My sister and Me Pt 1

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My sister and Me Pt 1
If you just wanna get to the shit skip this bit: (I’m trying to give my stories similar names so that they can be read back to back if you want, or whatever. I appreciate the feedback from y’all and I hope you continue to enjoy the stories I post.)

This was a while ago when my family went to go and see my dad’s side of the family. They lived deep in the boonies. Driving out there was a bit of a bore and by this time my sister and I were of age to drive ourselves. My sister drove pretty fast and my parent were so slow so we rode together.

Stephanie, my sister, is driving along and we’re listening to music, singing and whatnot; she then slowly pulls over. “Wanna drive?” she asks me. “Sure,” I say figuring she’s just tired and wants a break.

We pull off to the side of the road (we took a different route than our parents) and switch seats. I’m driving along and we’re casually talking. She puts her hand on my knee and asks me some redundant question about the get-together that’s happening. She lets her hand linger on my knee for a bit.

She begins rubbing my inner thigh and turning her body towards me. She looks me dead in the eye and puts her hand on the tent in my pants. She bit her lower lip and unzipped my pants releasing my cock. Her head was in my lap but she didn’t do anything for a moment. She started stroking my and asking me everyday questions but in a schoolgirl tone. It was really hot.

When my dick was at full attention Stephanie bent down and swallowed it whole. She’s gagging hard on my dick and slurping up her spit so we don’t make a mess in her car. Then suddenly the road gets real bumpy. She’s trying to suck me off in a rhythm but the bumps keep catching her on her downswing; she’s falling onto my dick with only my head to catch the back of her throat.

She’s making gagging noises and breathing heavy. And not much farther along and I said, “I’m gonna cum,” happy that no surprises would be had since she didn’t want me cumming on her steering wheel so she’d have to swallow me. She quickens pace and as I ejaculate I can hear her moaning tasting my jizm and slowing down her motions.

We clean each other up by the time we reach the family dinner and we eat like normal, ignoring one another as brother and sister normally do. Suddenly someone says that we’re out of beer and someone needs to make a beer run. Stephanie volunteers and I offer to follow so her driving isn’t erratic or anything. My cousin Alex also decides she should go.

My stomach sank, I was hoping to fuck Stephanie over the car or something on the drive to the liquor store. We all hop in the car with me in the passenger seat and Alex in the back. Stephanie and me ask Alex some questions eventually leading to her sex life. She has a lack of one at the moment having broken up with her boyfriend and she didn’t want to get in a relationship with anyone else.

Stephanie asks her about the dicks Alex has had and I was getting a little uncomfortable and put my hands over my ears and looked out the window so I couldn’t observe anything. While the world was silent to me and my thoughts were elsewhere my sister was fumbling with my pants and unzipping me in front of Alex! I pull my hands away from my ears to hear Stephanie ask Alex, “Have you seen on like this?”

Stephanie pulled out my cock and with every resistance I had she pinched my dick knowing I wouldn’t fight it and it wouldn’t stop me getting hard. She starts tugging on me and I’m getting harder apologizing for my sister but Alex seemed too intrigued to care. Her head poking over the seat to look at my dick. Alex was very attractive mine you, shorter build at 5’5″ but a bigger bust with her 32D tits and a truly wonderful ass. And a gorgeous face that stand alone. It’s difficult to think of her thick ass and not roll my eyes with pleasure.

Stephanie looks back at Alex and asks her if she wants to do it. Alex is hesitant but my sister’s nudges eventually win. My very beautiful cousin starts stroking me in the car. We pull into the back of the liquor store and my sister gets out to go get more beer. As soon as Stephanie leaves I turn to Alex to tell her she can stop but she kisses me.

“What?” is all I could say.
“C’mon,” Alex winked,”I’ve always kinda wondered.”
“Wondered what?!” I asked.
“What yours looked like,” she said.
“Well, see? It’s not that special,” I said with a laugh.
“No, this is just right I think,” she responded.

