Morning light 2

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Morning light 2
It is amazing how one’s world can change in a single day. In Jennifer and Jimmy’s case, it was one night or more specifically, one morning on a deserted beach. Neither Jimmy nor Jennifer knew what that one night of love would mean to their lives. They only knew that their life would never be the same.

On Sunday, Jennifer and Jimmy were in a fog, almost a hangover. They could remember most of what had happened at the party but neither one of them was prepared to discuss it. They slept most of the day, getting up to eat dinner and watch some TV then go back to bed. There were few words spoken.

Jennifer was concerned about the moral and legal implications of what she had done…not to mention the fact that she was the adult and should have controlled the situation.

Jimmy, on the other hand, felt that he had taken advantage of his mother. He hadn’t known that there was going to be d**gs at the party and worried that his mother’s surrender to him was somehow related to that. The moral and legal implications didn’t really enter his mind yet.

It was in this state of mind that they awoke on Monday morning. At breakfast, they barely looked each other in the eye. However, when the other was not looking, they stared, their hearts fluttering with an excitement and a closeness that they had never felt before.

“Are you going to be home at your normal time?” Jimmy asked his mom, his voice sounding loud in the quiet kitchen.

“Uh yes, I have a late meeting but I should be home by six. Why?”

“Well, I just thought I would fix you dinner. Maybe I can pick up some steaks and throw them on the grill.”

“That sounds wonderful sweetie,” Jennifer said, looking at him and thinking for the millionth time what a wonderful son she had. He was as good a lover as she had ever had. Suddenly there was an unwanted flashback of Sunday morning on the beach. She felt her face become flushed and she looked away.

“Great, I’ll have everything ready when you get home. Love you,” Jimmy said and kissed his mother briefly on the lips. He almost lingered longer but fear made him pull back and hurry out of the house.

The first person Jimmy saw at school was Todd. He was the one person that he really didn’t want to see.

“Hey Jimbo,” Todd said out of the window of his car as he pulled up on the parking lot in his BMW.

“Hi Todd,” Jimmy said, continuing to walk.

Todd parked his car and hurried to catch up with him. “Great party Saturday night huh?” Todd asked.

“Yea it was good,” Jimmy said in a noncommittal tone.

“You and Jennifer disappeared. We were looking for you because we all had breakfast together.”

“Uh, sorry but Jennifer had to get back to the dorm, finals you know.”

“Yea, I guess we’ll be there next year. Listen Jimmy,” Todd said, for the first time not calling him Jimbo. “I want to apologize because things got a little out of hand at the party. I wanted to have a little fun but I didn’t expect it to go that far.”

Jimmy stopped and looked at Todd. He searched his face to see if he was being truthful. He wasn’t sure what he saw in his eyes but it almost appeared that he was being sincere.

“Hey man, I know I can be a real jerk and I admit I am attracted to Jennifer. If you want to punch me in the mouth for that, go ahead,” Todd said with a smile.

“I don’t want to punch you Todd,” Jimmy said, beginning to believe that Todd was trying to apologize. Besides, Todd weighed about 30 pounds more than he did.

“Everybody says you are a good guy Jimmy. I know I put on a big show, driving around in my fancy car, but I’m not so bad.”

“Todd, why are you telling me this?” Jimmy asked, trying not to sound irritated.

“I don’t know man. I guess that I just don’t want you to think that I’m a jerk and I wanted to apologize for acting like one.”

“Alright, apologize accepted,” Jimmy said, with a little smile in spite of himself.

“Great man, see you around,” Todd said as the two shook hands then parted.

Jennifer had a very difficult time concentrating on her work that day. Several people had asked her what was wrong. She made up an excuse of a headache, which wasn’t entirely false. The thoughts and emotions that were running through her were almost overpowering–love, fear, doubt and a thousand worrisome questions. What if someone found out? Did anybody know? She knew that several people, including Jimmy, had seen her giving Todd oral sex. God what if Todd’s parents found out that some 35-year-old mother was having sex with their teenaged son, not to mention sex with her own son? Moreover, there was something in the back of her mine. It was a nagging thought that she couldn’t put her finger on. Then her face paled as she remembered Shelly.

Chapter 2

When Jennifer arrived home about six fifteen, Jimmy was outside cooking steaks on the grill. She saw that there was a red rose lying next to her plate on the table. There was also a little box with a ribbon. Her heart did a little flutter at Jimmy’s thoughtfulness. She hurried upstairs to change.

“Can I do anything to help?” Jennifer said as she walked out onto the deck.

Jimmy turned and saw that his mother was dressed in a pair of shorts and a pink blouse that was tied around her waist, just under her breasts. The top buttons were open, leaving an enticing view of her cleavage. Her hard nipples could be seen poking through the thin material. His heart fluttered as he looked at her pretty eyes and freckled face. “You can help me fix the salad. I’ll be inside in a minute.”

Several minutes later, Jimmy joined his mother at the counter, fixing the salads.

“How was school?” she asked.

“Okay. But something strange happened.”


“Well, Todd came up to me and apologized for what had happened at the party,” Jimmy said, taking a bite of a carrot. “He almost seemed human.”

“I told you he wasn’t a bad guy,” Jennifer said, only half in jest.

“He also said that he was attracted to you,” Jimmy said. Jimmy could see her tense as she stood next to him.

Jennifer stopped and put her knife down, then closed her eyes and sighed.

“What’s the matter mom?”

“Everything and nothing,” she said elusively.

“Having second thoughts about what happened?” Jimmy said hesitantly.

“Yes,” she almost whispered. “It was so wrong.”

“I know,” Jimmy said quietly. “What are we going to do mom?”

“I wish I knew.”

“Mom, I never want to hurt you.”

“I know, but it’s not your fault Jimmy. I’m the one that should have controlled things.” Jennifer turned away from Jimmy as tears came to her eyes. “I don’t know what we are going to do.”

“It’s going to be hard to be around you now. I guess I could move in with Uncle Fred in Boston for the summer, then I’ll be heading for school anyway,” Jimmy said reluctantly. Now he felt like he was going to cry. “I have to check the steaks,” he added quickly and rushed outside.

Jimmy was standing over the grill when he felt his mother come up behind him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and laid her cheek on his back, holding him tight. “I love you Jimmy and I don’t want you to leave.” Tears began to stream down her cheeks.

When Jimmy heard his mom say she loved him, he lost it and began to cry as well. He was embarrassed and didn’t want to turn around but he felt his mother pulling him to face her. When they were facing one another, Jennifer buried her face in his chest and began to sob. They stood crying for long time, holding each other.

Finally, Jimmy pulled back and looked into his mother’s tear streaked face. “We’ll work something out mom, we have to. God I love you.” He lifted his mother’s chin and brought his lips to hers. This time it wasn’t the quick peck he had given her this morning. This time is was a passionate and emotion filled kiss. Jimmy’s arms wrapped around his mother’s back and his hands caressed the soft skin of her bare back. The kiss lingered for a long time. When Jimmy heard his mother moan and felt her groin press into his, he slid his hands down until they were holding her buttocks. He could feel his penis begin to harden.

Jennifer pulled away breathless and said “Jimmy please.” She wasn’t sure what she meant by “please”.

Jimmy began to kiss the soft crook of her neck. Slowly his lips moved up her neck, leaving goose bumps behind. When he reached her ear, he used his tongue to circle it and then push inside. He heard his mother moan. “God mom, you turn me on so much,” he whispered.

“I can tell,” Jennifer said with a smile in her voice. She pulled back and looked up at her son. He was so tall and handsome that it made her shiver. Then she made a decision and began to slowly slide down his body.

Jimmy’s eyes opened wide as he watched his mother kneel at his feet. He moaned when she began to pull the zipper of his shorts down. “Oh God mom,” Jimmy moaned when his mother reached inside his shorts and grasped his almost fully hard penis. He watched with some amusement as she tried to pull the long shaft out of the small hole in his shorts and underwear. “Wait,” he said and unbuckled his belt and pushed his shorts and underwear to his feet.

Mother and son were breathing hard as they stared at each other. She was looking at his long, throbbing erection and he was looking at the top of her head.

Jimmy watched in the pale light of the late afternoon sun as his mother opened her mouth and let her tongue begin to lick the swollen head of his penis. He moaned when she sucked the large head inside, continuing to lick it with her tongue. Soon Jimmy’s hips began to move back and forth, as his hands grasped her head. However, when he felt like he was getting close, he pulled his mother’s reluctant head away. He saw her look up at him in surprise. He knew that she had been prepared to swallow his juice. He would have loved that, but he wanted something else.

