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Mollyann makes a video

Mollyann finished her moves in front of the camera, then straightened up and walked round behind it.

She hit playback, her large blue eyes studying the small screen at the back.

“Oh shoot!” she swore, tossing her long blond curls in frustration

Irritated, she cleared the video and prepared to do another shoot.

She was trying something new, making an aerobics video for her channel. So far it had not gone well, she was trying to do it alone, and had her camera on a tripod – but she kept moving out of the frame and the stupid camera would only record the paisley wall behind her, or in one particularly disappointing failure, her spandex’ed butt (which she thought was much too large) moving around as she did her aerobics moves.

She was going to need help.

“I’m goin’ to need some help…” she said uselessly to herself, chewing on a fingernail. Then she shook her head again. Elia wasn’t home, and neither was Lily, so she couldn’t dragoon one of her daughters in. Tara maybe?

Tara was one of her friends, about her age, and eight months pregnant with her first k**. Mollyann didn’t want to impose too much, Tara was at the really awkward stage of the process – she’d confessed to Mollyann she felt like a whale – but she was the brightest and most intelligent of Mollyann’s friends. Mollyann had spent some time with her just a few days before, Tara had been feeling down – she’d explained she was extremely “that way” (Tara was of the type that couldn’t bring herself to say “horny” or “hot”) but Dave, her husband, wasn’t interested and was afraid they’d hurt the baby. She’d had a good bawl on Mollyann’s shoulder, complaining about the hormones tearing her up, the mood swings and the extreme horniness she was experiencing.

Mollyann had remembered her own hormonal surges with Elia and later Lily and had commiserated with her friend – she knew the feeling exactly. She had encouraged and consoled and eventually Tara had stopped crying. She’d been there the whole morning, and Mollyann figured it would be good for her if she dropped by again and helping with the exercise video for her channel. Tara was on pregnancy leave, and Mollyann thought she could have better things to do than sit around the house all day.

She switched the camera off, and drifted away in search of her phone. She instantly berated herself, she was always putting it down -somewhere-, and it never was in the little pouch she wore on her hip and had bought especially for it.

Mollyann was about forty-two, five-six and quite willowy. She was just starting to age a bit, lines appearing on her face and around her mouth, but she was still quite attractive. She had been the epitome of the southern belle in her youth, and some of the wholesome freshness was still about her person. She liked to dress flamboyantly, in flowerprint skirts or tight pants, and make her vids like that, playing the air-headed southern girl to the hilt. Her wide blue eyes gave her a confused, almost vapid look that fit well with her bouncy personality.

“Hi Molyann.” Tara sounded down, again.
“Mornin’ darlin’. You wanna come over here and hang a bit? I need some help with my cam – you remember that aerobics thing I wanted ta do?”

“Oh. Yeah.”

“I’m tryin’ on my own but it just isn’t workin’. Can you come run the cam for me?”

“Ok… I can be there in ’bout twenty minutes?”

“Great golly that’d be nice. How’re you feelin’ darlin’?”

“Sufferin’ on Mol. Dave… well he… let’s just say I did not get. Any. Again.”

“Aw honey… well, mosey on over here and when we’re done we can have a chat ’bout that. Whaddaya say?”

“That’d be hyper, Mol. Cya.”

Mollyann put down the phone and went to her room. Her spandex pants and halter top was reasonably chaste (for her) but it left the square of skin around her navel bare, and at the back. She was at least still reasonably flat, and after Lily’s birth ten years ago she had managed to more or less get her figure back.
She had never looked like Tara did – huge – but she had had her own struggles with weight and stuff.

Tara. Mollyann had known her for several years, and they were good pals. In some respects they did differ – Mollyann was -done- with men – but Tara loved her husband and it was often amusing to talk to her and hear all her problems and issues with Dave. He wasn’t a bad sort, but Mollyann often felt he could take better care of Tara. Tara had confided in her that he wasn’t so great in bed – anymore – and Mollyann thought that he was mis-using Tara’s pregnancy to avoid having sex with her. Privately she wondered if he was playing around. She felt angry about that, given her own history. He should take better care of Tara.

The top felt a bit too revealing for Mollyann. She swopped it for a loose shirt and bra, briefly regarding her pair of large-nippled C cups. She smiled – she thought they still looked good – before she strapped on her bra and dropped the exercise shirt over her head. Her long, rather skinny legs were bare.

About half an hour later her doorbell rang. It was Tara.

“Hi Tar!”

“Hi Mol.”

Mollyann’s friend was about her height, but MUCH broader. She was clearly heavily pregnant, her belly was round and protruded very prominently. She was dressed in a conservative loose skirt / shirt thing, her breasts were enormous (they’d ballooned to a full-scale D during the last few months) and so large they lay heavily on the top curve of her enormous pregnant belly, her pregnancy bra struggling to keep them in check. She was darker than Mollyann, brown eyes, her shiny auburn hair cut into a short bob. She had a finely boned, graceful face that had also swollen a bit with the family way she was in, but to Mollyann was even more lovely than when she hadn’t been pregnant.

Mollyann hugged her, her huge belly in the way and preventing a proper hug. She giggled and they air-kissed quickly. Her enormous, doughy breasts seemed to spill out heavily over her inner arms.

“You’re lookin’ well darlin’.” Molly appraised her, holding her by the shoulders. She was amazed at how huge her friend’s chest was, it seemed she had grown even more there than two weeks ago when she’d last seen her. She had to admit, she looked vaguely comical with the huge distended belly and large, heavily pregnant titties just above, d****d over its upper curve.

“Yeah well I don’t really feel it…” Tara looked down at the floor.



“You still horny and he won’t-”

Tara looked up, scandalized.

“Don’t say it, Mol!”

Mollyann laughed, she had always been more earthy than Tara.

“C’mon Tar. Be honest with yourself.”

Tara nodded.

“I know, I know… it’s just that… well…”

“He doesn’t want to stick it in?” Mollyann delighted in teasing her.


Mollyann laughed.

“Can’t understand why he won’t I mean you look gorgeous. To heck.”

“Ah thanks Mol… you’re just bein’ nice to me.”

“No really. Anyway, c’mon… think you can swing a camera for me?”

Soon Mollyann was doing her moves to the aerobics music, Tara womaning the camera on its tripod to keep the view on Mollyann. She really went to town, doing the whole Jane Fonda thing.

Tara did the job well, tracking her quite accurately, though she soon was clearly tired, having to stand at the tripod. Her big belly was clearly making her uncomfortable. She looked warm, though Mollyann had the aircon going full blast in the room to combat the southern fug outside. She finished a routine she’d edit and splice to the others later, then called a break.

Tara looked relieved and stretched over backwards… for some reason Mollyann really noticed her breasts as they pushed out her dress forward and upward as she arched her back. The bra was a real pregnancy bra, with heavy-duty cups, no hint of her friend’s nipples were visible but Mollyann was sure they were there. For some weird reason her own nipples on her much smaller breasts twinged suddenly as she thought of Tara’s. As she bent forward Mollyann had a look down her cleavage – but she -had- no cleavage, the tops of her creamy white breasts where pressed tightly together in a lovely slit-like arrangement and Mollyann realized even the gigantic bra was actually too small for Tara’s tits.

