My Naked Night Out On The Town

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My Naked Night Out On The Town
Hello, my name is Jane and this happened to me a short time ago. I am married but that doesn’t keep me from having my fun, well my hubby has fun with my fun too. I have been an exhibitionist since I was in my early teens. My exhibitionism until now has been flashing my tits, my ass and sometimes my bare, shaved cunt. My hubby and his friends think I am cute at 5’5”, dark black shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and a 36c-26-35 body. My husband has been encouraging me to flash more lately (I am submissive to my husband) and he finally talked me into doing more, more than I thought I would ever do.

It all started a few weeks ago when my husband and I watched a DVD that he bought that showed some great looking ladies baring it all in public. We both knew that I had not gone that far before, just a flash here and there, but he was horny for me to do more. I was flattered that he thinks that I am that sexy. I had to think about it but had to admit that it was making me wet and horny thinking about flashing my body. I decided to try going further, I thought what the hell, could be fun and I have nothing to lose. I told my hubby OK and he told me to be ready.

Well a week went by, it was Friday and I was soooo horny. My hubby hadn’t touched me all week and told me not to touch myself. That afternoon I received a call from him and he told me to get ready that this was the night. I was told to take a nice long bath and to make sure my pussy was clean shaven (I would shave elsewhere to make sure I would be smooth all over), and when I was done that I was to stay naked until he came home. I asked “what if someone stops by?” He laughed and said “I guess they would get and eye full”. I felt a little red with embarrassment by was hot and excited too. I took a nice warm scented bath, and made sure I was shaved smooth. I waited naked in the living room for him, the time was going slow. I heard a knock at the door and it was the paperboy collecting for the paper. I nervously opened the door and peeked out. He said hello and wanted a dollar fifty for the week. I turned to get the money and forgot to shut the door. I walked back to kitchen to retrieve his money and turned to go to the door when I noticed the young man had stepped inside. My knees went a little weak seeing he was there. I thought well OK he will get to see his first naked lady. I was getting hot thinking about it. I walked into the room and his eyes lite up, and I noticed his cock did too.

“WOW” he said looking at my naked body, his eyes rolling up and down.“Umm you don’t have to pay me, this is pretty hot. You look good.” he exclaimed.

“Well how about I just rub your cock for you”, I said jokingly, but it was no joke to him. His pants were down and his hard young cock was out. I stood there and wrapped my hand around his cock and started to jerk it up and down making sure I rubbed the head nice and tight. He watched my hand fucking his cock and he put one hand on my right tit and the other on my naked ass. I wanted him bad but I knew I was to wait. It didn’t matter now, in a few more strokes he came. His cum shot all over my body from my tits to my bare pussy. He hurried and pulled his pants up and asked me if we could do this again next week. I said maybe we could, but not to tell anyone else what happened. He said OK, smiled and left. I cleaned up again and a few minutes later my hubby was home, with a box that held what I would be wearing that night.

My hubby looked at me and smiled, and asked how my day was. I turned red and told him about me and the paperboy. He smiled and asked if I had cum and I said no. He laughed and told me I was a good girl and to go get dressed ….. well as much as I was going to be dressed anyway.

Well I took the box back to the bedroom thinking it had a nice sexy dress in it, maybe a black dress with a low cut top and a short hem. Maybe a pair of sexy thong panties. At least something sexy that I can wear in public and flash in when I want without feeling too naked. I laid the box down on the bed and opened it. To my surprise (I was shocked) all that was in the box was a note and a short blue spring coat with no sash and two buttons missing. The top and bottom buttons were gone and I noticed the inner pockets were missing. The note told me this was it for the night and to wear my black heels, the ones with the real high heels, five inches. I turned red and started to shake, I was excited but a little embarrassed. Oh wow I thought, I guess we aren’t going to dinner or the mall, at least I hope not the way I will be dressed. I put on my heels and then the coat, I buttoned the two buttons just below my tits. I noticed in the mirror how much of me was exposed. If I bent down a little you could really see my tits. If I bent at the waist from behind you would get a great view of my ass and cunt. If I stood up or sat down I would have to try to keep my legs closed so you could not see my pussy. I felt more naked like this then if I were naked. I know the night air would blow on my naked ass and pussy. I thought where are we going with me dressed (or undressed) this way. I walked into the living room and my hubby took a few pictures of me posing in only my very short jacket.

