My wife with old man -2

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My wife with old man -2

That night She was really Horney more than any of the day. She said “Sooraj, is today is our last night in kodaikanal? Can we extend it to one more days!!”
Me: sorry Horney. I want to attend the a meeting on day after tomorrow. So i really need to reach home by tomorrow evening.
Keerthana nobbed from my lap and looking towards the roof and said “so we are going to loose Nagappa, Right??
Me: Not fully. It is better to lose him dear, because, he already seen your naked body and your adventure. We allowed him to enjoy all these because he was a total stranger. Now we are safe, if we continue this relation for a long period, he may lead us to a big problem.
Keerthana: “Mmm you are right, i really thanks to you for giving me for this much freedom. I feeling like i am the luckiest wife in this world. It all because of you. Love you dear” And she kissed on my lips.
Me : Love you too… so how do you feeling now!! Can you make my fantasy true??
Keerthana smiled and said “i dont know, how to start and where to start! I think it will happen automatically. It will be nice if it may happen without any force”

We had a wonderful night in that day. I had fucked her for two times in the night. The next morning we were ready to vacate the room, We almost packed our bags and dressed well. She was wearing a tight salwar and skinny pants. Nagappa reached before we came out from our room. Keerthana looked him very sadly as she know that she is going to loose a person who touched her body other than her husband. I understood both of them want to hug each other and want say a sweet good bye. I said them “you wait here, i will be back soon, i need to meet our tour operator” and i leave the room alone and give a sweet smile with my wife. She understand i had given a chance her to enjoy with him for the last time. I asked them to close the door from inside. She smiled at me and closed it after i got out from there.

I felt my cock was getting hard under the pants because i give a opportunity for my wife to enjoy with that young boy. I decided to go to reception rather that wait in front of the bed room to finish their activities like a broker who has sending his wife to another room and waiting for the payment. I gone to the receptionist, meet the tour package and given the full settlement. It had been Ten minute had passed after i leave my wife with Nagappa. My heart beat realised and my mind was out of control to know what was happening inside the room. After ten more minutes i decided to brock their intimate movement.

I pressed the door bell of the cottage, they are taking more time to open the door. My heart beat became raised again. Finally She opened the door and turned back and went inside the room without looking into my face. Nagappa was acting like he was trying to arrange the table and window sheets, definitely he was nervous. Keerthana also avoiding the eye contact with me. Her lipstick had faded little bit. At last i asked causally “So, can we leave ???” We all walked towards our car. Before get inside the car i gave a thousand rupees to Nagappa for a giving us a wonderful trip as a tip.

While i was driving asked her without looking her face “How it was your last session with Nagappa”. She looking towards straight on the road and said “Thank you Sooraj for give us a last minute opportunity, But don’t imagine like we had done everything like in our fantasy story. He didn’t fuck me like your imagination. As always like he was nervous ”

Me: So, you haven’t done anything like that morning session?
Keerthana: We have done a little, “After a pause She continued” he was standing like a statue after you left from that room. When i closed the door he was afraid a little bit. I came close, hugged him and said a big thanks for give me a wonderful tour. His face was between my both boobs, he placed it without moving his body. Suddenly i felt something was touching on my thighs, it was his small cock. He was hard and pressing it on my thighs over my cloth. So i decided to give him a last minute treat as i removed my pants in front of him without any delay. I was very confident because Nagappa not taking any initiative to touch my body. Then i sat on the bed and pointed my finger towards my pussy. He came and sat beside me. Then he looked close to my private parts as it was really wet. He placed his fingers on the elastic of my pant and slowly pulled it down. He placed his finger on my pussy lips and spread it like a flower. I was staring at his excitement of his face. I spread my legs wide to give a vey good access him to watch closely. For my surprize he leaned forward and first he kissed on my pussy with his lips and looked into my eyes. It was an electric shock for me, this is first time a man who is not my husband had kissed my pussy. Nagappa Again came close and placed his lips on my pussy, this time he stay there for a few more seconds and touched with his tongue on my wet cunt. I had really felt he was using his small tongue. When he releases from that position his lips were wet because of my juices. I couldn’t control my self for seeing this young boy having my pussy juices on his lips. I leaned forward and placed my lips on his wet lips. We were kissing like lovers for the next few minutes. He pressed my boobs same time massaged my pussy with his another hand. Before we could go further you came and call us from outside. That time i take some more time to wear my pants as it was really tight. This is the reason behind the delay to opened the door.

