My First Woman

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My First Woman
My First Woman
***Chapter 4 of my sexual memoirs following on from
4. The Girl
As I have mentioned before, I had started talking to a girl I got in contact with via a yahoo group (yes this all happened in the early 2000’s and a lot of the internet that was around then has gone!!! FUCK YOU FACEBOOK!!!) Her name was Corrine. She was British, not that you would know it to listen to her. She came from a Jewish family and her parents had divorced when she was very young, and she found herself being made to return to Israel with her mother where she spent most of her c***dhood until her mother who had remarried, had more c***dren. At this point she was sent back to her Father who was living in Pinner, a small town not far from London. We exchanged emails, then started chatting on MSN Messenger. For those of you who don’t know, it was a brilliant precursor to skype which sadly got swallowed by the modern giant. We got talking and things quickly started to turn to a sexual nature. We talked about what our bodies were like, what we liked to do to get off, all innocent but horny stuff.
Soon enough we both agreed we needed to get webcams (yup, this was before the days of built-in ones.) and we waited in wrapped anticipation to use them. Unwilling to wait for a cheaper alternative to arrive, I went out to my local computer shop and grabbed a high quality Logitec Webcam & microphone headset combo – RESULT! I spent the afternoon setting up, installing drivers and getting ready for when Corrine came home. When she got online she told me that her Father had given her a chat headset, and would get her a webcam in a few days. We were both so excited about actually being able to talk to each other and hear the voice of the other. I broke the news that I had managed to secure both a headset and cam and I pressed the video conference button to start our first chat.
After a few seconds, a burst of digital static popped in my headphones and I heard Corrine speak for the first time. “hello?” she called “Is this working?” I immediatley fell in love with the sweet, soft, but heavily accented voice. I suddenly noticed what it was she was asking me about. The video link was still buffering, but as I was about to say as much, I heard Corrine sigh as the video feed connected at her end.
“Oh, hello you” she said with delight.
“Hello, Corrine” I replied and gave a nervous little wave. I knew this was the start of something new, and big.
We spent the next week talking every free moment we could get. And when the day came she said she had a webcam, I couldnt wait. We sat and watched the loading screens and then with a burst of white, her webcam came into life, focusing on her face.
She was beautiful! Her shoulder long brown hair framed a cute little face. Her eyes were mixed colours – one pale blue, the other a grey-green. A beautiful, oval face with a big cheeky smile. She didn’t look her 19 years, the first thought that crossed my mind was maybe she was younger than she said she was. “Surprise” she said. I was speechless, and she could see how lost in her beauty I was. At that point, while still stunned by finally seeing her, Corrine schooched back in her chair slightly and from the opening in the fluffy white dressing gown I could now see she was wearing, she popped out her large, bouncing breasts.
I was immediately aroused by the sight of her, she waved her big, pink nipples at me, then folded her left tit upwards and licked her nipple before shrugging the gown closed. I didn’t know what to say, but fortunately I didn’t need to say anything. “Get naked” she demanded. Without a word of protest I slowly stripped in front of her, allowing my shaft to finishing it’s journey to full erection so as I pulled my trousers down, my enlarged cock bounced out to a startled gasp from Corrine, followed by a giggle.
I sat back in the chair to keep my full naked body in view of the webcam. Corrine bit her lip and I saw her untie the gown, letting it slip from her shoulders. She sat back in the chair but relised she didn’t have the space to do what I had done. She lent forward and picked up the webcam, bringing it right up to her face. “Enjoy the trip” she purred and began to move the cam down her face, licking her lips as they passed, pausing for a close-up on her nipples, her breast being squeezed together between her arms. Down, down over her flat stomach. I could just make out that she was drawing her legs up and must have put her feet on the desk infront of her as the cam moved into her crotch.
I suddenly realized I was looking at her shaven mound as the cleft of her pussy came into view. Her inner lips were already beginning to swell and looked wet. With her free hand she slid her fingers either side of her clitoral hood and gently spread her labia so I could see her tiny, vaginal hole. She dipped a finger in and I became aware that I had begun to u*********sly masturbate. Together we played with ourselves until we reached climax, almost simultaneously. Both of us now breathless, and sticky with our love-juices, we sat back and began chatting idly.