Jennifer let Jimmy pull her to her feet. Their lips met again in an even more passionate kiss. She didn’t stop her son when she felt him untying her blouse. She moved back and let him slide the blouse off her shoulder and down her arms, leaving her naked from the waist up.

If there was ever a prettier pair of breasts, Jimmy didn’t know where he had seen them. He watched her breathing make them move up and down. The nipples were as hard as pencil erasers. Jimmy bent his head and sucked one into his mouth.

“Ohhhhh!” Jennifer moaned as she pulled Jimmy’s head to her heaving chest. She moved his head to her other tit and let him suck for as long as he wanted. It was a feeling of closeness that she had not felt in years. It took her back so many years to when he was baby at her breasts, sucking for her milk.

When Jimmy finished sucking both breasts, he pushed his mother over to a padded lounge chair. He made her lay back as he knelt at her side. He bent his head again and kissed her stomach, making her shiver with pleasure. His lips moved slowly up her body until they were again at her firm white breasts. Jimmy worked on each breast for a long time, licking and sucking the flesh until they were covered with his saliva and red marks from his whiskers.

Jimmy pulled back and looked at his mother’s face. “You are so beautiful mom.” Then he realized that they were out on the deck, her with her top off, and he naked from the waist down. “We are quite a pair,” he said with a smile and quickly pulled his shirt over his head. Then he moved back to his mother and reached for the snap on her shorts.

Jennifer’s hands reached for her son’s hands and stopped them. She saw him look up at her. It was no use fighting it she thought, then she sighed, and helped him open her shorts. She lifted her legs and let him slide her shorts down her legs. She hadn’t bothered with panties.

Jimmy almost gasped when he saw his mother’s sexy body again. He leaned forward and began to kiss her lips. When his mother’s mouth opened, he pushed his tongue inside. His hand came up and began to squeeze her breast gently.

“Oh God Jimmy,” Jennifer moaned when he began to kiss down her body again. She knew where he was heading.

Jimmy lifted her leg and he moved his head underneath until his tongue could reach her swollen vagina.

“Ohhhhh,” she groaned as his tongue worked into her pulsing hole.

When Jimmy couldn’t get his tongue in any further, he lifted her other leg and pressed them both back to her breasts. Now she was spread wide open for him.

Jennifer was almost embarrassed at the spectacle that she made, her knees pressed to her chest, her vagina spread and dripping. She was glad that there were no houses close by or someone would surely call the police.

“Oh Jimmy, oh Jimmy, oh Jimmy,” Jennifer moaned incoherently as her son began to suck her swollen sex lips. She threw her head back and forth, as her excitement grew to a fervor pitch.

Jimmy felt his mother’s body tense and knew that she was nearing a climax. He worked even harder, sucking her entire vagina into his mouth.

“Ohhhhhh yessssss!” Jennifer screamed as her body began to shudder with her climax. Her hips were lifting off the chair, practically throwing her son’s mouth from her.

It was difficult, but Jimmy held on, refusing to let his mother go until her moaning stopped. He let her legs slip back to the lounger and smiled up at her. His chin was dripping with her sweet juice. He could see that her eyes were closed, her mouth open, breathing hard.

When she finally looked at Jimmy, she had a satisfied smile on her face. “It’s your turn,” she whispered. Then she got up and made Jimmy lay where she had been. When he was on his back with his long penis sticking up in the air, she stood back. She silently looked at her son, appraising his body. He was so sexy she thought and what a wonderful penis he has. She had to have it inside her again.

Jennifer straddled Jimmy’s waist. She had to stretch her legs across the lounger, leaving her on the tips of her toes with her vagina poised over Jimmy’s throbbing tool.

Jimmy reached up and took his mother’s hands to give her balance. He squeezed her hands as he watched her lower herself to the swollen head of his penis. “Oh God mom,” Jimmy moaned when her body opened and took the head inside.

She teased Jimmy by not moving down. She kept just the head inside her and moved in little circles. Her climax had given her the relief that she needed to tease him. It was her intent to make it last, to make him crazy with desire. At one point, she came completely off his penis, letting it flip up and slap his stomach. She quickly put it back between her lips and started moving around again.

“Please mom,” Jimmy said and pushed his hips up in an attempt to push into her. She just lifted a little higher, frustrating his attempts.

“You want me sweetie?” she asked. “You want your big, long cock in me.”

Jimmy’s eyes had been closed but they flew open when they heard the dirty words coming from her mouth.

Jennifer smiled at the astonished look on her son’s face. “Do you like that, do you like for me to talk dirty to you?”

“Ohhhh!!” Jimmy moaned.

“Tell me what you want honey. Tell me that you want that big cock in my pussy. Tell me that you want your mother to fuck you.”

“Oh God mom, please fuck me. You’re driving me crazy.”

“Alright, since you asked so nice.” With those words, she sat down, taking Jimmy deep into her body in one quick motion, her feet leaving the ground.

“Ahhhhhh!!!” they both moaned.

Jennifer had never had a penis so deep inside her body before. Jimmy was bigger than his father was and she had rarely sat on him like this. As for her other lovers, they liked to get on top of her and pound her senseless. They were too macho to let her take control.

Jennifer could feel the swollen head touch deep inside her. He was touching the place from which he had come eighteen years ago. What if she wasn’t on the pill…what if she forgot to take them? What if she let him cum in her that way? That thought made her shiver in pleasure and fear. Then she blocked it from her mind. It was far too dangerous a thought.

Slowly Jennifer began to move up and down, holding Jimmy’s hands for support. She would lift up and then, almost fall back down, taking him all the way into her body, grunting as he hit the back of her tunnel. She could feel the large head trying to go deeper still but there was no room left.

“Mom, mom, I can’t take much of that,” Jimmy warned.

“It’s okay baby, you can cum. I want all that hot cream in my pussy…all those fertile little sperm swimming inside,” she said and bounced up and down several times in rapid succession, making a loud slapping sound on his thighs.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Jimmy moaned as his penis pulsed and began to spurt his pent up sperm deep into his mother’s body. He could feel huge gobs of his come pump into her with each pulse. He didn’t even realize that she was climaxing as well.

Jennifer shivered in pleasure as she felt her hole fill with Jimmy’s cum. She could feel it squeezing from her vagina and running down his balls. Her climax was not as intense this time but somehow more satisfying. She now loved to cum while her son was spurting into her body.

Finally Jennifer bent forward and pressed her breasts heavily to Jimmy’s chest. They lay like that for a long time, breathing against each other.

Suddenly Jimmy jumped up, almost throwing his mother off his body. “The steaks,” he cried. It was too late. He could see the smoke pouring from the grill.

“I hope you like your steak well done mom,” Jimmy laughed.

“I’ve had my steak already,” she giggled.

Jennifer was a satisfied woman as she sat down at the dinner table. She smiled as she saw the rose again. They ate without talking, their smiles saying everything. They finished their very well done steaks without complaint.

After dinner Jennifer picked up the little package Jimmy had left for her and opened it. It was a little gold ankle bracelet with a heart inscribed with “Jimmy”. Jennifer lifted her leg and put the bracelet around her ankle.

“Jimmy, you don’t need to give me presents. You have already given me my present tonight.”

Jimmy looked at her quizzically.

“It’s coming out of me right now,” Jennifer said with a giggle.

“Mommmm!” Jimmy said, his face turning red.

“Well, it is! You weren’t very tidy this time.”

“What do you mean?”

“You cleaned me last time,” Jennifer said with a naughty smile.

A look of understanding came to Jimmy’s face. “Oh! “Do you need cleaning?”

“What do you think?” Jennifer asked and stood up and pulled her shorts down to her knees.

“Wow!” was all Jimmy could say when he saw the juice dripping from his mother’s vagina and running down her thighs.

Now it was Jimmy with the naughty smile on his face as he moved around the table. He cleared off the plates and pushed his mother onto the table and spread her legs wide. His head went between her thighs. The house echoed with Jennifer’s screams for a long time that evening.

Chapter 3

The following day Jennifer had to work late. It was a grueling day where everything she touched went wrong. Maybe it was her fault since her mind was still on other things…things closer to her heart. She called Jimmy from work to tell him she loved him and asked if she could bring something home for dinner. He told her not to worry about it and that he would fix dinner for both of them again. For the thousandth time in the last two days she felt like crying because she had been such a fool for not recognizing what a wonderful son she had.