Mollyann had a weird moment where she realized the smooth, rounded tops of her friend’s bust, pressed together like that, looked a -lot- like Elia’s young vulva had, the last time she’d seen her oldest daughter naked – two large round bulges and a narrow, dark slit between them.

She looked away, somehow feeling… what? Guilty?

Tara excused herself and waddled uncomfortably off to the bathroom. That was another thing, the baby was large and her friend had a bladder capacity of virtually zero at the moment.

Mollyann went over to the cam, and did a quick review. It was mostly good, but she noticed toward the end when she’d done bends and stretches Tara had zoomed in on the top of her shirt – it had dropped forward revealing the black training bra beneath her shirt. In one shot Tara had zoomed in so much Mollyann’s cleavage (at least she still had one!) filled the entire screen.

Mollyann felt unsure about how to think about that. Surely Tara wasn’t… ogling her chest? But somehow the thought was… seductive. She was finding Tara strangely attractive today – she wasn’t sure why, probably the pregnancy or some pheromone she was giving off? She herself had certainly never… not… women? She wasn’t into menopause yet, and realized her cycle was at the part where she felt the most horny. She’d not masturbated in a few weeks, but realized a session was due. She felt slightly lightheaded, her pussy thumping slightly. Was she horny?!

Mollyann wasn’t getting any at the moment, since the girl’s father had left she’d never really gotten back into the dating scene. A tiny whispering voice at the back of her mind told her that Tara was frustrated in her marriage, and, unbidden, the feel of her when they had hugged at the door entered her mind… it had been -nice- she now realized, her friend’s big soft belly pressing against hers, Tara’s huge heavy preggy-tits so close… and seeing that creamy cleavage when Tara had bent over just now.

What is happenin’ to me? She thought. An sudden irrational need to stroke the top of her friend’s breasts, slide her finger in between the two teats, into the silken cleft between them stabbed like a thunderbolt into her mind. It would be hot and so soft yet firm, and –

She shivered, scrunched down with her thighs, her cooter twinging pleasurably down in her exercise bottoms, sending little ripples of pleasure through her.

Just then Tara came back and a kind of madness suddenly seized Mollyann. Tara was here, she was so -real- – from her auburn hair, down to her slightly swollen feet. She felt her open her mouth and speak, and recoiled at the words coming out of it, but it just seemed to -happen- and she couldn’t stop it.

“Tar, can I see your tits?”

Tara froze and just stared at her.


“Can I see your breasts? I think you look just wonderful and Dave doesn’t know what he’s missin’”.

Mollyann’s mouth was having a life of its own. It had often gotten her into trouble, but she fervently hoped this wasn’t another of those times.

“Tar… I saw what you put on the cam right here. I’m… well I’m not angry, if that’s what you be thinkin’.”

Tara just stared at her. To her own amazement and horror Mollyann heard herself keep right on babbling.

“Look I know you are havin’ some bother at the moment. Really, you look absolutely fab. I just want to prove it to you… you are -gorgeous- girlfriend! Dave doesn’t know what he is missing.”

“Mollyann I just don’t-”

“At least let me look at ’em – I can put some of your fear at rest? You can look at mine and see how small they are. Yours are so big, Dave has no idea what he is missin’. You’re beautiful, girlfriend.”

“It just doesn’t seem appropriate-” That was Tar, always the conservative Southern belle. The look she was giving Mollyann, speculative, and the sudden spots of colour on her handsome face told Mollyann something else. She had been thinking about this!

Real arousal, hot and immediate, flared suddenly in the pit of Mollyann’s stomach. What was -happening- to her?!!!!!!

Why had she never noticed?! Mollyann’s heart slowly accelerated, and the empty-swirly feeling in the pit of her belly intensified. The rush of feeling was so powerful and effervescent and fast that she felt as if she was floating upward out of her exercise pumps. It was like riding in a hotrod, the sudden acceleration pushing you back into the seat. The sudden horniness was a hot wave slowly shivering through her.

It felt incredible. Was it the exercise? She wasn’t really winded, but for some reason, for the first time ever, she felt what she’d only felt with a few men so far in her life, for a woman…

Tara’s brown eyes looked into hers, but her mouth was still going in the opposite direction.

“No Mol… no, that is- I mean- I don’t want to…” But those eyes, those eyes!

And those tits. And that ginourmous -belly-. Oh my…!

Somethin’s gonna happen. Somethin’s gonna happen with -her-. Oh gawd.

Her hands started to shake.

Some part of her tried to rebel, screamed at her she wasn’t… one of -those- women, those… but her Southern mores evaporated as Tara just stared at her, then slowly, ever so slowly, reached up to the hem of her pregnancy dress. The arousal and physical reaction was as immediate and overpowering as the first time a man had pushed his erect… thing into her, and she felt her cooch cramp in on itself to a slow rocking wave of such arousal as she had not felt in years. Her cooter lips were getting wet and it felt as if a hot nugget of arousal was slowly starting to smolder and burn and swell between her legs.

What in tarnation was happening to her?!

She was not sure, all she knew was she wanted to see Tara’s big tits, and if she could somehow maneuver it, touch them. Maybe more…

What has come over me?

She suddenly noticed Tara, really -noticed- her for the first time. Her nice, wide mouth, the dark brown eyes, how square and symmetrical her face was. There was just something -about- here, today, that hug at the front door, something more… what the hell…

Her friend’s legs were bare like hers, shorter then hers but well turned and nice and straight. Tara’s hands hesitated at the hem of her pregnancy skirt/shirt, nervously playing with the hem of the material.

She didn’t seem to have the guts to start lifting it up.

Mollyann swallowed. Impulsive need, and a sudden wonderful new… appetite thrusted her onward.

“No. No. We cannot do this, Mol. No Mollyann.” Tara shook her head slowly, but her fingers kept nervously plucking at the hem of her dress. She sounded unsure.

“No. Mollyann.”

Mollyann stepped forward, and Tara did not move, still saying “no, no, no…” but the repeated word stuttered away as Mollyann came closer. She reached up, and gently traced a finger down Tara’s breast cleft. It was even better than she had imagined, Tara’s skin was glossy and silky hot, the tops of her breasts flushed and firm and springy under Mollyann’s fingertip. Electricity seemed to flow from the soft warm globe into Mollyann’s body.

She drew her finger up again, fascinated, toward Tara’s beautiful neck, and saw her friend swallow spasmodically. Then down, back over the magnificent breasts’ cleft, but this time she made little circles on the exposed, bulging silky-soft skin. Tara shivered. Her magnificent tits joggled slightly at the motion, hot pleasure flared for Mollyann and with a hollow pit falling into the middle of her tummy she leaned forward and Tara managed one “Mollyann… no…” before Mollyann’s mouth met hers.

Despite Tara’s words, she kissed back eagerly.

She tasted of toothpaste and, Mollyann vaguely realized, woman. It was chaste at first, but Mollyann settled her hands on both of her pregnant friends’ heavy tits, still kissing her, cupping the big heavy globes gently in her palms, weighing them, pushing slightly up, delighting in their size and huge weight. Tara’s mouth parted with a slight gasp and her tongue emerged to flick invitingly against Mollyann’s poised lips. Sexual arousal, powerful and thrusting, swirled upward through Mollyann’s body, and she let go of her friend’s bust and pushed her fingers into Tara short brown hair, holding her neck and head steady so she could kiss her properly.

