My Wife’s Revenge With My Friends

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My Wife’s Revenge With My Friends
Wife gets back at husband for flirting by making him watch.

Chapter 1

I met Kat at work two years ago. She was 22, 18 years younger than I, but we had a connection from her first day. I was the owner at a small ad agency, and she enjoyed flirting with, and later dating the boss. She was so pretty and alive, with an amazing body. She didn’t dress slutty, but her curves were never hidden in the sundresses she wore all summer or the sweaters she wore in the winter. Things moved fast, she had moved in with me after four months, and I married her 6 months after that.

We were very into each other, but didn’t have many common friends. She would come out to business dinners and get-togethers with other couples I knew from time to time. Kat was a good sport, but my friends were a little staid for her. I felt a little out of place when ‘d go to parties her friends threw, although there were lots of hot girls prancing around. More often I’d keep her to myself or have her go on her own.

One night I did agree to go to a party celebrating her best friend’s engagement. Instead of a bachelorette party, it was guys and girls, and I could tell it was going to be a little wild as soon as we walked in. Her friend, a petite Asian girl hugged me tight when we arrived and handed me a shot. She introduced me to her little sister, Aimee, who I had actually met once before. I quickly found myself separated from Kat and sitting on a couch with Aimee. Aimee lit up and shared a joint. She was very touchy as we talked, and casually d****d a bare leg d****d over mine as she lay back and listened to me tell a story as we smoked. She had a tight little body, very different than Kat’s. No tits to speak of but beautiful legs and a small pert ass. I felt myself get hard as I felt her leg on me and she teased about how much she liked older men. She told me a story about how she had seduced her teacher at a party on the last day of school, how we had hiked up her skirt in a back room with everyone just outside the door and fucked her. I was getting incredibly horny, and when Kat came by later she saw Aimee nearly on my lap with my hand on her leg. She gave me a dirty look as I casually shrugged. I hoped she didn’t notice my hard-on through my pants. Later in the evening I found myself making out with Aimee a bit in a corner, my hands on her ass while her hand slid down and grabbed my cock. Through the haze of the drinks, I realized what I was doing. I was pretty sure nobody had seen us, and I extracted myself and returned to Kat.

When we got home later Kat started to give me a very hard time about flirting with Aimee in front of everyone. I protested that she was drunk and I didn’t do anything, but she said I was clearly flirting with her and it had made her look stupid. She asked if anything had happened and I emphatically said no, but I felt she could see right through me, or knew exactly what had happened. She asked how I would feel if she acted like that with my friends and I said it wouldn’t be that big a deal, after all it was just a little flirting. She made me agree that the next time I had the guys over for Sunday football, we’d see how I felt. She would be allowed to flirt and tease as much as she wished, and I could only say yes to whatever she asked me that evening. I stayed awake a while that night, feeling lucky I hadn’t lost Kat, but wondering what she had planned for Sunday.

I had watched Sunday football with the same group on guys since college. We rotated houses to avoid pissing off the wives. It was nothing crazy, but there was lots of beer consumed and the conversation was often more than a bit off color. Kat generally avoided the group, sometimes watching with us for the first half, then escaping after the boys got a bit drunker and rowdier. All the guys lusted after Kat of course. She was so much younger and hotter than their wives or girlfriends.

I was a little nervous about what exactly she had planned as we had lunch that Sunday. She had three glasses of wine, which she almost never did during the day. I became more concerned still when I saw that she had changed into the sexiest dress she owned. It was a white summer dress that showed off her tits nicely, as did most dresses she wore, but this one was much shorter than most, it barely covered her ass even when she stood up. I started to gently protest but she shut me up quickly, reminding me of our agreement – I had to watch her tease if she wanted to, and I could only say yes to her. She kissed me hard then whispered in my ear “Don’t worry Mark, it will be fun”.

The buzzer rang and Tom and Cory arrived. They were both around my age. Tom was the best looking of our group. He had played football in college and still had the look of a jock, tall with big shoulders and chest. He was cocky with a knowing smile. In college Tom fucked so many girls I could never keep track. A couple of times I was lucky to get girls he had moved on from, at least once that I knew of he had fucked one of my girlfriends. Kat had never seemed to fall for his charm, although many girls had before. Tom was married but always had something on the side. Cory actually worked at my agency, he was a little overweight, but a salt of the earth type. I had known him the longest, since high school, and gave him a job when he had no other options. Kat hugged both of them when they walked in. Cory seemed a little shocked as he felt her breasts push into him, but Tom took it in stride, and I noticed his had brush her ass as he hugged her back.

Kevin was the last to arrive. Kat had barely ever given Tom or Cory the time of day, but she did like to tease Kevin. Kevin was a sweet guy but very shy. His wife was a bitch and controlled him completely. We seldom went to Kevin’s to watch football, and when we did was always a little awkward as she clearly did not want us there and made Kevin look small. Perhaps feeling sorry for Kevin, Kat would often ask him if he liked the dress she was wearing as she twirled for him, and give him kisses on the cheek when he tried to be charming. Kevin would inevitably stammer and blush which only further encouraged Kat. Today, Kat kissed him on the lips, long enough that I looked away embarrassed before looking back to see how brightly he was blushing.

We all got beers and sat down to watch the game, but it was obvious that my friends were much more interested in Kat, who as she sat back was showing lots of bare leg. I was sure Cory could see her panties from his angle but she didn’t seem to mind at all as she sat next to Kevin and giggled at a joke he made.

She got up a few times to get beer or snacks. She was encouraging them to drink faster. One time when she got up she dropped a cup and as she bent over to pick it up she gave Kevin and Tom a perfect view of her ass, barely covered by her panties before slowly rising and laughing that she may have had too much to drink.

From that moment on the game may as well not have been on. The guys were all paying attention to Kat, listening to her stories attentively, laughing with her. I could tell she was enjoying the attention, and she smiled over at me a few times, ensuring I was being tortured. She somehow got the conversation towards spankings, and the talk became more sexual. They talked about who liked to spank or be spanked. Kat making it clear with a painfully cute pout that she enjoyed a good spanking but I didn’t oblige often enough. Cory quickly said that if she was his girl he would spank her every night. Tom leered at her and said he was pretty sure she had a perfect ass for spanking but couldn’t be positive unless she showed them. She demurred but allowed them to continue to push until she turned to me and asked sweetly if I would be ok if she showed them what a spankable ass she had. I swallowed back on my beer and tried to sound glib, “yes, sure…if you want.”