When Jennifer got home at about 8 p.m., Jimmy told her to go take a nice hot bath and he would have dinner ready when she was done.

“Why are you so good to me?” she asked, almost to herself.

He looked at her in surprise. “Because I love you.”

They ate quietly in the living room while watching television. When dinner was done, they moved to the sofa and snuggled. Jennifer was wearing a terry cloth robe and nothing else. She felt warm, comfortable, and very much loved.
Jimmy had on a tee shirt and a pair of shorts.

Jennifer put her feet up on the sofa and leaned back into Jimmy’s arms against his chest, moaning softly as she snuggled even closer to his body. He put his arms around her waist and held her warm body to his.

“Mom, Todd invited us to a graduation party Friday night after the ceremony. I told him no and that we were going to celebrate together.”

“Good, I don’t think I want to go to another of his parties,” Jennifer laughed. “At least not for a while.”

That comment surprised Jimmy just a bit. Would she go to another party like that some other time? “He also asked if we wanted to double date with him and Ronda on Saturday night, maybe a movie or something. I told him I would ask you.”

“It’s okay with me,” Jennifer shrugged. “Are you sure you want to have him as a friend.”

“No, I’m not sure but I don’t know any other way to find out. He has been really nice lately. He may be just buttering me up so he can get to you.”

“Well, he can’t have me, cause I’m all yours,” Jennifer quipped.

“I’ll tell him we’ll go out with them but he has to keep his hands off of you,” Jimmy said with a laugh.

Jimmy sat quietly for a while, holding his mother. After her comment earlier about the party, he had a question on his mind but wasn’t entirely comfortable bringing it up. Finally, he took a deep breath and said, “Mom…did you, uh…did you enjoy the party?”

Jennifer was silent for a while before she whispered, “Yes, I guess I have to admit that I did. Some of it is still hazy but I can remember most of it.”

“Would you go to another one like that?”

“I don’t honestly know the answer to that. It made me feel young to be with all those teenagers and you. However, those things…those things we did…well they were wild.”

Jimmy was pleased with her comment. At least she wasn’t as upset as she seemed to be in the beginning. “I’m pretty sure there is a ‘screamer’ inside my mom,” he said jokingly.

However, Jennifer answered in a more serious tone. “You might be right. I’ve felt so different since the divorce. I don’t know, like I have wasted a lot of years and that I really didn’t know what a loving relationship was like. Your dad…your dad and I just went through the motions. I’m not even sure we were ever in love.”

“I’d like to make up for that,” Jimmy whispered hugging his mom tighter.

“You already have. What about you, did you enjoy the party?”

“Well, the easy answer is yes. However, I was certainly uncomfortable at times, especially when we…we, you know, switched. But not enough to leave,” Jimmy added quickly. “I’m embarrassed to say that I got excited watching you…uh, watching you sucking on Todd.”

“Really,” Jennifer said truly surprised. “I think you also liked Ronda’s big tits,” Jennifer said, turning to him with a pretty pout.

“Her tits are not ‘that’ big,” Jimmy lied.

“They certainly are compared to mine,” Jennifer said and pulled her robe apart, exposing her breasts.

Jimmy gasped as he looked over his mother’s shoulder at her gorgeous breasts. “Mom you have beautiful breasts,” he said and reached up and cupped them in his hands. “I love your breasts,” he whispered in her ear then kissed her neck. Then he whispered, “It didn’t look like you minded what Todd had between his legs either.” Suddenly Jimmy regretted saying anything about that, fearing that he might have gone too far.

Instead of getting mad, Jennifer pushed her breasts into Jimmy’s hands and said, “I have to admit ‘it’ was nice. However, not as big as yours, mind you. Was Ronda good at sucking you off?”

“Uh…God mom…you don’t beat around the bush do you?”


“I guess so.”

“You guess so? Either she was good or she wasn’t.”

“Alright she was good. What about Shelly, was she as good as me at eating you?” Jimmy returned, one upping her.

Jennifer did react this time. Jimmy could feel her body tense. “I’m sorry mom, that was out of line.”

“No it’s all right Jimmy. I was just thinking about her calling me Mrs. Henson. How do you suppose she knew my name?”

“I don’t know, maybe she looked in your wallet.”

“I’m a little worried about her. I wonder if she told anyone?”

“I don’t know, she may have.”

“What’s her last name?”

“Belison, I think.”

“Belison, Belison, Belison,” Jennifer said trying to remember where she had heard that name before. “Wait a minute,” Jennifer said, then sat up, startled. “Does she live up on Randolph Street?”

“I think so, why?”

“Holy sh… That’s her mother. It’s not likely that there are two families named Belison on Randolph Street.”

“Who’s her mother?”

“The woman in the video tape. That was her mother being fucked by those two men.”

“Are you sure?”

“It has to be.”

“Damn mom, we should have kept that tape then,” Jimmy said.

“We did,” Jennifer smiled with embarrassment. “I went back to the video store and told them that we had thrown the tape away by accident. It cost me forty bucks but I think we just solved our problem with Shelly.” Suddenly there seemed to be a heavy weight lifted off Jennifer’s shoulders. If Shelly hadn’t told anyone then she could be controlled. Even if she had, she could be made to refute what she had said. Jennifer relaxed back into her son’s arms. “I’ll come up with a plan to take care of ‘little miss smarty pants’.”

“Mom you are a genius, but don’t be too hard on her. She did eat your pussy pretty good,” Jimmy chuckled.

“I have to agree with you there,” Jennifer said, her face flushing as she remembered. “So, are you excited about graduation?” she said to change the subject.

“Kinda, but it’s sad too. I don’t have that many friends, so I won’t miss that when I leave for college.” Jimmy didn’t really want to talk about what happens after the summer was over. He didn’t want to go away. Everything had changed now.

“By the way Jimmy, what do you want for your graduation present?”

“I have everything I want right here in my hands mom,” Jimmy said, squeezing his mother’s breasts.”

“Come on Jimmy, you have to want something more than your mom’s tits.”

“Well, we haven’t had anal sex yet,” Jimmy joked.

“Is that what you want?” Jennifer said seriously, turning her head to face him.

Jimmy looked into her eyes but couldn’t read her. “Are you k**ding?”

“No, if you want my ass Jimmy…then…then I will give it to you. I will give you anything you want.”

“My God mom, you’re serious. I can’t believe it. Have you…have you ever done it like that?”

“No, but there is a first time for everything. You can have my ass virginity.”

“Wow,” Jimmy muttered, his erect penis pressing against his mother’s back.

“Then it’s settled. You can fuck me in the ass Friday night,” Jennifer said in a matter of fact tone. However, on the inside she was shivering. She wasn’t as confident as she wanted to appear. She had tried anal sex when she was first married but they were both far too drunk and it was a debacle. Then there was the fact that Jimmy was far larger than his father.

Jennifer could feel her son’s erect condition. She squirmed around, pressing her back against his groin. She heard him moan. “I think someone is excited,” she giggled.

“What makes you think that,” Jimmy laughed.

“This!” Jennifer said and reached around behind her and grasped his penis through his shorts. “I think it needs a little tender loving care.” Jennifer turned around and started to get onto her knees.

“Wait a minute mom.” Jimmy got up and went to his room. He was back in a minute with something in his hand. He opened his hand and showed his mother a rolled up cigarette.

“What’s that?”

“Todd gave me two joints,” Jimmy said.

“Jimmy! You know I don’t want you fooling with d**gs!” Jennifer said in a disapproving tone, acting like a mother for the first time. “You could go to jail!”

“Mom, they wouldn’t even arrest you in this state for a couple of joints. Besides, you know that I would never do ‘d**gs’. I hardly even drink. However, I can’t say that for the rest of the guys.”

Immediately Jennifer realized that she had come on too strong. “You’re right sweetie. Sometimes I let my motherly instincts come out.”

“I know mom. That’s why I love you so much,” Jimmy smiled. “Come on, I only have two. Let’s try one tonight and I’ll save the other for Friday night, and that will be the last of it…deal?”

Jennifer hesitated. “All right, deal!”

Jimmy and his Jennifer sat on the sofa and smoked the joint. It took them a few drags to get the hang of it but soon they could hold it in without coughing. By the time the joint was gone, they were both giggling for no apparent reason.

“You know, I never noticed how loud the ticking of that clock on the mantle sounds,” Jimmy said seriously. Just as he said that the chimes started to sound. He looked at his mom with his eyes wide.

She looked back at him in amazement then they both burst out laughing. Suddenly everything just seemed so funny.

