Moving to a Retirement Community

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Moving to a Retirement Community
Chapter 11
Once we got in the bedroom it didn’t take long for the three to quickly shed our clothing, what we wore of it that is, and to situate ourselves on the bed. I’d already pulled back the covers and added a couple more fluffy pillows, in case they were needed, so all was ready for our encounter.
LuAnn positioned herself to where her butt was on the edge of the bed, with her feet not quite touching the floor, and spread her leg wide as she could.
I didn’t need an oral invitation to know what she was asking.
I moved between her legs, but didn’t touch her at first. I leaned over, holding myself up with my hands on the mattress, just on each side of her body, and moved my head down to her chest. I licked on her neck first and began to work my way slowly down her body, encountering her right breast first, where I licked her nipple to a harder erection and nibbled on it with my teeth, getting a moan of pleasure from her at the same time. She reached up and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me closer to her then I already was, now positioning my body right on top of hers, and continued my oral ministrations on her nipple. I sucked and licked her for a couple of minutes before moving to the left breast and giving her the same treatment.
I felt movement on the bed and realized that Henry had now joined us. As I sucked on one nipple he joined in and sucked on the other. Apparently LuAnn loves attention to her nipples because, between the two of us, she was soon writhing and moaning non-stop, gyrating her hips with each swipe of our tongues. Her mouth was open and giving a constant moan as we worked on her.
Now that I was lying on top of her, I was able to bring my hands into play and I rubbed them against her flat tummy, enjoying the softness of her smooth skin and feeling the tightness of her belly. I moved further down and soon encountered the patch of black hair nestled above her slit. Soft and downy, but not much. Next came her slit, which was already quite wet. My fingers easily slipped into her and the warmness and wetness startled me. I didn’t remember her being so warm and wet the last time we were together, but then again, in the heat of the moment it was hard for me to fully remember just how she’d felt that first time. I was too wrapped up in the moment though to put much thought into it.
Another hand joined mine and, between the two of us, we pulled her open to where I could use my thumb to rub her erect clitoris and the contact brought an immediate climax and her hips bucked even further off the mattress and her juices flowed freely. Soon there was a huge wet spot on the sheet below her. Thank goodness I’d thought to get a plastic mattress cover earlier in the week.
After her climax was over it was time to move further down on her body once again and it just a few seconds I was staring at her gash, all slick and shiny with her juices. I pulled her open some more and, as Henry began to play with her clit, I moved in and stabbed my tongue as far into her as I could. Her lips closed around my probing organ and squeezed. I’d never felt a pussy do that before, but then again, I’d only had a chance to eat very few pussies, so I didn’t have a lot to compare the sensation to. Either way though, it felt good and if her pussy could do that to my tongue, I could only wonder what it would do to my cock once I was inside of her channel. I ‘spooned’ my tongue and tried to capture her leakage, but not to successfully. It appeared to be coming from everywhere inside of her and no matter how hard I tried it just seemed to slip around my tongue and gather futher down her channel, settling on my chin and dripping to join the rest of it on the sheet.
I now settled on my knees on the floor in front of the feast I was enjoying. I pushed her legs back, which opened her even wider and plastered my mouth to her opening, this time none of those juices were going to escape. I was going to drink from her snatch for as long as she could give it to me, and I was going to enjoy it. I licked and probed, sucked and slightly blew into her. Her gyrations told me that I was hitting the right spots, too. She wiggled free of my hands and soon had my head locked between her thighs, making sure that I was ‘locked’ onto her. I liked the feeling and continued with my oral invasion, until she’d finally cum at least three more times and then unlocked her legs and let me pull back, finally able to catch a long breath.
I sat back on my haunches and watched as she closed her legs and turned on her side, closing her eyes and releasing a long moan.
“Damn!” was all she could say. She was also out of breath and was doing her best to catch it before continuing.
Now it was Henry who got up on the bed.
“This floor is killing my knees,” he said.
I knew the feeling and soon joined the two of them. While I’d never had any knee issues, the floor was also starting to bore into them and it felt good to get off them and to give them a break as well.