This state of affairs went on for nearly 6 months. Daily webcam wanking and enjoying teasing each other until I finally got some holiday time from my job to make the 4 hour coach journey to London to meet Corrine. I booked a room at a small hotel just 10 minutes walk from her house and when the day rolled round, I was there and on the coach at 6.15am ready to meet her. We had arranged for her to come and meet me at Victoria Station when the coach arrived.
So at a little after midday, when I got of the coach, stretching my now aching joints from the crampt trip, I began to make for the exit. Like something out of a movie, I saw her. The only person in the corridor, backlit by the sunshine streaming in from the street outside. Standing just over 5 feet tall, I dwarfed the beautiful young woman who had become my whole world. I watched as she slowly walked up to me and then flung her arms around my waist. I bent down to hug her back, noticing how delicate she felt in my big, strong arms, and the soft fruity sent of her hair. She was wearing a khaki dress which looked like an old raincoat that had been recycled into fashionable use. She looked up at me with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen, a single tear of joy rolling down her cheek. I kissed it away and we walked to her Father’s waiting car outside.
I slipped into the back of car next to Corrine, and introduced myself politely to the plain looking chap in the driver’s seat, and he did the same. On the 20 minute drive out of the city he explained her had a few basic rules that the two of us were to obey. 1 – we were to go out and enjoy ourselves, he didn’t want us loitering around the house. 2 – No hanky-panky. We were to be sensible young adults and not get busy like rabid a****ls.
So much so that after dropping me off at the hotel, he drove off with Corrine and I was to meet her at the bus station just down the road after settling in to the hotel. I did as so bid thinking that once there the two of us could slip off to my hotel room…no such luck. Corrine was waiting as promised at the bus station, with her father. He had purchased return tickets into Harrow for us and had given Corrine enough money for us to go and have dinner and see a movie. After insisting on seeing us off on the bus, I began to discuss with my beautiful, young girlfriend what our plans were to be. I was all for a meal as I hadn’t eaten since a 4.30am breakfast which seemed a lifetime again now. We both agreed that we would check out the listings a the cinema and take things from there.
I was deeply disappointed when I heard the squeal of delight from my miniature beauty at the prospect of seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 3. I knew she had a thing for Johnny Depp but had hoped that the film would had finished running in the smaller theatres. We grabbed popcorn, drinks and I had a large hot dog too. I managed to get through my food before the main film had even begun to run. I had a good chance to look at her. The strip of freckles that stretched from one cheek to the other across her tiny nose. Her long, pale neck. The sudden swelling of her ample breasts that seemed to be ready to burst from the plain, brown dress. I let my hand slide from the armrest to her thigh which made her sigh slightly. I let my fingers on continue on their way and moved further and further along the inside of her leg, pushing her dress up more and more.
My fingers stopped as they met bare, flesh and stubble. I looked Corrine in the eyes and she smiled with a naughty hint of delight. I rubbed up slightly against the grain of the few days growth, then down until I found the top of her cleft. Slowly, I moved further down, meeting her wet, inner lips where they meet over her clitoris. I carefully moved my fingers so I could part her hood and touch the little nubbin that was her most sensitive area. Almost immediately her cheeks flushed and she began to grind on my hand. Not for the first time I was glad we had been sat at the back of the theatre. Her hand finally began to work my growing shaft inside my trousers. This continued for the rest of the movie! My fingers bringing her to clitoral climax over and over again, my cock raging inside the confines of my trousers.
Once the film had finished, we rushed for the bus. But instead of getting off where we were supposed to, we got off two stops back and walked the last half mile to my hotel. Once inside my room, Corrine immediately mounted me, dry humping me as our mouths locked together and our tongues wrapped around each others like wrestling snakes. My hands kneaded her large breasts inside her dress. As she broke our embrace for air, I whispered in her ear “I want to taste you, I want to lick your soft wetness” Her eyes opened in something like surprise. “I’ve never done that” she said “what do I need to do?” This surprised me. I knew she wasn’t a virgin, we had discussed it during one of our webcam wank-offs.