Me: so both of you had gone little more further. I cant believe that shy boy had sucked your pussy lips like i do.
Keerthana: Actually he didn’t suck like you do. He was just licking it rather than eating like a pulpy mango.
Me: I am little bit jealous about him, because when i was retake the situation in my mind, my beautiful wife being enjoyed my a poor young boy make me something strange feeling.
Keerthana blushed into me and said “So you were not ready to accept your wife being caressed my a stranger???,, if you were not came on the last time, it would ended up in a hot fucking session”
Me: Please Keerthana, Please stop humiliating me by saying like this. I love you so deeply and it is right i am fantasising you with another man. But its really strange feeling when i realized my wife is also enjoying more than me. The positive side is when you were with him inside the room my cock was like a steel rode. It really exited with a strange feeling.
Keerthana laughed and said “you were started this imagination, so you have to bare this humiliation”.
We had a cute fight and another awesome day. We about to reach our home. The next day i have a office meeting. So we picked up our son from my parents and reached in our own home. Hopping like we have a good adventures ahead. Days had passed, our marriage life had became spicy as we added some new adventures. Keerthana and me more romantic than before. She became bold on the bed, That young boy serve her some more confident.
One day we again started to discussion about my fantasy that she need a energetic lover not like Nagappa. My only requirements He should have good maintained body, good looking like Keerthana. Nagappa was very shy, so Keerthana had take initiative to do everything but in my thought, her lover need to control Keerthana and enjoy maximum, then i can only see how much Keerthana would get pleasure from her lover. I conveyed all my concern with my wife.

Keerthana was listening me all these and replied “Sooraj, i understand your all needs. Yes you were right that i had take the full power to control Nagappa on our Kodaikanal trip, because it was not our place even he was totally stranger for us. We never ever going to face him in our future so i got extra confidence. But if everything will go as per your need just like you explained now, it would go in the another direction. The man who is going to my lover may not allowed me to enjoy with my own husband, that may hurt both of us. That’s why still i didn’t think about for a long term relation with anyone, i not at all prepared for it. Firstly our marriage life that is my main concern. Second concern is the person who we are going to choose.

Me: Yes you are right Keerthana. But I believing you will not let him our relationship get broken. I am ready to take a risk for my wife because i am trusting you anyone in this world. I really wants to see you with a man. I want to feel the humiliation and expression of your face. Nagappa was not a lucky man to fuck you even after he gets you inside a bedroom. I know you were also wanted to enjoy with him more than you both have done. But unfortunately he was not used his tool against you.

Me and Keerthana had a long discussion about this topic for taking a long term extra marital affair for my beautiful wife. At last she was about to accept my desire. While this discussion she again noticed hard cock under my pants. She looked into my tend on the pants then looked into my eyes then said “ I have some condition if you really wants it. I hope you may understand” i was really happy listen that sentence from my wife.

Me: Ok Keerthana. Tell me the conditions that you may have. I Will be trustful with you always. The only condition that i have is You also be trust full with me and do not hide anything from me. Because i am your husband.

Keerthana: I agreed your condition. I always will be trust full with you. I will not hide anything from you. Its a promise from my side. I am ready to make your desire in reality if you accept my all conditions.
And my conditions are,
1) You have to give me the freedom to choose my love mate
2) Do not interfere when i am busy with my lover.
3) Do not force me to do anything. I will do only if it comes naturally, do not be hurry
4) Do not say me to stop the relation instantly as i need some more time if you wants me to stop it. Because we would attached with heart intimacy rather than physical intimacy, it may take time.
“You can accept this terms and conditions if you agree this” she give me a tough and hard agreement to accept. I think it for a while, but my hard cock had given the answer for this all condition.