Reaching over his wife, Henry grabbed my cock and started pulling my foreskin up and down, exposing my cock head. He also started massaging my balls and, after a few minutes LuAnn pulled out from under us, giving us more room to get to each other. Before I could make a move though, he leaned over and took me completely into his mouth, pushing my excess skin down the length of my rod before he bottomed out with my cock head embedded in the pits of his throat. I don’t know what he did once I was in place but his throat began to feel almost like his wife’s cunt. He was using pressure on my rod and, along with his oral manipulations with his tongue at the base of my cock, I soon realized that it wouldn’t be long before I blew a load directly into his stomach. I tried to push him back, but he wouldn’t let me and he continued his assault on my cock. After a few minutes though he did pull back just enough to let him wrap his tongue around my cock head, just as the first shot erupted. I could see his adam apple working up and down with each swallow and it wasn’t long before he’d drained me completely, at least for the present, and continued licking my cock until he’d gotten all of my juices. Only then did he pull off and collapse on the mattress.
I was also exhaused and all I’d done was lay there and let him take over. These two were something else and if I let them they’d have me so tired that I’d sleep for a week.
“I’ve got to take a leak,” Henry said and got up and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.
“Shy?” I asked.
“I’m afraid so. While he’s go no problem exposing himself to anyone willing to suck his cock or join the two of us, when it comes to his body functions, he’s very private.”
I had to laugh at that one, but I could also fully understand. I was the same way. Bodily functions are something I refuse to share with anyone.
LuAnn was now propped up on one arm, looking directly at me.
“You ready to continue?” she asked.
“Whenever you are,” I answered.
“Good, cause I’m so damned horny right now I could let a whole army fuck me.” And with that she reached out and pushed me backwards on the mattress and then straddled my body, much as I’d done to hers earlier. She knelt between my legs and began to stroke my cock, getting me hard quicker then I thought she would. Then she leaned over and took my balls, one at a time, into her mouth and swished them around like she was rinsing with mouthwash. I’d never experienced anything like that and it was definitely getting me warmed up for what was to come. Once she finished she pushed my balls back up my body and began to lick beneath them then trailed down my butt crack until she was licking on my rosebud, eliciting moans of pleasure from me. Damn this woman knew how to use her mouth. She stayed there for only a few minutes before working her way back up to my balls, but she bypassed my hard cock and moved to my belly button, where she jabbed into that a couple of times and then continued her journey until she got to my nipples, which were standing at attention themselves. She licked around each of the and then took them one at a time into her mouth and began to use her teeth on them, nibbling them into a hardness I never would have dreamed I’d achieve. They were actually aching with desire for her to continue. With one more bite on each one though, she stopped and directed her attention to the right side of my body and, in another surprise that caught me off guard, she pushed my right arm up over my head and focused her oral attention on my arm-pit! I’d never had anyone do that before and, like working with my balls, she proceeded to bring me to even bigger heights of desire. She moved across my body, again stopping at each nipple and did the same thing on the left side. I was practically delerious with desire by this time and wanted to push her off me and forcefully drive my aching cock deep into her cunt. But I managed to hold off and continued to let her use her oral talents to bring me to higher and higher sexual feelings.
Only after she’d spent about 10 minutes on each arm-pit did she begin to move lower on my body once again, this time stopping at my cock and licking around the base, then slowly moving inch by inch up my rod and finally stopped at my cock head, still covered by my abundant foreskin.
My skin is rather long and even when I’m fully erect my cock head is still covered with an inch of skin to spare. Makes jacking off a real pleasure when I work on myself.
Pulling on my cock, I felt my skin slide over my cock head, the coolness of the air assaulting my still warm skin. I knew that it was glistening from all the moisture that was held in there by my skin, but that didn’t stop her. She used her tongue to wrap it around my head and still managed to keep me excited. She took my whole cock head into her mouth then, using the tip of her tongue to probe into my piss slit, and it actually felt like she got an inch of it into me. While she was doing that she also used one hand to let my skin slide slightly over my cock head, but not entirely. Then she’d stop her tongue assault on me and I’d feel it slipping between my rod and the excess skin. Then she’d work it around the inside of my skin, completely circumnavigating my rod several times before stipping. When she did stop she allowed my skin to fully slide back into place and then would grip that overhand and suck it into her mouth and I could feel it sliding down the back of her throat, then she’d use her tongue to wrap around it and slowly pull it back out. She did that several times and I thought I was going to erupt into her mouth if she didn’t stop.
“Henry,” I managed to say, “Where in the hell did you find this one?”
“Simply amazing. Isn’t she,” he replied.
“Absolutely the best cocksucker I’ve ever run across, be that male or female.”
