My husband as my slave

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My husband as my slave
The Saturday morning after a pleasurable  Friday afternoon where I allowed my husband to have his way with me, he arrange with his parents to look after our daughter the Saturday night so that him and I could have the night to ourselves. He told them that we were meet up with friends for a birthday although that wasn’t altogether true at all. His parents were rather excited to have their grandaughter daughter over for the night and at about midday my husband, my daughter and I got into his car and made our way to his parents. We had a cup of tea and a light lunch with them before leaving our daughter in their care and heading off back home. On the way home we stopped at the shops and got a few finger snacks and alcohol for the evening. Once home and parked in the garage at around 14h30 my husband said as of now I’m your slave till tomorrow morning. I said awesome as I got out the car. I then told him once he has taken everything out the car and to the kitchen that he can pour me a single vodka lime and lemonade and meet me upstairs in the bedroom.

I made my way upstairs while he unpacked the car and poured me my drink and a little while later he joined me in the room.
I sat on the bed as I told him to open his cupboard. I looked at his clothes as I decided what I wanted him to wear the rest of the day. Eventually I told him to strip down naked and put on only a pair of sleeping shorts and to make sure the button is undone.
After he got dressed in the clothing I wanted him in, I asked him to run me a oily hot foam bath, so I could relax while sipping on a drink. He did as I asked and once the bath was ready I stood up and asked him to undress me. He slowly removed my clothing and once naked he escorted me into the bath. My drink soon finished and I asked him to get me another one. I relaxed in the bath and my husband soon returned passing me my drink. I then told him to go to my cupboards and pick out something sexy for me to wear and leave it on the bed.
He did as I asked and then returned to the bathroom where we chatted while I relaxed in the bath and sipped on our drinks.

Once the drinks were finished, I handed him my glass and stood up out the bath. He past me my towel and I then asked him to go pour us each another drink and then to wait for me in the kitchen. Once dry I walked to the bedroom and looked at what my husband had put on the bed for me to wear. It was a knee high white skirt, with a black button up top. Black shin high boots with no underwear. It suited me rather well and once dressed I made my way to the kitchen. My slave had poured us our drinks and I then asked him if he could open up the sliding door so that we could sit down at the table outside. I asked him to turn two chairs to face each other and to position them rather near to one another which he did. We both sat down facing each and at first I was rather well behaved as we chatted a bit.
As my drink was nearing completion I spread my legs and pulled my skirt slightly up. His eyes immediately looked down at my shaven pussy.
I had the last two sips of my drink and then asked my husband to go pour me another.
On his return with my drink he sat back down and I put my feet on the handles of the chair either side of him. I could see he was enjoying the view of my pussy as his cock grew to be hard in his shorts. I became rather horny and I then asked him to kneel down in front of me. He did as I said I then put my legs over his shoulders and told him to muff me until I orgasm. His tounge touch my pussy sending shivers down my spine. He licked my pussy up and down as I moaned from the pleasure. He soon started stimulating my clit with his tongue in a circular motion bringing me to climax and making me orgasm. After I finished orgasmning I told my husband that he could sit back down on the chair again.

He listened to all my demands throughout the afternoon as I kept teasing him. A little before 18h00 I told him to take my hand and lead me up to our room. Which he did. Once in the room I told him to sit on the bed against the headboard and to watch my every movement and that he isn’t allowed to touch me or himself.
I went to the draw next to bed and got out my dildo. I took off my man’s sleeping shorts and place the dildo next to his cock which soon grew to be hard again. I removed my boots and stood up on the bed over my man’s face giving him a good view of my pussy. I then moved to between his legs and sat down facing him with my legs spread and feet placed either side of his chest. I took his hard cock into my right hand and jerked him up and down a few times before taking the dildo and sucking on it. I could feel my pussy getting rather wet and I was most definitely very horny. I laid back and as my man watched me I entered the dildo into my wet pussy. I started Fucking myself with the dildo in and out of my pussy bringing myself to climax. I moaned as I orgasmed while fucking myself with the dildo deep in my pussy. After finishing my orgasm I pulled the dildo out of me and then stood up. I told my man to lay down lower on the bed which he did and I then kneeled over his face and lowered myself down onto his mouth. I place his hands onto my thighs as he started licking my wet horny pussy.

He licked up and down my pussy lips and clit and I was soon moaning from pleasure of him muffing me. I soon orgasmed for the 2nd time. After orgasmning I move down and lowered myself onto my husbands cock and started riding him roughly back and forth. It wasn’t long till I orgasmed again and once I finish I got off and laid on my back telling my man to give it to me hard. He entered his cock into me again in missionary position and then he kneeled up. Lifting my legs over his shoulders as he started thrusting rough back and forth in and out of me. I started having multiple orgasms and soon after my husband started fucking me I was screaming from the pleasure of another orgasm. He gripped my legs as I told him I want him to fuck me harder and he pounded in and out of my pussy. I started screaming from the pleasure and soon as my pussy tightened around my husbands cock he started to moan and he started shooting his cum into my pussy as orgasm once more. My husband fucked me hard while he shot his cum into me while I carried on screaming from the pleasure. Once I finished my orgasm, my man pulled his cock out of my cum filled pussy and fell down to lay next to me. We were both drained and needed to catch our breath.
I was well pleasured and just before standing up to go to the bathroom I gave my husband a big passionate kiss.

After cleaning my pussy of his cum and my juices we went back to where he warmed us up some finger foods. We then sat in the lounge naked eating and watching a movie. Once the movie ended I placed my hand on my hubby’s cock and told him that he better start getting it hard and ready. He said sure thing as he pulled me to sit on top of him. Our lips met and he kissed me passionately with lots of tounge. Once our lips aparted he moved his head down to my boobs and sucked on my hard erect nipples. He cock by now was hard and I guided it into my wet pussy. I started riding my man back and forth rather hard. I soon was moaning as I neared climax. My body tensed up and my pussy tightened around my husbands cock as I started to orgasm from the pleasure of riding him. After orgasmning I told my man that I now would like him to take me to the room and make deep passionate love to me. He picked me up and carried me upstairs to our bedroom where he laid me down on the bed and made his way to between my legs.
He entered his hard cock back into my pussy and started to give me slow deep thrusts, from the tip of his cock being just inside my pussy too the tip of his cock hitting the back walls of my pussy. He gave a number of these thrusts while my legs were wrapped around his waist. Our mouths were locked as we kissed passionately until his cock exploded shooting his cum deep into my pussy against my back walls. He continued giving me the slow deep thrusts until he finished cumming. He then pulled his cock out of me and we laid together on the bed loving each other until we fell asleep ending a wonder evening with my husband.

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