Me: Keerthana.. You really take it as serious, and you are really going to humiliating me with your lover. Ok i Accepted your terms and conditions. But do not tell your lover about my consent you to enjoy with him. It must be our secret.
Keerthana: Ok. Agreed, So are you ready to watch your wife with her lover on bed? He may fuck you wife and enlarge your wife’s cunt. Do you have the power to witness for all these???
Me.. Keerthana. Year my dear sweet hot wife. I am ready to witness all this. So who will be your partner???
Keerthana: I need some more time to find a new one. You remember our agreement !! Do not be hurry for anything. Everything will be reach on time.

On the same night we had an amazing fuck session. In the session she used me to tease me by saying “Your wife is going to cleaning her lovers cock” i had enjoyed her changes all because of the young boy Nagappa. If someone the who is non polite and non shy was the place of Nagappa, she would close this chapter on the same time because she is not a slut to give her body to a stranger who is waiting for fuck all the women from his view. I really thankful to Nagappa for his patients and shyness. That night was so much fun for us.

Next day morning when i get up she was in the kitchen as usual for making breakfast. She was wearing nighty without any under garments. When i reached her she smiled me and said “go and get ready, its late now” and pushed me to the wash room. When i having my breakfast I asked her about the plan. Keerthana said “ why you asking all these in the early morning?? I am not yet decided, let me think about it and inform you” and blushed at me. I looked at her body, her boobs are really fantastic. Her curving body is like English alphabet “S”. Before i leaving the front door, i hugger her and kissed on her lips, she also responded, on her other hand she was holding our one year old son. I pushed on her to one of the table and she sat on that. I was in the office dress she complained it may get dirty. I spread her legs first. I could see a red pussy lips, It stood like a flower as she gave me full access by spreading her legs wide. I kissed on the pussy lips like kissing her real lips. She hold our baby with both hand and stood up then kissed on my lips. Keerthana said “Go baby go and do your job, i will start my job today itself”

Me: it needs more time, right?? You need to find a attractive guy first.
Keerthana: Don’t be hurry dear husband, I already have someone in my mind. But don’t aske me his name. Let me confirm it and i will inform you later. If my selection had worked out, you will not worry about your wife. We will be together for end of the life. That’s my promise.

Me: ohh that’s good news. But please update me the proceedings.

In the afternoon i called on her mobile number. But there was no responds. After sometimes she called me back and said she is with Shanawas uncle in his house. I suggested her to do her own job to find a new lover. She said “I think i already have selected one, but one more clarification it needs” i was surprised by her answer. I was in thrill mood to know who will be her lover, but she refused to tell me the name on that time. After disconnection of the phone call i noticed a small erection in my pants. That day after reaching my home rashly reached in front of Keerthana and enquired about her proceedings. She said me to wait patiently. I was really eager to hear it from her. I slowly came behind and her, hold her waist and asked me to sit on my face as i eagerly wants to suck my wife’s pussy. She looked confusedly, then after a cute expression she asked me to sit on the floor and put my face on the chair by and tilted my head backward to rest on the chair. Then she crossed her legs between my body by looking opposite side and slowly opened her nighty and show her ass and pussy in front of my face an inches away. I could smell her sweet pussy. When open my eyes i noticed her pussy is really wet even before I suck. I asked about the reason that she had already wet before i lick it. She said “Its wet because i found my lover and started to tease him today itself”

By hearing this i was surprized and just kissed on her pussy and get up and sat on the chair and asked her to sit on the opposite chair. She blushed to me

Keerthana: What happen?? You don’t want to clean up your wife’s excitement juices.???

Me: Keerthana,, tell me. Who is the person is going to enjoy me beautiful wife??