After a few wonderful seconds, Mollyann tilted her head back, pulled her own face away, just staring at her friend in wonder. Tara took the moment to whisper “No Mollyann!” and with a low groan of hot urgency Mollyann leaned in and Tara’s beautiful mouth opened eagerly and they kissed passionately, this time their tongues met and delight flared hotly and Mollyann groaned again, louder this time, thrusting her tongue into Tara’s mouth, pushing, teasing and playing with Tara’s slippery tongue.

Tara matched the groan, and in turn thrusted her tongue forward, and they slipped and slid over each other as their teeth clashed lightly and Tara groaned loudly again and again into Mollyann’s mouth.

It sounded like “no”.

She seemed uncertain as to what to do with her hands, and Mollyann seized them, and placed them both firmly on her own throbbing tits. It felt absolutely amazing, Tara immediately squeezed slighty, firing bolts of pleasure into Mollyann’s already quivering body. Mollyann’s nipples were little stars of fire and pleasure.

Mollyann was very aware of Tara’s very large belly pressing into her, the way Tara was softly squeezing and pressing her own tits, the fiery passion with which Tara’s mouth now kissed hers, the soft moaned groans Tara was making into her mouth.

Tara pulled her face back, flushed, breathing fast, still going “No Mollyann… No Mollyann…” but it was her mouth that was out of control, for she clearly did not, ever, mean no.

To a blaring charge of sheer sexual excitement, Tara roughly pulled on Mollyann’s shirt, yanked her bra down and in one shocking, riveting movement flipped one of Mollyann’s breasts firmly out of her sports bra, ramming the bra down roughly over Mollyann’s chest and pulling Mollyann’s teat up and out and over the edge of it by the swollen nipple. Mollyann was so overcome for a moment that she stopped answering Tara’s ardent mouth and arched her back and shuddered with pleasure, gasping, throwing her blond head back, bolts of lightning shooting from her exposed teat and the super-sensitive nipple being dragged/pinched by Tara.

“g-gaaaawdddd….!” was all Mollyann manged to say, shivering powerfully.

It was almost funny, if she had been less electrically aroused she’d have laughed, for Tara again denied – “No Mollyann… No Mollyann!!” as her head dipped forward and she licked and then groaned loudly with enjoyment and closed her hot mouth over the achingly sensitive tip of Mollyann’s right breast, biting the tip lightly with her perfect white teeth.

“gaaa….!” was all Mollyann managed, she wanted to say “gawd!” but the sudden wave of sexual pleasure was too much. She jerked, her knees almost giving way, but Tara threw an arm around her back to keep her steady, hugging her tight, and pushed her head down hard and sucked powerfully on Mollyann’s pointed tit, drawing most of the soft, firm flesh of her friend’s breast into her mouth.

“…wd!” was all Mollyann managed, racked over a hot fire of arousal and sensation and need. She’d expected to take the lead, but now Tara was doing so, despite constantly saying no. It was actually quite cute… she was clearly even more horny for Mollyann than Mollyann was for her… Mollyann shook her blond curls in wonder, riding the waves of delectable sexual sensations like an endless ride on a breaker at a rough beach.

Tara gently bit the brown tip again and this time the pleasure bolts went straight for Mollyann’s coot. It was already thumping powerfully, swollen with blood, hot, tight, dripping, tingling and throbbing madly. Mollyann shook her head back, rode the wave of delectable delight washing all over her body. At some point she simply couldn’t stand the pleasure anymore and pulled Tara’s head up, her breast leaving her friend’s mouth with a soft “pop!” and settling bouncily back on Mollyann’s nice chest, then they kissed again, and now the kiss was like fire, Mollyann was so excited she felt her cunt was going to rupture or something. She cramped her vag powerfully, sending new wracking shivers of intense sexual delight through her, pulsating in rhythm with her racing heart, then cramped it in again, setting off new streamers of arousal all through her crotch and hips and legs and tensed belly.

It was if someone was holding a match to her cunt’s lips, slowly running the heat up and down over the tingling pink gash.

As they kissed, Tara roughly jerked Mollyann’s other teat out of her bra too, slapped the sensitive tip and areola, then pinched it. Not too hard, but Mollyann groaned into her mouth anyway. The cool air of the room on her nipple followed by Tara’s hot mouth descending on her chest once again and then Tara’s rough, softly rasping tongue was indescribably wonderful over the sensitive tip.

Mollyann pushed her back, out of her mind with desire, started to urgently fumble with Tara’s top.

“Yours… yours I want to see yours… show me yours… yesssss….! I want to lick ’em… yes Tara yes yes yes!”

“NO Mollyann! No… no…” but yet she grabbed the hem of her skirt / shirt herself and pulled it up over her head, still muttering “No… No!”

Mollyann was stunned, both Tara’s belly and juttin, firm breasts looked even larger without the skirt / shirt. Tara’s two precious teats were still in their lace and spandex prison, but now Mollyann could see they were -indeed- larger than she had imagined, spilling like soft dough over and around the edges of Tara’s already enormous bra, the straps at the top that went around Tara’s neck pushing two deep channels into the silken glossy roundness of them. Her big round belly was so cute, sticking out like a round hill over the girdle of her pelvis, smooth and perfect, her navel jutting out, giving her a strangely vulnerable look.

The thing for Mollyann was Tara wasn’t fat. Some women did look like her, but it was always accompanied with thunder thighs and -fat- – Tara was all woman, her frame still that of the slim 35 year old woman Mollyann knew, the sudden change of the pair of -huge- pregnant woman’s breasts and that big round -belly- hanging off her slim frame and joined by her slim, feminine hips behind and below it somehow made her even more alluring and stimulating to see.

She reached forward and in a dreamy, slithering rush of delight she drew her shaking hand over the glossy-heavy bra-caged globe of Tara’s left breast. It was so -heavy-! She lifted it, pushed it back up against Tara chest, staring at the loveliness in total rapture.

“You are so -lovely-! So big an’ heavy and round an’ hot an’ perfect…” She kept staring at Tara’s heavyweight tit in amazement. She’d never seen anything so beautiful on another woman ever before.

Mollyann wasn’t just excited, she was -fuckin’- excited. Her vulva was pulsating, cramping, dripping with juice, she was sure her panties were sodden with her excitement. She cramped her vagina inward again, it felt empty, and an almost overpowering desire possessed Mollyann to have it filled with… ok, yes, a cock, but Tara had hands and fingers and those pillow-like TITS!

A wicked, wicked thought crossed Mollyann’s mind… wouldn’t -that- be the ultimate thing to do?!

“Oh yes…” she whispered, looking into Tara’s dark eyes, rubbing the heavy breast, pinching slightly.

Tara’s whole lovely body shook. “No… No Mollyann… Mollyann oh Mollyann…!”

