Mommy’s good boy

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Mommy’s good boy
Frank knew she was going to bring me with her
He had spotted me at her job waiting outside a couple of time

and once home coudnt stop from jerking his bbc thinking of my little white boy frame
how great would it be to fit his bbc in both my young pink holes

Frank cant stop it, he love to meet with cute boy and watch em submit to himself

since the first time he ear a btm moan under his fucking he needed more cute ass to own

he was so horny, wondering about the last boy he met on his last trip

how easy he made him drunk taking him to his room , away from his travel friends

and teach him to be a good slut boy

confused and drunk in the shower

watching frank come in naked his 8 inch up a cock ring keeping it hard and up

back to the wall watching helpless frank bbc rub on his belly , his hands reaching for the boy shoulder

pushing him down

and he loves how they all look up has he help his bbc in their mouth

taking hold on the boy head , pumping his fat cock in then out

just to watch them hungry mouth open waiting for it

sliding back in , watching his bbc slide in the cute boy mouth
cute little eyes of a puppy being tamed

he brushed the thought and went to the sex store buying the usual pink plug and magnum condom box

he arrived at the parc just in time
by the time the neighbor bbq ended mom little boy was drunk from frank feeding him drinks in secret

talking with neighbor she didnt notice frank driving away with him

she received a txt soon after saying he was going to play video games with friends

frank rolling weed in his condo watching his prey follow his plan

”you look pretty drunk im sorry i just dont want your mom to know”

”iam legal i can drink she s so boring”

he let the boy lit the joint and came back in tight boxer and white shirt

”you alright? you look weird”

”im ok, i should stop smoking tho”

”can we go outside?”

”yes sure”

frank smilling walking the boy to his fate

walking outside to the massage table in the pergolas lid close

”i feel great outside”

walking inside

”oh i didnt knew you were a masseur”

”iam , laydown you will feel better”

closing the lid

baby oil out on the table helping his friend in his boxer

soon massaging his cute friend full of oil

”damn im going to stain your boxer if i keep it on”

and he pull it down so lovely the little white boy watching back confuse and drunk but feeling good

warm baby oil pouring on his back ass up naked big strong hands massaging him going slower once it reach his ass

”you have such a cute ass”

he coudnt resist

his head went down like a magnet

and he licked the pink little wet hole

his friend surprised arching his back moaning up

”omg frankkkk ”

”relax boy , relax that cute little hole ”

his tongue fighting its way in

”awww ahhh my god ”

”you are so tasty little boy i love your pink hole”

teasing it with a finger before walking to my side of the table feeling weird and horny

his boxer pulled down

facing me
cock out

his hands on my back massaging again my shoulder

he went further until his cock hit my mouth

and not knowing what else to do
feeling so good my back massaged

he continue to massage me , his cock getting suck , opening up and waiting for it to go back in

he reach for his table and i felt a pointy thing enters my ass
taking place deep stretching me moaning and surprise at it staying in
mouth slowly fuck my ass massaged plugged

submitting to him, feeling so hot , his fat stromg cock owning my mouth my lil hole plugged and massaged so well

”you want me to take you to my bed boi and sit on it?”

cock in mouth nodding , wanting to be fuck

he stop and help me off the table , walking me plugged and naked inside his place , to his room

he sat on his bed and gave me a golden pouch

i playfully envelope all of his bbc in the rubber

he pull me on his lap helping me straddle him

and watch me fit him inside

riding his bbc on my own pace , until i looked ready he tought

and hold my hipse pounding up making the cute boy ass bounce on his lap

the sweet little moaning he likes so much starting

bouncing him down on the cock

a real ride , boing boing boing on his bbc

making the boi squeal

until he fall over

frank on his knees catching his lil slut boy pulling him under him on his stomach ass up

making him struggle under him crashing on top pounding in the boy , putting his finger in his mouth
that cute sound , pounding in deep making the boy sing on his fingers

his prey all weak and moaning like a lil bitch

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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