Keerthana: Don’t be tensed dear. I have selected this person because considering so may aspects like safety, trust everything rather than not consider his beauty. So you have to accept this person as my new lover. If you are not agreed with him, i may quit my plan to have a boyfriend. So last decision is yours.
Me: Tell me his name???. I am excited.
Keerthana looked deeply into my eyes. I can read a lust in her eyes. Without blinking her eyes, her lips spelled his name. “Shanawas Uncle”
Me: No way.. why do you chose this old man instead of a attractive guy?? He is not eligible to enjoy a women like you. You will get many strong and good looking guys. Then why this old man??

Keerthana: Be patient Sooraj, i have so many reason for selecting this old man. Let me explain all.
1) If he become my partner there will not be any issues in future like arguments or anything between us, because he is old and never ever force me to marry him. If the person is young and attractive he may force me to do like what i said. I really don’t want to loose you.
2) He will not disclose our secrets with any other persons as he don’t have any intimate friends or family members. If the person is a young boy, he would share these all with his friends.
3) He is our neighbour and he is staying near with our house, So it is more accessible for me to go there and my partner can come to our home in any time. It will be access for me to go in his house from our back door as we have a small common gate. nobody will see our secret meetings and never doubt about our extra marital affair.
4) Moreover it will be access for you to watch us. If the person is from some other place, he will definitely bring me there to his home or flat. It will not be secure for our goodwill.
5) Shanwas uncle might not be enjoyed her wife for last ten years as she was seems like too old. So it would be better experience for me to enjoy with this old man with his old experince.

These are positive points i have Sooraj. So tell me, are you ready to let your wife for enjoy with your old neighbour while you are sleeping here in our own home”
Me: Keerthana i agreed all these are true. But how i can enjoy myself by watching my wife being used by a old man.
Keerthana: dear Sooraj, you will be get enjoy more when you see your wife get fucked by an old man instead of a smart boy. Definitely he will have more experience in bed. So He can really satisfy me.

She was waiting for my decision by looking into my face. After a deep silence i said, “Ok dear. I agreed your decision. So what is your plan.?? Did you speak with him directly??
Keerthana: No, i cannot say it directly to the old man “Can you fuck me” so today i was only thinking about how he will take care me on bed. We will like a father and daughter, right??
Me: Oww god…. so you already started your Imagination with him. Still i am a half mind to select this old man. But i trusting you fully. You can enjoy with him even if i failed to enjoy myself.
Keerthana: you will defiantly enjoy dear. Wait and see.Then next three days were public holiday because of a festival in our state. Our family had planned to celebrate it from my own sister Sandhya’s home. It was only 7 O clock in the morning. We were dressed well as i wore a normal jeans and a casual shirt, Keerthana wore a beautiful pink saree. She was looking damn hot by her assets that hided inside the dress. Before we leave from our home She asked me to meet Shanawas uncle for saying take care of himself as we are leaving for three days. Actually she want to show her beauty in that dress for him and tease him a little. We both went there and rang the door bell, but there was no responds from inside even after we rang it for five minutes. She said “He would be sleeping, but we need to tell him that we are leaving, otherwise he will think in negative way. I know a extra key he was keeping on the back side of his home.” She bring it and we both open the door and went inside.

We direct approach to his bed room. Before we entered, i excused from outside. Immediately she open the door as she has the full freedom in this house. We both were shocked to see the Shanawas uncle had drunk too much and sleeping on the bed with his mind lost. It looks like he might be slept in the early morning as i can see one of the Smokey cigarette in the ashtray. His lungi were little bit exposed from his legs. Keerthana looked into my face as she also noticed his lungi had exposed a little bit. I think we both are having same thoughts in our mind was how much size he has. She again looked in to my face and she approached to him. She called his name, but he was in deep sleep Keerthana hold his shoulder and shake it for waking up him. This time shanawas uncle changed his position to side wards and his lungi had misplaced from his crouch area. That movement we both were looked each other, because he has a bigger tool in his underwear. Hurriedly she came to my side and stood there with strange look into his underwear. Off course it lengthier than me as well as double thicker, as we could see the clear outline of his cock from his underwear. I could see an excitement in Keerthana’s face. We were almost silent for next few seconds, then i signalled her to leave from here. Before closing the bed room she again stared it for few more seconds from long distance.