“Let me get us some snacks, I starved,” Jimmy said, still laughing as he went to the kitchen.

A little while later, Jennifer was lying in her son’s arms again. They both felt so comfortable and mellow. There was a strong feeling of love and contentment between mother and son, like the world and all of its problems were locked outside where they couldn’t hurt them. The d**g made all doubt about their relationship suddenly disappear. It seemed so right now, so natural.

It wasn’t long before Jimmy’s mind went back to sex. He could feel his penis becoming erect against his mother’s back again.

Jennifer felt it as well. “Oh yes, I think I was going to do something about this,” she said and turned around and took hold of his penis again. “Stand up,” she said as she moved to her knees at his feet.

Jimmy stood and let his mother pull his shorts down his legs. They both giggled when his penis sprung out, hitting her on the top of her head as she bent to pull his shorts off. However, as quickly as it started, the giggling stopped. Jimmy looked down at his mother and saw her eyes looking up at him, his erection bobbing between them. It was as if his penis wasn’t even a part of his body, like it was some object floating between them. Jimmy sat down, his legs suddenly feeling weak.

As Jennifer moved between his legs, her eyes never left his pulsing erection. She gently laid her face on his thigh, looking at his long shaft, fascinated with its hardness. Almost in slow motion, her hand came up and she used her fingernail to trace the large vein that ran up and down the shaft. She had never really noticed that before. She watched in amazement as a large drop of clear liquid bubbled from the head and began a slow journey downward. She placed her finger on the hot skin of his shaft and let the juice trickle onto her finger. When she pulled her finger away, there was a long strand of clear liquid attached, like a spider’s web in the morning dew. She used her finger to attach the string of juice to her tongue.

“Oh God mom,” Jimmy moaned as she watched her slowly suck the juice into her mouth as she moved closer to his penis. However, Jimmy was frustrated when she didn’t touch his penis. Instead, she moved back again.

Jennifer cupped Jimmy’s large testicles in her hand. “I never knew how big these were,” she said almost to herself as she gently lifted them, unable to contain them in one hand. She felt Jimmy’s thigh’s quiver and watched his penis pulse, almost like it might shoot off any minute.

Jimmy moaned when his mother leaned forward and blew hot air on the swollen head of his penis, then continuing down the shaft, to his balls. She used her tongue to tickle the hair on his balls, leaving saliva in her wake.

“Wait a minute,” Jennifer said and stood up. “Wow,” she said as she felt the power of the d**g hit her, causing a rush to her head. When she got her balance again, she walked slowly from the room. She returned several minutes later with something in her hand.

“What’s that?” Jimmy asked.

“I’ll show you. Put your hands behind your back.”

Jimmy didn’t think twice as he put his hands behind his back. His mother tied them gently together with a silk scarf. She took another and wrapped it around his head, covering his eyes, and then she made him sit back on the couch.

“God mom, what are you doing to me?”

“I’m going to give you the best blow job you have ever hand. Even better than Ronda.”

A little competition and jealousy can be sweet Jimmy thought.

Jennifer returned to her position between her son’s knees. She pressed his thighs far apart so that she could get very close to his penis. When she was situated, she again began to blow on Jimmy’s penis, watching it throb and pour a steady stream of juice from the slit in the swollen head. When her tongue finally touched his hot skin, his hips came off the sofa. She was sure he would have grabbed her head had she not tied his hands.

Jimmy was practically going mad with desire. He had never been so excited in his life. He could feel his mother’s tongue licking his penis with little butterfly flicks. He was desperate to have her take him into her mouth. Yet, she kept delaying it.

Jennifer picked up a long feather she had brought down with the scarves. She watched Jimmy squirm as she began to tickle the head of his penis with the soft down of the feather. She ran it around the head and then under the crown, sliding it across the wet skin. Then she used one finger to push the head of his penis so that it was pointing at her face. The skin was stretched incredibly tight. Now she began to saw the feather across the sensitive skin, just below the head.

“Oh my God mom, oh God, oh God,” Jimmy moaned incoherently as the marijuana in his system multiplied the sensation tenfold. He felt electric shocks running in waves down the shaft of his penis and straight through his balls. It was excruciating agony.

Up and down the shaft the feather moved, bringing goose bumps to his thighs. “Mom, I…I can’t take…I can’t take much more,” Jimmy hissed through clenched teeth.

Jennifer held her son’s penis down so that it was parallel to her mouth. She opened her mouth and took just the head inside, continuing to run the feather up and down the shaft.

The taste of her son’s penis in her mouth was so incredible. His juice coated her tongue and ran down her throat. It tasted like honey. She could never remember it tasting so good before. She sucked hard on the head, pulling more into her mouth.

“Mommmmmm!!!” Jimmy moaned in warning as he felt his penis pulse. He could feel it. He could feel his sperm move through the tubes deep in his body and into his shaft. It seemed like it was moving in slow motion as the juice traveled up the shaft. Then an explosion went off in Jimmy’s head at the same time his penis exploded.

Jennifer was so occupied with tasting his juice she hardly noticed her son screaming. Suddenly her mouth began to fill with juice. She moaned when she realized he was cumming. She quickly swallowed as another volley poured in to her mouth and across her tongue. She had tasted sperm before but nothing had ever tasted like this. It was thick and salty but not bitter. It was like her son’s essence, his life, was pouring back into her body. She had created him and now he was giving it back. She had had his juice in her vagina, her throat, her stomach and soon, soon her ass.

Jennifer squeezed her thighs tightly together as her vagina throbbed in excitement. Suddenly and without warning, her body began to tremble. It was as if a climax had started in her groin without the knowledge of her brain. The excitement ran from her groin to her head and back again. Her hips bucked as she continued to swallow her son’s sperm.

“Mom, mom!” Jimmy called out as his mother continued to suck on him long after all his juice was gone.

Finally, Jennifer pulled away and looked up at her son. His eyes were still covered and his head had fallen back onto the sofa. She could still taste his sperm in her mouth. When she saw a final drop come to the flaccid head of his penis, she stuck out her tongue and licked it off.

Jimmy and Jennifer slept in their own beds that night. It was as if they wanted to wait for that last step where they would sleep together all night. Neither one of them talked about it but they both knew that sharing a bed was a big step, one that they did not want to take lightly.

Chapter 4

Jennifer waited until about 4 P.M. before she picked up the telephone and dialed. She was very nervous.


“Hello, is this Shelly Belison?”


“Shelly, this is Jennifer from the party the other night.”

“Oh yes, hi Mrs. Henson.”

“It’s Jennifer.”

“Oh really! How is your son…I mean your boyfriend?”

“That’s what I want to talk to you about.”


“I’ll be home from work at about 6 p.m., can you come over to my house?”

“No problem. Is your son…uh…boyfriend going to be there.”

“No, he’ll be out.”

“Good, see you at 6.”

Jennifer called home and talked to Jimmy. She told him that he was to make himself scarce while Shelly was there. She didn’t want her to see him.

Jimmy was more than happy to comply with his mother’s wishes. He was just as worried as her now about what might happen if Shelly blabbed her mouth around the school or neighborhood. However, he figured that he could be scarce but still stay near enough to hear or see what was happening. His mother’s strength and determination surprised him. It didn’t seem that she was angry, just on a mission to prevent Shelly from making trouble for them. He decided that he was glad that he wasn’t going to be Shelly today.

When Jennifer arrived home, it was almost six. She had gotten caught up at work and then the traffic had been terrible. She wanted to change clothes but figured that she didn’t have time. She was wearing her blue pinstriped business suit. It consisted of a sports jacked, under which she wore a white blouse, a tastefully short skirt, and blue high heels. She always wore thigh high nylons now and today she had chosen to wear panties.

A few minutes before six, the doorbell rang. Jennifer rushed Jimmy upstairs and hurried to the door. She looked at herself in the mirror one last time, straightened her hair, and smoothing her skirt. Suddenly she was surprised at herself for even caring what she looked like. This, after all, was only a young girl who really meant nothing to her. However, as she reached for the door handle, she had a flashback of Shelly on her knees between her legs. Her hand started to tremble as twisted the knob to open the door.

When Jennifer opened the door, she almost let out a gasp of surprise. It was Shelly, or at least she thought it was. What Jennifer saw standing on her steps was a “very” young looking girl. She had her hair braided into two short pigtails. She was wearing a blouse and the shortest skirt Jennifer had ever seen. It was blue with large pleats. It looked like a cheerleaders skirt. On her feet she was wearing a pair of black shoes with little white shocks with ruffles around the top.