The last was almost whispered, and she urgently crowded forward with her mouth, and Mollyann met her, and they kissed, deeply, ardently. Tara was starting to lose it, Mollyann could tell, she was a women herself and had done it with men like Tara was doing now, the urgent kissing, the groans, the grabbing of tits and cock…

Moving swiftly but with her hands shaking so bad she could hardly get it between her fingers, she reached up behind Tara’s long neck and pulled the bra strap loose, pulling her mouth away from Tara’s to look at the glacial beauty of her friends enormous pale breasts.

Mollyann whispered a soft “holy fu-” and then stammered into silence. The bra had been under pressure, Tara’s gorgeous breasts too big and heavy for it. Mollyann having released the strap that held it up from Tara’s beautiful neck, her chunky tits literally spilled out of it, like milk being poured from a glass. Tara’s bust tumbled out of the bra which slid away over her belly fell to the floor, gigantic nipples popping out and finally relaxing, and the huge mounds of tit-flesh bounced down and tumbled out and down over the top of her jutting belly, and finally came to rest about one quarter way down her abdomen, their enormous weight propped up on the top of her bulging stomach.

Mollyann didn’t know if she was to cry, scream, or gibber in amazement. It was the most wonderful thing she had -ever- seen, the release, the tumbling, hot flesh… her friend’s areolas were swollen outward, two little pointed circles with Tara’s big, stubby nipples mounted on the already raised areolas like little mountain tops.

“Oh -TARA-….!!!” was all she managed to stammer out, and as if in the most wonderful dream she took Tara in her arms and opened her mouth and she meant to kiss her but then the world seemed to be eclipsed by an enormous white teat rising like the sun in front of her, and the dark-brown areola came closer, the perfect heavily pointed nipple in the center, larger than her thumb, and then it was against her lips and she and Tara cried out together as it slipped into her mouth, and her tongue found it, her pussy seeming to -squirt- wetness in her panties as nipple and breast and soft, hot skin and woman overwhelmed her and she sucked it to a low shriek from Tara, then sucked again and gently bit, eliciting another low scream of delight, it was like going out of her mind but being crazily aroused at the same time.

Mollyann’s white-hot pink-lipped cooter twanged strongly again, and for a moment she wondered if she had peed herself, her gash was being roasted, -and- was weeping at the same time, pulsating with a bone-quivering joy that was so sexual it was almost not sexual but something out the far side of physical desire and arousal, so intense it was almost impossible to handle or comprehend.

Ecstatic, she played with it, licking, nipping, sucking, trying to lift its enormous weight by sucking as much of it into her mouth as she could, lifting her head and feeling its own hugeness drag it down and then having Tara’s nipple pop out of her mouth to another shuddery gasp from Tara as it fell back with a soft fleshy slapping sound on the top slope of her bulging, heavily pregnant belly. Tara kissed and nuzzled Mollyann’s blond head, murmuring as Mollyann ducked her head down in wonder to again gather her friend’s gargantuan silken globe in her urgently sucking hot mouth.

“No Mollyann… No Mollyann… bite my nipple… No Mollyann… No. Lick it… noooo… no Mollyann, no. Ohhhhhhh gawd Mollyann…. ohhhhh gawd… bite it… no. No….. bite it bite it…”

But still she arched her back and thrust her bosom forward, craving deeper sucking, nibbling, from her blond-headed friend.

Mollyann continued ardently sucking, nipping and licking until her neck ached with it, and Tara’s sleek, enormous breast was wet and glistening with her saliva, the nipple engorged and swollen and vertical, mounted in the soft brown circle of Tara’s broad areola which had also swollen up and forward with Tara’s arousal.

She suddenly let the left breast go, dragging her tongue over Tara’s chest and her deep, cunt-like breast-cleft, and gathered Tara’s right teat into her mouth after a long slow lick over its glossy top to another set of ecstatic “No!” cries from Tara. Her other hand gathered her friends free breast, tweaked the nipple, pinched, lifted, played. It was soft, silky, hot, heavy… the nipple and areola a hard little mountain at the end of the long, soft globe.

Mollyann was enjoying herself so much she could scream.

It was so overwhelming – Tara’s big soft belly against her, the -smell- of her friends warm skin, the magnificence of her breasts, the sheer magnitude of them, the impossibly large nipples, the racing breaths Tara was taking, her nearness, her small mewling cries of delight, her physical beauty, her handsome heart-shaped face… Mollyann groaned against the soft tit-flesh in her mouth, eliciting a matching cry from her friend who stood quivering above her. Tara’s hands held her head, holding her mouth tight against her tits.

Mollyann looked up at Tara, drowning in her dark, beautiful eyes. She bit the other woman’s nipple firmly, not hurting but firmly, and shook her head from side to side, joggling the big teat, staring with her blue eyes up at Tara. Tara shuddered voluptuously, her whole body shaking.

Mollyann briefly let go of Tara’s breast. “Yes?”

Tara shivered, the whisper escaping her almost inaudible. “Yes… oh gawd yes yes yes…!”

Almost mad with passion, Mollyann stepped back, jerked her top down, finally ripped off her bra, the air cool and wonderful as her own tits at last were completely free. Her pussy was wet and on fire at the same time, without hesitation she jerked down her exercise pants and the irritating, constrictive panties.

Tara gasped aloud as Mollyann became naked, staring at her, but she only had a moment as Mollyann, now without a stitch of clothing on, gathered her again into her arms and went right back to gently but passionately devouring her tits.

Mollyann shivered with pleasure as she re-united with her friend’s lovely breasts. Tara’s naked belly was now against her own naked belly, skin to skin, hot silk and melting satin. She wouldn’t have exchanged the sensations, the arousal, the sheer physical insanity of it for anything in the world. Her cooter under her blond triangle of pubic curls was melting, mewling, screaming for attention, her thighs quivering with need, the cool air of the room lascivious against its naked lips and wet pink folds. It thumped and throbbed in pace with her heart, swelling and opening and wetting further.

The passion was overwhelming Mollyann, making her mad. She couldn’t get enough of Tara, her big silky breasts, her gigantic nipples, the sheer -weight- of her doughy tits, the smooth, firm belly against hers, Tara’s loud sexual groans, the way she jostled her breasts against Mollyann’s face…

Mollyann couldn’t stand it anymore.

Dragging her mouth away she again moved up to Tara’s mouth, kissing madly. Mollyann ran her hand down Tara’s arm, found Tara’s hand, took it in hers, guided it in between them. Tara gasped, then stopped breathing, realizing what Mollyann was about to do, and there was a sweet moment of intense expectation and teasing preparation as Mollyann slid Tara’s hand down the curve of her own belly, and then Mollyann guided her hand down and down and back and Mollyann’s dense bush of blond pubic curls engulfed Tara’s fingers as Mollyann slid her friends hand over her own furry venus.

Mollyann grimaced, shuddered, urgently thrust her hips forward, molding her silky-hairy mound over Tara’s hand, placing her legs apart to give the other woman access. Tara’s brown eyes were wide, amazed, stunned, dumb with her own arousal. Mollyann grunted, pushed her fat, hairy wedge down again over Tara’s hand.

“Touch me… touch my cooter…! C’mon Tar… please… please… rub it rub it… rub the lips oh YEAAAHHHHHH…..”