We almost silent while travelling to my Sister’s home. She was feeding our one year old boy inside the car. Frequently she was looking into my face without asking anything. Then i asked her “What happens, You almost became silent after seeing his tool!!”
Keerthana turned her head and said, “Yes i am little bit nervous, because it was first time i am seeing a real cock other than yours, that even covered by his underwear, and the size is like in the porn films actors that we used to watch.
I said with a smile “Yes, He has bigger than your husband, I need to say your selection is appreciatable.
Keerthana slapped on my shoulder pretended like she is angry. Then she said “I was not expected this. Now I am really scared to go ahead with him. But you will really enjoy to watch when i am struggling to enter him inside mine.

I laughed and said, “If you really scared of him, change your selection from that old man to some other attractive guy. It would be nice for both of us” and i winked at her.

Keerthana looked mischievously and said “I already told you the positive aspects for works this idea with him, we cannot find any other guy for my extra marital affair. It may lead to sacrifice our marriage life.

Me: Ok, i agreed with that old man. Also i would like to expose you in front of strangers like we had done in Kodaikanal. That’s really turned me on. That will be my enjoyment till i can see you with your new partner.

Keerthana looked confusedly and said “Mmm you are really an idiot husband who allows your wife to expose in front of strangers. I will humiliate you by teasing someone in front of you as exposing myself. Be careful.” She give a cute expressive warning and hided her smile behind her lips. After some cute fight we reached in my Sister Sandhya’s home.

Everyone was waiting for our arrival. Sandhya and her Husband Vivek had invited into their home. My parents were also with them. Sandhya is my Own sister with the same age of Keerthana, and Vivek was 28, he is running a business in Kerala. They are very beautiful couple. They provided a room on the first floor, me and Keerthana went there and keep our luggage inside the room. It was very specious also have a balcony on the floor. We had celebrated the festival and had lunch with all of our family members. After that She called Shanawas uncle over the phone and informed we will not be there for three days.

That evening we were sat on the balcony and chit chat with my Brother-in-law and my Sister. Me and Vivek had discussed about our works related matters, our wife’s were listening us like school k**s. At last our discussion came to our Trip that we used to go in every month. They had impressed with our idea that a trip to long distance in every month. Vivek asked us, next time they are also want to come along with us. By hearing this Keerthana and me looked each other and she smiled at me. I got the meaning if her smile was, we cannot explore like we had in Kodaikanal. If they want to come along with us, we cannot say No to them, so we agreed to go together for the next trip. That evening we four of us had enjoyed a lot.

That night When i entered in the bed room. Keerthana was feeding our one year old son. She looked at me and controlled her smile behind the lips. I approached her and asked “What happens, why are you smiling?” Keerthana again hided her smile and said “Nothing” Then changed her dress to a nighty and layed on the bed with her head placed on my chest. She said “So your exposing fantasy had not been for the upcoming trip”

I just nobbed and said, “Yes. We cannot do in front of my sister and her husband.” She lifted her head towards me and something was going to tell, but she stopped and layed in the previous position. I asked her “What happened, You something were going to say and stopped it?” She said “Nothing Sooraj, i think I had felt wrong, it could be my misunderstanding”
Me: what happens dear, tell me what was your misunderstanding. We can clarify it if you share it with me.
Keerthana in the same position she was and said “Today i noticed Vivek had looked into my assets when we were at balcony. I pretended like i was not noticing him. It might be my understanding, but i felt like that.
I shocked to hear that my Own sister’s husband had eyed on my wife. I felt an electric shock had passed through my body.
She continued “how he can eyed me as i am having a family relation with him”
I said “if he looked you in that manner, it means he have interest in you, and both of you don’t have blood relation as coming from different family”
Keerthana: Yes you are right. Then it is clear that he had looked me in that manner. I really noticed it when i was bending down to take the tea cup from the table, his look towards my cleavage.