Kat stood up, a little shaky, and slowly raised her skirt, completely above her little panties. From my vantage point I could see her panties were already a little wet. I watched my three friends move closer, taking in my wife’s ass as if it were a work of art. Tom reached over and patted her ass cheeks and whistled that it was indeed perfect. I was sure Kat would stop it there but she bent forward, stuck her ass out more and let them continue to shower accolades on her ass. Soon Cory and Tom had their hands on her ass, Tom groping occasionally.

Kat looked over her shoulder at Kevin and asked, “Kevin, you really haven’y ever spanked a girl?” Kevin a little less shy now, quietly answered “yes…never.” Kat said this was such a shame and asked me if I would please allow her to let Kevin spank her, “just so he can see what it’s like.” Of course, I had to agree and then just sit there while Tom helped her make her way to Kevin’s lap. As she raised her ass high for him her thong did little to cover anything. I could see most of her asshole and a hint of her pussy as Tom encouraged Kevin to “smack her hard the way she likes.” As Kevin surprised everyone in the room with a loud, firm smack on her ass cheek, I noticed I was rock hard, and felt confused and angry with myself. Cory and Tom cheered as Kevin spanked her again and again, her ass now bright red as it squirmed for him. He finally took a break and rubbed her ass slowly as she whimpered appreciatively.

Tom broke me from my reverie when he asked in a mocking voice “Please Mark, is it ok if Kat sucks my hard cock?” I let my face go red in anger and humiliation and was about to kick everyone out when I heard Kat quickly interject “please let me Mark. I’ve always wondered what it looked like.” I knew this had already gone too far and really wanted to say no, but I felt a deep sense of fear that Kat might leave me if I didn’t live up to my promise, and, well…it was just so sexy watching her like this. “Yes Kat, it’s ok if you want to suck Tom’s cock.” Tom quickly unzipped his pants and had his cock, much more impressive than mine, dangling in front of her face as she remained lying on Kevin’s lap. She took it into her into her mouth and I watched her give him the wondrous blow job I had enjoyed many times, although not as many recently. I noticed her hand was down Kevin’s pants stroking his cock while he continued to rub her ass. I felt a burning humiliation as I watched my wife service my friends. Kat suddenly stopped sucking, turned around to look at me over her shoulder and asked “do you want to jack off while you watch me Mark?”

The idea of this sounded outrageous, but I realized my friends would never look at me the same way regardless, and I was so horny now that i really did need the release. “Yes, thank you Kat” I said, wondering immediately why I felt the need to thank her. She asked Cory if he would mind kissing her sore ass better and he obediently knelt beside her and started kissing her red ass. I saw that she now had Kevin’s cock out her in her hand and he looked like he was going to cum soon. Tom grabbed her hair and pulled her back to his thick cock and I could see she was now giving him her best. Kevin came first and dribbled all over my wife’s hand. Tom was next, calling my wife a naughty bitch and suddenly I felt myself cumming as I stroked myself and watched. Kat swallowed everything Tom shot into her, while pushing her ass in Cory’s face. Cory had moved her panties to the side and was now licking her asshole as Kevin put two finger in her pussy. When she took her mouth away from Tom’s cock I could see she was going to cum herself, and she did so very loudly.

With everyone but Cory sated, Kat finally climbed off Kevin. The ‘party’ was over and everyone was soon seen to the door, with generous kisses from the hostess in her panties. I took in how perfect she looked as she shut the door behind them and knew my life would never be the same.

Chapter 2

Kat further excited and humiliated her husband.

It had been almost two weeks since my wife had sucked by friend’s cock in front of me while my two other friends enjoyed her. I had certainly not forgotten the event, but things seemed to be back to normal for the two of us.

Immediately after the football game that nobody watched, things had been a little awkward with Kat and I. We didn’t talk about what happened. I felt a little hurt about what she had done, and a little ashamed by how turned much it had turned me on. She seemed content to let me stew and make sure I had learned not to embarrass her again like I had at the party.

After a few days, we had sex again, and… it was pretty amazing. I fucked her hard, wanting to show I owned her, and she loved it. When she sucked my cock I remembered watching her sucking Tom’s cock, and this only made me harder. I even started to lick her ass as part of foreplay, having seen how much she enjoyed Cory doing so.

What really stood out was the spankings. The first time I spanked her after that night with the boys I spanked her harder than normal. She yelped as I reddened her ass, but it was clear she loved it. The next night Kat spanked me even harder than I had spanked her, and I found that I loved it as well. I had learned that my Kat was wilder than I had ever known.

Things after the football game had also started awkwardly with my friends. I saw Cory the next day at work. Perhaps because he worked for me, he avoided bringing the incident up altogether, but there was a clear tension that had never been there before.

When I saw Cory, Tom and Kevin at our week football get-together a week later, Tom had not been shy at all to allude to what had transpired. As soon as I arrived Tom slapped me on the back and asked after Kat, telling me how lucky I was to have such a little minx for a wife. My head sunk a little, then he turned to Kevin and rubbed it in a bit further noting she had given him one of the best blow jobs he had ever had, and he had had a lot.

“So enthusiastic.” he had taunted.

The game had otherwise been a pretty normal Sunday, although Tom did tell me to get the beers whenever it was his turn. I didn’t want him to bring up how submissive I had been with Kat the week before so I just got them for him. As the game went on, this seemed to become the norm, not just for Tom, but for everyone. I was expected to get everyone the beers or snacks. In the bigger picture I was ok with it. They had, after all, seen me jacking off as they took advantage of my drunk wife. Tom would make the occasional comment about Kat’s amazing tongue or how firm her tits were, and Cory joined in after many beers telling us all how perfect Kat’s ass was and how sweet it has tasted.

I wondered how I would handle the situation when we were due to be back at my place for the game. That was still three weeks away though, and I had a more immediate concern. There was a birthday party for a woman we knew from college and Tom and Kevin, would both be there. Kat had surprised me by saying she’d be glad to go.

I tried to calm myself by remembering I didn’t have to say yes to Kat any more. I could defuse any situation by telling her to cool it, or even by taking her home. Still, I was awfully nervous for her to see my friends who had last seen her almost naked.

I took note of what outfit Kat put on as we got ready. I knew she would look hot, she always does, but I hoped she wouldn’t push it too far. She chose a blue dress that showed a good amount of leg, but nothing outrageous. It did hug her ass rather tightly, showing it off to splendid effect. It also featured ample cleavage. I decided not to say anything as I didn’t want to create a problem. I took took out a joint to help me relax before the party. Kat shared with me and I did feel better.

