My brother-in-law Jake

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My brother-in-law Jake
I lay on my back with my legs lifted slightly and spread wide. My left hand slowly maneuvering a smallish plexiglass dildo in and out of my hole. I bought it for myself as an 18th birthday present and it had quickly become one of my favorite possessions.

I’m Ryan. My parents died in a car wreck 3 years ago, and I’ve lived with my older sister Claire ever since. She’s seven years older than me, and has been married for the past 5. Her husband Jake is the hottest man I’ve EVER seen. He’s 6’2’’ and works out every day. He’s like a real life god, and he loves to walk around the house in his boxers. Claire yells at him when he does it, but she’s away on business a lot so I still get to see him in his near-naked glory pretty often.

He definitely knows that I’m gay, and I’m pretty sure that he knows that I have a thing for him. He’s just one of those straight guys who gets off on the attention.

I’m a senior at Rockwald High I just turned 18 a couple months ago. I’m 5’8’’ with a very slim build; a lot of guys at school think my figure is feminine, and I’m not gonna lie, I kind of love it when they call me girly.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a guy, but there is something about feeling pretty that makes me rock hard.

Right now… I am rock hard, as I continue to slowly fuck myself. My right hand wanders all around my body caressing my skinny thighs and then slowly up over my flat stomach and brushing past my light brown nipples. I put 2 fingers into my mouth tasting the saltiness of my own skin. savoring it.

I love t take my time, and tonight i have hours. Claire’s out of town again and Jake is gonna go straight from work to the gym to a poker game.

I imagine Jake at the gym, sweaty and hard. Lifting with his gym buddies. I moan louder. Jake changing out of his smelly gym clothes and walking into the showers wearing only his flip flops. I take my hand wet hand from my mouth and begin to stroke my cock. never stopping the the rhythmic assault on my ass.

My hand is slippery and as I feel it on my dick my whole body shudders. I close my eyes and arch my back and moan louder still. Until –

I was in heaven – and abruptly I fall all the way back to earth when I feel a rough hand press against my chest pinning me to the bed. I throw opens my eyes and try to squirm under the weight of it… Jake is staring down at me.

I think i might die of embarrassment. I am stark naked, hard-as-hell and there’s a shiny dildo sliding out of me.

“what the fuck are you doing?” Jake says

“Get out of my room. What are you doing, let me go” He doesn’t let me go and he is so much stronger than me. His face is so intense. But I can’t really read it. Is that anger or something else?

“What the fuck are you doing?” He repeats slowly as if I simply hadn’t understood him the first time.

My mouth opens and closes as i try to come up with an answer that wouldn’t be unbearable to actually say out loud.

“I was beating off okay” I say loudly “now let me go and get out of my room.”

His right hand pushes hard into my collar and his left hand reaches down between my thighs. He slaps the dildo that is still almost all the way inside of me.

My whole body quakes, and my dick that had gone limp from humiliation explodes back into a full hardon.

“Ooooh fuck” I moan

“What the fuck are you doing?” Jake repeats this time pushing the dildo slowly into me.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck” i squeak. Jake stops. He looks down at my dick which is steadily oozing precum and then back into my eyes. He begins sliding the dildo in and then out.

“Oh god, Jake. Stop it. What are you doing?” He’s gonna make me cum.

Silently he continues to fuck the dildo in and out of my ass. I continue to plead for him to stop. The idea of coming in front of him is mortifying.

I’m losing control. “Oh Jake please stop. you’re gonna make me cum. oh fuck, Jake. oh fuck fuck plea-

Glaring (angrily?) down at me, he moves his hand from my collar to puts his fingers into my mouth. Why is he doing this? My body is going crazy. I can’t take it; I’m gonna shoot my load… just a few more seconds… suddenly Jake stops moving

He brings the dildo slowly out me. and drops it on the floor next to my bed. He starts pulling down his shorts. I notice his enormous erection for the first time. It’s huge inside of his athletic shorts; looks like he did go to the gym after all.

I watch as he undresses, still not certain I can believe what is happening. He smells like sweat and sex. His dick pulses as he rubs it against me. Leaving a trail of precum on my thighs. I want to reach out and touch it, but I don’t dare move for fear of ruining what has to be the greatest moment of my life so far.

I drink in the sight of him, the angles and sharpness of his muscled body. He is breathing shallowly, almost panting as he uses the hand that had been in my mouth to lubricate my hole. It doesn’t really need it, but thats okay – the feeling of his fingers pressing into me is most incredible sensation. He stares down at me as he fingers my hole and then lowers his face to mine.

I think he is going to kiss me – his face is so close – but he doesn’t. He puts his lips to my ear and whispers, “ I know you’ve been waiting for this. You fucking pussy. You’ve wanted this real mans dick for years. haven’t you?” When I don’t respond he smacks me right on my asshole. “I asked you a question Ryan.”

I’m filled with the slightest bit of shame, but he’s not wrong. “Yes. I’ve wanted this for years.”

“What have you wanted Ryan. Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Beg for it. Beg for me to use your pussy.”

“Please Jake, Please fuck me.”

He doesn’t waste a second, but steadily pushes himself into me – all the way to the balls. I felt him filling and stretching me: an incredible mix of pain and pleasure. “Fuck you’re so tight” he whispers – his face still next to mine. Slowly he pulls all the way out, and then more aggressively reinsert his dick into me, eliciting a loud moan. I reach down and grab his ass, pulling him in – hoping he’ll stay – knowing that he won’t. He pulls back and then lays into me. Fucking me so hard I think I might split in two. It’s too much for me, Without even touching myself I feel myself cumming. The biggest load ever. I dont know if Jake notices but he keeps fucking me as if he doesn’t

The whole time he fucks me, he keep his face just next to mine. Never making eye contact. I can feel his labored breath on my neck as l listen to the rhythmic sounds of his body slapping into mine.

Eventually he slows, and gasps, “Of fucking I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna shoot inside you Ryan. aw, fuck. You want this load?” His stroke becomes erratic and I feel his cock throbbing inside of me. He stills after a few moments and lays there inside me until his legs stops quivering and his breathing slows.

He takes himself out of me and slaps his slippery dick against my legs and balls. Which hurt a bit He laughs when I flinch. Then picking up his clothes, he leaves without saying a word.

I lay there motionless wondering What in the actual fuck just happened…. and how soon it might happen again.

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