My 1st anal experience…

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My 1st anal experience…
Hey all, this is my very first time I discovered and experienced anal sex. We lived in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia, back in those days all the k**s used to hang out and play on our bikes, skateboards, playing cricket, footy and soccer in the street till late at night…

Three houses up from ours were a family – 3 brothers and 2 sisters, I hung out with them a lot and they had a double garage that was turned into a billiards room it had a small kitchen, lounge room, shower and toilet. The oldest brother was 25 years old, he used to sort of look out for me and protect me as I was 18 years old and I admired and looked up to him. I had fucked a few girls but I didn’t realise I was turned on blokes, well this one in particular. In summer he always wore tight rugby shorts with a tight singlet, he was muscular, hairy and I used to perve on him, he sometimes used to catch me out and would give me a cheeky grin.

About 8 of us k**s always used to play pool together and I always got pissed off cause I was never good at it, but I wanted to get better, so the 25yo used to try and teach me, he would get behind me and hold my hands and talk in my ear, his mouth very fucken close to my ear and he would press his body into mine while all the other k**s were there mucking around, I always got nervous and would slowly push back up against him so I could feel his cock on my arse.

One Sunday afternoon I was at home doing my homework in the back veranda with my sister, the 25yo old comes over and starts talking to my sister and me, then he asked my sister if I could come play pool with him, my sis said no worries. Walking up to his house he was telling me he’s going to teach me to be the greatest player and then I will be beating all the other k**s in the street and maybe even him, I loved it. Walking up his driveway there were no cars and the house was quiet, I asked, “Everyone out”, he replied, “Yeah, they’ve gone visiting and won’t be back for a while, it’s just you and me, you ok with that”. I was very ok with that as he had his tight shorts and singlet on and I reckon he wasn’t wearing underwear. I replied, “Yeah cool”, with a smirk!

He lets me walk into the garage first and I noticed he locked the door behind him, he turned the TV on and said, “Ok I’m going to watch you first hit a couple of balls and then I’ll come over and give you a hand”. It was a hot summer’s day and it was really hot in the garage, as he walked to the kitchen I was setting up the balls he took his singlet off and poured us some cold water. He had an awesome masculine physique, him being Lebanese his body matured early, hairy, muscular and sexy, very fucken hot, I was getting horny.

He walks back puts the water on the table and sits on the lounge with his legs apart, says to me, “I’m watching now, show me your shots, and a mate of mine might be coming over soon”. With that he lights a cigarette and started scratching his cock and balls, I was so nervous looking at his sexy body I really couldn’t focus on playing pool, I didn’t know where to look, he knew this and was touching his crotch, nervous as hell I began hitting a couple of balls, he says, “Now, slow down a bit and aim, think of which hole you want the ball to go into”. I nodded, he now starts stroking his semi hard cock over his footy shorts, I was nervous as hell. He says to me, “I’ve seen you watching me you know”. He grins and puts the cigarette out and walks towards me, “I’m going to stand here while you take your aim, once you’re ready to hit the ball let me know and I’ll guide you”.

I start aiming and said, “Ready”, I then feel him come up behind me, he grabs my hands with his thick hands, mounts his chest on my back, I smell his man sweat which starts to drive me crazy, he presses his body onto mine and pushes his cock onto my arse, my heart is racing, then he whispers in my ear, “Focus hard, look at the white ball and imagine it hitting the other ball in the exact place you want it too, are you focussing”? I take a deep breath and reply, “I think so”. I could feel his thick hard cock pressing harder up against my arse and I began slowly pushing my arse back up against his cock. He squeezes my hands hard and starts nibbling at my ear with heavy breaths as he slowly pelvic thrusts me and says, “I want to fuck your sweet arse”, I nodded and moaned, and pushed harder up against his cock. He was sweating and I wanted to lick his shoulders, trying to get under his armpits but I couldn’t cause of the tight grip he had over me. I was horny as hell, my cock was hard and my arsehole was getting very hungry, the first time ever to feel my arsehole twitch with hunger, great sensation. He released one of his hands and started playing with my arse then he slowly pulled my shorts and undies down to my knees exposing my virgin sweet hole.