On the drive to the party (I had booked a car to take us), Kat was affectionate, as she tended to be when she was a little high. I stroked Kat’s bare leg and told her she looked great. She said she was glad to make me proud, which left me wondering if she was being ironic or simply oblivious. I hoped she would be discrete tonight. In addition to Kevin and Tom, there were going to be many people I knew at the party, and I wanted to avoid any scenes.

When we arrived, the party was already hoping and sure enough Tom was right there. It was as if he had been waiting for our entrance. I wondered irrationally for a moment if Kat might have texted him. Anyway, he went in for a kiss and Kat affectionately kissed his cheek. Tom grabbed a handful of her ass even though I was standing right there. Kevin then approached. Kat kissed him on the lips, but not for an inappropriately long time. Tom suggested I get Kat a drink and asked if I could refill his scotch. Kevin also gave me his glass, and I left to go fetch everyone a libation, a little leery but still optimistic.

When I came back Tom and Kevin were chatting up Kat, along with a guy I didn’t know. The three of them were in a half circle around her as she leaned against a wall. She looked like she was enjoying the attention. I handed the three of them their drinks and said I had to go back to get myself one. Tom introduced me to his friend Miguel. Miguel was tall, fit and swarthy, very well dressed. He greeted me heartily shaking my hand. Tom suggested I get Miguel a beer when I went back to the kitchen.

When I returned I noticed that Tom had his hand on Kat’s back as she listened to Miguel tell an animated story. I handed Miguel his beer and he gave me a nod as he continued to talk. I stood awkwardly, just outside of the group and noticed that Tom had not moved his hand away from my wife.

When Miguel finished the story everyone but I laughed. I hadn’t really been able to catch up, and being s little further away it was a little hard to hear over the noise of the party.

Kat gave me a wave indicating for me to join her, which put my heart at ease. I squeezed in on the other side of Tom and touched her arm in a possessive way. My presence did not put off Tom at all, in fact he had let his hand drift down to the top of Kat’s ass. I thought of saying something, but it was innocuous enough that I didn’t want to create a problem where there wasn’t one.

Tom turned the conversation to Kat, telling Miguel how lucky I was to have such a hot wife. He mentioned that I was much older and asked Kat to remind him how old she was. When she answered she was only 22 Tom groaned as if just the number turned him on and pulled her close in a joking way. He noted she was much closer to Miguel’s age than mine.

Kat pulled away slightly from Tom, but stayed closer to him than me and his hand was now more on her ass than her back. Kat asked me if I could get her a another scotch. I had never seen her drink scotch before and looking at the flush on her face I could see the harder stuff was having an impact on her. I agreed, even though I was reluctant to leave her with Tom. Tom and Kevin chirped in asking for refills as well, so I placed my half finished glass on a table, realizing my hands would be full coming back.

I tried to rush so as not to leave them too long, but met up with Eddie, an old friend and former client in the kitchen while I was pouting the refills. He was a nice guy but a bit of a bore and I tried to focus as he told me about the new car he bought. I shuffled anxiously as he went through the details of how he had gone from dealer to dealer, how he at looked at new and pre-owned before he paid off the story with how he had got a steal on a new BMW. I took that as a cue to leave, but when he asked me about my agency potentially taking on a new campaign for him, I had to stay and do a bit of selling.

When I finally left I realized it had been at least 20 minutes and I tried to move as quickly through the crowd as I could with three scotches in my hands. I was a little panicked when I saw that they were not where I had left them, but then hard Kat’s laugh and saw they had relocated to a couch across the room.

As I approached I saw that she was squeezed in rather tight between Tom and Miguel. Tom had his hand on Kat’s leg as her skirt had ridden up. Miguel was whispering something in hear ear that made her laugh then playfully swat him. The scene made me angry but I also felt my cock twitch with excitement.

Tom saw me as I arrived “There’s our boy! Tom, you took so long, it was lucky Miguel was able to get us some tequila shots!”

I looked at the table in front of them and saw size empty tequila glasses. Had Kat had two shots? She was certainly even more flushed than when I left her.

I placed the drinks down and stood awkwardly for a moment, wondering if either of them would get up so I could sit with my wife. When nobody moved I pulled up a chair.

Tom spoke a little loudly, “I was just telling Kat that she should try modeling. She has such a cute face and of course a body that won’t quit.”

As he talked about Kat’s body he stroked up and down her leg. His hand now rested perilously close to her pussy. Kat dress was now pulled up high, and she was exposing all her legs to us and anyone who passed by. Kat seemed unaware of this and of Tom’s hand as she lay back into the soft couch. I felt myself harden just from seeing my wife’s lovely legs, but also from seeing a man’s hands exploring them and seeing how complicit she was as he did so.

Miguel jumped into the conversation telling Kat that he enjoyed amateur photography. “Perhaps you could model for me sometime?”

Kat laughed as if it were a joke, but Tom pushed it further asking me, “Oh she’d be great wouldn’t she Mark? Kat has a perfect ass that would photograph nicely. Why don’t you give Miguel a peek Kat?”

Kat looked up at me with her big eyes, “Mark, would it be ok to let them see my ass?”

I was taken back to the football game when I had had to say yes to her, but I pushed it out of my mind. “No Kat, not now.” I implored looking around the room. Why had I qualified it? Of course she shouldn’t be showing other men her ass.

I needed to extract her from the escalating attention. “Oh Kat, there’s a client I want you to meet.” I said as I spotted Eddie across the room.

I walked to the couch and held out my hand and Kat reached up to take it. Tom and Miguel groaned that they were losing her, but Tom helped Kat up by pushing her ass cheeks from behind.

Kat was a little unsteady and held my arm as she tottered in her high heels beside me. I felt much more at ease with her having listened to me and now staying so close, but I could see she was quite high from the drinks.

Just before we got to Eddie, a woman approached. Sandra who was an ex flame from more than a decade ago ambushed me.

“Maaaaark!” Sandra, who was also clearly drunk, slurred. “Has been a long time!”

I politely greeted Sandra and re-introduced her to Kat who she had met once before.

“Riiiight… I remember you. Such a pretty young thiiing. Kat, you know Mark used to be… we were pretty… it was crazy back in the day… ”

Sandra went on with a drawn out story about a long forgotten (by me at least) party where I had misbehaved, noting that Kat was just in grammar school then. Sandra touched my arm as she went on and Kat took the opportunity to excuse herself to go to the bathroom.

