better or I might get in trouble.”

She said, “Can you actually masturbate in the bathroom?”

My reply. “Sure. All this talk, and especially how you look, got me very, very hard. I know I shouldn’t be saying this, being married.”

She asked, “What I meant was can you do it in the bathroom instead of the bed room? It’s so sterile looking. Usually people masturbate in their bed, I’d think.”

When I didn’t reply, she said, ‘Okay. Do what you have to, I’ll be just a two minutes or do you need more time?”

“A few minutes is fine. I’m ready to burst.”

Allison disappeared into her bedroom. I heard the rustling of coat hangers and shoes dropping on the floor.

I looked at my watch. Less than twenty-five minutes had gone by since I arrived. Wow, what a turn of events. I caressed my dick and thought of her body.

It was less than five minutes when she came down the stairs dressed in a colorful blouse, a tennis skirt and sneakers. Around one shoulder she had a gym bag with her bathing suit inside.

At the bottom of the stairs, she paused. She looked to her right where the down stairs bathroom was, listened for sounds. Then she turned her gaze to the living room and screamed as her gym bag fell from her shoulders. “Oh, god! Oh, Gary!”

I was sprawled on the same couch as before but this time I was naked from the waist down, except for my boots, and my hard cock was in my hand.

She said in a shaky voice, “Please tell me you are not doing what you are doing.”

I said nothing but continued to stroke my very erect cock; I felt it get harder and longer since she arrived.

She begged, “Say something.”

I said, “You said you always wanted to see a guy do it.”

“Well, yes but……I can’t look. Really. It’s not right.” Her voice trailed off.

Most importantly she had not left the room; she had not called the police, and she had not screamed ****.

I said, “There is no harm in watching me. I’ll enjoy it as much as you will.” Then I added most prudently, “As long as we both agree to not let this go any further.”

“But your married to my friend.” She was thinking hard and looking harder. “And how can I trust you?”

I said, “I can finish in the bathroom. Would you rather that I did?”

She stayed put at the bottom of the stairway and nothing, “I mean if I watch, Oh, god, Gary, this is difficult. I want to watch but I might get turned on and I can’t do that. Not to your wife, really.”

I said, “I feel a lot more excited that you’re in the room and watching me do it.”

She squeaked out, “You’ll just masturbate and …. and …. ah, cum and that’s it?”

I said, “If you watch, I’ll cum a lot more. Sit next to me. Let me see your face.”

Her face was knotted up, but also had a nice rosy coloring to it. “Okay. I’ll come closer. And I’m putting my trust in your word.

She had decided. Allison walked unsteadily to the chair next to the sofa.

She said, “Are you an exhibitionist?”
I said, “I never did this before. But for now, I like it.”

She said, “And no fucking. Seriously, no fucking. I can’t do that to Sally.”

“Just want to cum.” I said, then added, “Got any lotion in your bag. It feels better when my cock is lubricated.”

She took out a bottle of lotion and took off the top and handed to me. Her eyes never missing a beat. She seemed enraptured; we both were.

I rubbed the lotion onto my cock. It glistened and seemed to grow another two inches, or so I like to think.

She asked, “Do you mind if I talk while you do it?”

I motioned no.

Her voice was softer, sweeter, and very, very feminine, “Your cock is beautiful. It’s shape. It sort of is fat and long. Lovely really. Must make Sally very happy.” She paused and stared at my cock and hand, then added, “Does she suck it?”

I felt my cock stir. “Oh, yeah. I like blowjobs. She sucks good enough.”

Allison said, “Do you want me to go on talking?”

I quickly replied, “You bet.”

Allison asked, “Do you cum in her mouth?”

I struggled to answer. “Lately, a real lot. She likes it more than fucking. ”

She absently said, “Some girls don’t mind the taste.”

“Oh, Allison, oh, god. Oh baby, my cock is busting. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum, baby. Here I cum. Look at my cock; it’s going to burst for you baby. Make me cum, make me cum!”

And then it blew. The cum shot out, hitting me on the chest, on my chin, as four powerful squirts erupted.

