My girlfriends mom part 2

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My girlfriends mom part 2
It was almost a month since I had met ‘Aunty’ I would call her by her
first name when we were alone together, Mala was her name. Her hubby
was back from his tour, his timings were never fixed, so we decided not
to take chances and if not him Sneha was always around. It had been a
while since I had sex with Sneha too.

It was one of those days when I was at Sneha’s place, doing nothing.
Sneha had gone to take a shower when Mala came over told me she had
made plans to meet me, slipped me a piece of paper gave me a quick peck
on my lips, winked and went back to the kitchen. I opened the piece of
paper, there was an address written on it and it said meet me at 2. I
checked the time on my watch it was 12:15. I looked at her nodded a yes
and smiled.

When Sneha came out, Mala told her she had to go visit a friend and went
to her room to get ready. She soon came out d****d in a beautiful blue
sari bid us goodbye and left.

The moment she got out of the door Sneha came sat down on my lap and we
started kissing. She whispered that I won’t be able to fuck her, it was
those days of the month for her, but she gave me a wink, smiled and got
down on her knees. She unzipped my jeans took my cock out. I was
already hard, she looked at me and asked me “How come you are always
hard?” she laughed as she said it. If only she knew the idea of meeting
Mala later had got me all hard.

She licked the head of my cock slowly rolling her tongue all over it.
She slowly swallowed my cock in her mouth, slowly bobbing her head on
my cock. She took my cock out of her mouth and took one of my balls in
her mouth sucking on it. Again she started licking my cock all over.
She held my cock in her hand jerking it, I was almost at the verge of
coming, I asked her to stop, she had a curious look, I told her I
wanted to cum on her tits, she smiled and quickly took her t-shirt off
and unhooked her bra. She started jerking me again and I hissed ” I am
going to cummm…oh fuck yesss am cumming baby” just as I said it I
shot my first load, which caught her on her chin she lowered my cock
pointing it towards her tits as I shot my next load all over her lovely
tits. She kept milking me till I was done cumming. She rubbed my cum
all over her tits and licked her fingers with a huge smile. She put her
t-shirt on got up gave me a kiss and sat next to me. She told me she
better go clean up and asked me to watch some TV.

Sneha came out looking all fresh. She gave me a kiss and plopped down
next to me. She looked at me and asked me how come I was already so
hard? I wasn’t sure if I could tell her the truth but I decided to take
a small chance. ” I don’t know babe, its been a long while since we had
sex and to be honest when I saw your step mom ( I made sure I said step
mom and not mom) d****d in the sari, I was fantasizing about how hot
you would look too in a sari” I made sure I said the whole thing with a
smile. Sneha laughed and told me “You such a perv idiot, am sure you
weren’t fantasizing about me and it was she who turned you on.” I
laughed with her and made light of the matter. Sneha came closer
cuddled up to me looked up at me and asked me “She is hot isn’t she?” I
looked at her with a quizzical look. “Seriously Ravs, don’t you find
her hot?” I simply looked at her and said “Yes she is” Sneha poked me
in the ribs laughed and said “You such a bastard if you had it your way
you would probably hump her too.” I laughed and told her that the
thought did turn me on and winked. We both didn’t talk about it
further. I looked at my watch it was past 1 already. The address that
Mala had given me was not very far just a 20 minute ride on the
motorbike. I looked at Sneha told her I had to go out to get some work
done and would meet her in the evening, I got up kissed her and left.

There was a lot of traffic and by the time I reached the address mala
had given me it was 5 minutes past 2. The address she had given me was
that of a posh residential complex. I took the elevator and reached the
third floor. I checked the address again and rang the bell of the
apartment that said 310. The door opened and I saw Mala standing in
front of me with a smile. She asked me to come in and I did. When I
entered the house I saw another lady about the same age as Mala
standing. Mala introduced her to me as her best friend Shreya. I said
hi and sat down on the sofa.

Shreya entered the kitchen and came out with some tea. I took the cup
and said thanks. As I sipped the tea, Mala told me that Shreya and she
have been best friends since college and she kept no secrets from her.
I almost jumped when she told me that Shreya knew about our secret
rendezvous’. She laughed when she saw my bewildered look and so did
Shreya. Mala put her hand on me and asked me to relax. Shreya looked at
Mala and told her she would leave the 2 of us alone and get back after
a while. Mala looked at her and told her she didn’t have to go anywhere
long as she didn’t come knocking on the bedroom door and both started
laughing. Shreya winked at her and pointed her to the guest room and
said all yours.