When Sandra finally finished her story it felt like she was coming on to me, telling me how much she missed those times and asking me to come by one night to catch up. I promised I’d be in touch and after repeated attempts managed to separate myself. Eddie saw me walking by and introduced me to his VP of Marketing, which led to a repeat of the pitch I had given Eddie earlier. AT least I might get some new business out of this party I thought to myself.

When I finally finished up I couldn’t see Kat, Tom or Miguel. I looked all over the floor, bumping into a few people and chatting, then looked in the backyard. No sign of them. I called Kat but there was no answer. I thought to call Tom, but had to take a piss. There was a line for the bathroom on the main floor so I went upstairs.

As I got to the top I heard a buzz of excitement coming from one of the rooms and then heard Kat’s laugh. I saw a few guys in the doorway and tried to look over their shoulders. My heart sank when I saw my Kat, on the bed on all fours. There were more empty glasses on the table beside her and it was evident she was very drunk. Her dress was hiked up and she wore no panties. Miguel was kneeling by the bed taking picture of Kat with her bare ass raised. Tom stood just beside the bed. Kat was looking back over her shoulder at the camera with a pouty look, taking Miguel’s direction.

I tried to get through the men to save Kat from herself, but one of the guys stopped me, telling me I had to wait my turn. I recognized him as the boyfriend of the birthday girl. I noticed that he and the two other guys in the doorway were also taking pictures with their phones.

“Raise it a little higher for me.” Miguel instructed, and Kat raised her ass as she was told.

Tom stepped towards Kat and grabbed her ass. I realized he was pulling Kat’s ass cheeks apart for a better picture of her asshole and pussy. Kat accepted this without complaint. In fact, I could see, even from my vantage point that she was wet with excitement.

My heart sank, and yet at the same time I was incredibly aroused. I was actually stroking my hard cock through my pants, without giving it any thought.

“Mark!” Tom yelled suddenly. “Hey boys, let him in, you’ll have your turn, it’s just her husband.”

I wasn’t sure how to take that, but I appreciated being let in. Kat looked over at me with a surprised smile.

“Ohhh… I hope it’s ok Mark. They really wanted to see my ass, and then Miguel told me he could get some great pictures for us.”

Well, of course it wasn’t ok, but it was rather awkward that I was the only one who thought so. I took a step forward to whisper in Kat’s ear that we should get out of there but Tom jumped in between us and put his big hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t worry, we’re just taking some pictures. Besides, Kat loves being a model.” To emphasize the point Tom slowly ran his other hand down Kat’s back which made her purr slightly. He followed her back to her ass and again separated her ass cheeks to further expose her to the room, but this time he put two fingers into her wet pussy. Kat arched her back even higher to receive Tom and moaned softly.

“It’s ok if you want to jack off while you watch. Is that ok Kat?” he teased.

“Ohhhhh… yes… that would be hot Mark. Jack yourself off while you watch them take dirty pictures of me.”

I couldn’t believe she thought this was ok. I saw Miguel taking pictures of my friend’s fingers penetrating my wife.

“Dude, if you don’t whip yours out I’ll whip out mine.” Tom warned.

I didn’t want his cock near Kat again, so despite real concerns with the crowd watching, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my maddeningly hard cock. Tom laughed and told me I could move over for a better view. I watched and stroked my cock as Tom pushed his fingers in and out of my wife, as she moaned appreciatively. Miguel moved to the other side of the bed and instructed Kat to take off her dress. When she struggled with doing so Tom pulled his fingers out of my wife and he and Miguel helped her by unzipping the dress and pulling it off as well as her bra. My wife was now completely naked with five other guys in the room, and she once again crouched on all fours as if it were completely natural to to so. She looked so hot.

Miguel took some pictures of her tits hanging as Tom on the other side of the bed groped her ass roughly. Kat batted her big eyes at the camera as if she were on the runway instead of a stranger’s bed in front of five (six including me) horny men. Miguel set his phone on the table beside the empty drinks. I watched as Tom teased Kat with his fingers until she begged out loud for him to put them inside her again. When I turned back I saw that Miguel had pulled out his cock. I choked on my words as I saw him move to Kat, grab her hair and tell her to show him what a good cocksucker she was. Kat did not seem to object as she took him in her mouth. She was sloppier than normal, basically letting Miguel do the work, but Miguel didn’t seem to mind as he pushed in and out of her.

Tom suddenly spanked Kat with a loud swat. Miguel looked alarmed but Kat groaned and lifted her ass for another. Tom spanked again hard, and Kat gasped a little. Suddenly she was bobbing her head up and down Miguel’s cock, making a loud slurping sound as she did so. Tom continued to spank my wife while she sucked his friend. I couldn’t last as long as Miguel, cumming uselessly on the floor. Miguel came soon after and Kat let much of it dribble down her chin.

Tom told Kat what a good naughty slut she was. I looked at the other men who seemed anxious to have their turns and wondered if my life would ever be the same again.

Chapter 3

Mark becomes a full-fledged cuckold when friends return.

I could no longer avoid the facts. My young, beautiful wife had now been unfaithful with multiple men, all while I watched. She knew that I had allowed this to happen, and that it even turned me on. I was jealous and angry, but I felt powerless. I didn’t want to lose Kat.

In the days after I watched her service several men at the birthday party, sex between us had remained very hot. More than ever, Kat had become the aggressor, and our foreplay would almost always include me being spanked hard over her lap. Kat would generally end up on top, riding my cock until she had cum.

I loved watching Kat take charge like this, even when she would tease me. Just last night she had taunted me multiple times;

“Do you like looking up at my tits bouncing Mark? Your friends sure like to see them don’t they?”

She could tell this bothered me, but the teasing seemed to turn her on, and certainly got me even more excited.

“Oh, Mark, I love riding your cock. It’s not as big as Tom’s but you do your best.”

After she had cum on top of me she pulled herself away and told me to jack myself off for her. I started to stroke my cock, which was wet from her juices. God, she looked beautiful. “Cum for me Mark. Remember how much you liked watching Miguel’s cock in my pretty mouth while Tom spanked me hard?”

That did it. I shot all over the bed and my hand. Kat knew she had me wrapped around her little finger and there was nothing I could do about it.

I was anxious about going to the football game at Tom’s on Sunday, but I knew I had to face my friends again sometime. I put off leaving so when I arrived the game was just about to start and Cory and Kevin were already there. Tom wasted no time giving me a hard time about what Kat had got up to last time he saw me.

“Marky boy. You didn’t bring Kat? Kevin is still so disappointed he missed out on how generous she was at the party.”

My mind flashed back to Kat on the table sucking Tom’s big cock. Tom had pulled out just before he came to shoot all over my wife’s face, and Miguel had been sure to get pictures of how slutty my bride looked.