It might have been a minute or two that went by, for my eyes had closed and I let the orgasm overtake me and calm me down.

Then her whispering and so, so feminine voice was talking to me.

“That was so, so beautiful. Gary, I loved it. Oh god that was, was…. RAW.”

She had moved closer and keenly observed my cock go soft.

I milked my cock to the last drops out. That gesture was especially pleasing to her.

I joked, “Was it as good for you as it was for me?”

She tried not to, but finally laughed and laughed; I joined in.

She answered while staring at my deflated but thick, cum- spent cock. “I loved it.” Then opened her purse and handed me several tissues. “Want to wipe?”

I wiped off.

We sat there for a good minute without talking. Her eyes dreamy and sparkling.

I said, “Before we go, I need a hug or I’ll feel that you used me.”

She gave a little girl’s giggle, then knelt beside the sofa next to my head and shoulders and leaned over and hugged me.

I let her squeeze me and did not make a move. She tightened her squeezed. I still did not move or try to hug her back. She even caressed my arm and my back.

I stayed passive but did mange to sit up and finally got her to sit next to me on the sofa. She continued to hug me and then I hugged her back. I gave her a non-sexual hug. The longer it went on, the more she squeezed and rubbed her arms and chest against me.

I pulled her head next to mine and whispered in her ear. “Do you want to cum? You might need one as much as I did.”

She answered much too quickly. “No. I can’t.”

I continued to whisper, “I know you don’t want to fuck, but maybe you want to masturbate?” I stayed passive, not making any sexual moves on her.

She hugged me tighter. “I can’t do it in front of you.” She held me tightly.

Seconds went by, then she added, “I might want to do it, but I can’t.”

I stroked her hair, caressed it as if it was her tits and legs.

“Close your eyes. Trust me. I am not going to fuck you. I promise. You know me pretty good by now. But I can help you get off and I would love that you get off. Okay, close your eyes.” I continued to caress her hair and when I pulled away to look at her face her eyes were closed.

She said ever so softly, “I’m scared.”

I needed to go slow. That I was sure. I took her left and hand and kissed the back of

It. Then I moved closer and was able to get my cock next to her hand and placed her hand on my deflated cock. I held her hand and fingers there until she grasped my soft cock and balls without my help. Her fingers where gentle and inquisitive.

Then I laid her head on the sofa and guided her by the shoulders so that her ass was almost off the sofa.

I said, “I already came so I wont’ fuck you. Just gentle caresses. You deserve it for giving me so much pleasure when you watched me jerk-off. You know you gave me a great deal of pleasure. Don’t you Allison. That was the best cum I had in years.”

She relaxed in my arms.

I looked her over and made my decision. Her skirt was relatively short and I leaned down and pointed my nose between her legs.

With my mouth, I went straight between her legs to her panty-covered pussy. I planted one long kiss on her pink panties, as her aroma made with me dizzy, like in joyful delirium. Oh, that wonderful gift, the beautiful feminine pussy smell.

She yelped and tried to push me off and wiggled some. I heard, “I don’t know if this is a good i…, a good idea……….Really, I’m not sure.”

I held tight and kissed and licked at the juncture where her panties where wet and her pussy crack was.

In seconds, she stopped resisting and her protests were no more.

It went slow. I was in no hurry.

She made no protest when I pushed aside her panties at the crotch and let my chin, tongue and nose make contact with her womanhood. I licked, I slurped and I kissed her pussy lips. I kissed and lick until I wanted to put my head inside of her. When I lifted her ass to take off her panties, she was as eager as I to be relieved of them.

Her legs wrapped around my neck, her hands guided my head, and I worshipped her pussy, over and over.

Allison began to sing. Well, they were moans, but it was music to my ears.

Musical moans. No doubt about it.

She ended up on the floor with my head between her legs and she came, and came. I rested my head on her thighs or stomach, then went back to soft kisses and then too forceful sucking. Her pussy kept on drenching my mouth with girl cum.

Her hands held my head tight, firmly, as she humped until her orgasm subsided.

