My Friend’s First Time

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My Friend’s First Time
I work out of my home, and most days I tend to mix in a little porn surfing and chatting on the message board here on xhamster. Last week was one of those days too when my neighbor came over. Diane is a few years younger than me and works part-time at the bank, so she stops over every now and then during the week for coffee.
This particular morning I was feeling kind of giddy and shared with her that I was browsing through the internet looking at porn and chatting with others online. Diane blushed as I confessed my little fetish, and I kind of enjoyed embarrassing the reserved redhead, as she sat quietly, stirring her coffee as I went on.
I talked her into joining me to check it out and she hesitated at first before following me over to my desk. I showed her some of the sexy pictures that I posted of myself, along with all the galleries of other women about our age. I even showed a picture that I put on there of her that I took at her birthday party last spring. Even though she was fully clothed in the photo, she squealed at the idea of having her picture on a porn site. Diane made it seem like she objected, but she became more intrigued with some of the other pictures I had up. When I showed pics of some of our other friends, she gave me a playful sock in the arm, not believing that I could have done this.
We got on the message board and chatted with some of my online friends. Diane seemed to like the anonymous nature of chatting about sex with total strangers, and seemed to be getting more comfortable. I let her control the keyboard and she was slowly coming out of her shell.
I left her briefly and went to my bedroom to get a little more comfortable. I wanted to take a couple of my vibrators back out there with me, in hopes that she might join me in some dual masturbation, but I decided against it. Instead I stripped down to my bra and undies and returned to the other room clad in my underwear.
Diane was speechless when I returned, and my plan of having her join me for some naughty fun wasn’t really working. The conservative 45-year-old got up and mumbled something about not being able to do this, and basically left without saying another word. I stood there momentarily, pissed that I scared my friend away with my secret perverse side. I was still horny and continued to look at a few naked pics and watched a lesbian video, trying to imagine the two women as Diane and myself. It was a small consolation for my morning that didn’t quite go as planned.
I couldn’t help thinking that I just freaked out one of my best friends and it bothered me all day. I couldn’t muster up the courage to call and apologize until later in the afternoon. When I finally did get a hold of Diane, she was very forgiving and we ended up laughing it off. She admitted that seeing other nude women turned her on, and chatting with total strangers had a perverse excitement too. When I told her that I masturbate every day, usually while sitting at my desk, she burst out laughing, confessing that she plays with herself too, but always in the bathroom behind a locked door. We giggled like little schoolgirls and I assured Diane that I’d keep my clothes on next time she came over for coffee.
I hung up relieved that Diane wasn’t mad at me for my coming on to her, and I went straight back to my computer to put me in the mood again. I was browsing through my ‘Threesome Hopefuls’ gallery, trying to imagine someone for a lesbian fantasy, strumming my pussy lips right through my soft white cotton undies. This whole crazy day was taking it’s toll on me and I was getting very turned on again. A little wet spot started to emerge as I perused over pictures of Jodi West, Elexis Monroe, Nina Hartley and many anonymous nude amateurs. I was getting close to achieving an orgasm, when the doorbell rang, putting a damper on my personal fun. I threw on my robe and answered it, surprised to see Diane standing there. She took one look at me, then glanced past me at my desk and asked if she was interrupting anything.
I laughed it off, inviting her in, knowing that I was caught with my pants down, so to speak. Diane was very nervous, and couldn’t look me in the eye as she tried to explain why she came back. It was pretty obvious that she was curious to try something new, and even though I scared her off earlier that day, I took off my robe and stood in front of her, boldly asking if she wanted to join me for a little fun.
Her blushing was full scale redness as she tried her best not to look at me. She slowly lifted her head and silently nodded, apparently admitting that she was interested. I wrapped my arms around her trembling body, and gave her a big comforting hug.
Diane ran her hands over my half-naked body, as our embrace seemed to last forever. She started to pull away but I wouldn’t let her go, giving her a long wet kiss. The nervous MILF slowly gave in, returning my advances with a weak response, reminiscent of a teenager out on a first date. I took her hand and led her to the bedroom where I sat her on the bed and asked if she wanted to see more of me. She simply nodded her head as I undid my bra and let it slowly fall off in front of me. My nipples were very hard and popped out like little gumdrops as I massaged them while standing there before her.
I took a seat next to her, planting another kiss on her anxious lips, drawing a more favorable reaction this time. I began to unbutton her light blue shirt, making sure to brush my hand against her breasts as I made my way down. She removed it and sat there nervously in her sheer white bra with her huge silver dollar nipples peeking through the transparent material. I put my mouth on her breast, trying to lick her nipple right through the bra, as she cooed in delight at the attention. I laid her back and smiled at her as she lifted her legs, inviting me to take off her slacks. Her flimsy khakis came off easily and she laid there with matching sheer panties that couldn’t hide her hairy pussy. I took a moment to take in her nice, curvy body with gorgeous wide hips. Her cute chubby frame was quite a turn-on, as she was the perfect example of the innocent, all-American next door MILF.
I laid down next to her and made out with her trying to be as gentle and delicate as I could. I took off her wire-rimmed glasses and kissed her whole face before sticking my pointy tongue in her ear. Diane was becoming a bit more aggressive too, as she made a beeline for my breasts. She licked and sucked on my nipple, even gently biting it a few times. I was squeezing and fondling her large melons also, pinching her every time she clamped down on my tit.
My hand wandered down to her crotch, where I slithered inside of her panties to her wet, hairy pussy. I immediately slipped my fingers into her moist vagina, causing her to let out a little yelp of excitement. The squishy sound was unbelievable as Diane was incredibly juicy. She couldn’t hold back her primal screams as I fingered her to a very quick orgasm. I kept it up trying to give her a second one, stopping only briefly to pinch her enormous clit. This really seemed to get her off as she grabbed my hair, calling me a bitch, while she caved in to another convulsive orgasm.
Diane was laying on her back trying to catch her breath, her rosy cheeks blushing from her first lesbian orgasm. I wasn’t about to let it end there, especially after she deprived me of my own sexual satisfaction when she knocked on my door. I peeled off my damp panties and climbed up, straddling her face, before lowering my smelly pussy over her mouth. She almost gagged at first, as I smothered her, swaying my thick labia over her nose and lips, begging her to lick me. She reluctantly stuck out her tongue, tickling my clit like I’d never felt before. The sensation was intense, and the long day of edging my orgasm felt like it was finally going to catch up with me. Again she resumed her habit of biting, chewing on my clit until I couldn’t take it anymore. For someone’s first time eating pussy, Diane gave me more pleasure with this nibbling technique than I’ve ever felt before. I tilted my head back as she gave me one long lick delving deep inside me, causing me to wiggle from the erotic sensation. I shook with pleasure as lost control of my senses, squealing with delight as I came on her face.
I rolled over, collapsing in a heap beside her, amazed that she brought me to such an intense climax. I glanced over to Diane, whose face looked like a glazed doughnut, while she tried to wipe it off, licking my juices from her fingers. I gave her one last appreciative kiss, hoping this was going to lead to more fun in the neighborhood.

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