My first man!

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My first man!
My first, and last in some ways!

Here’s the story! Bear with me (That doesn’t mean you hairy guys need to do anything but read!).

When I was 20 I was living in North Florida (a “few” years ago) and met an fantastic man, Joe or Joseph by birth, he was 49 and a Cardiologist at a nearby hospital (I didn’t know that right away maybe a couple weeks).

Joe was amazing, German/Austrian heritage with grayed blonde hair and blue eyes, a tennis players body and a fantastic 9 inch uncut cock (as I would find out one Friday evening).

I met Joe in the typical fashion at a bar (The Hyde Park Lounge in Jacksonville) while out with friends. At first I wasn’t sure why this man kept looking at me and buying me drinks.
At this point in my life I had never voluntarily been with a man (another story for later). Nevertheless, being near broke and wanting to party makes people accept many gifts. No shame…

Now the fun starts… Joe actually comes and sits next to me at the bar and introduces himself, in turn we make small talk for 30 minutes or so, have a couple more drinks then…. His hand to my groin! Cock for those of you who are as biologically challenged. I did not dislike this but did not know how to respond so I just said nothing and went on with the moment. I had to this point thought of myself as hetero but I was really liking the evening at this point, and was starting to show it. I remember telling him we needed to move from the bar or go somewhere else when he said we needed to go to his house (in Mandarin, the town not the dialect, amazing) so off we went.

At his house, more drinks! And then a trip to his pool… Cool thing about his pool, no one else around… Now my evening is somewhere I’ve never thought of, my bare hard cock in another man’s hand. My eyes dancing all around for escape routes… Then he changed my thought process all together. He lifted me onto the edge of the pool and put my cock into his talented mouth, at this point I couldn’t think of a reason why this was wrong, or not practiced more. Joe sucked and tongued my cock just enough, never pushing me to far. Slow, sweet, and incredible. But without warning he stopped and got out of the pool, walking inside and out of sight. I went in the house, towel in hand, and found him in his kitchen… I remember his words to this day, “you need to eat, you’ve drank a lot”, I would have agreed normally but not so much right now. So we had some food, snacks really but it proved his point, our heads (no pun intended) were now less occupied by alcohol… This is when its gets fun…

Joe walked me down the hall to his bedroom, once inside we laid down on his bed, that was the first time I ever kissed a man. And it surely wasn’t going to be the last. He incited a passion in me like no other person has ever done, before or since. His hands rubbing my cock and ass, his thrusting his hard cock against my inner thigh… MMMM, I reached down and grabbed his cock and knew I was going to have learn how to do something with it real soon. So I found out giving head isn’t hard at all, in fact I found it to be the most calming thing I’ve ever done.

Loved it, still do!

Thing is, no one ever told me that if you make him cum orally (oh and he did, filling my mouth, not a gallon but a pint well shot, and a first for me), that some parts of the night may extend for a looonng time, sometimes uncomfortably long. Oh the days before Astroglide, how did we survive….

So, we laid there, my dick hard as $2.00 worth of penny jaw-breakers and stomach full of his best swimmers, and his dick rapidly regaining its girth so to speak (I could hear it stretching like Grandma’s screen door off-putting for your first time)… When, insert the Godzilla is attacking music, he starts playing with my ass… And I mean greasing, fingering and just getting his groove ready (back then no one really ate ass like todays gay porn shows you, it was all hands, toys and cock in your ass) so this was epic for me. I wanted his cock now! And he obliged… Pillow under my ass, missionary, looking straight into his pretty eyes…

Joe slid his cock into me slow, very sweetly, in a few minutes to its length kissing me all along the way. A little grind, a little pulling my hips to him, biting my neck and shoulders with his teeth. Then abruptly, lifting my left leg onto his right shoulder he started to fuck me like I stole his car! I have a deep voice, but I sounded like a 12 year old girl while he made love to me that night, at that point I think my junk receded into me and an actual vagina appeared. I loved every second of it, no smacking ass, no spitting in my face like todays porn or men but real carnal sex… This man took me like a Boss, and in about 20 or so minutes I actually came with no hands on my dick, just him inside me. Just him making love to me like he owned me.

No man has done that since, and a few have tried…

About 10 or so minutes later he pushed that big cock into me to its hilt, pulled me hard against him and came about 2 feet deep in my ass while biting my neck.

That first night started a great 2 year relationship, still to this day no man has ever made me cum harder. Maybe because he was my first…

all of the above is 100% true!

More stories of Joe and I to follow if you want to hear them… Even when he dressed me as a girl, loved it… I remember him saying, “you need to shave your moustache, I have an idea”!


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