When she rested, I wanted to see more, and removed her blouse and bra. She was naked except for her sneakers. Me, I took off my sweatshirt.

I worked my way to her breasts, used my tongues and lips to adore them. She began singing again. If her nipples were little cocks she would be filling my mouth with buckets of feminine cum.

When I turned her over on her stomach, she did so without protest. I kissed and

licked her lower back and ass cheeks and between her legs.

She began to sing. I worked my nose and tongue between her buns and licked and sucked at her asshole, and then moved to her pussy and slurped until I felt myself very, very hard.

Then I went to her face and offered her my dick. I simply put my throbbing dick at her mouth. She began to lick, then suck and slurp and had my whole cock down her throat. I held and guided her head, but my cock was too hot to go slow. I let go a blast of cum in her mouth, and then another and another. She continued to suck and kiss my dick after it went soft.

Then we held each other, arms and legs entwined. I looked at my watch. One hour had gone by since I arrived. My soft cock was between her legs and she rubbed her very wet pussy lips against my cock, as she enjoyed the sensations.

I said, “Do you think my wife will hate you any less if she finds out that you sucked me off and I licked your pussy and asshole and tits but did not fuck.”

“Of course, you jest.” Then she added, “But we don’t have time, do we?”

I pondered. “I got an idea. You can call Sally and ask her what happened to me. I hadn’t arrived at your home yet. That you expected me thirty minutes ago.’

She asked, “What will that prove, Gary?” she continued to rub her open pussy onto my soft cum soaked cock.

I said, “My wife will call my cell phone and I’ll tell her I’m just leaving the donut shop and will pick you up and be back in 45 minutes or so.”

Allison gave me a questioning look. Then said, “I want to feel you inside of me.”

I explained, “We’ll have enough time if you do what I suggested. But don’t call her until you are calmed down. Don’t give her any clues. Think you can handle it?

I left the room to give her time to get it together, then Allison phoned my wife and it went as expected.

Allison came into the kitchen where I was waiting naked except for my shoes. She had my clothes and hers in her arm, and said, “I’ll put them in the dryer with two damp wash clothes and those dryer fresheners to get any sex smell off them.”

I put on the radio to a country western music station. My cell phone rang and when I answered, my wife heard the music in the background. I told her I got caught up in the newspaper and was leaving immediately and if she wanted any donuts.

She said, “Be polite, Gary. The only favor I ever ask of you. Be nice to my friends.”

I quickly returned to the sofa and Allison was all over me. We went at each other’s body with renewed passion. We sixty-nined until I was cock hard, and she fingered my ass hole which I sort of disliked but then it felt okay.

Then we moved head to head and finally we kissed. We sucked each other’s tongues and mouths as if they were sex organs. We kissed like lovers. I entered her. We held steady, felt each other’s sex. Slowly we fucked and slowly she fucked me back until she began to sing again. Her cunt tightened over my cock and she came and came.

I loved it all, the sounds, the smells, the wetness. When she quieted down, I took my cock out and went back down on her very wet, very juicy, very sweet pussy. I licked and gulped, and loved her taste and smell and moans. I lifted up her legs and licked her asshole and fingered her as she had fingered me. Then I rubbed my cock tip at her ass hole and began to push.

She said, “Gary, if you want to do fuck me there, I’ll let you, but wait, let me kneel.”

She got in a doggie position and I entered her puckered hole, inch by inch until I was able to move in and out and then she tightened her ass muscles and I erupted, over and over. When I finally got my cock out, there was a whooshing sound. I moved my face to where my cock was, and began to lick and kiss and suck away.

We showered, brushed our teeth, as she was very specific that no sex smell be on me.

My wife was waiting as I pulled into our driveway and came to my open car window. Allison gave a causal hi to my wife and a thank you to me and walked off to mingle with the other ladies.

Then my wife kissed me and said, “What is that smell?”

“Crème de Lemon.” I replied and handed her a half-filled box of donuts.

My wife said, “Too sugary for me.” She blew me a kiss as I drove away.