“Shelly?” Jennifer asked, her mouth suddenly dry. She knew that her brain was fuzzy about the party but she couldn’t believe this was the same girl. “You’re the girl from…from Todd’s party right?”

“Yes, Mrs. Henson. Well, are you going to invite me in?” she asked when Jennifer stood staring.

“Yes, come in please.” Jennifer stood back and let the young girl sashay into her house.

“Would you like something to drink?” Jennifer asked as the followed her into the living room.

“A coke would be nice.”

“Be back in a minute,” Jennifer said and hurried into the kitchen. She had to stop and take a deep breath as she opened the refrigerator door. Jennifer knew that she had to get a hold on herself. Her mind was racing with questions. The biggest one was, is she eighteen or thirteen? If she was eighteen why was she dressed like that? What if she wasn’t of legal age? All right, stop this she thought. She would find out soon.

Shelly was sitting on the sofa when Jennifer returned with her coke.

“Thank you,” Shelly said sweetly.

Jennifer sat on the sofa a comfortable distance away from the young girl. “Are you all ready for graduation?” Jennifer asked, far more casually than she felt. She figured that would be a way to at least find out if she were s*******n. Then suddenly she remembered that she had said she was applying to State College. Even thought Shelly could have been lying, Jennifer almost sighed in relief.

“Yea, I’ll be real happy to get out of there.”


“I don’t know…I don’t fit in.” Shelly said. She sat back on in the corner of the sofa and pulled her legs up and crossed them is yoga fashion. This made her tiny skirt slid up almost to her groin.

Jennifer couldn’t help looking between her legs. At least she had panties on she thought.

“Shelly, I wanted to talk to you about…uh about the party and…uh what happened,” Jennifer said, suddenly tongue tied and feeling very uncomfortable.

“You mean about what ‘we’ did or what you did with your son?” Shelly said, looking directly at Jennifer and rubbing her finger around the lip of her glass. She sat further back, her knees moving wider.

Jennifer knew she needed to get the upper hand in this conversation right away. Yet, for some reason this young girl was making her act like an inexperienced teenager herself.

“All right young lady, that’s enough,” Jennifer said with undisguised anger. “You know what I mean. You know that Jimmy is my son and that we were at the party together but that’s all you know.”

“Well, I heard you and Jimmy were having a lot of fun in the basement with the gang.”

“You don’t know what was going on down there. Its just hearsay.”

“Maybe but I took a walk on the beach just about the time the sun was coming up,” Shelly said smugly. “There was no question about what was happening there, was there?”

Again, Jennifer was shocked when she realized that Shelly must have seen them making love on the beach. “Have you told anyone about us?” Jennifer asked, realizing that denying what she and Jimmy had done would be senseless.

“Not yet, but I might,” Shelly said with almost an evil smile. At least as evil as a girl that looked thirteen years old could look.

Jennifer tried desperately to control her anger. “All right Shelly, I didn’t want to do this but you give me no choice,” Jennifer said and picked up the remote. “Watch,” she said and turned toward the TV.

The TV came on, then Jennifer pressed the play button, and the VCR started to play the movie. She looked over at Shelly for her reaction. She saw the girl’s eyes open wide when she saw her mother, scantily dressed, sitting on the sofa.

“Uncle Paul!” Shelly said and placed her hand over her mouth in shock when she saw the two men walk into the picture and began to kiss her mother.

“Is that your father’s brother?” Jennifer asked.

“No,” Shelly whispered as she listened to her mother talk to the camera.

This was very interesting Jennifer thought…a mother and her brother.

“Oh my God,” Shelly whispered as she saw the action on the screen heat up. Soon tears were streaming down her cheeks.

Jennifer let Shelly watch the entire first section of the movie before she paused it. “Now young lady, if you don’t want this movie delivered to all of your family and friends, you had better keep quiet about what you think you know about me and my son.”

Shelly looked at Jennifer with anger. She started to open her mouth but stopped when Jennifer pushed the play button. She turned back to the screen and watched in total shock as she saw her neighbor’s head between her mother’s legs.

“I guess you’re not the only one in the family that likes women,” Jennifer said, now clearly in control for the first time.

“Oh God,” Shelly said, suddenly shaking with fear. “Mrs. Henson, I promise that I won’t say anything, please don’t let anyone see that. My dad and mom could lose their jobs. They’re both teachers in the school system.” Shelly sobbed, tears streaming down her checks.

Suddenly, Jennifer felt terrible. She wasn’t this kind of person, and she certainly wasn’t interested in destroying anyone’s life. It was only her instincts to protect her family that had made her go this far. She didn’t want to hurt this young girl or her family. Now she felt sorry for Shelly. Shelly now looked like the c***d she appeared to be.

Shelly put her hands over her face and sobbed uncontrollably.

With a pain in her heart, Jennifer got up, went over to her, and sat close. She reached out hesitantly and pulled the teenager to her, letting her sob into her shoulder. “I’m sorry sweetie, I shouldn’t have shown you that but I didn’t know what else to do.”

Shelly pulled away and looked at Jennifer, her eyes still pouring tears, running her mascara down her cheeks. “I wouldn’t have ever told anyone. I only wanted to be friends. I just…I just…I don’t know, I’ve just been so lonely since…since Sharon left.”

“Who is Sharon?” Jennifer asked as Shelly placed her head back on her shoulder.

“She…she was…sob…a friend…sob…a friend of my mothers,” Shelly said, her sobs making it difficult to talk. “She taught me to…to…you know, do what I did to you.”

“Oh!” Jennifer said with understanding.

“She was a lot older…older than my mother even,” Shelly said, wiping her eyes with her sleeve. “I…I loved her and she went off with someone else.”

“I’m so sorry,” Jennifer said sincerely.

“My mom introduced us several years ago when I was sixteen. She was so good to me after, after I…I was ****d.”

“Oh my God, you were ****d?”

“Yes, by Jerry Duncan, he was on the football team. Sharon…Sharon helped me through it, then one thing led to another, and we became lovers. I loved her with all my heart. But, she was…she was different.”


“She liked to be in charge. She liked to dominate me. I would dress up like I am today and she would make me do things. At first I didn’t like it but then…then, I don’t know, something changed and I didn’t mind what she did to me. Now she is gone.” Shelly broke into sobs again.

Jennifer felt terrible for Shelly, yet a little unwanted thrill went through her. What did this girl have in mind coming here dressed as she was today? What kind of things did this woman have her do to her? She held Shelly to her shoulder and looked down at her carelessly spread thighs. She could clearly see Shelly’s panties now. A shiver ran through her. Calm down she told herself again.

“It’s going to be okay. I’m not going to let anyone see this movie. It will be our secrete.”

Shelly pulled away from Jennifer and looked at her face. She was trying to see if she mean what she was saying. There was a tenderness in Jennifer’s eyes that wasn’t there before. Suddenly, Shelly felt an overwhelming urge to kiss her. She moved her lips quickly toward Jennifer’s.

Jennifer was surprised and shocked when Shelly’s lips touched hers. She was so shocked that she didn’t react right away. Her eyes opened wide when the young girls tongue pressed into her mouth. It spite of her shock, Jennifer felt excitement coursing through her. She could taste the teenager’s sweet saliva as her lips pressed hard to hers and began to move around. Jennifer’s eyes closed in pleasure as Shelly wrapped her arms around her and pulled her tight.

Shelly could feel her vagina begin to pulse with pleasure. Kissing a girl was so much different from a boy. It was softer, sweeter. She loved the softness and the sweetness of a woman’s lips. When she felt pressure on her shoulders, she reluctantly pulled away.

Jennifer was breathing hard when she finally broke the kiss. Her eyes were closed and her head was down as she tried to catch her breath.

Up on the landing at the top of the stairs, Jimmy watched the two on the sofa. He had could see them but he couldn’t really hear what they were saying. He was about to go back to his room when he saw Shelly kiss his mom. This was going to get real interesting he thought. He rushed back into his room and got a pair of his mother’s panties. Now he sat, straining his ears and eyes, his hard penis wrapped in the panties in his hand.

“Shelly,” Jennifer said breathlessly, afraid to look at the young girl. When she did she saw a pretty smile on her face. “Oh God,” she moaned as her lips came back to hers again. This time, it was Jennifer’s tongue that moved first, entering Shelly’s open mouth. Now Jennifer’s vagina was positively quivering. She could feel her panties becoming soaked. Jennifer couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She had never had any desire to be with a woman, yet this young girl was making her crazy with lust. Jennifer wanted to put a stop to this to tell her to leave but she knew that it could hurt the emotional teenager. However, there was more to it than that. Feeling sympathy for someone had never made her vagina quiver and her panties wet.