Mala looked at me and asked me if I had a problem with Shreya being
around and I told her I had no problem with that. She took me by my
hand and entered the room and she closed the door behind her. the
minute we were on the bed Mala gave me a hug and kissed me deep. I had
my hands all over her back and soon my hand went for her breasts. I
squeezed them one by one as she moaned. I asked her to take her blouse
off and she willingly obeyed. I soon had her bra off and my lips found
her erect nipples. I sucked on them one by one like there was no
tomorrow. Mala kept moaning louder and louder. I soon had her out of
her sari. I started fingering her pussy and noticed that unlike the
last time we fucked she had shaved her pussy clean. I pulled her panty
down and dove at her pussy, I licked it and thrust my tongue deep
inside her. “oh fuck yes Ravi lick me lick me deep lover I love the way
you lick me, make me your bitch, make me your slut lick me deeper” she
moaned loudly as my tongue found her spot. “mmmmm….yesssss oh fuckkkk
I am going crazy….lick me lover boy lick me godd yesssss I love the
way you lick me” she moaned. My tongue glided down her thighs licking
her all over. I nibbled at her thigh leaving my mark. My finger was at
it again as I fucked her pussy with it. She jerked violently and I knew
she had cum, I kept ramming my finger inside her till she went limp. I
took my finger out and put it in her mouth for her to lick and taste
her own juice. She sucked on my finger as she would on my cock.

Mala looked at me and said “Fuck I have never cum like that without a
cock in me before.” She kissed me deep and her hand went between my
legs. She rubbed my hard cock through my jeans and unzipped me. She
pulled my jeans off me and soon my underwear was off too. She took my
hard cock into her hands and gazed at it for a few seconds with a smile
and soon she had it in her mouth kissing and licking it. She stopped
for a second looked at me and asked “Did you and Sneha fuck before you
came here?” and before I could answer she said” Oh not possible Sneha
has her periods.” I looked at her smiled and told her that Sneha gave
me head, she laughed and told me that it must be a lucky cock to have
both mom and daughter suck on it and that too the same day. She sucked
on my cock with more enthusiasm licking all the way down to my balls.
She made me go back on the bed and asked me to put my legs over her
shoulders. She kept sucking on my balls and soon her tongue travelled
my crack and found my arse hole. She licked my arse slowly which almost
made me jump. Have never had anyone do that to me before and I loved a
wet tongue on my hole. She thrust her tongue deeper into my hole and I
clenched the sheet on the bed, she knew I have never had anyone do this
to me and she looked at me and laughed. She kept at it for a while, she
was actually enjoying the way she was driving me crazy, she looked up
and asked me “has Sneha ever done that for you?” I shook my head. At
that moment I think she was trying to compete with her step daughter,
but who was I to complain?

She came up and started kissing my chest. I squeezed her tits as she
did. I soon rolled her over and had her spread her legs and rammed my
cock into her. she let out a huge moan as the size of my cock filled
her pussy. I rammed my cock in and out of her as she kept telling me to
fuck her hard. I stopped and took my cock out, I asked her to turn
around and she knew what I wanted. She turned and crouched for me as I
held her hips and thrust my cock inside her again. She almost screamed
as my cock disappeared into her pussy and my balls were hitting her
pussy walls. I kept fucking her hard as she kept begging me to go slow.
I was pretty sure Shreya could have heard us outside the way she was
moaning and begging. I fingered her pussy as my cock fucked her, it was
her time to clench the pillow and the sheets. Mala jerked once again
and I knew she had cum I took my cock out and turned her around. I made
her hold her tits together as I tit fucked her. She had her tongue out
licking my cock as I fucked her huge tits. I was about to cum too and I
told her. She held my cock and started jerking it as I shot my load
towards her mouth some landed inside her mouth while some landed on her
cheek and her hair. Soon as I was done she cleaned her cheek with her
fingers and licked the cum clean of her fingers. I fell down next to
her, completely spent.

Mala got up and got dressed and asked me to rest and told me that she
would wake me up with some tea and asked me to relax as Shreya’s hubby
was out of town and no one was expected home. I was so tired that I
just wore my underwear and soon dozed off. It must have been an hour
and I was lost in a dream when I felt someone tapping me and calling my
name. I woke up to see Shreya standing in front of me with a cup of tea
in her hands. I gave her a smile took the cup of tea and just as I did,
I realized I was still in my underwear. I quickly pulled the blanket to
cover myself. Shreya laughed and told me she didn’t mean to embarrass
me but Mala had to go out for a while to get a dress from the tailors
and she didn’t want the tea to go cold. I thanked her again, as she sat
down on the bed with a smile I smiled too I had a good feeling about

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