My visit with a Filipina Part 3

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My visit with a Filipina Part 3
This is the last part of the story of my visit with a Filipina trans woman in Hong Kong.

In the first two parts I described our cum filled adventures together at the beginning and middle of the week. I also felt a growing awareness of a disconnect between us in spite of the amount of sex that we were having. It was very strange to be having mind blowing intense sex with someone that you didn’t really communicate with.

During our time together I had been in the habit of going for a run in Victoria Park after breakfast .Two days before the end of the week I came back from my run and she was on the bed watching television. I plopped myself down beside her and feeling a little flirtatious, I asked her what my reward was for my exercise.

She said that she had a reward for me and I needed to take my clothes off and lie down on the bed on my stomach. I got the lubricant and made sure that my rectum was thoroughly lubricated. Good thing, too, for what was to follow.

She took her clothes off and I rubbed the remnants of the lubricant all over her penis which was standing at attention and ready for action. After I lay back down again, she positioned herself above me holding herself up with her arms on either side of me. Then she positioned her cock at the entrance to my ass hole and swiftly speared me with it. I moaned in response and she quickly withdrew her penis from my hole and then she speared me with it all over again. I moaned again.

She continued this pattern of pulling her cock completely out of my hole and then immediately shoving it back in deep and hard. I was moaning loudly with each entry and withdrawal and it seemed to excite her to continue her anal attack. Again and again she pulled her throbbing cock out of my ass and then rammed it back in. My ass hole was in pain and I prayed that she would just leave her cock in and finish her fucking. I didn’t know how much longer I could suffer this brutal anal destruction.

I continued to grip the bed with my hands while she popped her cock in and out of my ass rapidly. It almost seemed as though her aim was to inflict as much pain as possible while tantalizing me with her cock. I was making quite a bit of noise grunting and moaning but I stayed in position as she continued the assault on my ass hole.

I now wonder why I didn’t move or stop her but I was completely submissive to her and her potent cock. If she wanted to brutally attack my hole with her cock, then I would let her dominate me. I was really putting myself at her mercy and I wondered how long she was going to continue with this hard anal fucking. It seemed to go on forever as she pulled out and pushed in impaling my ass like an a****l with her hard spear.

Finally her desire for orgasm got the better of her and she left her cock inside me while she lowered her body onto my back.I could feel her weight as she lay on top of me and fucked with a rhythmic thrusting. Now her cock stayed in my hole as it slid back and forth in my anal canal. The pain had subsided and I now felt good feeling her stiff rod inside me as she mated with me.

I could tell that she was excited from her dominating fuck attack and it wouldn’t take long before she would climax. I found myself caught up in her sexual tension and I moved my ass back and forth with her pelvis as she fucked. God, I wanted to bring her off. I could feel her breathing on my back as she started to pant. Yes, she was getting close.

By now I was moaning from the pleasure of her ass fucking and I was encouraging her to cum saying, yes baby, do me, baby, cum in my ass, baby. God, she was getting there. Now another thrust and go deep, baby. She went deep and there it was. We had arrived at our destination. We were at the pinnacle.

Her cock in my hole, balls deep and motionless as the waves of orgasm flowed through her body and out through her fuck stick. Inside my rectum her throbbing cock spurted stream after stream of hot white cum into my bowels. Oh God, yes, I am getting fucked. I am being bred like a bitch by my top. Is this how a woman feels when her man is impregnating her? She just wants him to flood her womb with his love juice.

After her orgasm had subsided, she lay there on top of me spent from her effort. I just lay there feeling her cock getting smaller but I was in no hurry for her to pull it out. I enjoyed feeling the closeness of our bodies and the connection between us with her powerful cock inside me.

Finally her cock was completely flaccid and she got up off me and went to do her routine in the bathroom. I don’t know what her routine was but whatever it was, she stayed in there for a minute or two while I lay on the bed feeling her cum slowly make its way out of my ass dribbling onto my legs and the sheets. What a whore.

When she came out I said to her, wow, that was brutal and she said in response, well that’s one way to do it. I wondered if she had been experimenting but it kind of made me mad. My ass hole was still sore from the pounding she had inflicted on it.Even though I had submitted to her domination and let her do it, I was kind of miffed with her. Why had she felt the need to do that kind of thing? Didn’t she know that I would just take the pain until she stopped? Was she a sadist? Was I a masochist?

There was only one day left and I resolved not to have any more sex with her. That night after we went to bed I rolled over and slept with my back to her. That was it. No more fucking for her.

Of course, the next morning as I awoke, I could feel her rubbing her stiff penis against my buttocks. All my resolve not to let her fuck me any more melted away and I reached for the lubricant on the night stand. I pulled my underwear off and rubbed some lubricant into my ass hole and then reached over to rub the remnants on her throbbing penis. I lay on my side with my back to her and she found the entrance to my hole with her cock head and pushed it in. She was mounted inside me again. She could just take it when ever she wanted it and I would give it to her.

I lay there while her groin fucked up against my ass and I pushed my buttocks out to receive her thrusts. While she was fucking she was fiddling with her phone and I wondered what she was doing. She said she was trying to take some video of her cock sliding in and out of my hole but it wasn’t coming out very good. After a while, she stopped messing with the phone and started to fuck in earnest.

After more than twenty fucks, I was now accustomed to her fucking and I positioned my ass so she could drive her cock in and out as she liked. I will really miss this, I thought to myself as her fucking intensified and she worked herself up to her orgasm. I loved feeling her cock inside my ass uniting us as lovers together. I loved feeling her tension as she climbed the wall towards her climax. Would I ever get enough of this? Could she ever fuck me enough?

No, never, I thought, as she pushed in deep and started ejaculating her hot cum into my anal cavity. Yes, baby, fill me up. Yes, baby, give me your load of semen. Give me your sperm, darling. Breed my ass. I will be your bottom and you will be my top. I will submit to your dominant sexual energy and I will worship your cock as you shoot your seed deep into my ass. It’s all I ever want.

Soon our coupling was over again. I thought of my resolve not to let her fuck me again and how powerless I was against my own desires. I really was submissive to her and it was a little scary thinking about what I might let her do to me. I felt kind of afraid of her sexual power over me.

Later that night we had one last fuck. She had me lie face down on the bed with my ass on the edge of the bed and my feet on the floor. She got behind me and while standing she mounted me with her strong cock. She played with my buttocks with her hands and gripped the two cheeks opening them up to see the shaft of her penis clearly sliding in and out of my anus. She fucked me leisurely as she had that morning taking her time to enjoy using my hole for her pleasure.

Truly it was for her pleasure. Although I liked the feeling of her hard knob filling my ass as she fucked, really all I cared about was her pleasure. I wanted her to use my hole to feel good. I wanted her to think of nothing else except her own selfish pleasure as she fucked me. It was all I thought of as she used me. I was her cum dumpster, her bottom bitch, her personal whore.

And so, she did use me like a slut. Once again, she had an energetic orgasm and injected her cum into my ass. As usual, I was euphoric as she sprayed my rectum with her hot milk. Another successful fucking. The twenty fourth delivery safe and sound deep up inside my ass hole.

The next day as we parted, I thought she would give me a kiss but instead she just gave me a hug. I walked down the sidewalk to the subway station on my way to the airport. Her flight for Manila would be leaving several hours later that same day.

I never heard from her again after this and maybe the whole thing for her had been just a chance to try something out. As if that had been one way to do it.

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