I laid back on my pillow and watched as she continued working on me. Henry was behind her and I could tell my his actions that he was fingering her cunt, getting her juices stirred up once more. When it was finally time to sink my rod into her I knew I’d slide in quite easily. I continued to watch him as he worked her to a frenzy, with her hips moving in time to the motions he’d established with his hand, keeping in time with each thrust of his fingers. He pulled out and moved to the head of the bed and offered those wet fingers to me, and I opened my mouth, allowing him to stick them, one at a time, into my oral cavity. I closed my mouth and greedily sucked his wife’s juices off them and and into my mouth. In only a few minutes he had three fingers in my mouth and I was sucking on them like as if I was sucking on a cock.
That’s when Henry moved closer to me, allowing me to see his hard, and aching cock, leaking profusely with pre cum, as he pointed it towards my open mouth. I eagerly accepted his rod and sucked on it, much like LuAnn was doing to my cock. As with all the black cocks I’d sucked on, the feeling of velvetyness always surprised me. How in the hell could anything be so hard and still feel like a fine piece of fabric, begging to be touched and carressed? I’ll never figure that one out.
Anyway, I worked on his cock as he pumped it into my eager mouth. I felt his skin slide on and off his cock head with each movement and, while he didn’t have as much extra skin as I did, it was till enough to feel it slightly slide down the back of my tongue, but not deep into my throat. Using my tongue I pushed his skin back onto and down his rod and concentrated on his cock head, swirling my tongue around it, in and out of his skin, and sucking on it, doing my best to get him to shoot his load. I was shortly rewarded with 5 full shots of his semen. I continued to lick and suck on him until he deflated in my mouth and I reluctantly released him, feeling him flop against my chin as he withdrew.
I had completely forgotten how good LuAnn was working on my own rod, but she’d already stopped and was on her knees watching me suck her husband to completion. When she saw I was finished she moved upwards on my body once again, this time stopping right above my cock, which she took into her hand while she slightly raised herself above me. There was just enough room for her to pull my cock into position below her opened hole and then she lowered herself, making sure my cock was lined up properly with her dripping gap, and slowly inserted me into that gap.
She took her time descending onto me, taking it slowly and I could see my foreskin being pushed to the base of my cock. Her vaginal lips were encasing my rod and being partially pulled into her the further I entered. She stopped just long enough to move up and down on my rod for a bit, then she continued to lower herself until I was finally completely embedded in her hot, clinging, and very excited pussy. As with her throat earlier, her pussy seemed to have a deathgrip on my cock, squeezing it for all it was worth. It almost reminded me of Rob, when he was sucking me and humming at the same time. This woman knew how to use that pussy between her legs and she used it like a pro. I was literally in heaven as she commenced to move up and down on my rod again.
Henry moved over to her and presented her with his growing cock, and she quickly pulled his skin back and kissed his cock head, before sucking the whole thing into her mouth and throat without stopping. I could see her throat moving around his rod and I knew she was using her tongue on the underside of his cock.
All I could do was lay there and watch.
I enentually got to working my hips, pushing my cock into her. At one time she stopped moving completely, concentrating on her blow job for Henry and that’s when I once again ‘took over’ and started moving my hips and driving into her once more. I didn’t want this experience to stop. I mean, it’s not every day you get to fuck a beautiful woman while she sucks on her husband’s cock.
“Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss,” I heard Henry yell, and I knew he was depositing another load, this time into his wife’s mouth instead of mine. She continued to work his rod until he finally pulled out and collapsed on the bed right next to me. I could tell by his breathing that he was worn out. Hell, I’d be in the same position in only a few more minutes myself.
I felt my balls starting to tingle and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold this eruption back much longer. Then, when I was least expecting it, LuAnn put a move on me that gripped my cock like never before and I began to empty my aching balls directly into her molten pussy. He juices were literally running down the length of my cock and dripping from my balls, running down my ass crack, and joining all the other residue already on the sheets. She lay her head on my chest and I could hear her heavy breathing as well. I let her stay there while I deflated in her pussy, allowing myself to slide out of her when it was ready, and I felt the deposit I’d just made joining all those that had leaked before them.
I was definitely going to have to wash these sheets before going to bed tonight.
All three of us were exhausted now. All we could do was lay there, covered with sweat and cum, and close our eyes. We didn’t wake up til the next morning, sleeping on those wet sheets after all.

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