This time when they pulled apart, Jennifer looked into Shelly’s eyes; she saw a fire, a burning pool of lust. Jennifer was no longer in control of her emotions. Now she was reacting. “Stand up,” she said. It wasn’t intended to be a command but somehow it came out that way.

Whatever it was intended to be, Shelly didn’t hesitate and stood up in front of Jennifer.

With a quivering voice Jennifer said, “Lift your skirt.”

Shelly looked at her, her eyes wide with excitement as she reached for her little skirt. Slowly she pulled it up until her panties were visible. Her little panties were white with red hearts. She had chosen them carefully.

Even Jennifer couldn’t believe what she was doing when she said, “Take them off.” She watched, her heart pounding in her chest as Shelly pulled her panties down her thighs and then stepped out of them. Immediately she reached for her skirt and pulled it up again without being told to. She stood at attention, almost shivering.

Jennifer stared at Shelly’s bare pussy. It was totally devoid of hair. The only part of her vagina she could see was the outer lips. The inner lips were totally enclosed. However, there was a glistening drop of juice hanging from the lips. Almost in slow motion, Jennifer’s hand reached out until her finger touched the large drop of clear juice. As if in a trance, she began to smear the juice around the smooth lips. They were so smooth that it almost felt like she had never had any hair.

Reading her thoughts, Shelly said, “Sharon didn’t want me to have any hair so she took me to a place and they did something called electrolysis. It hurt but now I never have to shave.”

Jennifer didn’t answer Shelly; she was too busy rubbing her smooth skin. When one finger slipped between the lips, Shelly moaned and moved her hips forward. Jennifer looked up and saw that her eyes were closed in pleasure. Slowly she slid a finger into the little opening. While she had felt her own vagina many times, she had never felt anyone else’s. It was a unique experience. Her finger was squeezed by the young girls hole, as she pressed deeper and deeper. Finally, she could go no further as her finger was buried to the knuckle.

“Oh Mrs. Henson,” Shelly moaned as Jennifer began to move her finger in and out of the teenager.

Jimmy was practically mad with desire as he watched his mother finger Shelly. This even surpassed the night he saw his mom having sex with her boyfriend. He moved his hand slowly up and down his throbbing shaft, wanting to be careful and not climax too soon.

“Take your clothes off.” This time it was a command. Jennifer pulled her finger out of Shelly. She looked at her finger and saw that it was coated with the girl’s juice. Unsure of what to do with her wet finger, she reached down for Shelly’s panties. She picked them up and wiped her finger. Now she could smell the girl’s excitement on her hand and the panties.

Shelly quickly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off. Then she let her skirt drop to the floor, leaving her naked.

Jennifer looked at the teenager standing naked in front of her except for her little white socks and black shoes. Her breasts were rather small but the nipples were puffies; there was no nipple per se, just large pink puffy areolas. “Come closer,” Jennifer said, her voice husky with excitement.

When Shelly stepped closer, she was standing between Jennifer’s legs. She watched the older woman reach up and touch her breasts with shaking hands. A little moan escaped her lips as she watched Jennifer’s fingers begin to squeeze her sensitive areolas. “Oh Mrs. Henson,” Shelly whispered, her legs beginning to shake with excitement.

Jennifer pulled her hands away when she felt that the girl was going to climax. She wasn’t ready to let her climax yet. Her own vagina needed some attention. She sat back and took off her blazer. “Get on your knees,” she ordered, no longer caring if she was demanding or not. When Shelly was between her legs Jennifer told her to open her blouse.

It was excruciatingly slow for Shelly to open all the buttons of Jennifer’s blouse because her fingers were shaking so much. When she had the last button undone she pulled her hands away, not daring to open the blouse; her former lover never let her do that with out permission.

Jennifer opened her blouse, baring her bra-covered breasts to the excited eyes of the kneeling girl. She reached between her heaving breasts and unclipped the clasp in the middle. She hesitated for just a moment, drawing out the suspense, and then she let the bra snap to the sides, exposing her large white breasts to the young girl’s wide eyes. “Suck them,” she said in an excited whisper.

Shelly practically fell between Jennifer’s breasts, grabbing one large tit in her hand and bringing her lips to it. She began to suck like she expected to get milk out of the large nipple. The room was filled with loud sucking sounds as Shelly went from one nipple to the other, leaving her salvia dripping from the tips.

“Oh God, oh God,” Jennifer moaned as her excitement increased rapidly. Soon, she had to have more. “Wait,” she said and pushed a surprised Shelly back. Quickly she lifted her hips and pulled her skirt up to her waist.

Shelly’s hands beat her to the panties and pulled them down her legs, throwing them over her shoulder carelessly, no longer concerned that Jennifer would scold her. She grabbed Jennifer’s thighs and pushed them up in the air, letting her slide forward. Shelly was almost hyperventilating as she looked down at Jennifer’s swollen sex lips. There was a steady stream of clear juice running from the hole. Slowly Shelly bent her head, breathing deeply before her mouth came into contact with Jennifer’s vagina. There was no pretense now as Shelly’s mouth engulfed the flesh of her groin.

“Ohhhhhhh!!!” Jennifer moaned as the teenager performed her magic on her pulsing hole. She sucked, licked, and even bit her flesh until Jennifer couldn’t stand it anymore. Her hands reached out and grabbed her lover’s head in a vise grip, finger intertwined in her hair, pulling it between her legs frantically. Her wet flesh practically smothered the girl. However, if Shelly minded, she didn’t show it. Her mouth and tongue never stopped moving for a second.

“Shelly, Shelly, Shelly,” Jennifer moaned. “Oh Lord, I’m going to…I’m going…ahhhhhhh!!!” Jennifer’s body began to buck off the sofa into Shelly’s face. Her vagina began to convulse and suddenly juice began to squirt into Shelly’s open mouth. Jennifer didn’t know what was happening to her. She could feel her juice squirting out like she was peeing. However, she was to far gone to worry about it.

When she finally let Shelly’s head free from her thighs, she fell back on the sofa in exhaustion. She looked down and saw the girl between her legs smiling up at her. Her face was a literally swamp of juice. It was dripping from her lips and chin; even her eyebrows were wet with juice.

“I’m sorry,” Jennifer whispered.

“Sorry for what? I loved it,” Shelly said, licking her lips. However, it wasn’t an obscene gesture, it was a gesture of love.

“Let me get you a towel,” a red faced Jennifer said. She got up on wobbly legs and went to the kitchen. When she returned Shelly was sitting in the same position. Her training from her former lover was still strong in her mind. Jennifer sat back down in front of the teenager and gently wiped the juice from her face as best she could.

“That was incredible,” Jennifer whispered and bent and kissed Shelly’s lips gently.

“Are you hungry?” Jennifer asked.

“Starved,” Shelly answered.

“Let me go change, then you and I can go out and have dinner if you want.”

“I would love that.”

“Okay, get your clothes on, I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

As Shelly began to dress, she saw Jennifer pick up her little panties with the hearts on them and walk away. She shrugged her shoulders and dressed without her panties.

Jennifer walked up the stairs carrying the panties in her hand. On impulse she brought them to her nose and inhaled. She felt a little flutter in her lower region at the sweet scent of her new teenaged lover.

Jimmy was lying on the bed pretending to read when his mother walked into the room.

“I see you have been busy,” she said as she reached down and picked up a pair of her cum soaked panties from the floor, which had been half hidden under the bed.

Jimmy’s face turned three shades of red.

“Here, these should help you while I’m gone,” Jennifer said and threw Shelly’s panties onto Jimmy’s stomach. “They smell very sweet.”

“I’ll be home later. I want to take Shelly to dinner then I’ll drop her off at home. Can you fix your own dinner?”

“Sure,” Jimmy answered. “Is everything going to be all right with her?”

“I think so. I’ll see you later tonight,” Jennifer said to Jimmy and bent over and kissed his lips passionately then smiled at him as left the room.

Chapter 5

Jennifer and Shelly went to a quiet Italian restaurant and got a table in the back. They ordered salads, pasta, wine and bread, eating like they hadn’t eaten in days. The two talked and laughed like two girlfriends. Jennifer learned that Shelly was a shy and sweet girl. She had had a few boyfriends and had experienced sex but was still a novice when it came to sex with boys. Her **** had forced her into the arms of her mother’s friend. Sharon was there for her when she was at her weakest point. She had been a lifesaver for her but Jennifer wasn’t certain of her motivation. Unfortunately, Sharon had met a woman closer to her own age and they had moved away, leaving Shelly crushed. That was six months ago.

