Mother/Step-Daughter At Swingers Party

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Mother/Step-Daughter At Swingers Party
My wife Carol and I have been members of a swinger club for the past several years, now we thought we would make it a “family” membership by inviting my step-daughter Angie to join the group. In the group new members were welcomed by invitation only and had to be screened by at least three members. Most of those accepted were usually were classy people with a lot of money. The group had about fifteen couples, three older men and a few single women, some of the women were bi-sexual. The group was very discrete and new couples were allowed to “collar their wives” until she got ready to fuck other guys/ girls, but you could not stay in the club long if you weren’t willing to fuck around. The group was trying to get more younger couples. That’s when I had the idea to inviting my step-daughter Angie to the group to “spice” it up. Now I have been fucking Angie for several months now and my wife Carol knew it. Carol was OK with it as long as I took care of her. I was the first to bring it up and was surprised when Carol said “sure, I think it’s a good idea, she might learn something, who knows, maybe some rich guy is looking for a trophy wife”. Angie was a gold digger and readily agreed.

Well Friday night came around and the three of us went to this luxury mansion for tonight’s party. We sat down, introduced Angie to the group. All the men and the lesbians were just salivating over this new twenty-two year single women joining the group. There were also two new members, Susan and Ken who introduced themselves as two new Marine Corps recruiters in town. Susan looked like your classic dyke, short hair, rough voice, very manish muscular body. Now her husband was something else, Ken was a twenty-three year old Captain with the muscular toned body of a Greek god.

My horny wife Carol made a direct B-line to this young stud hoping that he was into MILF’s. She sat next to Ken in her hot Victoria Secrets outfit letting everyone know she wanted this young stud. Her hand immediately went to his knee, as he showed her he was interested by offering to get her a drink. I heard her softly whisper in his ear “are you into swinging with older women” he responded “I wouldn’t have it any other way”. Ken suggested they go upstairs and explained “I like to fuck in private,” My forty-five year old wife literally ran up the stairs with him before any younger women could latch onto this guy.

I sat there dumbfounded and watched other couples hooking up around the room. I sat there empty handed which I knew would not last long. My favorite Granny, Jean, was at the bar with her much older husband and I knew I could fuck her anytime I wanted. About an hour went by and my friend Jake came down from upstairs. He said he and his wife were on a couch in the room where Ken was fucking Carol. I knew Carol was into rough sex now and then. Jake said “you should see what that guy did to Carol!!! It’s incredible”. He went on to describe how he and his wife watched as Carol came into the room and tore off this young stud’s clothes, got on her knees and immediately began sucking his cock. After he shot his load into her mouth she dutifully swallowed it down.

Jake said Carol wasted no time getting naked and hopped into bed, followed by the Ken who started eating her pussy to warm her up. Carol laid back and spread her legs for him as he mounted her and began furiously fucking my MILF wife. Jake’s wife Jennifer chimed in and said she has never seen a guy fuck a women like that, for thirty minutes he ploughed her pussy as she had orgasm after orgasm. Finally, she said Ken looked down at Carol and said “here honey take this”, as he held still while he shoved his cock deep inside her as he shot his second load of the evening.

Jake and Jennifer watched this whole thing and I couldn’t believe what happened next. This hunky Marine just didn’t stop, he just kept fucking Carol as she lay on the bed with her legs wrapped around his back as he continued pounding her. When he finally hit her “G” spot she screamed in ecstasy from his rigorous fucking. Amazedly, Ken still just kept fucking her for another ten or fifteen minutes as she came at least two more times. After a while you could tell Carol was getting tired, eventually she just laid there motionless as Ken humped her until he came in her a third time. That made it three times in one session!!! Carol’s pussy will be sore for a week.

Although Carol was obviously fully satiated, but the Marine commanded her to, “get on all fours, I’ll get some lube and I’ll take your ass”. Jake said by this time my wife and I were done and we came down here so she could fuck her ex-boyfriend. When we left this guy had just shoved his cock into your wife’s ass and she was slowly moaning as he was getting ready to cum in her for the fourth time that evening. I’ll tell you Ron I’ve never seen a woman get used like Carol did tonight.

