My Birthday Present

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My Birthday Present
It was Saturday, the best day of the week and it had also been my birthday at the beginning of that week. I was doing what I normally did on those weekends when I had no football which was to go round Melissa’s house. We’d been together for nearly a year and both shared a love for football going most times when our team was at home and then saw each other each Saturday they were away. Melissa was three months older than me and in the year above me at school so we didn’t see a lot of each other during weekdays but we saw each other whenever possible in the evening and at weekends.
Although we had been going out for about ten months we hadn’t yet had sex but it wasn’t a problem as we got on great, loved kissing especially with tongues and we touched each other intimately as often as we could, in fact on our first date Melissa had let me slip my hands inside her jeans so my fingers could feel her knickers then further down until I felt her pubic hair. She did appear a bit reluctant at first but soon relented because she loved how it made her feel It was very thick and coarser than the hair on her head and I loved stroking and caressing it and she loved me rubbing her pussy because she got wet when I did it. Melissa liked returning the favour on me by caressing my pubes and stroking my cock. The first time she did it I came on her fingers and was a bit embarrassed but I know she didn’t mind as she put her fingers in her mouth and licked the semen off my cock with her tongue and this had now become a regular part of our sex play. Our other favourite act which we did whenever we were alone in the house was for each one of us to take it in turns to go up to the bathroom, shut the door, take off all our clothes and wrap ourselves in a bath towel. Then call the other one in who would unwrap the bath towel. I used to love Melissa staring at my body and I loved staring at hers. Our pet name for her tits was “The Twins” and I just loved playing with them. For a girl of her age Melissa had more than her fair share and I couldn’t get enough of them. We would caress each other in the bathroom and sometimes she even wanked me off which was fantastic but I just loved her stroking me and playing with my pubic hair. On one occasion Melissa had asked if she could “shave my willy” but I had declined because I was worried it would be noticeable if in the shower after games my willy was bald, even though I secretly loved the idea of her doing it. When Melissa was naked she always seemed a bit nervous as I took the towel away because she was a bit conscious of her body even though it was beautiful which I always seemed to be telling her but I loved feeling and sucking her breasts and stroking her full pubic bush. It was that thick and curly I also liked combing it making her pubes stand to attention and licking them was fantastic. Full sex was coming it was just a question of when the time was right.
I had always loved girls with hairy pussies in fact secretly I had a real thing for girls with a lot of body hair, under their arms and between their legs and had magazines at home full of hairy girls but then a little while ago I was flicking through the latest edition of my favourite magazine when I got a very pleasant surprise.
There was this gorgeous girl with long hair, naked of course and in the first couple of pictures she had her back to the camera but when she turned round I discovered to my delight that she had shaved her pussy. It was completely bald and I feasted my eyes on my first shaven pussy. A shaved girl in a bloke’s magazine was in itself a rarity at that time as the fashion was to sport a full unshaved bush. I was fascinated by it. I loved the look that she was shaved so smooth it seemed that she had never had any pubic hair down there in the first place. Even the dialogue was turned me on because it questioned why a girl would want to “smother shaving foam lavishly over her pubic region, take a straight razor and perhaps whilst whistling softly to her self shave off her groin camouflage” I was so taken by it that I had tried to get Melissa to shave her pubes off but like me she’d declined. She said she would also be wary in the shower after games saying she’d feel like a porn star if she had a shaved pussy also she thought her mum would go mad if she saw her shaved.
On my birthday earlier that week Melissa had given me some cassettes that I’d wanted as a present. I had seen her on my birthday and we went on a walk down to the farm. We liked it there because we could be alone to French kiss and do other things and it was here that Melissa had given me my present. She also told me that I had another present to come but she still had a bit of work to do on it yet and that I would have to wait until Saturday to get it. She said that she was sorry but also promised it would be worth the wait. I was intrigued and a little excited and I couldn’t wait for Saturday to come.
When Saturday finally came it was a bright sunny day and I went round to Melissa’s after lunch. She greeted me at the door and we kissed and then she told me her parents had gone visiting relatives and we had the house to ourselves for the whole afternoon and most of the evening. When we kissed Melissa slipped her tongue into my mouth so I returned the favour and I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra because her tits were loose inside her dress and I could feel her nipples protruding. It was obvious she was in a frisky mood.