He began massaging my hole with one finger as he moans and says, “Mmm tight sweet young hole”, the sensation of his finger massaging my hole was driving me crazy. With my free hand I reached round and was feeling his big thick cock, I sighed when I felt it as this was my first cock I’ve touched, apart from mine. As I’m stroking his big cock over his shorts his cock head starts protruding out of the shorts I sigh and he moans.

He then puts his finger in his mouth and saliva’s it, then starts massaging my hole and gently starts probing into my hole, I began moaning and said, “Oh fuck that feels good”. I was pressing my hand harder at his cock, moaning as he managed to put half his finger in my hole as he slowly was digging in and out. He then reaches with his other hand and takes my shorts and undies off then grabs my leg and places it on the pool table, which now fully exposes my virgin hole for him to do as he pleases. I begin licking his sweaty armpits which smells and tastes salty and fucken horny as, this excites him more, he begins to finger fuck me harder and faster, my hand has now gripped round his big cock, I’m moaning with ecstasy as his having his way with my virgin hole slamming his finger deeper, harder, deeper and faster, “You like this”, he says, “Ooh yeah, keep fingering my hole” as I moaned, he slows the pace down pulls his finger out of my hole, then shoves it back in deep and starts swirling his finger round in my arse, I moan with pleasure as he was touching something that was sending me over the edge, my body started trembling.

He bends down and slaps my arse pulls his finger out of my arse and shoves his mouth over my arse hole and tongue fucks my hole like a genius, I moan louder as the pleasure is unbelievable, my cocks hard as a rock and seeping pre cum, this feeling is extraordinary. When I had fucked those few girls the feeling was nothing compared to this. So I grab his head with my hand and pushed it deeper into my arse the pleasure is so strong my legs begin to tremble and I’m moaning louder, in total bliss. He slaps my arse and drives his fingerer deep in my hole as he tongue bashes my hole at the same time, this mans a fucking b**st, he was growling, “You want my cock up there”.

As I moan with pleasure, he stands up pulls his shorts off, spits on his hand and lubes up my hole and gently presses his cock head against my hole, teasing my hungry hole with his thick throbbing cock head. I moan and said, “Fuck that feels good, but I wanna suck your cock first”. I take my leg off the pool table turn around grab him and pressed him against the pool table.

His cock is hard as a rock, round 7.5 inches and thick as a beer can, with a slight bent to the left. I start licking his piss hole, he begins moaning, the stench of his sweaty hairy cock was exciting me more. I stare up at him and his looking at me with a horny grin he grabs my head with his hands and gently forces my mouth deep onto his cock. I begin gagging as it starts hitting the back of my throat. He keeps holding my head still and says, “Good boy, hold it there”. I relaxed and then he grabs my head tighter and slowly thrusts his cock deeper into my throat until I have it all the way in. I gag again and he says, “Relax”. I was so turned on whilst gagging and looking up at his hairy masculine body, my first cock deep in my mouth and I was fucken loving it, I was a cock hog there and then.

He gently releases his hands but caressing my head, I start moving up and down on his big fat cock, saliva all over his cock and dripping from my mouth, I was at a good pace sucking and deep throating his cock and every now and then gagging, but I continued and he’d slap my face and say, “Good Boy, you suck my cock real good”. I had suddenly become an expert cock sucker. Then suddenly we hear a car come up the driveway and the horn beeps, I fucken shit myself as I pulled away from his cock. He says, “Don’t worry it’s my mate”, I was still scared and said innocently, “Ok, but what do we do now”? He replies, “I’ll unlock the door and you continue sucking my cock”. Im still scared shitless about his friend but super turned on at the same time, now I get it this horny bloke planned this!

He walks to the door, unlocks it and walks back over and grabs my head and puts my mouth over his cock, “Keep sucking” he says. I start sucking his cock, thinking fucken hell his mates gonna walk in and here I am feeding on this awesome cock like a dog on heat. The door opens slowly and they start speaking Arabic and laughing in between. As I’m sucking cock I can see his mate was taller real mean looking with more muscles and a sexy beer gut, hairier as well, he was wearing tight white footy shorts, no top, barefoot and covered in tatts I reckon he was in his early 30’s.

I’ll continue the rest of the story later !!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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