Jennifer asked about her mother and father and their apparent sexual activity. Shelly told Jennifer that she had suspected that something was going on with her mother and father because they would make her go out quite often when their friends came over. She had never witnessed anything but the house sometimes smelled of sex when she got home. She was totally shocked that her Uncle Paul was involved. She knew that her mother and her brother were close but not ‘that’ close.

The time flew by and before they knew it, it was after nine. Jennifer had drunk most of the wine but she had let Shelly have a glass or two. They walked out of the restaurant with their arms wrapped around each other’s waist. Most people probably thought they were mother and daughter.

As Jennifer came to the street that Shelly lived on she turned left instead of right.

“I live that way,” Shelly said, assuming Jennifer had a little too much to drink.

“I know,” she said and continued to drive about a half-mile until she came to a public park. She turned into the deserted parking lot and parked at the far end, behind some trees. She stopped the car and turned to Shelly.

Shelly looked surprised. “Why did we come here?”

“For this,” Jennifer said and pulled Shelly’s lips to hers for a kiss. Shelly moaned when Jennifer’s tongue went into her mouth. At the same time Jennifer’s hand reached up and unbuttoned a button on the girl’s blouse. Her hand slipped inside to caress her orange sized breasts.

“Oh God Mrs. Henson.”

“I think you can call me Jennifer now sweetie,” Jennifer said as she began to unbutton the young girl’s blouse. She pulled the blouse off Shelly’s shoulders and pushed her back against the seat. Her lips went to Shelly’s briefly, then kissed down her neck, sucking and biting her soft skin gently. She could feel the young girls body trembling as her lips neared her heaving breasts.

“Sharon never did…did that to me,” she whispered breathlessly as Jennifer’s mouth circled her puffy nipple. “Ohhhhh!” she moaned as her nipple was sucked hard. “Oh Jennifer, oh yes, oh God.”

Jennifer’s hand went between Shelly’s legs and found her sopping vagina. Her finger began to play with her wet lips as her mouth worried her breasts. Shelly screamed as the older woman’s finger slid into her body again. Her hands grabbed Jennifer’s arms as her hips began to hump on the moving finger.

She was disappointed when Jennifer pulled her finger from her wet hole. She looked at her in a pleading manner. Then she was shocked when she saw her move the finger to her mouth. “Oh God,” she moaned as she watched Jennifer push her finger into her mouth and suck it clean.

Jennifer stared into the young girls eyes. She could taste her sweet juice on her lips. She made a decision. “Let’s get into the back.”

The two of them jumped out of the car and crawled into the back seat. There was plenty of room in the back of the big Buck. As soon as they were in the back, they were in each other’s arms again, tongues dueling. Shelly’s small breasts pressed to the rough material of Jennifer’s blouse.

Jennifer pulled away and took off Shelly’s skirt, leaving her naked. “Lean back,” she whispered to the surprised girl.

Shelly’s eyes were wide with wonder as she lay back on the seat. She watched as Jennifer lifted her legs and placed them on her shoulders. “You’re not going to…oh my God Jennifer,” Shelly said as she watched Jennifer begin to kiss down her thighs.

Jennifer could smell Shelly’s excitement as her lips neared her vagina. She had never even considered eating a woman before. However, her heart was beating so hard she could feel it pounding in her chest. When she reached the edge of Shelly’s vagina, she stuck her tongue out and slid it up the middle between the large outer lips. Her tongue could feel the smaller swollen inner lips inside.

“Ahhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhh, oh, oh, oh,” Shelly moaned as she felt a mouth on her vagina for the first time in her young life. She had eaten Sharon hundreds of times but she had never returned the favor.

Jennifer had to hold Shelly’s legs tight or risk being thrown out of her heaving crotch. Her tongue pressed deep between the lips of the young girl. She couldn’t believe how sweet she tasted. She had tasted her own juice many times, but this was far better to her. Jennifer’s mouth moved to the top of her pubic mound. She used her fingers to separate the lips, hunting for the clit. She peeled back the skin and saw the tiny pearl, almost pulsing with life in the dim light. Her mouth opened and her head moved down.

When Shelly felt Jennifer’s lips suck her little clit into her mouth she couldn’t take anymore. She grabbed Jennifer’s hair and held her lips to her throbbing clit. “Oh God, oh God, oh God,” she screamed as an incredible climax roared through her. It was like an electric shock as wave after wave of pleasure ran through her body. “Eat me, eat me, oh yes. Oh God Jennifer,” Shelly moaned when one climax ended and another began. Her head was spinning and her body shivered as her lover ate her until darkness overcame her. The excitement was too intense for the young girl. The next thing she remembered she awoke in Jennifer’s arms; she had passed out from pleasure.

They lay in each other’s arms for a long time. Jennifer would occasionally kiss Shelly’s lips and she would sometimes kiss her lips. At one point, Shelly opened Jennifer’s blouse again and found her braless breast. She gently stroked her as they snuggled together.

Jennifer looked at her watch. It was 10:30. “Wow, I had better get you home. I don’t want you to get into trouble.”

“Don’t worry, my mom and dad are over at Uncle Paul’s tonight. I know what they’re doing now. They won’t be home for some time,” Shelly said, continuing to squeeze Jennifer’s breast in her hand. She moaned in frustration when Jennifer pulled her hand from her blouse. “Can I…can I do you again?” she asked shyly.

“No sweetie, we’ll save that for the next time. I have to go to work tomorrow,” Jennifer said and kissed the young girls nose. “But thank you for the offer.”

Shelly felt her heart soar. She repeated in her mind…”we’ll save that for the next time.” That meant there would be a next time. Shelly reluctantly dressed and got back into the front seat.

Jennifer straightened her clothes and got behind the wheel. Several minutes later they pulled up in front of Shelly’s house. They sat there quietly looking at each other. Jennifer reached over, brushed a lock of hair from Shelly’s cheek, and then caressed her cheek lovingly.

“Can I…can I do something?” Shelly asked.

“Sure sweetie, what is it?”

“This,” Shelly said and leaned back against the door and spread her legs. Her little skirt came up to her waist and her bare vagina was spread wide.

Jennifer watched in surprise as Shelly began to play with herself.

“Sharon used to make me do this. She used to like to watch me. It makes me so excited,” Shelly said as her fingers opened her slit and her other finger began to rub her swollen clit.

“Oh God Shelly, we are on your street,” Jennifer said but made no move to stop the girl. She watched with increasing excitement as the teenager brought herself pleasure. Jennifer wanted to play with herself but knew that would be going too far.

“Yes Mistress, tell me what you want,” Shelly pleaded, taking the role of submissive.

“Play with yourself,” Jennifer said, unsure of herself. “Come on, play with that pussy. Finger fuck yourself now,” Jennifer commanded, getting into the charade.

“Oh yes Mistress I will. I’ll cum for you if you watch.”

Jennifer’s own hips began to move on the seat. “Come on you little bitch, fuck yourself. Use two fingers.”

Shelly spread her vagina and pushed two fingers deep inside. “Oh God Mistress I’m going to cum. Can I cum Mistress? Can I cum?”

“Go ahead and cum bitch,” Jennifer hissed. She watched as Shelly’s body began to convulse in pleasure, her hips pushing up into her rapidly moving fingers as her legs squeezed tightly together.

“Oh God, oh yes, ohhhhhhh!!!” Shelly moaned as she climaxed, her eyes staring at Jennifer until the pleasure was too great. Finally Shelly’s body stopped moving and her legs fell to the side.

Jennifer pulled Shelly to her again and hugged her. Then she picked up Shelly’s wet hand. She stared into the girl’s eyes and sucked her fingers clean.

Finally, Jennifer looked at the teenager’s pretty face. She touched her cheek again.

Shelly’s hand came up, pressed Jennifer’s hand to her cheek, then turned, and kissed the palm. “Thank you for the most wonderful evening of my life,” she whispered with tears in her eyes.

“Thank you sweetie, it was very special to me too.”

“Can we get together again sometime?” Shelly asked hopefully.

“Wild horses couldn’t keep us apart,” Jennifer smiled.

“I love you,” Shelly said suddenly, surprising Jennifer.