While Carol was busy upstairs fucking her husband, Susan the female Marine spotted my step-daughter Angie sitting alone. I’m sure guys were reluctant to approach her because she was by far the youngest hottest looking women in the room. Angie had worn her very short blue jean miniskirt and a low cut top with a push up bra that displayed the ample cleavage from her 34C breasts. I didn’t think Angie was bi-sexual, but from way she looked at this female Marine she obviously was and her look spelled out “come over and fuck me”. I wondered, do lesbians seem to have a sort of radar where they can find vulnerable young women in a room. Susan left her husband and immediately sat down next to Angie on the couch.

Susan and Angie wasted no time, Angie planted a long French kiss in Susan’s mouth as Susan’s hands found Angie’s bra and fondled her ample breasts. The aggressive Marine ran her hand up Angie’s skirt as she pulled down the rest of her bra and immediately began sucking on my young step-daughters nipples. Angie in turn reached between Susan’s legs, and began massaging her pubic mound. Susan then stood up right in front of Angie and stripped naked while doing a sensuous pole dance revealing her fit muscular body to excite her new young lover.

Then someone in the group yelled “free show” which meant the couple being called out was suppose to get on a large circular ottoman placed in the center of the living room. Apparently, the group wanted to get a view of this dykeish marine eat this young beautiful ladies pussy. Susan and Angie obliged, and got on the ottoman. Angie took the bottom position as Susan took got on top of her new found lover and held her in her arms. Susan nibbled on Angie’s breasts, kissed her neck and held her face in her hands as she kissed her passionately. Then Susan went down on Angie. She was a very skilled lesbian as she worked her way up from Angie’s ankle, up her calves and finally to her inner thigh leading to her now sopping wet pussy.

The much younger Angie looked down to see Susan’s head bobbing up and down between her legs as her new lesbian lover explored her pussy. Everyone in the room could see Susan’s tongue go deep inside my step-daughter’s pussy. They watched in awe as she started at the base of Angie’s pussy and ran her tongue up to her clitoris, the flicked it gently over her “button” until she began to writhe in pleasure. Then it hit!! Susan lowered her head deeper into Angie’s pussy as she alternated between inserting her serpent like tongue into her lover’s pussy to running it into and around the inner walls of Angie’s now swollen pussy. Then with smooth rhythmic motions Susan’s head, tongue and Angie’s pussy became one throbbing organ each acting in unison to please the other. Susan’s sucked Angie’s whole pussy into her mouth as her tongue swelled up in her vagina. You could tell Susan was a very experienced lesbian lover and was thoroughly enjoying this young women’s vagina. The sensations passed from my step-daughter’s vagina to her brain signaling the rest of her body to give in and release herself to the joy of lesbian love that her partner was giving her.

Angie grabbed the top of Susan’s head and forced her to stay inside her as she screamed in ecstasy, her hips writhing, as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her. Susan momentarily stopped eating her lover’s pussy and whispered, “little lady, I am going to fuck you tonight” then she resumed dipping her tongue into Angie’s highly sensitized pussy. Angie’s earlier orgasm had never really ceased as Susan’s new machinations drove her again to the heights of pleasure. Her orgasm rose from deep within her soul as she screamed at the top of her voice “Susan, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, don’t stop eat me”. Susan did what she was asked as she continued for several minutes to pleasure her younger lover. The group looked on in awe as both of them eventually fell back exhausted on the ottoman. This older masculine women had just taken the youngest most good-looking women in the room.

The two of them gathered up their clothes and proceeded to the more private downstairs family room. I am sure it was now Angie’s turn to pleasure her new found friend. As they left Susan grabbed her unusually large bag and brought it with her. I’m sure Susan had brought a strap-on with her and my step-daughter was going to be the recipient of that implement.

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