My hubby left for the car, which was parked in front of our home. He called for me to come and get in the car. I felt everyone that lived near here was watching me but no one was really there. I felt hot, sexy and some what embarrassed. I got in and we left for where ever we were going. I asked if he other clothes for me in the car and he didn’t, that was all I would wear this night! We drove north towards a larger city which was about thirty miles away. About ten miles from home my husband stopped at a local carryout. I looked at him and wondered if he was going in, he said no that I was. He gave me a five dollar bill and told me to get two of the largest drinks they have. Now my husband knows I like water sport games with him and a large drink like that will soon fill my bladder. I have never done this with anyone else besides him. I know that is something my hubby wants to see me do. I got out of the car and walked into the store, my heels clicking on the pavement, my jacket doing it’s best to hide my goodies. I walked in and no one was around except the young man behind the counter. I got two very large soft drinks and started to walk up to the counter. I knew the young man could see that I was very naked under my jacket. I was starting to feel very exposed, hot, wet, and nervous. He looked me up and down and asked if that would be all. I swallowed and meekly said yes. I sat the drinks down and when I went to hand him the five dollars I dropped the bill on the floor. I looked him in the eyes and smiled then turned, bent over at the waist, spreading my legs some where he could see my bare cunt and ass from behind. I felt my face flushed with the heat of humiliation. My knees weaken and my pussy was getting so wet. I raised back up and the young man’s eyes were as wide saucers. He smiled and told me “no charge and come back any time”

I picked up the two large drinks and headed for the door. I thought to myself “wow that was different, a little strange but very arousing”. As I walked to the car, heels clicking and cars passing I could feel the evening breeze between my legs. It felt real good blowing on my naked clit as I walked to the car. My husband had moved the car to the furthest spot in the parking lot and nearest to the road. I went to get in but he would not open the door as he wanted me to walk over to the driver’s side of the car. When I got there he opened the window and he had me lean over and hand him the drinks. At the same time I heard horns blowing and wolf whistles, my hubby had moved the car to show off my naked ass to the cars going by. I felt myself blush and getting hornier the whole time. He had me walk around to my side of the car and to get in. As I was sliding in he asked if I enjoyed myself at the carry out. I blushed some and said quietly “yes”. He wondered if I was ready for more. I didn’t know what he had planned but my pussy was saying yes as it was wet and hot. I turned to him and told him that I was ready for anything he wanted me to do. My husband smiled and started out again for the city. As we were starting down the rode he wanted me to unbutton my jacket and let it hang free from my body. I did as he asked, my hands trembled as I popped the buttons opened. I could feel the air on my naked tits and felt my husband’s hand pulling the jacket off my left tit. I finished my large drink as I watched the trucks going by and looking at my naked body while honking their horns. My husband laughed and saw that I was a little uncomfortable but had me continue riding this way. We got into the city and headed to a seedy part of town. There he had me button up again as we passed some rundown buildings and some neighborhood hookers. Now I wasn’t sure at all where we were heading, this looked a little creepy. I noticed a movie house on the next block. My husband pulled into the parking lot of this rundown adult theater. As we parked he asked me if I was ready to go in to see a couple of movies and have some fun. My husband had me walk in front of him so he could watch my barely covered ass. He said he was looking forward to the night as he patted my sexy ass.

As we walked into the theater we had to stop at the ticket booth. The man working there didn’t hardly look up as he told my husband “That will be ten dollars for you sir and she is free”. I guess he must of seen how I was dressed as we walked by because he told me” You have fun in here tonight sweetie”. I just blushed and felt hot as my husband took my hand and walked me on in. He pulled me a few rows down the aisle as my eyes adjusted. He was in a hurry to get me inside the theater. On the screen was a young girl that looked barely eighteen getting fucked in her cunt and ass by two large black men, while another man was feeding her his large black cock. I watched for a few minutes as the first man came in her pussy. He pulled out afterward as the next guy put his big cock in her pussy and creamed her too. The third guy came in her mouth just as I started to look around. I was the only girl in here. There was eleven other guys besides my hubby and the man at the ticket booth. One man sat in the row in front of us, just down a few seats. I kept seeing him looking back at me, my pussy was starting to get moist. I wondered as I sat there if this man could see under my jacket or tell how naked I was. I realized at that moment how naked I really was, just a thin jacket and no clothes. I though here I am the only woman in here, very close to being naked and all of these very horny men in here.

