my d****k s*****r

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my d****k s*****r
my sister was 20 at the time, i was 17,
we were both on a night out clubbing, me with my mates and my sister with her friends,
when the night was over we got a taxi together to go home. my sister was really pissed that night but i wasn’t too bad, i was drunk but i’ve been a lot worse.
once in the house i wanted more drink, so headed straight for the fridge, all we had was white wine, that would do the job i thought. so i poured two big glasses and went to sit down beside my cute drunken sister
i should tell you i’ve always fancied my sister, ever since i was young and always fantisised about her, always trying to catch a glimse of her in the shower. shes a fairly large girl with a cute face but the most amazing fuckable tits ive ever seen. that night she was poured into her tight fitting low cut dress.
we chatted for a few mins about the night we d had and about different guys and gals we had danced with. it wasn t long before my drunken s*s was falling asleep. i said fuck it and drank her wine aswell as my own,
Thats when the crazy thoughts came to my mind, it was time to have some fun with s*s,
first i started running my hand through her hair, no response, so then across her face,
hmm, still no response
my hand drifted lower onto her tits, through her dress i had a good squeeze and feel, still no reaction, so i slipped my hand inside her top, cupping her huge breast, i rubbed her nipples and played with those boobs for 10 mins and the only response were her nipples getting hard.
this was turning into a great fucking night and the wine was making me very brave and invinsible.
the next thing i knew, my hand was on her thigh slowly moving up under her dress, higher and higher, it was awkward, her legs were closed tight but i made it up to her knickers, slowly sliding a finger inside her knickers feeling a little forest area, i pushed my luck further sliding lower, looking for her slit.
i knew i was close because suddenly she groaned sunk into the seat a bit more and opened her legs gently.
this was enough for me to start finger fucking s*s, suprisingly she was already damp, allowing me to finger fuck her hard. after 5 mins doing this, i thought it was my turn to have fun, so i stood up and unzipped my fly, pulled out my now hard cock and aimed for her mouth, which she gladly opened on command, for the next 15 mins i fucked her mouth senseless, then blasted a load of cum into her to swallow, which im sure she did. she never opened her eyes once that night so i dont know if she remembers a thing. i went straight to bed afterwards, fully drained and satisfied.
she never ever said anything about that night. so i dont know if she has a clue what happened.
now my sister is married with k**s and lives in america, we talk maybe twice a year, but i still dream of those tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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