My last birthday

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My last birthday
That Saturday night was my birthday. All my guests were sitting around the table, listening in silence as Victor talked about his last business trip.
Sitting close to me was Michael, the huge black boyfriend of girlfriend Camilla.
After another toast, I felt his heavy hand grabbing my hip under the table. Then I sat and clenched tightly my legs, knowing his intentions. At the same time I felt my silk short dress gliding over my skin… I started to be excited.
Michael continued to explore my legs under my dress, and occasionally said some jokes with other guests and my husband. Meanwhile, his long fingers finally reached the hill, just covered with a thin lace thong. I looked at Camilla across the table; but she was talking with another lesbian girl.
Suddenly Michael’s lips closed to my ear and he whispered a quiet order:
“Spread your legs, bitch…”
I shivered as I looked at my husband, who was now talking about our last trip to Jamaica…
Then I opened my thighs and immediately I felt like his fingers slipped under my silky wet thong. Hardly time to hold back; the result was a gasp.
Michael’s finger walked along my slit up and down and sinking lower, entered between my pussy lips. I bit my lower lip, trying not to show any emotion; looking directly at Victor sitting just few feet away.
The black guy’s finger made me cum in less than three minutes and I had to bite a handkerchief, to hold back my moans, as I was going through spasms of pleasure. He then removed his finger from my soaking wet cunt.
Then I quickly finished my glass of wine and got up, walking to the balcony to get a little freshen up. I could feel my own juices running between my thighs…
Quite unexpectedly, he also got up from his chair and soon I felt him grabbing my hips from behind, pushing me against the balcony handrail…
Michael lifted the hem of my dress up to my waist and then I felt his hard black dick entering my wet cunt, with my silky thong aside. He started to pump me as I tried to get quiet; still hearing all those voices inside…
As that black guy fucked me, some of the guests started to go home. I turned my head and I could see Victor was pouring another glass of red wine for himself and Camilla.
Soon after a second toast my husband sat down and he finally passed out and started to snore. I could not see where my girlfriend Camilla was.
Her black lover finally came inside my pussy and he took his dick out of me. Then I asked him to help carry my loving husband to the bedroom. Having laid him on the bed, Michael took me by my waist from behind and held me against his crotch. He whispered that Camilla had left with the lesbian girl.
A heavy black hand started to stroke my stomach, as the other lifted again my short dress. But this time he pushed it up my head, leaving me dressed just with my thong and heels…
“Wait… not here…” I begged him very quietly.
“Here and now, little white bitch… in front of your husband…” He replied.
Then he made me bend over my waist and put my hands on the bed, close to Victor. This time he pulled down my thong to my ankles. Some of his fingers touched my bare buttocks, as the other fondled my pussy on the front. Two fingers easily penetrated into my ell lubricated tight cunt, making me let escape a muffled groan.
My husband moved in the bed. I got frozen for a second, but was very excited to think about my loving Victor.
A hard slap on my bare buttocks sounded very loud in the bedroom. His fingers left my pussy and then burst in my mouth. He made me suck them, feeling my own taste.
A moment later, a sharp motion made me go down on my knees.
Michael pulled out his hard dick and he shoved it between my red lips. His hand held my hair and he set the sucking pace.
Watching at my husband lying there close to me, as I licked and sucked another dick, made me cum, even without touching myself…
Seconds later, his thick black cock pulsed in my mouth, releasing salty cum. Still catching my breath, he helped me to rise from my knees. Taking me by the chin, Michael stared at me. He smiled and whispered quietly:
“You are the best sucker I ever had…”
I put down my eyes and saw his cock was full erect again.
He made me sat on the edge of the bed, close to my passed out husband.
I spread my legs for him and soon his hard black dick was again inside my wet cunt. He fucked me with long strokes, making me shiver in pleasure.
Before he could come, he slipped of and put my ankles on his shoulders.
Then he spat on my tight rear entrance and tried to put his thick head there.
I begged him not to fuck me in the ass. It would be really painful and I was sure I was going to scream and cry with pain… and my loving husband was there…
But Michael said that he wanted anal sex tonight. And he insisted, penetrating my asshole with a finger. He suddenly slipped out his finger and covered my mouth with his large black hand, at same time I felt his thick head invading my anus. Just few muffled sounds escaped from my mouth.
He fucked my ass very hard, making the bed squeeze as I shivered in pleasure, feeling his thick black dick destroying my asshole.
Michael finally came in my ass and he said now he was done…
He wished me a good night and then he left. I was very tired to take a shower, so, I went to bed to my dear husband, still feeling Michael’s semen running down my legs…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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