I watched the film for a couple of minutes when I noticed the strange man had moved and was now going to sit next to me while his large cock was out of his pants! Oh my god was all I could think. My breathing was getting a little heavy, my heart beating faster as this stranger with his very hard cock was sitting next to almost naked me. He sat there looking at me, smiling as he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. He helped me rub his dick up and down until I did it on my own for him. I felt him put his large hand on my naked knee. As he felt the skin of my knee I let out a soft horny moan. I turned to my husband who was smiling at me. My hubby whispered to me “Open your legs a little and let him play with you.” I was soooo horny at that moment that that I spread my legs a few inches and felt the stranger’s hand slowly move up my leg. His hand moved closer to my hot, wet, bare cunt that had not been felt for a week and it was so ready to be played with. His hand reached my pussy and he whispered to me “Are you completely naked under there slut?” Oh my, the word slut just about put me over the edge, made me melt, as my legs opened wide. I moaned “yesssssssssss, I am so naked under here.” The stranger said “Let me see.” as he tried to unbutton the bottom button that tore off my jacket. In horror I told him to wait as I unbuttoned the top, I didn’t want to lose that button too! I looked over at my husband as he got up to walk away. He told me he would be back and have fun. My jacket was off my shoulder as another man took my husbands place. He reached out and grabbed my breast as the first stranger fucked my bare cunt with his fingers. This man had his big cock out of his pants too and stood up beside me. He put his cock in my mouth and told me to suck it for him. He called me slut and cum dumpster, and told me he was going to fuck the shit out of me. I looked up and another man was in front of me The three of them helped me up and removed my jacket and thru it a couple of rows in front of me. All three men removed their pants and the first large stranger picked me up and had me spread my legs over him as he sat me down on his big cock. I felt his cock slide all the way in me as he started to pound my cunt. I nearly came right then and there. The second stranger stood and put his big cock in my mouth and started to fuck my face. The man in front had his hands playing and twisting my nipples. He then fingered my clit and with one cock fucking me and another in my mouth, I started to cum for the first time that night. The movie played as the strangers kept having there way with me right there in the theater. My husband came back and sat a couple rows behind the men fucking me. I know he was enjoying watching his naked wife getting fucked and sucked by these horny men in public very much. Other men came back to where I was for their chance for free cunt. They wanted to pound me hard and I was going to let them. I was every man’s fucktoy that night, every man’s cum dumpster and I was going to enjoy every minute of it!

I was being gang banged by several men now, and the first stranger was fucking me faster now. I felt him push hard into my cunt and heard him groan as his thick hot cum filled my bare pussy. He pushed me off and the next man who had fingered my cunt pulled me over to him and placed me on his cock. Right then another man blew his thick load on my face. His cream ran down my face on to my tits. I suddenly heard a voice say “What the fuck is going on here!” it was the man from the ticket booth who I found out was the manager. The men told him that “this slut wants to be fucked by all of us. She was here naked.” The manager said that it was all right with him but he was next. The second guy then shot a hot wad of cum into my very wet pussy as I came again. He pushed me off his cock and towards the manager who grabbed my arm and pulled me into the aisle. He got me down on all fours and put his cock in me from behind. A black man then put his cock in my mouth and started to fuck my face again. Someone else reached under me and started to rub my clit. I started to feel myself having to piss. I tried to hold back but I couldn’t hold it and I started to piss all over this man’s hand, the managers cock and the floor. The men cheered me as I let loose. They said I was the best slut to ever come in here. The manager came in me then, flooding my pussy again and again. The black gentleman then pulled out of my mouth then turned me around, leaned me against one of the chairs and pushed his cock right up my cunt. His cock was huge and hard, it filled me up. His cock touched me where no cock had touched me before. I looked over to my husband who was looking at me with a devilish grin on his face. I was being fucked hard as he locked eyes with me. A minute later a young man and young girl walked in and down the aisle, he said “Look Carrie, another whore had the same idea. You need to get naked too.” Carrie had on a coat that came just passed her pussy. She unbuttoned it and she was naked under her as I had been under mine. Her boyfriend came over to me and started to finger my clit as the black gentleman pounded me harder and harder. Carrie went over to my husband who had his cock out stroking it lightly. Carrie took over stroking his cock for him as he watched me get gang banged by all the guys. The black gentleman made one last hard thrust into my swollen pussy, gushing what seemed to be gallons of cum deep insides my sugar walls.