I mumbled something and Tom said loudly, “The games just getting started, why don’t you fetch us all a beer while you get yourself one?”

I agreed to get this round, but told them I wouldn’t get all of them like last week. Tom and Kevin both laughed at me and told me to hurry.

When I came back they were watching the kickoff return and I hoped we might have a normal Sunday watching the game as I handed everyone their beers. My hopes were quickly shattered.

“So, is Kat ready for a wild time next Sunday?” Cory asked.

“Guys, I think we all need to…” I started but Tom cut me off.

“I wonder if Kat is wet all the time. I have never seen her…felt her not wet. Man, she was sopping at the party!”

I felt my cock stir as I looked down in shame.

Kevin made a feeble effort, “Maybe we should give Mark a…”

“Is she always that wet Mark?” Kevin interrupted.

“No…I mean…of course not always.” I answered.

“Ah. Well maybe it’s just me!” Tom laughed heartily and slapped me on the back.

“What will she be wearing?” Cory asked.

“Maybe we should pick out an outfit for her?” Tom said thoughtfully. “I could stop by later with some lingerie?”

I was about to shut down the conversation when Cory asked if there were any snacks beer and Tom jumped in and told me to go get them some from the kitchen. I didn’t want to set a pattern, but thought it would be good to let Tom and Cory cool down a little so I went off and found some Cheetos and chips. When I came back I could hear Tom talking loudly.

“That girl loves to be show off man. You should have seen how horny she got with strangers all watching me tease her. And she gets even wetter when she is spanked.”

I felt myself get red in the face while I hardened. This is not the way I thought of my wife, but Tom was not making up stories. I made a noise so they would hear me coming back.

“Ah, that’s a good boy Mark. Well done!” Tom taunted.

I placed the snacks and plates on the table and sat down, not wanting anyone to see the tent forming in my pants.

“You missed a field goal.” Kevin offered helpfully.

The other two would not allow the topic to be changed.

“Imagine what she must have been like in college?” Cory asked lustfully.

“Oh, she must have been a wildcat.” Tom proclaimed. “She didn’t learn to suck cock like that sitting alone in her dorm!”

The banter continued for most of the game. I ended up doing almost all the beer runs, although Kevin pitched in a little. By the fourth quarter Tom had had a few too many and turned it up a notch.

“You know what would be sexy? If she wore just a football jersey with tiny panties. Can you make that happen Mark?”

I muttered that I didn’t control what Kat wore and Tom laughed, “It’s clear you can’t control her Marky, but I want you to make this happen.”

I protested again that Kat might not even be there and Tom shot back, “Marky, do you want to see me fuck Kat up her ass?”

I swallowed hard. Even at the party with all the men taking advantage of her, nobody had fucked Kat. Now Tom was threatening to enjoy anal with her? I had never even tried with Kat.

“No…I mean of course I don’t…”

“You know I could get her to offer me her ass if I wanted. Now will you make sure she greets us all in a little jersey?

I was amazed my friend was bullying me like this but I figured he was may just be right. “Yes…ok.”

Tom laughed at me, “I can’t hear you? Ask me nicely not to fuck your wife’s ass, and reassure me you’ll dress her up for me.”

I breathed out heavily. “I…I will dress her as you want. And please don’t fuck her ass Tom.”

The football game was over. It had been a close one, but the game between Tom and I was quite one sided.

Tom slapped me on the back as if we were great pals again. “There you go. Deal!” he said as he shook my hand.

I didn’t tell Kat about what Tom and the boys had said. I had no idea what her intentions were for next Sunday and was afraid to have that discussion.

Kat actually seemed more excited by a girlfriend who was coming into town on Wednesday. Susan was going to come over for dinner so they could catch up. I told Kat I would head out and see a movie but she insisted that I stay.

“Help me host Mark.”

So, as Wednesday approached I was running around getting wine and food for our dinner. I had met Susan once before and knew she was also a hottie, so I thought it wouldn’t be all bad to hang out with two girls for the evening. When Susan arrived the two girls squealed and hugged each other. Kat re-introduced us, and Susan stopped to look me up and down with a smile before giving me a hug. I felt my cock stir as her tits pressed against my chest. Susan was as hot as i remembered with short blonde hair and piercing, big blue eyes that you couldn’t look away from. She was petite but curved with big tits and a nice ass.

“Mark, be a dear and fetch us the wine from the fridge?” Kat asked.

I looked away from Susan and made my way to the kitchen. I uncorked the white wine and brought the bottle in with three glasses. The girls were already seated and gossiping so I poured them each a glass, then one for myself. I sat down near Kat and she stopped talking for a moment and looked at me.

“Actually, you know what would be really nice Mark is a foot rub. Do you mind?”

I had given Kat many foot rubs, but never with someone else there. I hesitated.

Kat stretched her foot leisurely. “Come on…be a dear for me.” She pointed to the ground.

I knew doing so would emasculate me in front of her friend, but I knew I still had to talk with her about how to act in front of my friends, so I figured it was better to get some points on the board.

“Sure, of course.” I said, my voice cracking a little as I knelt on the floor and took one of her feet in my hand. I looked up at Susan who was studying me incredulously and gave her a weak smile.

“Wow.” Susan remarked to Kat. “You weren’t k**ding, you really have him well trained.”

I flushed a little at this as I rubbed Kat’s soles.

“Yeah, well our relationship has changed a lot and I think we have an understanding, right dear?” Kat asked looking down at me.

I mumbled that we did and they both laughed. “It’s too bad Randy couldn’t make it as well.” Kat said.

Randy is Susan’s husband. I met him once before, he is a mechanic and seemed like a good guy.

“Actually he did. His brother is also in town for business so he went out with him. Who knows what they are getting into!”

Kat’s eyes lit up. Brad is in town?

Susan confirmed then added, “I forgot you met him at that party years ago. You had a bit of a crush on him if I recall.”

Kat smiled, “He’s cute like Randy but even more muscular.”

Kat paused then suggested, “Well, ask them to come over. We have a lot of food and we can all smoke a little and relax.”

“Ohhh…maybe I should change.” Kat said. “What do you think Markie? Should I put on a nice little dress for our guests?”

I was embarrassed to be put on the spot like this in front of Susan and said nothing. Kat pushed her foot in my face.

“I asked you if I should get dressed up for our guests!”

“I…well…sure if you…”

Kat got up, leaving me on the floor. She told me to get food ready for two more guests and disappeared upstairs to get changed. I looked up at Susan from the floor and saw he looking down at me. She was clearly amazed how docile I was. I got up and walked into the kitchen in silence.