Mollyann threw her head back, riding her sex down hard over Tara’s hand as her friend met her and pushed her hand down and in between Mollyann’s smooth thighs in turn and into delectable contact with Mollyann’s drenched vulva at last. She was stroking the dense blond hair with the palm of her hand, her fingers down and -in- between Mollyann’s legs, scoring over the sweet sensitive furry lips of Mollyann’s shuddering cooter.

“Yeah… oh yeah yeah yeah Tara…. yes…. YES!!!”

Mollyann shivered, shook her hips side to side and pushed hard against Tara’s hand, but Tara was still a bit reticent and Mollyann leaned down and urgently started eating a big Tara nipple again while she took Tara’s hand in hers, pushed it firmly against herself between her quivering thighs, forcing her friend’s fingertips further into the melting, pink gash of her southern girl-cunt.

“OH GAAWWWWDDDD!” was all Mollyann could manage as the stabbing wave of sexual pleasure rushing upward through her pink gash. She rubbed Tara’s hand over the lips, guiding her, pushing her palm down over the bulging mound, over the small, slitted lips, her fingers slipping into Mollyann’s cleft again to rub Mollyann’s small, ridged set of little minor lips, then up to gently butt into the tiny tip of Mollyann’s frim little capped clitoris where her inner lips met to form Mollyann’s whorled little clit-hood.

“OH -GAAAAAAWWWDDDDD!!!” Mollyann groaned again, jerkily spreading her thighs even more so Tara’s hand could more fully rub her furry-blond pussy. She was going out of her mind with pleasure, her cunt a glowing tear cut into another world of shuddering sexual ecstasy that was engulfing her very soul.

Tara was now really getting into it, and then, suddenly, roughly, and smiling archly, she thrust a finger up into Mollyann’s crevice, and it butted into the sensitive wet flesh and then found depth and slid in a flaring roar of pleasure right up into Mollyann’s trembling vagina. Mollyann screamed softly, clutching her grasping hole involuntarily at the finger invading her most private place, shuddered her thighs and then bore down hard on Tara’s hand, screaming softly again, shaking all over.

Ecstasy pulsed powerfully in Mollyann’s sex as she clutched her friend’s finger inside her dripping gash once more, her cunt-lips tingling and sparkling and swelling against the palm of Tara’s hand.

She was going to cum. She was going to cum -soon-.

Tara drew her hand down, then slapped it back up, her finger sliding up into Mollyann’s gash once more, her palm slapping the tiny lips of Mollyann’s womanhood and her thrumming clit. She did it again. And again. The sound was a soft flesh to flesh slap in the quiet room, besides each woman’s gasping, racing breathing.

Mollyann screamed into Tara’s neck. It was almost too much, she reached down and pushed her friend’s hand down and away, then moved back and kissed her. She brought Tara’s hand up, it smelled strongly of woman and pussy and sex, pushed it in between their faces, licked Tara’s fingers, tasting her own cooter juice on it. Tara, her face dark with her own arousal, joined her, daintily licking Mollyann’s arousal from her own hand. Her tongue met Mollyann’s over her fingers, and soon they were kissing passionately again, the raw taste of Mollyann’s aroused cooch all over their mouths and in their noses.

Tara slapped both Mollyann’s naked teats hard, then gripped them and held, rubbing and rolling the nipples between her fingers and thumbs to more crescendos of intense pleasure enveloping Mollyann’s entire body. Mollyann felt her vag scrunch in on itself, trembling, just about ready… she shivered again. Her climax was so close she could taste it, her clit erect and burring and buzzing madly at the apex of her cunt’s swollen-pink inner lips.

It was -the- most exciting experience Mollyann could quickly remember.

And she hadn’t even really -touched- Tara yet!

Still keeping her right hand on Mollyann’s excited breast, Tara slid her other hand back down the front of Mollyann’s body, over her swirling belly and back into the dark bush of blond pubic curls at its base.

Mollyann groaned loudly and shuddered, dropping her head down in turn to engulf one of Tara’s enormous breasts once again.

Mollyann felt her orgasm start, the sexual pleasure a hot, swirling vortex roaring upward from the fat blond wedge of her sex, electric shocks shooting all over her tensed thighs and hips and belly and excited cunt. She jerked her mouth off Tara’s teat, grabbed her hand and roughly dragged it away from her almost-exploding pussy.

For long moments she stood like that, hovering on the edge, shuddering… then managed to get the incredible pleasure swirling through her under control. She held Tara’s hand low down, just in front of her naked blond bush, shivering… and at last the piercing delight roaring from her cunt slowly faded and she could breathe again.

Tara understood, and was staring at her in wonder, her lovely brown eyes sparkling.

“I wanna touch yours, Tar…” she whispered to Tara, kissing her face gently with restrained passion, sliding her hands down over Tara’s flared hips until she felt the big pregnancy pantie’s edges, sunk slightly into the soft skin of Tara’s beautiful flanks.

Tara kissed her back. She was flushed, clearly very excited.

“Touch what…” she whispered saucily, boldly staring into Mollyann’s eyes. The reluctant “no, no” she was moaning was in the past now.

“Your cooter… can I… I wanna rub it…”

In answer Tara shook her beautiful hips from side to side.

Mollyann’s excitement surged again as she worked the tips of her thumbs in under the white spandex of Tara’s big pair of panties. They were utterly for utility only, white and quite thick, but few things she’d ever down in her life was so rawly exciting than slowly peeling them down over Tara’s outer thighs and legs.

Eventually Tara’s panties came loose and dropped to the ground. Still staring into Mollyann’s eyes, she daintily stepped out of them, then spread her legs slightly.

“Touch me…” she whispered, still staring into Mollyann’s eyes.

Her hand shaking in anticipation, Mollyann reached down and inward and Tara moaned, closing her eyes.

Tara was… well, it was surprising. Mollyann’s fingers found hair, as she expected, soft as smoke and not nearly as dense as her own. Lower down Tara was like a young girl, just a silky, clefted slit, no small lips, nothing… just a big, bulged pair of lips with Tara’s wet, deep gash between them. She clearly was built quite different from Mollyann, who knew she was open and spread out down there and hanged down a little, contrasting with Tara who was all big lips and neat slit with nothing hanging out.

It was terribly exciting… Mollyann’s pleasure returned with a vengeance, her cooter starting to pound with arousal once more.

“Oh MollyANN!!!” Tara whimpered as Mollyann gently rubbed and shook the fat set of silky lips at the base of Tara’s distended belly, scrunching them up and then letting them go, and then carefully pushing just a fingertip into Tara’s fat, poised slit, finding heat and wetness and at last her minor labia, which were just two little wet stripes… so different from her own inner folds. Neat and straight and narrow where Mollyann was folded and curved and whorled.

Tara shivered and moaned a “Oh MOLLYann…!” again, then kissed Mollyann ardently, shuddering her hips and pushing her wet cunt down firmly on Mollyann’s hand, and Mollyann’s finger found a tiny hard bump at the top edge of her friend’s weird little ruler straight inner cooter-lips eliciting a fierce hug and another screamed “MOLLYANN!!” from Tara as she thrust her hips forward hard.
Mollyann lowered her head to a pointed, big teat and sucked hard, sliding her finger down the fat slit, feeling Tara’s labia minora move under it, slowly parting to depth and more heat and wetness and then she pushed in and her finger went easily up and penetrated Tara’s sex and soft wet silk clutched at it and Tara screamed and shuddered.