When she saying this i felt something under my pants. I felt she is trying to convince me for expose herself in front of my sisters husband. While i was thinking all about this, my cock had became hard and bulged from my thin track suit that i was wearing. She notice the change of my expression. She turned towards me and asked “Your cock had became hard when i am talking about your Sister’s husband who had eyed on my assets” i felt shame in front of my wife and said, “Sorry Keerthana, i am getting hard when i am thinking of you being eyed by a man with lust, even if he is my Sisters husband.”

Keerthana looked into my face. After a few second she said “I don’t have any issue for exposing in front your brother-in-law if only you don’t have any concern. After all you were wanted to watch me with a young and attractive men rather than a old one, right?”
When i hear it from Keerthana, My cock had became more stronger than before, When i looked into my bulge on my track suit she placed her hand on my bulge and massaged it with her soft fingers. Then she pulled my track down and came between my legs. She take the cock in her hand and caressed it with her soft silky fingers. Then she looked into my eyes and asked “You want me to expose in front of your brother-in-law?”.
I nobbed and said, i don’t know it is right or wrong. But i completely want to explore my wife in front of a young man, so i ignoring about my sister’s emotions” Then she kissed on the tip of the cock and give a amazing blowjob for that night. These days she was not allowed me to fuck in her pussy, as she always wanted to clean it by sucking her cunt. That night also i had done the same thing with my tongue. Keerthana take my all cum over her mouth and washed it after our session.
Before get sleep She again asked me “Are you sure about him?”
I nobbed and said “I am OK, if you ready for this adventure. But please make sure nobody has notice it. Because Vivek is not a stranger for us So please take extra care. I am not thinking about my sisters life. Because if Vivek is a man who staring with all women like this, we cannot change his attitude and save my sisters life from this issue. But i Know after their marriage i had seen a face book photo had tagged in his timeline with a girl on a strange position. That time i valuate him, but i cannot say anything as he is my sisters husband.

Keerthana: oh. So he is a person who running towards every girls. But Your sister and he is having a good relation. They are always together in front other couples like us.

Me: I also noticed when we were at balcony. They were sat really closed in front of us. Anyway you keep go, and lets see what will happens.

Next day, Keerthana and me confirmed it that Vivek has staring at her body. She smiled at me and gone to bed room and changed her dress to a tight salwar. This time her boobs were really tighter than before, her ass shape had clearly visible through that salwar. While we were having lunch Keerthana and Sandhya had served the food. While serving Keerthana purposely touched on his left elbow with her right waist area, as dining table have enough height till her waist. I could see the changes of the expression on his face. When she turned to opposite side her right ass cheeks placed on his elbow. He placed his hand without any movement. When i looked into her face, she blushed into me. Whenever she get the chance to serve the side where he was sitting, she rushed to reach near him and tease him by pressing her ass with his hand. I understand that i am also feeling honey when i see my wife allowed my Brother-in-law to caressed her body. No matter he is my sisters husband, now i was thinking only from our side.

After so much of teasing, in the evening we again gathered on the balcony. This time Vivek and Keerthana has passing some stares each other like lovers. I understand that Keerthana had not only going to expose in front of him but also she want to enjoy more than exposing. Thier eyes had connecting for few seconds and released when me or my sister had interrupted by our conversation.

That night me and Keerthana discussed about Vivek. She said that Vivek had already came to her way. As she give some extra care for Vivek more than Sandhya, like giving a cup of tea, water etc before her wife does. Vivek had also noticed that Keerthana have some interest on him. Then i asked her “I only told you to expose your body to him and not to act like lovers”

She looked confusedly and said “Sooraj, i understand your concern that he is our family relation as well as your Sister’s husband. But you had a fantasy that a attractive man have enjoying your wife. I think we can consider Vivek also because he is attractive and a man who is running behind every girl, so he will be energetic on the bed for caressing your wife. More over he is our family member, so we can meet anytime even inside our own home. People will not say anything as our family can come anytime in our home.
Me: Then what about shanawas? Will you drop the idea to sleep with that old man If i accept you to sleep with my Sisters husband??
Keerthana: I hope you will understand, both of them have thier different identity and skills. It will be another experience if you watch me to sleep with that old man. I already enjoyed with Nagappa, and want to experience with Shanawas also. I hope you may understand.

