My Voluptuous Neighbor – part one

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My Voluptuous Neighbor – part one
My name is Simon and this is the story of my first sexual experience, somewhere in the west of the Netherlands.

This story happened two years ago. I was 22 and still a virgin living with my parents. From my bedroom window I had a clear view of my neighbor’s backyard. Every sunny day in the weekend during the summer my neighbor would sunbathe in her bikini. She was around 45 years old with half-long red-dyed hair and had a great, full-figured body. She wasn’t very tall, I guess roughly 165 cm or 5’4, and had great breasts. They were at least a D cup. Every time I saw her I couldn’t help but masturbate while I peeked at her from my bedroom window. Even when I was in my own garden and heard she was in hers as well, I would race up to my room to watch her and jerk off. This was, I think, the fourth summer in a row that it went like this. I had been doing this ever since she moved next door to us with her two sons. She was divorced and worked as a front office manager during the week.

Once in a while I was careless while peeking and masturbating and she would notice me. I quickly jumped away but knew she had seen me. Fortunately this never made her stop sunbathing or even change position. I would tentatively resume my peeking. I wasn’t too worried because even if she would catch me she would only see my face.

One day she noticed me again and I felt it was too late too dive away. She smiled and waved while I was frozen for a few seconds before smiling and waving back at her. Then I turned away from the window and sat down, wondering whether she liked being watched. Could it be turning her on?

The next day it was a Sunday and I was home alone because my parents were gone to visit family. It was a sunny day and she was sunbathing again while I was watching her again. She looked at me and because of what happened the previous day I dared to stay put. She smiled and waved again and than did something that blew my mind: she beckoned me. This of course could mean anything but I quickly got down and went to her. I opened the gate to her yard and there she was, sitting up and waiting for me.
”I know you have been watching me,” she said in a teasing voice.
I didn’t know what to say although I should have anticipated this.
”I err… I…” I stammered.
”Do you like what you see?”
”I… err… y-yes… yes I do,” I responded, my face turning red. I also became painfully aware of my growing erection.
”How flattering, come with me, I have something to show you.”
”Are your sons home?” I blurted out.
”Oh no, they won’t be back for a while” She said with a taunting smile.
I followed her inside, all the while eyeing the complete backside of her voluptuous body.
”You don’t have a girlfriend do you?”
”No, I don’t.”
”Could that be why you’re eyeing me constantly?”
I felt this was the moment to say something flattering if I wanted to make the most of this opportunity.
”Well yes but you’re also… I mean you have a… err…” I was no good at this.
”You’re so cute when you’re embarrassed.”
We had reached the stairs at this point.
We remained quiet while ascending up the stairs together. My mind was racing. Was this really happening? What did she mean to show me? Could this mean my long-cherished fantasy would come true? We had reached her bedroom. She turned towards me and sat on her bed, giving me that taunting smile again.

End of part one. Please tell me what you think :).
I also welcome feedback on my style of writing, amount of details, pace of the story and anything else that comes to your mind.

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