She was tight and incredibly wet and slippery and Mollyann pushed her finger deeper into Tara’s narrow, tight hole as deep as it would go. Mollyann had large hands for a woman, and she felt her friend’s cervix just under the tip of her finger.

Tara groaned, a long, low, loud sound of unrestrained sex and pleasure, crushing herself aganst Mollyann, her tits molding their huge, silky weight over Mollyann’s much smaller, pointed titties, Tara grinding her cunny down on Mollyann’s hand. Her mouth devoured Mollyann’s, and she groaned again. Tara’s hand, shaking with tension, slipped down Mollyann’s belly and into her wild bush of blond curls.

Mollyann pushed down on it once more and groaned into Tara’s mouth. She pushed her finger deep into her friend’s genitals once more, flicked the mouth of Tara’s cervix lightly. She slapped her palm upward into the set of fat, firm-soft lips between Tara’s legs, jostling the pregnant woman’s clit. She shuddered.

That was when Mollyann became aware of Elia in the room.

Tara was so far gone all she could do was kiss and thrust, she didn’t sense the girl. Mollyann turned her head, and Tara obliged her, turning her fierce kissing of Mollyann’s mouth to ardent devouring kisses of the side of Mollyann’s face and neck.

Her daughter stood in the doorway, rooted to the spot, her eyes dark and wide, mouth open in an O of surprise, staring at her mother making love with another woman.

The strange, enveloping madness that had made Mollyann ask to see Tara’s breasts seized her again. Tara’s finger was inside her once more, and she squeezed it hard with her vagina. She pushed down firmly against Tara’s slapping hand, riding the pleasure.

“Elia. Come here.”

Tara heard this and almost jumped out of her skin. She tried to turn, pull her sex off Mollyann’s hand, get away, anything, but Mollyann was ready and had her arm round her friend. She also grabbed firmly at Tara’s billowed lips, and, while not pinching, she held them firmly to keep her friend from getting away.

“Momma what are you -doing-?!” Elia was amazed, clearly shocked, and couldn’t stop staring.

“I’m makin’ love to aunt Tara, honey.” It was so easy to say it. Tara had jerked her hand away from Mollyann’s blond gash, it was irritating, it was swirling and thumping with new arousal caused by Elia’s arrival, and hungered to be stimulated, rubbed… licked?

“But… but…” Elia stammered into silence.

“Take off your clothes, Elia.”

“Mollyann! No…” Tara objected again. It was almost a wimper, and Mollyann gently twisted the full, thick lips of Tara’s cooter in her hand, not hurting, but slightly hinting at it. Her friend’s full belly was a long, soft, silky-hot pillow along her inner arm as she whisked her hand against Tara’s pussy, pulled out and then thrust her finger back into it. Tara’s left breast glistened with Mollyann’s saliva.

“Mom?!” Elia was stunned.

“Elia listen to mummy. Take of your clothes honey, it will feel good.”

Mollyann had long since had… suspicions about her daughter. Her face had turned red as she flushed, and with a little hitched kick of arousal deep in her coot Mollyann saw that it wasn’t anger.

“What… how do I…?” Elia asked, her voice suddenly thick, as she started to unbutton her shirt.

“Don’t worry honey… don’t worry… come here… take off that bra and panties… that’s it…”

To Mollyann’s gratification, Tara turned her head, and they both regarded Mollyann’s daughter as she stripped off her jeans and stood before them in her black bra and panties.

Obviously she was much younger than either of them, her body with the sweet, plump freshness of just-matured womanhood. Elia reached behind her back, then seemed to hesitate, staring at Tara’s nakedness.

Mollyann’s hand was still on Tara, her finger still inside her. She shook Tara’s big outer lips again, pressed her hand a little tighter to the fat wet gash, rammed her finger a little deeper into Tara’s big pregnant cooter.

“HMMM Oohhh… yes Elia… come on honey…” Tara whispered, almost inaudible, shuddering voluptuously in and on top of Mollyann’s hand.

Even Mollyann’s hair felt if it was on fire with sheer sex and shuddering arousal.

“That’s it Elia take it off… come on… momma wants to play with you… yesss….”

Mollyann’s daughter popped her bra clasp, her bra shot loose and tumbled off her chest.

Elia was beautiful, so young, her eighteen year old breasts small B-cups, about the size of cantaloupes, small, eraser-sized nipples prominent on her dusky young teats, pointing almost vertically.

Still staring at her daughter, Mollyann voluptuously dropped her blond head to Tara’s breast, and, still looking Elia in the eye, sucked one of her friend’s huge brown nipples into her mouth. Tara groaned and Mollyann winked at Elia.

Her daughter grabbed her black pantie, pulled it down over her white hourglass hips, let it drop on the ground.

Tara groaned, staring at her, and it was all Mollyann could do to remain silent with the huge teat in her mouth and Tara’s nipple under her tongue.

She’d last seen Elia naked when she’d been sixteen, and in the intervening two years her daughter had matured almost completely. The puppy fat was almost melted completely off her, and she’d taken on a -very- adult shape in the meantime, but just looking at her Mollyann thought she could be forgiven for thinking her daughter was completely mature – at the base of her flat sexy belly a dark, lovely bush of curly black hair crouched like some sexy, furred a****l, the hair lovely and soft-looking, dense enough to hide the top of her daughter’s sex-slit in the fold of her perfect crotch.

She was eighteen and already so hairy!

“Come here honey… come to momma and aunt Tara…”

In a long, dreamy moment, Elia was next to them, and Mollyann reached up end pushed her face toward Tara’s, and in a sweltering moment of raw sex, they kissed, right in front of Mollyann.

Mollyann pulled her hand away from Tara’s flat-lipped cunny, stroked her hand slowly down her daughter’s side. She shivered, and more arousal flared hotly in Mollyann’s cunny as she saw Tara push her tongue into Elia’s mouth. Goosebumps erupted all over Elia’s smooth hip and curved outer thigh. Mollyann swallowed nervously, it was so wrong but so overwhelming arousing she could scream with it.

Mollyann slipped her hand round, stroked down Elia’s smooth back, down, over a young, poised buttock. She seized the hot globe in her hand, kneaded it, then stroked down her daughter’s hot thigh and up the front of her beautiful, artfully poised leg.

Elia reached out, touched Mollyann on the flank, hesitantly. Her daughter’s hand burned like fire where it touched her, inflaming the skin. Mollyann’s pussy cramped powerfully down below, hot pleasure surging like electric current in its folded lips.

Mollyann smiled in triumph. Tara was losing control – she lipped her other hand past Mollyann’s, put it on Elia’s belly (her daughter made a soft sound of welcome into Tara’s open mouth) and in moments slid it down the front of the smooth white curve of Elia’s beautiful tummy and into the dark bush of pubic curls nestled between her daughter’s legs. Elia groaned into Tara’s mouth again, louder this time, spreading her legs, and Tara’s hand quickly and eagerly slipped down and inward as Elia urged her furry cunny forward against her mother’s friend’s hand.

Mollyann came in and joined them, kissing their mouths and the sides of their faces as they themselves devoured each other.