Carrie’s boyfriend then put his hard cock into my dripping wet cunt and started to fuck me. His cock was smaller than the last cock but it still felt good, just not as tight. I was in a position facing my husband and Carrie as she was releasing his cock while standing beside him. I watched as Carrie straddled my husband’s hard cock and lowered her young bald pussy onto his cock. His cock was balls deep within her. Carrie has pretty short blonde hair and a cute set of medium size tits. Carrie starts to bounce up and down my husband’s hard cock. She grinds and goes up and down him as he squeezes her right tit while rubbing her bare clit with his other hand. You can see the pleasure on my hubby’s face as he fucks Carrie’s cunt. Her boyfriend keeps pounding my pussy and is close to coming in me. As he fires his load inside my cunt I can see that my husband is coming inside of Carrie. I realize then that this has been a very fun night for both of us. Carrie keeps on fucking my hubby as his cum drips from her pussy. I am getting fucked again by another stranger, and I see that my hubby is about to cum again. I grind my pussy against this stranger’s cock as he pounds my dripping cunt. Carrie is now hugging my husband as he holds her tight as he fucks her. I see him cum in her again and by watching I start to cum once more. I have lost counts of how many times I have cum this night. My husband hugs Carrie, gives her a kiss and says it is time for us to leave. I grab my jacket off the floor and my hubby takes it from my hand. He says he will give it to me later, that I won’t need it right now.

We leave the theater and start to walk to the car, me naked in front of him. My ass is jiggling as I walk, cum dripping down my legs. My legs feel a little weak from all the fucking but it was a fun night that I hope to get to do again. I enjoyed the feeling of the night air on my naked body, my clit and nipples aroused. I stand waiting for my hubby to open the door. He takes his good old time as he knows more people may see me naked. After the door opens I slide in naked. We start to head for home and he ask me if I had a good time. I have to admit it was exciting and fun, I would enjoy doing it all again. We drive in silence until we got back to the carry out and he stops. I look at him and ask if I am to go back in, and he says yes. I go to reach for my coat and am told you don’t need it.

“What! You want me to go in naked! I didn’t mind the theater, just guys in a place where nudity seems to be OK, but here in public?”, I asked

“Yes, go inside naked, make his night” He laughed

I got out naked in the night air, feeling the cool air on my body. I walked into the carryout and there was the young man who there before along with his black friend. I felt my knees go weak as I said hello. They just looked at me and the young man asked if I had brought him something. I said me, and they both took me back to the stock room. They were naked in no time and both grabbing at my body. They noticed I had been fucked and it was making them more horny for me. I felt the young man grab my waist and his cock ramming in my pussy. His friend then puts his cock in my mouth and grabbed me by my hair while fucking my mouth. I felt his friend tightening up and his cum splashing my womb. As soon as he finished his black friend traded places with him and jammed his cock in my cunt. He started to pump me hard as the first guy placed his cock in my mouth and fucked my face. I was getting pounded hard again. I heard them call me slut and whore and that me cum. Just as I was cumming again the black gentleman came deep in my pussy as his friend flooded my mouth. I said I had to go and started to leave. I was told I could come back and fuck them anytime. I heard one of the guys say “she was better than Carrie”. I though WTF! Did my husband know this? Know her? Knew what was going on?

I got into the car and we started home. It was silent most of the way until I asked him how he knew to stop at the carryout and the theater? I asked did he know Carrie and her boyfriend? He didn’t say anything right away, he just smiled. I grinned at him and said it had all been set up right? Were those friends of yours?

“Well …… yes”, he said, “tried to make it easier on you.”

“When have you been there?” I asked

“Boys night out” he answered

“And Carrie?” I asked

“Hmmm she’s just one of the boys” he answered

“What!?” I answered

I was thinking the next week while my hubby is gone maybe I will have my own “boys night out” with or without Carrie.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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