Then it was time to think. I knew Allison would want to do it again, and again.

Author: Esperanza – email: –Love to relieve comments on the story,

Allison had asked me on the ride over if I was feeling guilty. Yet.

I said that I had no guilt. My only concern was that my wife might figure something out by my actions or hers. I sure did not resent us having sex. I loved it. It was delicious.

I told her that I’d probably fuck my wife tonight just to make sure. Allison said she did not want to hear me talk about that. Not right now, anyway. But she did add that it was a good idea to fuck her if we usually fucked on Saturday nights.

She told me that I had a nice cock. She liked to talk about cock, not only mine as I was to find out.

“Really. Your cock has a nice shape and it’s long, too. I like that. Did anyone ever tell you had a nice cock?’

I said, “I guess a few chicks. Never really paid attention.”

“I had longer ones.”

I laughed, not at all insulted. “Gee, thanks for the compliment.”

Allison was not to be stopped. “I fucked three black guys years ago, different times of course. Two of them had huge ones. I loved their cocks but their personalities were Stone Age. Wanted to cut off their dicks and keep them as souvenirs.”

I said, “I never had a black chick. Several Orientals, and one Spanish babe.”

“But the biggest cock I ever had was this white guy. He’s around seventy, well, he’s at least seventy, although he tells us young chicks that he’s just retired at 65. But I know better; he is definitely over seventy. But his cock works just fine, too fine. He’s an old fart and gets more sex than anyone I have ever know. He likes variety. A nice guy, but I also heard he goes both ways.”

I asked, “You ever do a threesome with him with another guy?”

She answered effortlessly, “No, like I told you before I’ve never seen two guys suck each other. That is one of my sexual fantasies, see a guy suck another guys cock. Maybe even watch them ass fuck, too. So now I only have one fantasy left now that I saw you masturbate. So no, I never saw him do it with a guy but I’d love to.”

I asked reluctantly, “Why you telling me this, Allison?”

“Well, I like talking about sex, especially cocks. And I wanted to gauge you reaction.”

I let that sink in then said, “No interest. Thank you.”

She waited a sec then asked, “You never asked me how long his cock was.”

I laughed again, “Just waiting for you to embarrass me. Knew you would get around to it.”

She said, “If it makes you uncomfortable I’ll drop it.”

“No it doesn’t. Don’t think of my cock all that much in those terms. Only if and when I get a hard-on.”

She said in a very somber tone, “His is f******n inches. I measured it myself, not once, either.”

“Good for him.” I said and she finally dropped the topic.

She waited until we a were almost at the pool party and said, “Girls talk about these things. A friend told me about him, about how long his cock was. I said it sounded interesting and she asked if I would like to meet him and I said yes, sort of and she fixed me up. We met and we fucked a lot for around two months and I could tell he was tiring of me so I told a few of my girl friend and they all fucked him.”

“Lucky guy.” I replied.

“Lucky girls, too. I mean we got to enjoy it.”

I said, “True.”

Then she probed, “I think his is twice as long as yours. It’s just incredible to look at is all I’m saying, Gary.”

I sincerely replied, “My self esteem is getting sort of low.”

She ended it with, “I can phone him and see if he would do a threesome with us. I mean what do you have to lose. You get to fuck me again, watch him and me fuck, and we all get off and you get to see the longest cock in the world. I mean the guy is harmless. He is over seventy so no need to worry about v******e.”

I joked, “Set me up with a threesome, me and you and another chick. I might want to handle that now.”

Allison said, “I might be able to arrange that. Let me think about it.”

I smiled and wondered if she would be willing to share me.

She said, “You don’t have to have sex with him. Just let him suck you. I mean have you ever had sex with another guy. I mean when you were a k**.”

I said, “When I was thirteen. Some younger neighbor k** jerked me off and then sucked on my cock. I liked it but then some other older guys said not to do it anymore since that would make us queer so I never had sex with another guy.”

Allison had it all figured out, “Just close your eyes and pretend it’s a chick and let him suck it.”

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