Elia’s hand was still on her mother, and now she slid it down over Mollyann’s hip, then shyly forward, clearly angling at her mother’s blond blush.

Mollyann shuddered. This had to be heaven.

Elia was surprisingly good, Mollyann wondered what experience she had (and where she got it) as her daughter’s fingers boldly stroked into the dark blond hair on Mollyann’s pussy-mound, before long slipping down to rub straight down the middle of Mollyann’s tensed-up pink cooter. Mollyann shivered violently, Elia was -good- – different from Tara, she knowingly flicked Mollyann’s broad pink lips with her fingers, then pushed just a fingertip into the sweltering gash between the silky folds and stroked it upward, gently flicking Mollyann’s tucked-in erect clit with her fingertip.

A bolt of sexual delight shot upward through Mollyann, seeming to burst at the top of her head. She screamed softly, reached up, grabbed one of Elia’s sweet young breasts, squeezed and twisted a dark little eraser nipple.

Tara stopped kissing Elia, dropped her head down, and sucked the young girl’s other breast into her mouth with a soft cry of delight. Elia shook, seeming to go into a trance, just standing there. Tara’s hand moved faster between her daughter’s spread thighs. Elia let out a low, a****l groan.

Mollyann leaned over and Elia turned her head and in a moment like the fracturing of the world itself mother and daughter kissed.

Elia tasted of coffee, and also tobacco (was she -smoking-?!) and Mollyann almost wanted to start telling her off for it but her daughter opened her sweet, sweet mouth and her tongue came in and… conscious thought left Mollyann’s head.

Mollyann gently twised and turned her daughter’s soft, small breast in her hand. Elia’s nipples were swelling and coming erect so fast she could feel the small nub of flesh grow between her fingers. She met Elia’s tongue with hers, eagerly, and her daughter was -good- – kissing, lapping at her, teasing, withdrawing her tongue into her own mouth so Mollyann had to penetrate Elia’s mouth with hers in turn, hunting for her daughter’s tongue, then meeting it inside Elia’s mouth, then Elia boldly pushing it back into Mollyann’s mouth, evicting her mother, then cheekily penetrating Mollyann’s mouth to hunt her tongue in turn with her own.

Elia groaned softly and Mollyann glanced down, Tara’s hand was making little jerking, circular motions between her daughter’s marble-smooth thighs at the apex of Elia’s dark triangle of pubic hair. Elia’s perfect thighs quivered and she groaned again.

Mollyann wanted to feel Elia, and she dragged Tara’s hand off her daughter’s pussy, planted it back on her own smoldering slit, and thrust her own hand into Elia’s dark, wild bush of satiny pubic curls. Tara teased Mollyann’s puss for a moment, then in a shocking, smooth movement rammed her fingers again up into Mollyann’s cooter hole. She shook with pleasure.

Through the flaring delight, Mollyann feverishly explored her daughter’s kitty. Elia’s smooth little flat cunt was dripping wet, slick, hot, it was indescribably wonderful, Elia’s lips broad as hers but more… flat, and out to the sides somehow. She had a fascinatingly prominent vaginal opening, and Mollyann felt it and probed it in total fascination, gently inserting her fingertip, and not finding a hymen… had Elia been… fucked before?!

Her daughter shuddered again and her tongue danced against Mollyann’s, and to another ecstatic groaning cry from Elia Mollyann slowly and lasciviously sank her finger up into her daughter’s tight little clutching vagina. She couldn’t find her daughter’s clitoris, but slapped her palm wetly and firmly against the top of the moist folds of Elia’s vulva – her daughter’s legs quivered as her mother fingered her, knowing her clitoris had to be somewhere close.

Mollyann had to -do- something, if they kept standing like this she was going to -die-.

Mollyann let her knees give way, holding onto both other women, sagging to the floor. Tara followed a bit gracelessly, her big belly and heavy swinging tits pulling her off balance, but Elia caught on beautifully and sagged gracefully to the floor with Mollyann, Tara’s hand still playing artfully with her friends thrumming vulva, and Mollyann’s finger still buried deep in Elia’s sweltering pussy.

They ended up with Mollyann on her back somehow, Tara’s salacious curves on her left and Elia’s sweet young naked body d****d over her on the right. Fantasy and pleasure took hold of Mollyann.

“Tits… my tits… c’mon Tar… Elia… please… please…” She wriggled her fingers inside Elia – the girl was -wet- her cooter a big wet pink trembling flower under and around her mother’s hand.

Mollyann shuddered her breasts, and both her daughter and Tara leaned in and two mouths fastened on her nipples.

Mollyann threw back her head and screamed softly.

Tara’s grabbed Elia’s hand and her daughter’s fingers joined Tara’s at Mollyann’s hairy blond pussy, Elia thrusting two fingers boldly up into her mother’s dripping cooch and started slowly pumping into Mollyann’s vagina, shocking Mollyann with how much it mimicked the action of a man on top of her. Tara’s fingers slipped out of Mollyann and concentrated at the top of her fluted pink sex, flicking and rubbing, driving Mollyann up the wall with the electric delight of being fingered by her daughter and having her hard little hooded clit rubbed by her burstingly pregnant friend.

Both mouths kept working on her teats, nibbling, sucking, rasping, kissing, nipping at her. Mollyann curled her finger inside Elia, and her daughters low groan sent shivering sexual pleasure down her back.

Mollyann seized a big floppy teat from Tara and a small, pert, petite one from Elia and started kneading both with her hands, rolling the beautiful nipples between thumb and forefinger. Both women’s hands kept at her sex, Elia pumping slowly in her mom’s burning gash and Tara rubbing, flicking, teasing Mollyann’s pink-red cunt lips. Mollyann drew her finger from her daughter’s sex, reached round and stabbed the glistening length of it up into Tara’s hot little love-trench. She grunted against Mollyann’s teat, her vagina clutching powerfully. Mollyann re-penetrated Elia’s hairy little coochie with her other fingers, again amazed at how plump and full and wet and soft her daughter’s excited genitals were.

“Oh yessss Tar yes! Elia! Elia momma loves you… you are so hot an’ beautiful… EliAAaaahhh!” The last was jerked out of her by Elia almost slipping her fingers completely out, then ramming them roughly back into her mother. Mollyann’s mouth was running away along with her burgeoning pleasure.

Her daughter smiled against her breast, pumping slowly, rhythmically in her mother’s pussy, her sweet mouth working Mollyann’s tingling nipple, sucking, nibbling, teasing, arousing, loving.

Mollyann was getting wetter and wetter, the pressure in her vulva building and building, the insidiously stroking and penetrating fingers on and in her swirling blond coot driving her on and on and upward. It was inevitable where she was heading, and the sheer force her arousal and quivering sexual excitement already possessed stunned her… if she came… when she came… oh gawd…. oh GAWD!

Tara shivered suddenly against her, shook hard, then gasped, the almost half an hour’s worth of sexual rubbing and licking and sucking and exploring finally reaching their end game. She made a strange sound, something like “nnnnnghhhhh!!!” against Mollyann’s teat and Mollyann knew she was climaxing or was soon going to, it was sudden, unexpected, and she tugged hard on her friend’s fat breast, twisting the big, broad brown nipple, the shuddering woman half on top of her’s ecstatic moans ratcheting her own explosive arousal up another notch. Mollyann tried to ram her thick-lipped cunt faster for her, slapping her hand up and down over it, her fingers pushing in and out of Tara’s bulging pussy harder and faster.