“Just lay down and pull your dress up over your waist, or even better take it off” I told her. Suddenly shy, she coyly led down and slowly lifted her dress over her pale thighs. As her shaven pussy came into view, my cock became as hard as iron. It was obvious she hadn’t shaved for a few days and there was a light peppering of black stubble all over her mound. This was the first time I had come this close to a vagina, I was indulging all my senses in the full experience of being this close. I slowly lowered my head between her legs, my fingers gently opening and parting her cleft and labia to reveal the little, growing lump of her clit. I breathed in her strong, sweet, musky smell. It was amazing, I had never smelt anything like her pussy. My tongue made contact with her clit and I gently began to suck and lick, flicking over the little button. My nose was pressed firmly against her stubbly mound as she began to grind onto my face in orgasmic pleasure, her hands pulling at my hair to get closer to her sex.
I was in heaven. The taste of her, the feel of this soft flesh in my mouth. I didn’t know how long I could last, but suddenly Corrine began to tense up, her pelvis lifting up off the bed and then she began to convulse, a short but powerful little squirt of orgasmic fluid shooting out of her, and going right up my nose!
I couldn’t believe it! I had just make her gush with only my mouth! I slowly rose to meet her eye line. Her pelvis was still gently grinding as she came down from her orgasm. “I want to be in you” I said to her. Her eyes flickered and she silently knodded. RESULT!!! I quickly slipped out of my trousers, ripped open a condom and slipped it on my cock.
As I positioned myself on top of Corrine I whispered to her “I love you” and pressed my shaft down against her wetness, slowly entering her vagina. As my helemt became fully inserted I felt some of the tension that seemed to be stopping me release and the rest of my shaft slipped effortlessly into her warmth. I felt myself hit the depths of her hole, the puffy, softness of her cervix was pushing against the head of my cock and I still had a good two inches of shaft left out of her.
Gently I began to pull back, as the tension on my cock began again I stopped and thrust back into her. I began building up a gentle rhythm, her body moving to meet mine at every thrust. I held her legs up, my hands in the crook of her knees, pulling her thighs back against her stomach so I could watch my cocks passage back and forth in her wet slit. I thought I was going to start the inexorable building to my own climax when Corrine put her hands on my chest to stop me. “I want to get naked” she said. “I want you in me from behind”
Happy to delay the inevitable, and to finally see her breasts for real, I helped her unbutton the dress and unclipped her bra. Her large well hanging breasts had very pale nipples, so light it was hard to see the edge of them. Corrine moved on the bed and positioned her bubble butt at me. I took a moment to remove the condom from my cock – there was no way I was going to have an orgasm and not share my seed with her. I slipped into her and began to pound her cunt, watching her arse jiggling was I went. Her moans and cries of pleasure were intoxicating. I couldn’t help it, I began to finger her arse hole. We had talked on many occasions about anal sex, how she had never had the nerve to try it with her ex’s. When I got only postive signals from her, I gently changed my rhythm and slipped out of her cunt and with soft pressure began to press against her little pink arse hole, it’s tight ring parting all too willingly for my shaft.
“what are you doing?” she asked, sighing with pleasure as I sank balls deep into her virgin rectum. “oh god, yes!” she cried “fuck me! Fuck me there!” I did as she bid and rammed back and forth in her arse. It didn’t take long until I felt my shaft tighten and my balls rise as I built to climax. I felt the pressure rise and my cock exploded in the depths of her bowel. Shooting my hot seed deep into her.
I gently pulled out of her as she collapsed onto the bed under me. I led down beside her, wrapped my arm around her and rested. It had finally happened. I had finally had sex with a woman. And the weekend had only just begun.

***That is the end of this chapter. Corrine and I had sex as often as we could over that long weekend, and the next time we met (nearly 6 months later – I’d started fucking someone else in-between to help with my blue balls) I would be allowed to cum in her pussy. But then the whole thing went sour when her Father decided to move to Israel and she went with him.***
***Next Chapter – The Return of a School-Time Ex***

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