She said she had been waiting for me and by this time my erection was busting to get out of my jeans. We went into the living room and I just wanted to tear her dress off and suck her tits. Melissa could see I was excited and she told me to be patient as she tapped my erection “But I want to see you naked, feel the twins and kiss every inch of your body”. “Well why don’t I go upstairs and slip into something less cool” she said at which point she started walking upstairs. I followed her but she said “no” you wait down here and I’ll call you when I’m ready you lovely boy”. After about two minutes Melissa called me up and I went upstairs. I walked into the bathroom and couldn’t believe my eyes. Normally we would greet each other in the bathroom with a bath towel wrapped around our naked bodies, but not today, Melissa was standing there stark naked. She looked beautiful. The twins were standing to attention and her pubes had clearly been combed as they were beautifully kempt. ”You look beautiful” I said and Melissa sat down on the side of the bath “Well come and kiss me then” she said at which point we French kissed vigorously. After what seemed a blissful age Melissa said “You remember on your birthday I said you’d have to wait for the second part of your present” ”Yes” I replied “Well here it is” she said opening the bathroom cabinet and taking out a parcel. I was a bit surprised because I wasn’t expecting the second part of my present at that particular moment in time but at the same time I was also a little intrigued. ”Before you open it take all your clothes off” Melissa said “Are you sure” I replied now really intrigued. ”Yes, I want you naked for this” she said so I started to strip, T shirt, jeans, socks, as I took my clothes off I noticed Melissa gently stroking her pubic hair then I turned my back on her and pulled my pants down. I turned back and faced her stark naked and my penis was rock hard. She looked me up and down and then said “open your present now”. Completely unaware of what was inside the parcel I started to unwrap it and imagine my surprise when what fell out of it was a can of Gillette Foamy shaving cream and two Mach 3 razors.
I did have a moustache which I wondered if Melissa wanted me to shave so I asked her “Do you want me to shave my moustache off ?” She said “No, I do, the second part of your present is to shave my pussy”. I was shocked at what she had just said.. “I know you’ve wanted to do it and I’ve wanted you to but was worried because I knew it would raise questions in the changing room, why and how I did it but I want it off now and as it’s the school holidays my pubic hair has got time to grow back so nobody would be any the wiser if it was shaved off now and it would help because it is summer so there would no stray hairs when I wear my bikini”.
As she was speaking I think I had the hardest erection of my life and I wanted to shoot my load at the thought of shaving the pubes of this beautiful girl standing in front of me. “Are you sure that’s what you want me to do ? ” I said. “Yes” she said “Just take it all off”. I went into Melissa’s bedroom hardly able to believe my luck, took her ladyshave which she used to shave her legs and underarms out of the wardrobe and returned to the bathroom still wondering if I was dreaming. ”Where did you go” Melissa said “Just to get your shaver” I replied at which point I plugged it into the power point on the shaving mirror “I’m just going to trim you up then I’ll shave you really smooth with the razors” “Ummm” Melissa groaned as she got aroused “Do this properly” she said “This is my beloved bush we’re talking about here and I want it shaved off properly”. I switched the ladyshave on and it buzzed into life. ”Lean back on the bath” I said “I want to see every hair” and with that I moved the shaver towards Melissa’s bush which stood so beautifully rigid, unaware that it was about to be removed and with that I touched her skin with it. Melissa gave out a gasp and with that I ran the shaver down straight through the centre of her bush from the centre of her pubes down to the top of her pussy lips. As the shaver moved through her bush a bald line appeared and shaved pubes flew everywhere. As I moved the shaver away I looked at my handywork. Melissa’s pussy looked like a Mohican in reverse, hair either side and a tramline in the middle. I quickly shaved the sides and under her pussy and up to her arse till Melissa was left with a pussy with two or three days beard growth. Melissa seemed a bit shocked and picked up a clump of hair that had been despatched to the bathroom floor. “I loved my bush but I must admit I like the thought of walking around with my pussy shaved and nobody else knowing about it and also just to know what it feels like”. I loved every word Melissa was saying
“What we should do now” I said “is take a shower to soften your hairs so they can be shaved easily with the Mach 3s” “Ok” Melissa said but there is something else we need to do first” she said. Then she picked up the ladyshave and fired it up. I knew what was coming next but I was powerless to do anything about it. Melissa applied the ladyshave to my pubic region and my pubes were quickly falling to the floor. I could feel my cock pumping as every hair of my bush was shaved off and it seemed in no time that I was completely bald. When she had finished Melissa turned off and unplugged the ladyshave and we both stood facing each other with our designer stubble round our groins. Melissa turned the bath taps on and held her hand under the water waiting to get the right temperature then after a few seconds switched the shower lever on and water came cascading out of the showerhead. With that we both got into the shower. As the water covered our naked bodies we kissed like never before, our tongues caressing each other and I think we both knew this was the time for us to make love. “I want you so bad” I said. “Me too” Melissa replied “But we’ve got to do this properly so we’ve both got to be shaved really smooth”. I was almost transfixed by every word Melissa was saying. I had secretly loved the idea of having all my pubic hair shaved off and here was the opportunity so I wasn’t going to pass it up.