Tara at last jerked her head back and off Mollyann’s tit, her face flushed red, eyes tightly closed, an expression of such ecstasy and passion on her handsome face that Mollyann was utterly dazzled by it. Elia drew her sucking mouth away, staring at Tara, watching and witnessing what was happening. Her daughter’s fingers speeded up a bit and Mollyann weathered another swirling surge of intense sexual pleasure pulsing upward through her thrumming body. Elia was excited by watching Tara cumming…

Mollyann twisted her daughter’s nipple firmly.


She threw back her head, rammed her fat pregnant puss hard down on Mollyann’s hand, riding her fingers, her tortured vagina clutching powerfully, then releasing, then clutching again, tighter and tighter and then it started… vibrating around Mollyann’s fingers, grabbing at them, and Tara screamed again, something wordless and she shook her chest, her enormous tits flopping around on Mollyann’s, her big belly tight against Mollyann’s thigh, her leg quivering and jerking back and forth over Mollyann’s as if she was trying to run while laying down.

Mollyann snatched a look at Elia’s face, she was enraptured, flushed, her daughter’s cute little nipples swollen hard erect, her small mouth half open. Her fingers has stopped pumping inside Mollyann’s vagina, but she didn’t mind. Mollyann squeezed them, she felt her own climax at the edges of the still intensifying, mad sexual delight roaring out of her own swollen, thumping sex.

Tara was a show, shaking her brunette head from side to side, little bubbling screams torn out of her throat as she writhed and bucked against Mollyann’s hand. It was utterly fascinating, watching the heavily pregnant, gorgeous woman orgasming, the huge pointed tits jerking around and bouncing all over the place as she twisted and shrieked, her huge belly quivering all over, and Mollyann tried to move her hand to rub and stimulate Tara a bit more but she had closed her thighs hard around Mollyann’s hand, trapping it, frantically jerking and juddering her hips back and forth, lost in throes of her climax.

It ended quite abruptly, Tara gave one last little shriek of ecstasy and collapsed onto Mollyann, gasping like a race horse. She reached down and firmly, but not unkindly, pushed Mollyann’s hand away from her just-climaxed cooter. It was probably too sensitive.

A hand seized Mollyann’s jaw and pulled her face firmly around. Elia was right -there- and they kissed, but this time it was a lover’s passion, her daughter ardent, her tongue urgent, her mouth wide open. The fingers in Mollyann’s most private place surged, and Elia extended two more, stabbing them into the wet opening, so four of her fingers were now inside her mother’s sex. Her thumb came up her tongue pushed into Mollyann’s mouth and her daughter’s thumb knowing brushed her hooded clitoris and…

Mollyann’s cunt seemed to crack open down the middle and then it exploded.

It wasn’t so much an orgasm as a disaster, the pleasure so sudden and intense and shattering it was indistinguishable from agony, and for the first few moments she thought it -was- agony, but it wasn’t.

When she had been growing up on the farm, Mollyann had once seen a firestorm, the wind whipping the swirling flames into a towering inferno of heat at least two or three stories high, roaring like an a****l, irresistable and powerful beyond reason, running at fifty miles an hour over the prairie, devouring everything in its path.

And now that swirling firestorm was in her, the flames swirling up over her belly and hips, and down her legs, the center of the conflagration the fat wedge of her sex, and it devoured -her-. Her pussy lips -burned- – her kitty was so hot she couldn’t handle it, and she twisted and screamed away from the gash of it, trying to get away, her most sensitive parts horribly aflame. Her clit was like it was alive, it -screamed- at her from between the folds of pink, inflamed flesh, then seemed to somehow tear itself loose and she could swear it was running up her belly, pulling itself out of her cunt and ripping the lips off her cooter and dragging them up inside her and the agony intensified and when she was certain she couldn’t bear it -one- second longer it flipped over into sheer, riveting sexual pleasure, her cooter-lips detonating into orgasm in a shivering, electric, cramping delight beyond a high ecstasy so all-consuming it felt as if her soul was burning along with her pussy, and everything faded and her entire existence became one screaming roar of such unutterable sexual delight that she couldn’t think, she couldn’t breathe she couldn’t handle it, and the firestorm turned and turned and the pleasure seared her, over and over, nailing her to the floor, her daughter’s mercilessly driving fingers on her blond slit and that horrible THUMB riding her swirling, shuddering clitoris, no respite, and it got hotter and hotter and she screamed, and screamed, and screamed, and then she just couldn’t cope anymore and it felt as if her cooter was rupturing itself, thumping and tearing itself open, and the pleasure went to the absolute ultimate of ecstatic sexual climax and there was a roiling, burring boom between her legs as her orgasm seemed to implode up into her tensed belly and everything went black, the pleasure too much, the fire surging up from between her legs, the driving ecstasy burning out her brain, overpowering her awareness of reality.

She came to, she had no idea how much later. Something moist and hot and silky-soft, like an opened peach, was pushing urgently yet gently on her hand, and it took her a few seconds to realize it was Elia’s sex. Her daughter had taken advantage of Molly passing out to mount her own little cunny on her mother’s fingers, and Mollyann came to just as her thrusts became harder and faster and she straightened out and rushed to her own shuddering orgasm.

“Momma… momma… momma…” Elia murmured it almost like a prayer, her hips jerking back and forth, urgently rubbing her furry-wet gash over Mollyann’s hand. Mollyann extended a finger, curling it upward and Elia’s thrusting hips pushed her slit over it and Mollyann’s finger slipped up her daughter’s vagina one last time.

“Yes El, cum for momma… cum for momma Mollyann… come on… cum… cum… cum for momma…!”

Elia juddered her deep little cunt down hard on Mollyann’s hand, grimacing, pulled her lovely young body up a few inches, then juddered down again, up, then down, her face going blood-red. She made a sound almost like Tara, not opening her mouth (Tara herself was still d****d over Mollyann’s naked body, watching in fascination as Elia came) a kind of weird “gnnnnnnNNNN!!!” but she never opened her mouth, just kind of moaning and growling in her chest. She sped up, ramming her pussy down on Mollyann’s hand, pulling it off, ramming it down again, Mollyann’s finger scoring inside her slit.

“Gnnn! Gnnn! Gnnn” Elia groaned, her face strangely impassive, just the small sounds, and then she shuddered her hips and a huge convulsion seemed to seize her, and she close-mouthed-screamed a long “GnnnnnnnNNNNNNNNN!!!!!” and then her mouth opened at last and as she went into climax she whimpered “momma momma momma momma!” over and over, shuddering her hips back and forth, urgently grinded her climaxing sex into Mollyann’s hand.

Her pleasure ended in a last crying groan of “MommaaaaAA!” and she too collapsed forward onto Mollyann, and then relaxed, her breath hot on the top of Mollyann’s left teat.

Tara reared up, kissed her friend on the mouth. Mollaynn smiled down at her pregnant friend.


“Yeah. Wow.”

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