Me: Yes, Still i really want to watch you with a young and attractive man on the bed, so i am agreeing with Vivek as your partner. I am ignoring my concern about my sister. But i really worried about Shanawas. How can i watch my wife being fucked by a old man.

Keerthana: Sooraj, I am not arguing with you. But let me tell you one thing. You have a fantasy to watch you wife being fucked by a young man. So i also made some imagination with Shanawas uncle as my fantasy. I already had prepared for Shananawas uncle as my partner. That fantasy will remains in my heart. If i have not done with him in future, that mark always will hurt me. I will drop the idea with Vivek if you want me to sleep with only one person rather than two. I will always with your decision even after you agreed my condition. In my conditions i had stated that the choosing authorisation will be mine. But i will not hurt you any more. Decision is yours.

We were silent for some minutes then i said “Ok dear, I understand your feelings towards Shanawas uncle. Your heart already prepared to allow him as your partner. I also have a fantasy that you have sleep with a attractive man, so i don’t have any issue of choosing my brother-in-law as you already started you work with him. I am giving you the permission to enjoy both of these man.

Keerthana looked into my eyes and said, “I know your will understand my feelings. I will always trustful with you and don’t afraid of your wife will run with her lover. Because the both man we selected having their own disadvantage for take me to thier personal life as their wife. They have their own commitments.

I nobbed and almost we have taken the decision to experience with old man and my young brother-in-law. My wife Keerthana already prepared herself for allow them to fuck her cunt, For this it needs only some more days. We slept with lot of dreams in our mind as we both having our own fantasy.

Next day as per our plan, she was waiting in the room after bathing wearing only a towel. Me and Vivek were playing video game in the laptop on the ground floor. While i was busy on games on my turn Keerthana loudly called my name from the first floor “Sooraj, can you please come here, i want to change the position of one table” Her timing was perfect that she called me while i was busy in playing game and Vivek was waiting for his turn. I told to Vivek, “Hey Vivek, can you please help her to move that table. Please” i requested him without looking into his face and pretended like i really concentrated in the game, but my mind was busy with my wife that how she will deal him.

He happily agreed and went to the stare case then room. My hear beat became raised again. I cant see what will happen in our room. I noticed that My sister was busy inside the kitchen, and parents were busy with my son in the sit out. Vivek and Keerthana already communicated their feeling without words. He knows Keerthana have some interest on him. I wanted to see them on the bed while she was crying when Vivek fucks her cunt very hardly. But i don’t know what is happening in our room. It had been 10 Minute had passed after he goes. My heart beat still going so fast. I want to meet her after he comes from the bed room.

Finally he came down and sat beside me. This time he did not asking anything. Before he goes he was fighting with me for his turn. I understand that they have done something. I couldn’t sit properly as my cock was harden under my pants. When my game was over i handover the laptop to Vivek and excused him, then went to my bed room on the first floor. My heart was waiting to meet Keerthana to know what all happened with my brother-in-law. The door was locked from inside and she opened it when i called her. Keerthana smiled at me when i entered inside the room. I closed it again, she had worn a nighty and drying her hair in front of the mirror. I approached her from behind and she blushed through the mirror. I hold her stomach from behind and asked “Did you done??” she turned and kissed on my lips, then she said “did you feel any different taste on my lips??”
I got an sudden erection under my pants and asked her “He kissed you on your lips??”
Keerthana looked into my eyes and said “Yes dear husband, your brother-in-law has kissed your wife and feel her body”
Me: How it all sudden. You were not at all started the relationship. We just came yesterday. I expect you only show your body. But he kissed you on the second day after we came here.