It was time so I reached to the sink and grabbed the shaving foam and Mach 3s and I looked Melissa straight in the eye as I shook the can vigorously, ”Do it” she said .”Sit down on the side of the bath” I said, so Melissa did. She parted her legs and as she did I could see her pussy lips all swollen. I sprayed loads of foam into the palm of my left hand and with my right I applied it to her pussy until it was completely obscured. Then I took the razor, leant down and with three strokes shaved her completely bald. There was a crunching sound as each pube was parted from her body. I ran the razor all over her again just to make sure every hair was gone then pulled her pussy gently to the side to make sure there was no hair left in her tight areas and then with a wet flannel cleaned of what little bit of shaving foam was left. That was it. For the first time in her life Melissa’s pussy was shaved completely bald. It looked absolutely fantastic. “I love it” Melissa said and I couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t keep my hands of it and I just loved the smooth feel of it and I was quite proud of what I had created .I bent down and kissed her and I could tell she liked that because as I did it Melissa moved her legs wider apart and I couldn’t resist slipping my tongue inside her pussy. It was so juicy I couldn’t help myself. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever tasted and with a gasp Melissa let forth a huge explosion into my mouth. That was it I could feel my penis swelling and then it happened and I shot a huge load of spunk over Melissa. My penis kept pumping and spunk kept coming out. We kissed and I would have happily stayed in that position for ever. “The shows not over yet” Melissa said “Now its your turn” she said “ Sit over there” I did and with that Melissa sprayed shaving foam all over my stubbly pubic region and then massaged it in with her hand. She was pretty generous with the foamy and soon my entire groin was covered form the tip of my arse to the top of my now shorn pubic hair. Then not a moment too soon Melissa picked up a new Mach 3 and shaved off all my stubble starting above my penis, carefully using her hand to position my groin so she could get into the tight corners, then rinsing the razor off and continuing shaving the shaft of my penis delicately. I did think that Melissa seemed quite expert at shaving me and for that I wasn’t complaining and when she had made my shaft smooth she started on my balls removing every hair from them until she was finished. Then Melissa turned on the shower again and said “Lets both get washed off” I was transfixed and responded to every word she said. We tongued in the shower once again and I could feel another load building up inside me. I was very turned on by my new bald look and I adored the smooth feel of it and as for Melissa I just wanted to caress her shaven pussy “Without my pubic hair I feel totally naked” she said “You look absolutely beautiful” I said and with that we kissed again then Melissa looked me in the eye and said “Its time, I want you to fuck me” I think we both knew that today would end up in full sex
“I’m going to take you to bed” I said but lets clean our teeth first so our breath smells nice” and with that we finished of in the shower, dried each other off and cleaned our teeth. When we had finished We kissed again “Does my breath smell nice ?” Melissa said “Oh yes” I said what about mine?, “Lovely” she said and with that I picked Melissa up in my arms, she gave a little satisfied wimper as I did, and took her to her bedroom and laid her down on her bed. I kissed her bald pussy once again and we both climbed into bed. We spent the rest of that afternoon making love. It was as if the desire that had built up inside both of us was released all in one go. “We should have done this ages ago” Melissa said “I know but I knew it would be best when you were ready” I replied. It was the most fantastic afternoon ever. Melissa even sucked me off a couple of times. Being caressed by her tongue was the best feeling imaginable and when we had sex again Melissa let out a huge gasp” That was fantastic” she exclaimed and with that she retreated to the bathroom. I wasn’t sure what she was doing but then she returned holding the razor again. She sat next to