After I got the food all prepared I came back out to the living room and saw Kat modeling a little white dress for Susan. She was barefoot and looked like a sexy angel. When she turned around I could see that the dress showed off a lot of cleavage and made it pretty clear that she was not wearing a bra.

“Doesn’t your wife look sexy?” Susan asked.

I told them both that Kat looked very sexy indeed and Kat asked Susan, “Do you think Randy will like it?”

I was still not used to my wife talking so directly about dressing up for another man.

Susan laughed, “Oh, I am sure he will. Randy loves a nice pair of tits and yours are displayed very nicely in that. Don’t you think Kat’s tits look delectable Markie?”

I agreed they did and Kat seemed pleased. “Why don’t you finish off my foot massage while we wait?”

I got back on the floor and rubbed Kat’s feet while the two of them finished the bottle of wine and gossiped. When the doorbell rang Kat and Susan both got up, leaving me on the floor.

Kat hugged Randy, then was introduced to Brad.

“I feel like I know you already Brad.” she said coyly then gave him an even longer hug. Brad looked a little surprised to have Kat’s tits pushed against him, but hugged her back and said he was glad to meet her.

I got up to greet the two men but Susan cut me off before I got over to shake their hands. “Mark, you remember Randy, and this is his brother Brad. Why don’t you get them some beers and Kat and I some wine?”

I hadn’t expected to take orders from Susan in my own house, but I saw Kat staring me down, and meekly turned to get everyone drinks. By the time I had opened the wine, and got the beers our new guests were already settled in. I heard Randy explaining that Brad and him couldn’t stay for dinner, but wanted to pop by and say hello. I felt rather relieved it would be a short stay as Kat seemed to be in such a flirty mood.

I put out beers for Randy and Brad who both thanked me with nods. I then poured Kat and Susan their wine while the four of them continued talking. Kat sat in one oversized chair, and Brad in the other. The other seating in our living room was the couch, where Susan and Randy were seated. The couch sat three, but Susan was cuddled into her husband with her bare feet spilling over to the last cushion so it seemed a bit awkward to try to sit there. I thought about squeezing into the chair with Kat, but she was unpredictable lately and I didn’t want her to say anything to embarrass me. I decided to sit back on the floor beside her.

Kat, Randy and Susan talked about old times. I started to feel comfortable on the floor, until Kat crossed her legs and her bare foot so it hovered near my face. I felt myself harden and tried not to get too distracted. To be honest nobody seemed to be paying attention to me regardless. Randy lit up and joint and the four of them started passing it around.

Susan mentioned that Randy had always though Kat was sexy and that she was lucky Kat had always had a boyfriend or she may have never landed her husband. Brad, who had been rather quiet, jumped in and said he remembered how beautiful Kat had looked when he had met her years ago, and that she was even more beautiful today. Kat actually blushed a little at this.

“I remember thinking you were so muscular” Kat said as she finished her glass of wine. “It looks like you may be even more chiseled now, but it’s hard to tell with that long sleeved shirt on.”

Brad took a long toke, passed the joint to his brother then playfully rolled up his sleeve. He showed that his arms were indeed cut. “I’ve worked hard to keep it up. Feel for yourself if you like.”

Kat giggled and got up from her chair, almost tripping over me as she brushed by. She bent over Brad and it occurred to me that he must be able to see right down the drop of her dress and notice that she was not wearing a bra. I grew harder still at the idea of my wife flashing her tits to a relative stranger in front of me.

“Wow!” she squealed. “Impressive. I work out all the time but I never get firm like this.”

Brad laughed then reached over and squeezed one of Kat’s tits. “Oh you’re firm in ways I will never be Kat.”

Kat giggled without making any move to deny Brad his grope. “I would hope so!” she exclaimed.

Perhaps sensing that Kat would offer no resistance, Brad scooped up my wife and pulled her into his lap. Kat giggled and put an arm around his big neck. She asked if i could get the boys another beer and pour her some more wine. I poured her the wine and got up to give it to her. I was very self-conscious of my erection, so I tried not to linger, instead scurrying off into the kitchen. I heard laughter as I disappeared and wondered if I could handle the humiliation of returning.

When I came back in I went to hand Brad his beer, but placed it on the table when I saw he had one hand on my wife’s backside and another on her knee. God, she looked so sexy.

When I handed Randy his beer he looked at me and shook his head. “Man I don’t know what happened to you.”

Susan looked at me and giggled then stage whispered to her husband, “He likes it. Look at his pants.”

I was mortified as everyone in the room could see there was a tent in my pants. “Don’t you like it Markie?”

I couldn’t answer, I stood there, wishing I could disappear.

Susan’s voice changed so it became filled with derision as she drank back some wine. “Suck her tits Brad. She’s always loved that.”

Kat started to protest with a laugh, but she made no effort to stop Brad from peeling her dress down from her shoulders exposing her lush breasts for him. Brad looked at me with little expression, as if offering me one last chance to stop him, then followed his sister-in-law’s advice and started to suck on one of the puffy pink nipples on offer for him. Kat moaned as she grabbed the back of Brad’s head, encouraging him. Brad was a little rough with her, at one point biting her nipple, but Kat seemed to be loving it. I saw from the corner of my eye Randy had seemed inspired and was groping his wife’s tits while he watched his brother take advantage of my wife.

I desperately wanted to jack off, but I could not bear the thought of everyone laughing at the pathetic spectacle I would be making of myself. Kat and Brad were making out now, Brad again being very aggressive as he pulled Kat’s hair. Kat seemed to be willing to let him do pretty much as he pleased with her, and what Brad wanted from her quickly became clear. Brad moved one of Kat’s hands to his cock and Kat gave it a squeeze and a stroke through his pants. Brad then removed his cock from his pants and almost in one moved pushed Kat’s head down towards it. Kat looked over at me as her head lowered to Brad’s hard cock and at that moment I thought I might cum in my pants without touching myself. My cock was twitching and I was letting the friction against my underwear act as a ever so soft stroking sensation.

Kat took Brad’s cock in her mouth and Brad started to direct her up and down his shaft. I realized with a shiver that this was now my new reality. I should expect to regularly see strange cocks in my wife’s mouth. Kat looked like a goddess to me though, even with her face filled with cock.

