Mom and the Dirty Doctors! (And Nurses!)

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Mom and the Dirty Doctors! (And Nurses!)
I thought I’d get this off my chest, it hurts but strangely it excites me to confess this. I still wank about it every day.

I have a really fantastic StepMom, in her forties now and has that MILF appeal. Like an attracive mature type you often see on the Web nowadays.

A few years ago she had to attend a private clinic for certain treatment I won’t go into, it’s too personal but suffice to say part of it was of a gynecological nature. Mom never spoke of it much but I got a strange feeling it was somehow turning her on, to have to lie there with her legs open in the exam room while doctors and nurses poked about in her private parts and used various instruments to do various things to her. She would hint and occasionaly joke about it, as if she secretly enjoyed it, or at least thought it was funny, maybe to bolster her nevers about it, I didn’t know. Dad would often accompany her, once or twice with me too, and we would sit in the waiting rooms while Mom went off for her exams etc.

A few times while I was at college, she visited the clinic again for various things, tests etc. It was after these visits she made on her own, that I noticed certain things beginning to change about her.

Secretly looking sometimes at her computer, I’ve noticed she likes to look a lot more at porno, and visits medical sex thumbnail sites etc. She’s bought some kinky sex toys of that type too. I’ve seen them in her bottom drawer in her room.

A couple of weeks ago I got home early and caught her in her bedroom shoving her big black vibrator in and out of her asshole while she rubbed herself vigorously with another device. I stood there by the door silently as she shoved it deep up her bum, giggling to herself in some dirty fantasy of hers, – or was it a memory? She was saying the name of the black doctor who’d been involved in her treatment, begging him to “Do it, Doctor XXXX, do it please!”

I really wondered then what had happened on her private visits there!

She was due to start more treatment at the same clinic this year. She has been bubbly and excited about it, and I’ve felt a lot like that too, plus a bit of strange trepidation. He, the black doctor I mentioned previously, would be involved with her treatment again. I know she has sexual feelings about him, I’ve seen her diary writing about how she felt about him, and I have to admit I feel secretly aroused about it. Dad didn’t seem too worried either when she’d joke about the Doctor fancying her.

They appear to have an agreement you see, that although they’re not swingers really at all, they understand each other and that tsometimes things do happen, infidelities are not such a terrible thing if it’s only about sex and there’s no romantic feelings going on with it, to cloud the issue or threaten the marriage. There have been one or two conversations Mom has quietly outlined the situation in so many words to me in the past. I suppose in a strange way they’re probably embarrassed to discuss it between them if it does happen anyway! It’s sort of brushed under the carpet!

Anyway after the time I saw her raunchily getting herself off while calling the doctor’s name as she climaxed, it went quiet for a while.

She went once or twice to the clinic again recently, for preparations, tests etc. It so happens I know one of the staff there, sort-of, through friends of some past workmates of mine. I got talking to her one day about things, and somehow she seemed to know something about the agreement between Mom and Dad, whether Mom has told her or what, I don’t know.

Then one day, after Mom had been to the clinic, I found a little flash drive left for Dad at their computer, and a note from Mom. All it said was “Enjoy!” Mom was taking a bath at the time, and Dad wasn’t due in for two hours. Something inside me made me curious. I put it in the PC.

There was just one file, a WMV video clip, titled CLIP 1.

It was a 60 second close-up clip of a black man cumming in a woman’s mouth. I thought nothing of it at first, just a bit of porn for fun she’d wanted to show him or something, but then I noticed a few things that sent my heart racing and my hands shaking with nerves. As I played it a few more times, I saw the man’s arm was wearing a white sleeve, like the doctors’ coat, as he slowly wanked his big pulsating knob onto her tongue. The woman, although only her open mouth and nose showed onscreen, wore lipstick and had a little mole just visible.. Just like my Mom. Surely that was her ripe giggle I was so familiar with too, as her tongue teased out and accepted his thick white spooge that poured out all over her tongue?

I was still not entirely sure, but I put the drive back as it was and went off, secretly wanking myself like crazy behind my closed bedroom door!

Dad’s face was a little white at dinner later, and Mom was full of smiles about everything.

I waited and said nothing. It was true anyway, they did have an agreement. But I just guessed this was it… This was the time my good respectable middle class Mom would do it. Would cheat and ball somebody else. I could just tell, the way she thought of this consultant gyno who’d done so much for her… She deeply fancied him, did everything he said and gushed lovingly about him whenever he was mentioned. She saw this black doctor as a God. I didn’t say when I heard the conversations of her praising him to Dad, but it was hugely turning me on. I could tell, she had huge desires for him, and that she was excited to submit to his orders. Whenever he banned her from something, or told her to do something, she did it. In essence, if he said “Jump”, she said “How high?” She always seemed more excited when she was due to see him, too.

I told nobody about the video clip I’d seen. I couldn’t even be sure it was her on there, but I was fairly sure.

Well anyway, Mom soon had another appointment there, again while I was at college and Dat at work. She had a package posted to her from the clinic, which of course she said was more medication etc. Except it wasn’t. Not entirely. I looked in her private cupboard where she kept her own things. In the box were a pair of black stockings with a double rib at the tops and a thick backseam, a large dildo copy of a black man’s cock, and… electro stimulation devices, as well as her medication. My mind boggled! However, I didn’t want her to stop, or think I knew and was perving, it might have freaked her.

The next day, when the clinic rang, I couldn’t resist, I went upstairs and picked up the other phone, to listen in. Mom was saying quite calmly, “You mean the anal exam?”

“YES!” The nurse scolded her. “A full penile examination of your bottom, the Doctor will accept no less! You know, he is very demanding in his treatment! Prepare yourself well, the pre-bottoming training will be very strict!”

“Right!” replied my Mom submissively. “Anything else, nurse?”

“YES! You will be required to wear your outfit. And be stripped of it as we direct. Is that understood?”

“Of course, Nurse!” trembled my Mom.

The nurse went on, “And you’ve had your instructions about the pen! It’s going to be filmed, for research!”

Mom gulped on the phone, saying, “You mean… The Rude thing? On film?”

“YES!” the nurse scolded. “Rudey Dudies, and then Rudies on your Diddies! You need to do it as instructed, or we’ll have to use the cane harder this time!”

Mom submitted, with a quiet, “Okay, yes Nurse!”

Well, when the day came, I noticed as I went off to work, Mom had put her raunchiest outfit in her bag, along with the other things. I felt weird, sick and tormented but massively excited in my secret way. Having overheard some private conversations between Mom and Dad in the past, Mom had denied being into anal, just always had a joke but wouldn’t do it. Surely she wouldn’t make an exception for this doctor???

I wondered. The other things too… What would they do to her, and of course, why? This wasn’t normal behavious or medical professionals… Or was it? Did it go on more often than is spoken of? I needed to know!!!

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