Alex tells me to come in the back seat so I hurry to the back of the car and jump in. She pushes me against the door and grabs my dick. She looks at me and laughs with a nervous chuckle. She throws her mouth over my dick and I can tell she is a real pro at this. Don’t know why her old boyfriend ended things with her but based on this quality alone I can’t understand losing her.

She’s sucking me hard and I allow myself to play with her titties a little bit. Shortly after my sister comes back with a few 30-racks of beer hoping to put them in the back seat next to Alex. She opens the door only to find Alex’s very perky ass in her jeans. Stephanie lets out a “no” and slams the door and opens the front door. She is amazingly fast with 2 30-racks and throws them in the passenger seat.

Alex went from sucking me to stroking me trying to figure out what Stephanie was mad about. I was asking Stephanie what was going on because we weren’t taking the same road home and she was driving much much faster. We pull off down a dirt road for a minute and eventually stop. “Get out,” Stephanie demands.

I pull my pants up and we walk to the back of the car with Stephanie. Stephanie slaps Alex on the back of the head and bends her over the trunk of the car. She smacks Alex on the ass and yells at her,”I didn’t say you could suck it! That’s mine.” Stephanie said with some passion.

I asked Stephanie to stop but she just got angrier. Stephanie pulled Alex’s jeans down and revealed a black thong. I was mesmerized for a moment but was snapped back to reality when I heard my sister’s hand slap Alex’s ass. I tried to intervene but was just pushed back by Stephanie.

It was hot, not only the day but watching my sister smack my cousin’s ass in broad day light where we could get caught. It was a very scandalous thing. Stephanie turns Alex around and asks her if she really wants to suck me now. Alex shook her head and was petrified. Stephanie said,”Nah, you’re going to.”

Steph replaced Alex with me at the trunk of the car and dropped my pants in a hurry. My dick flopped out and Steph started tugging. “Get down there,” Stephanie said as she pushed Alex to the ground,”Start sucking.”

Alex cautiously reached her mouth out and wrapped it around my dick. She sucked me slowly but it was still very good. Stephanie swung her legs over Alex’s head and kissed me. She got in my face and gave me the hot-shit cheerleader look. Topped it off with a wink. Steph bent down and grabbed Alex’s hair and asked her if she liked doing this. Alex nodded with my rod halfway in her mouth. Just then Steph forced Alex to deepthroat me and pushed her head all the way down my shaft.

Alex let out a strong gag and pulled off my cock, coughing. “See,” Steph entered,”No one will suck or fuck you like me; so don’t try it with this little bitch.” She pushed Alex down to her hands. Steph got on her knees and started sucking me. It was very good but I was a little nervous. Alex stood up and started for the car. Stephanie turned and muttered “Hey!” but since my dick was down her throat it sounded like a mumble. It nevertheless got Alex’s attention as Stephanie stood up and took off her pants. Taking my cock out of her mouth she told Alex to eat her ass.

Alex was scared but was going to do anything to keep from getting punished again by Steph. So here we are, me getting sucked by my sister and my sister getting her ass eaten out by my cousin. If anyone were to drive by it would be curtains. Luckily no one does and we continue. Stephanie turns around and instructs me to fuck her ass. We had been doing this on the regular at the time and she could manage it with little trouble. Grabbing Alex’s head Steph instructs Alex to eat her pussy in the mean time.

Stephanie reaches back and pulls my dick out of her ass and shoves it into Alex’s face. Alex tried to avoid sucking my dick. I’m shaking near orgasm, leaning on the car, and Stephanie is pushing Alex’s head closer and closer. Finally her mouth reaches my dick and I return to near ejaculation. “I’m cumming,” I say. I spray my load into Alex’s lovely mouth and she chokes on the amount.

“No, no if you can’t handle the load you can’t have it,” Stephanie interjects and grabs Alex by the face. “Here, open your mouth,” my sister says and places her face under Alex’s and catches my cum in her mouth. Stephanie licks some off of Alex’s lower lip and swallows the whole load.

There is more coming of Alex. But I would like to know what you’d like to hear about Stephanie. I have a story for domination or one when we were still pretty young. Which would you like to hear first?

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