Keerthana smiled and placed her lips into mine and hold her hand on my dick over the cloth and she said “From yesterday we started to communicate through our excitements and expressions, and yesterday when you were busy with your parents and sister he touched on my boobs purposely when i was in the store as it was very congested. When he comes to store room i was struggling to take a oil bottle from the top drawer. Without asking he came and take the oil bottle with his left hand, while taking he supported his right hand on my shoulder, he understand my permission as i didn’t object. After picking the bottle from the top, he purposely runned his hand to downward on my boobs. I had really turned on by his first touch. But suddenly your sister had came to the Kitchen then we separated. We both had understand we are waiting for a opportunity and today we got in our bed room.

Me: Within single day, this much proceeding had happens.!! You didn’t say this incident happened inside the store room yesterday while discussing about Vivek.
Keerthana: Yesterday your mood was not good, that’s why i hided it from you, and decided to tell you some other time.
Me: Ok dear. And what all you have done just now??
Keerthana smiled and while stroking my cock over the pants she said “When he came i was wearing only a towel as per our plan. He shocked to see me in that dress. He was not a patient man like Nagappa. First time i was little bit nervous for stand in front of him only with a towel. When he reached in front of me our eyes met each other and he hold my waist and pulled toward him. I could not control my excitement. Because he was really powerful than Nagappa and you so my body became melt under his hand. He caressed all over my body like a hungry man and kissed on my lips. He was very hurry berry as he was thinking about the time he has. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his hard touches on my body. At last he pulled the towel and your Wife had became full nude In front of your own brother-in-law. He caressed my naked body with his strong hands enjoyed every parts of my body.

She was explaining how was my brother-in-law had enjoyed her body. I about cum inside my pants. I open the zip and asked her to take it in her mouth and she does. She put my whole length inside her mouth like a porn actress does. She became really bold. At last i ejaculated inside her mouth. She runned to the wash room and cleaned herself.
I asked her when she come back from wash room “So how do you ended up you last session?” She smiled and said “are you still excited even after ejaculating inside my mouth?”
Me: Tell me, i am really excited
Keerthana: We haven’t done anything more than that as i forced him to go outside, because i was afraid of your sister.
Me: Mmm good. So you liked him?? When i can see both of you on the bed ?
Keerthana: I liked his sudden action. He was harder than you and not ready to wait patiently. So don’t be hurry dear huband, we have enough time. Today evening we will go to our own home. Then there will not be any risk for allowing him to fuck your wife.
Me: You really prepared for both of them?? Can you handle them on the same time??
Keerthana blused at me and said “That i can handle. But you have to sacrifice yourself, because if i would take them in a single day. You are not permitted to fuck your wife on that day. You can only clean me for another round, Agreed??
Me: Are you going to humiliate me like our fantasy story??

Keerthana laughed and escaped to the ground floor from me before i catch her. It was really hard for them to face each other. I noticed that Keerthana and my brother-in-law staring each other like lovers. I was really enjoying their intimate movements. That day while we having lunch together i invited my sister and brother-in-law to our own home. He said he is going to open a new Brach of his office near our locality. I said “So, Vivek can come to my home any of the time, you are always welcome as you can give a company with Keerthana.” She looked into my face and smiled. Same time Vivek and Keerthana had stared each other and communicated something without words.

Before we leaving from thier home, i had given our new mobile number to Vivke. He was really happy to get Keerthana’s Whats App number. I was really happy that my fantasy is going to happens with Keerthana and Vivek. While in the travelling i asked her how is she going to plan to show me thier session in our home. She said “I don’t have any of the plan, Let it go naturally, we will get some idea, or i have another idea”

I stooped the car on the side of the road and asked her the idea. She laughed and said “Lets share our fantasy with him. Then he will give you a good show with your wife everyday” i slapped on her shoulder and Said “If he know about this, i cannot face him in future, so please keep it as our secret.” She said she was joked. After one hour of drive we safely reached in our home.

To be continue….

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