I heard Brad calling her a ‘dirty girl’ and realized that I was now stroking my cock through my pants pocket. I was vaguely aware of Randy saying something and Susan laughing loudly but I shut this out when I felt I was about to cum. I shot into my underwear while my wife continued to suck a larger man’s cock in front of me. Finally Brad also came and Kat made sure she swallowed everything he gave her.

I felt spent as I stood there and watched my wife release Brad’s member. A deep humiliation set in as I realized I had jacked myself off in front of my wife, her friend, and two men, all while a stranger m*****ed my wife. I scampered off the the bathroom where I collected myself and cleaned myself off. I left my cum soaked underwear in the garbage before returning with some dread.

When I got back I was rather relieved to see Brad and Randy were getting ready to leave. My wife’s tits were still out as she saw them to the door. Brad gave her nipples a last tweak as he kissed her passionately and even Randy grabbed her ass a bit when he kissed her goodbye. Neither acknowledged me as I returned.

When they left, Kat collapsed into her chair looking rather exhausted. Susan started to yammer on about how wild Kat was, and how she had turned me into a weak-willed cuckold. Kat breezily repeated that it was an ‘understanding’ we had come to, and she was just enjoying a new stage in our marriage. With that Kat turned to me and told me to give Susan’t feet a rub. I hesitated and asked Susan if she would want that, and Susan said with a smirk that she would, pointing to the ground.

As I removed Susan’s shoes and started to rub her bare feet, the girls made me admit how exciting it was to watch Kat with Brad, and how I couldn’t help but jack myself off. Susan asked if I would ever stop Kat from enjoying other men and with a cracked voice I admitted I probably would not. I felt my cock stir.

“Even fucking them?” Kat asked, as if she really was curious. My throat was so dry I wasn’t sure I could speak so I nodded slowly, looking down at Susan’s toes.

Susan reached down and stroked my hair briefly as if she sensed my discomfort and wanted to soothe and reassure me. “God, you really are a little bitch.” she said softly. My cock shifted and hardened from Susan’t touch and her taunting. “You really want to see your beautiful wife fuck other men?”

I wasn’t sure that I did, but deep down the idea was definitely exciting. When I didn’t answer and just continued to rub Susan’s feet, Kat filled the silence. “It would have been nice to fuck Brad.” she said longingly. “He was…”

Susan cut her off “Oh my god! He’s hard just from the idea!”

Susan was right, I was hard again, and without underwear it was undeniably evident. “Look at that!” Susan exclaimed as she poked at my cock with her toes.

“I’ve never seen him recover that fast!” Kat teased. “Stand up for us Markie.”

I clambered to my feet obediently, having no idea what would happen next. “Pull it out and jack off for us.” my wife instructed as though she was asking me to pull up a chair.

Shame filled me as I unzipped my pants. I couldn’t keep my wife’s stare, but when i turned my head I saw Susan looking at me just as intently. I pulled out my hard cock and started to stroke it. Kat teased me about how nice it would feel to have Brad’s big cock inside me, and Susan told me how pathetic I was to be jacking off to the idea of my wife screwing another man.

“Have you been thinking about hosting the game this weekend?” Kat asked. “About whether I will let any of your friends fuck me hard while you watch like a little bitch?”

I shot all over the floor as the two of them laughed. There was no question now about my relationship with Kat. I was her bitch, and she as free to cuckold me as she pleased.

For the rest of Susan’s stay I was kept naked. I fetched both of them drinks and rubbed their feet as they talked. When Susan left she gave my cock a squeeze and told me again what a pathetic man Kat had ended up marrying. “At least she’ll have fun.” Susan called out as she waved goodbye.

After I finished cleaning up, Kat took me over her lap and made me tell her again and again I was her little bitch. She threw me down on the bed, got on top and rode me hard. She looked amazing and it took everything I had not to come so she could orgasm first. Finally she pulled out and told me I could jack myself off while I licked her ass “just the way you saw Cory do.”

I pushed my face into Kat’s plump ass and stuck my tongue in deep. I stroked myself as I licked my wife’s asshole until I came. It was intense and soon after I fell into her arms and we slept.

I had a hard time focusing on work or anything else the rest of the week. It seemed clear that Kat was going to continue humiliating me when my friends came over for the game, and the idea terrified me…and made me incredibly hot. I jacked off in the bathroom stall three times on Friday.

The morning of the game I finally told Kat I’d like her to wear a football jersey.

“Well, maybe.” she remarked. “I thought you might want me to wear something sexy.”

“No…I mean…just the jersey and…umm…little panties?”

Kat looked a little surprised but went with it, “You want me to wear just a jersey and little panties in front of all your friends? You must really want to see me get fucked today!?”

I made a weak denial but Kat knew I would accept anything she decided. She told me to take out the jersey and panties I wanted her to wear while she showered. While she bathed I did just that, laying out my old Bills jersey on the bed. I looked for a pair of tiny panties as Tom had requested and put a blue thong with small frills on it beside the jersey. I found myself getting hard just with the thought of her wearing this when my friends arrived.

When Kat came out in a towel, she looked gorgeous with wet hair. She chuckled when she saw the clothes on the bed. I watched her as she looked at them, then dropped the towel and put them on. I was now rock hard as Kat modeled the outfit for me. The jersey just barely covered her ass. When she walked around the room I could see flashes of her bottom appear and disappear. When she made any motion to bend over her white ass was immediately and dramatically exposed.

“Do you think I look sexy Markie?”

I nodded dumbly.

“Why don’t you rub some lotion on my legs?”

Kat sat on the bed and I brought lotion in from the bathroom. I knelt on the ground on front of her and slowly rubbed lotion up and down her legs and feet. Her skin was so soft and smooth. I felt a sense of gratitude that I was allowed to have a special moment like this with her before everyone arrived.

“Are you excited to watch your friends with me Markie?” Kat whispered.

My cock pushed against my pants. I admitted I was, there was no way to deny it any more.

“Mm hm.” she said. “Fetch a little of my perfume and spray it on my neck.”

I continued to help ensure she was incredibly desirable for my friends until Kat finally told me to go down and make everything was ready. I wished I could have stayed, but I went downstairs and followed her instructions, placing beer in a cooler in the living room, a bottle of tequila with shot glasses and a few snacks. I turned on the game, even though I wondered if anyone would be watching.

Kat came down and had me pour her a glass of wine, which she drank quickly.

The doorbell rang. Kat told me to sit down in the living room where I could see the hallway while she answered.

She paused as moment and looked down at me. “Who’s my little bitch?” she asked as though to a puppy.

“I am.” I choked.

“Awww, that’s right.” she giggled as she patted my cheek.