Jennifer looked at Shelly’s tear streaked face, uncertain how to respond. Instead of saying anything she pulled the teenager to her and gently kissed her lips. She knew that they were on a public street in the girl’s neighborhood but at that moment, she didn’t care. The kiss was loving and gentle, yet passionate. She wasn’t sure how she felt about the teenager. It was far too soon. However, she knew that she could develop strong feelings for her.

“I’ll call you tomorrow from work,” Jennifer said as Shelly opened the door and got out.

“Thank you,” Shelly said looking into the car then closing the door.

Jennifer watched her walk up the sidewalk to her door. She saw Shelly turn around and smile at her, walking backward and waving. Jennifer took a deep breath and shivered, then drove away.

Chapter 6

Jennifer kept her promise and called Shelly at 4:30 the following day. She had not been able to get the pretty teenager out of her mind. While she knew this relationship was crazy, she couldn’t seem to help herself. Shelly seemed to be a combination of a vamp, daughter, and girlfriend. All day she would have flashbacks of the young girl’s sweet breasts and hairless little vagina. She could practically taste her on her lips.

“Hi sweetie,” Jennifer said.

“Hi Jennifer,” Shelly said, her heart beating rapidly in her chest. She was so excited that Jennifer had kept her promise and called. Unlike Jennifer, Shelly had no emotional dilemma; she was in love. She could even feel her palms sweating and her hands shaking as she held the telephone to her ear. Shelly never felt that she would find someone to replace Sharon.

“I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my house on Sunday afternoon? Jimmy will throw some hamburgers on the grill.”

“Uh…Jimmy will be there?”

“Yes, but he doesn’t bite, at least not hard,” Jennifer joked.

Shelly hesitated. She was felt a little tinge of jealously. She knew that Jimmy was Jennifer’s first love but she didn’t want to share. However, she was also realistic; Jimmy was her son and lover and she would never come between that. “All right.”

Jennifer knew exactly what Shelly was thinking. This was going to be a test of sorts. If Shelly couldn’t get along with Jimmy and accept their relationship then any relationship they expected to have would be gone. “Great, about one o’clock then?”

“Thanks…and Jennifer…I do love you.

When Jennifer didn’t answer right away, Shelly said, “I know you don’t feel the same way about me, but you will.”

When Jennifer arrived home that evening she felt like everything was going to work out. There were a still a lot of tricky issues that needed to be dealt with but things had a way of working out for the best. Jennifer felt as good about herself as she had in years. She felt desirable and loved. She no longer cared what other people thought.

She and Jimmy had dinner then went to the family room to watch TV. As was usual now, the two of them snuggled on the sofa. Jimmy had brought his mother a bottle of wine and a glass.

“I love that outfit,” Jimmy said.

Jennifer had on a pair of sky blue silk lounging pajamas. “Thank you Jimmy. I love the feeling of silk.”

“So how did your evening go with Shelly?” he asked.

“You know how it went. I know you were spying on us,” Jennifer said with a smile.

“All right, I admit it, I’m guilty,” Jimmy said holding his hands up in surrender. “I have to admit that that was the sexiest thing I have ever seen mom.” Jimmy put his arm around his mother and pulled her close. That Shelly is a sexy little girl. What was with that outfit, she looked like a p*****n?”

“Shelly has some issues. She was ****d by some football player and just as bad, I think a female lover took advantage of her weakened state.”

“So what happened when you two went out?”

“Well…uh…we had dinner and talked,” Jennifer said, her face suddenly turning red.

“Come on mom, I can see that you are not telling me the whole story.”

“Uh…we parked for a little while…”


“Oh all right. I did…I did her, you know, like she did me,” Jennifer said hesitantly.

Jimmy’s mouth dropped open. “You ate her?” he said in shock, sitting up and looking at his mother with wide eyes.

“Yes,” Jennifer whispered.

“Mom, you are the wildest mother a guy ever had. Tell me about it…come on, I want the details,” Jimmy said in excitement.

“There’s not much to tell. I made her get naked in the car and we got into the back seat. Then…then…you know, I ate her,” Jennifer said looking down at her wineglass, afraid to meet Jimmy’s eyes.

“Damn mom you had sex in the back of the car just like a hot teenager. I can’t believe it. Jesus that is so hot,” Jimmy said, his shorts tenting now with excitement. “You’ve made me so hot,” Jimmy said and reached over and pulled his mother’s hand to his erection.

“Jimmy, behave,” Jennifer said as she finished her second glass of wine.

“Why? Let’s have a little fun,” he said.

“I want to wait until Friday night when…when we…you know I give you your present,” Jennifer said, her face turning red again.

“God mom that’s a long time,” Jimmy said as he moved his mother’s hand up and down his penis. “You can’t sit here and tell your son how you ate another woman and then not give him relief. I think there are laws in 35 States about that.”

“You’re incorrigible,” Jennifer said trying to act angry. However, she couldn’t deny her son anything. “All right, stand up,” she said and put her wine glass on the table.

Jimmy jumped up and stood in front of his mother. He watched as she unzipped his shorts and reached inside. He moaned when her warm hand wrapped around his penis and pulled it out.

Jennifer could feel her son’s penis throb in her hand. She moved her hand up and down slowly, bringing another moan from his lips. She used one hand to cup his testicles as the other worked on his penis. It had been a long time since she had masturbated anyone…probably since she was in high school.

Jimmy watched as his mother masturbated him. He could see that she was breathing from her mouth now, indicating that she was getting excited. However, when he reached out and tried to pull her head to his swollen penis she resisted.

“Not tonight, I want to watch,” Jennifer said as she continued to move her hand on his penis.

Jimmy’s excitement began to grow as he watched his beautiful mother work on his penis. God he thought, she is going to masturbate me like some teenage girl would. He would have much rather had her mouth or better yet her vagina but he was a horny teenager and would take anything he could get.

Jennifer could see the head of Jimmy’s penis expand and juice begin to pour from the tiny slit. She used the slick juice to coat the palm of her hand, and then she smeared it along the shaft. She used one hand on the shaft and took her thumb and middle finger and made them into an ‘O’ around the sensitive skin just below the crown. Squeezing her finger’s she twisted them around in a circle.

Jimmy felt his penis throbbing as his mother teased him with her hands. He could see her eyes focused on the job, in deep concentration. “Mom, you had better watch out,” Jimmy warned as his hips began to move back and forth, as his crisis neared. Instead of slowing down, Jennifer moved her fist faster and squeezed her fingers tighter. “Oh God, mom, I’m going to cum,” Jimmy hissed.

Jennifer continued to move her hand up and down rapidly and then reached over and picked up her wineglass. She held the glass under the head of Jimmy’s throbbing penis.

Jimmy’s eyes opened wide in shock as his mother pointed his penis toward the glass. “Ohhhhhh!!!” he moaned as his penis began to squirt his pent up sperm into the glass. He watched as his mother milked him, filling the bottom of the glass with his thick juice. Jimmy’s knees almost buckled as his balls emptied themselves into the glass. Each time he thought there was no more left, his mom would squeeze another spurt out.

Finally, when the last drop was squeezed out, Jimmy fell onto the sofa next to his mother. He closed his eyes and sighed. That was pretty good for a hand job he thought. When he opened his eyes he saw his mother swirling his juice around in the bottom of the glass.

Jennifer looked at the white juice filling the bottom of the glass. So many little sperm swimming around in there she thought. I wonder how many? Yet it only takes one…only one little sperm in the right place at the right time. A shiver when through her. Jennifer lifted the glass.

Jimmy almost passed out when he watched his mother turn the glass up to her lips and empty it into her mouth. “Oh my God mom,” Jimmy moaned as he watched his mother swallow his sperm. “I can’t believe that you just did that,” Jimmy said in astonishment.

“Oh, I guess it’s okay if I drink your sperm from your penis but not from a glass huh?” Jennifer said with a pout.

“Well…uh…well…I don’t know. I’ve just never seen anybody do that before. I didn’t mean to…” Jimmy started to say when his mother pulled his lips to hers. Jimmy moaned when his mother pushed her still coated tongue into his mouth.

When they pulled apart, Jennifer was breathing hard. “I think I had better get to bed before I **** you,” she smiled. She stood up and began to walk away. After she took a couple of steps, she stopped and looked over her shoulder. Then she reached back and pulled her sexy silk pajamas down, baring her shapely ass. She pressed her ass back at Jimmy. “Are you still sure you want your mom’s ass?” she said with a lust filled smile.

Jimmy started to get up off the sofa. Jennifer giggled and hurried out of the room and ran up the stairs. It was going to be a long couple of days of waiting for Jimmy.

It was going to be the wildest weekend any mother and son ever had.

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