me on the bed and said “You don’t need a moustache to show me you’re a man and then she shaved it off and brushed the hairs away. “You want to be careful” I said “The way we’re going we’re going to end up having our heads shaved before the end of the day” “The way I feel at the moment I could be up for it” I looked at Melissa unsure if she was actually joking or if she did actually want me to shave her head “If only I had a wig to wear” Then I knew she was joking. I’d had my moustache for about six months and looked at myself in the mirror. It was a bit strange because I’d grown used to having it but now it was gone and the sensual thought of being shaved began to overcome me once again and I returned to Melissa on the bed and we kissed once more which again ended up in more great sex. After we had finished we got dressed again and went downstairs for something to eat. We had both worked up a hell of an appetite from our afternoons work. For the rest of that day we just sat about drinking, talking and watching TV. When I went home I was absolutely knackered but felt fantastically exhilarated.
The week following when I was round Melissa’s again we made love again and I was delighted to see that Melissa was still shaved completely smooth .She said she loved it so much that she had shaved again. I obviously couldn’t let the side down so I went to the bathroom and shaved off my seven days pubic hair growth. This was definitely the sort of habit I liked. and I loved the thought of walking around with a secret that only I knew, well and Melissa as well that I had absolutely no pubic hair. Also Melissa asked if anybody had commented on my sudden lack of moustache and I said that some people had mentioned it and I’d told them just got tired of it so I’d shaved it off. If only they knew the real story.
As we lay in bed Melissa told me about how mischievous she had been. “The day after she’d been shaved Melissa was in the shower when Penny, her sister walked into the bathroom and Melissa thought “I’ll have some fun here” so she finished her shower, turned the tap off and threw open the shower curtain. Penny’s eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw Melissa’s bald pussy” “What happened to your bush” she asked “I shaved it off” Melissa replied. She was really inquisitive “Has Chris seen it” she enquired “Oh yes” Melissa replied “Seen it fucked it and it was just fantastic. I didn’t tell her that you were shaved too” Melissa continued “Oh you should have done” I replied “Besides in a funny way I’ really quite proud of It”.. Then a couple of days later when the roles were reversed Melissa went into the bathroom to wash and clean her teeth when Penny was having a bath. Melissa didn’t think anything was amiss because the water was up to Penny’s neck and the bottom of the bath wasn’t visible from the sink. Then Penny got up and went to get out of the bath she stood there and said to Melissa “Can you pass me the towel please Mel” Melissa looked at her as she stood there naked and suddenly Melissa noticed, no pubic hair. Penny too had shaved off her pubes in the last couple of days “You’ve shaved as well” exclaimed Melissa “Well you didn’t think I was going to be the hairiest girl in the house did you?” Penny replied, “I thought I’d give Mum that dubious accolade, anyway she’s so shaggy down below I don’t think she has ever shaved off her bush, Can you imagine Dad’s face if she suddenly walked into the bedroom naked and completely bald ” she continued “Hey what do you think Mum would say if she knew we’d both shaved ?” “She’d go nuts” Melissa replied “Anyway when did you shave?” ”Yesterday when you were out I locked the bathroom door, cut my pubes short with the scissors and shaved off what was left. You’re right it’s fantastic I love it and I’m going to surprise Rob with it tonight. He’s never seen me bald so I can’t wait to see his face when I let him pull my knickers down as he likes to do so much” “It must have taken you a bit of time because your pussy was really hairy” ”You’re not wrong probably the best part of an hour hairy to smooth” and with that Melissa and I started to make love again almost proud in the knowledge that not only were we now passionate lovers, but trend setters as well.

The End

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