When Kat opened the door all three guys were there. They had apparently car pooled to the house. The guys all immediately told her how sexy she looked in her jersey.

Tom was the first to get a hug, and as I expected he grabbed two handfuls of Kat’s ass when he did so. Kat allowed the hug to linger and kissed him on the lips. Cory was next. He pulled Kat towards him and kissed her on the lips. Kat seemed a little less eager with Cory, and pulled away after he swatted her hard on the ass.

Kevin was last to get a hug. I knew Kat liked him the most of then three and she showed it when she playfully beckoned him to come over with her finger. Kevin walked into her arms and she gave him a long french kiss while Tom and Cory playfully complained. Kevin was passive at first but as the kiss continued he grabbed at Kat’s ass and pulled her even closer. It appeared he was subtly dry humping her through his pants. Kat whispered something in his ear and they finally ended the make-out session.

Kat walked towards me in the living room and the boys followed eagerly. “You should thank Markie for me dressing in just this jersey. There’s only these little panties underneath.”

Kat lifted the jersey up so everybody could see her tiny blue panties.

“He really wanted me to look hot for you guys, didn’t you Markie?”

I nodded as I felt the heat from my red face burn. Despite all of my fantasies, this was not easy for me. My friends were all seeing just how pathetic I had become.

“Pour us all some tequila Mark.” Kat ordered as she sat down in a big chair.

I poured five glasses of tequila and Kat toasted her husband’s ‘generosity’. Everyone drank down the shot and Kat told me to pour another round. The game was about to start but nobody seemed to care.

Kat addressed the room. “I know you’re all anxious to enjoy the evening guys, but you need to let me set the pace. Are you all clear on that?”

They guys all agreed.

“Good. Let’s watch the game. I’ll spend a little time with each of you so Mark can watch.” Kat drank another shot down and everyone followed her lead. She told the guys to find a seat and I watched as they anxiously did so.

Kat started by sitting with Cory. I knew she didn’t like Cory much but he had made it clear to me that he liked her. I had been avoiding Cory at the office since the evening that started all of this, but now I had to watch while my wife sat pressed against him on the couch. Cory allowed his hand to rub up and down her leg. I watched with envy, knowing how soft and sexy her legs felt, especially after I had rubbed them with lotion. Kat watched the game or at least pretended to, until Cory’s hand climbed up to her panties and pressed into her. Kat allowed Cory to clumsily push his fingers into her through the panties, but when he tried to slip his fingers under her panties she coolly moved his hand away. Cory looked frustrated, but then Kat placed her hand on his leg, and steadily brought it higher until she ran it along his cock, then squeezed it through his jeans.

“Cory, you’re going to enjoy watching today, ok?”

Cory nodded a little uncertainly and Kat gave him a quick kiss on the lips. She then got up and curled up into Tom’s lap. Tom’s smiled a shit-eating grin as he put his arm around my wife and lifted her jersey up to grope her ass cheeks. Kat squirmed in Tom’s lap, surely pushing against a hard-on. Kat whispered in a voice loud enough for all to hear, “Tom, I think Markie would like to see you spank me again, would you do that for him?”

Tom laughed and agreed he would then Kat asked me, “Mark, why don’t you ask Tom to spank me?

I swallowed. I did want to see her spanked.

“Tom…would you please…spank Kat?”

“That I will Markie boy.” Tom said jovially.

Kat stood up and bent over Tom’s lap. Tom pulled up her jersey and took the opportunity to rather tenderly stroke both of her ass cheeks, then swatted one of them hard. Tom took turns on each cheek, slapping them hard with his big hands. I watched Kat’s ass turn bright red as she yelped, moaned and wriggled. Kat smirked when she looked over her shoulder at me and saw I was already stroking my cock through my pants. I couldn’t help myself. I saw Cory doing the same.

Tom suddenly yanked down Kat’s panties so her ass was now fully exposed to everyone in the room. From my angle I could also see her pink pussy lips and I could see she was already wet. I watched as Tom sunk two fingers into her and saw my wife respond by arching her back even higher. I thought how things had escalated quite quickly as I watched Kat ride his fingers, clearly getting herself off while doing so. I saw that Cory had his cock out and was stroking it watching. I decided to do the same but while I started to unzip, Kat pulled herself up, standing beside Tom with her panties around her knees.

“That’s all for today Tom…well done.” she said. “Kevin, are you ready?”

Kevin stood and looked at my wife with lust but also hesitation. Kat pushed him on to the couch.

“Kevin, does your wife fuck you the way you like?”

Kevin meekly responded that he seldom got to fuck her at all.

“Well, today is your lucky day. Markie is desperate to see me fuck one of his friends and you’re my pick.”

Kat turned to me, “Kevin’s a good friend Mark. He needs to hear you beg him to fuck me. Do it.”

“I…umm…Kevin, please…please fuck my wife while I watch?”

Kat made me repeat it, “Please?”

Tom and Cory were laughing, but Kevin seemed happy to take this as a go. Kat fell into his arms and the two of them made out while we all watched. Kat pulled out Kevin’s cock which was rock hard. She licked it like a lollipop while looking me right in the eyes then took it deep down her throat. She came back up and told me “Fetch a condom from my purse there will you honey?”

My hands were shaking a little as I went into her purse and indeed found several condoms there. I handed one to my wife who thanked me and said “Kneel down beside us here so you can see everything. And go ahead and pull your cock out, you know you want to.”

I gratefully knelt beside them on the couch. I pulled out my cock as she put the condom on my friend’s member. My heart was beating fast as Kevin lifted the jersey over Kat’s head. My wife was again completely nude with a group on men watching, and one was getting ready to fuck her in front of me.

Kevin kissed my wife hard then I watched as he thrust himself inside of her. Kevin bucked like an a****l whaling away at my wife and just inches away I stroked my cock while watching. He was clearly loving every minute of fucking this tight, passionate woman instead of his cold, older wife. Kat whispered in his ear and he slowed down, savoring the feeling I knew so well of being inside Kat. Kat raised her bum off the couch so he would come in at just the right angle and started to moan. Soon this built into loud groans and I knew she was going to cum soon. Kat’s fingers dug into Kevin’s back and I knew she was having an intense orgasm as she bit her lip. I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot into my hand, and soon after Kevin also came.

As everyone got dressed, Kevin told Kat how amazing she was and Cory concurred. Tom told her to pick him next and she’d have a much better time.

Kat looked at me and asked, “Markie, do you have something to tell your friends?”

I repeated the line she had told me to say before everyone left. “Thank you everyone for letting me watch. I hope we can do this again soon.”

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