My Wife’s Teenage Cousin Part 2

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My Wife’s Teenage Cousin Part 2
“How do you want to play this? Is it going to be a threesome with you too?” I asked Kutwijf.

“No, just you and Jing, and you must promise to take it easy and not cum inside her, she is not on the pill so you must use a condom”

“Fair enough; have you told her or made a plan with her?”

“That’s the interesting part, you need to seduce her as if you were picking up a girl and not paying for it like you normally do” she said without a hint of hatred. “Maybe take her to dinner, give her some wine, that sort of thing.”

“No, fuck that, but I tell you what I will do: On Friday, you go out with your friends, Jing can look after the k**s, and I will come home a little early with food and wine. How does that sound?”


I was still a bit unsure, but figured what the hell; just go with it. After all, we were talking about her cousin, an eighteen year old virgin hard body and so it was worth the risk of marriage breakdown. Jing’s nipples had enthralled me for years and if her pussy was anything like Kutwijf, I wanted first dibs.

Over the next couple of days, I tried to keep away from Jing, or at least not be alone with her. I went about my business as if nothing had been said, but could not help but anticipate the pleasures to come. A true “spinner”, Jing weighed less than 50KG and less than 150CM in height and a virgin to boot. Most men wait their entire lives for a chance like this; I could wait a couple of days.

Soon enough it was Friday, and all was set. Kutwijf and I had not had sex since we spoke and I had avoided my regular homeward bound hookers to be ready for a night of battering the hymen. I stopped off at the beach for a few beers with mates and could not help but ogle the teenage waitresses, imaging what they looked like naked and sitting on my face. A day without sex or masturbation does that, let alone several days, I was literally bursting with built up cum.

I had a fresh batch of condoms, a cheap red wine and figured I would a grab a pizza closer to home. The k**s should have been in bed for a few hours now so all looked good as I entered the house. Jing was watching TV and when she saw me, turned it off and began to head to her room. I told her to wait a little, I had brought home a pizza for her, and I wanted to speak with her.

She looked a little nervous but sat down opposite me as I placed the pizza in front of her. I noticed she had not changed and still wore her uniform; the threadbare ‘hand me downs’. Hmm, I wondered. “Did Kutwijf tell her?” again, it crossed my mind this was some kind of setup; maybe a test of fidelity?

I asked if the k**s were okay and if she had been out with them to the park. She had so I asked if the rickshaw drivers had been bothering her or if she had met anybody special. Blushing, she looked away and did not say anything, just continued nibbling her slice of pizza. I opened the wine poured myself a glass and then poured another for her. Moving across to the same chair, I asked if she had ever drunk a ‘good’ wine, to which she again blushed and said nothing.

“Drink”, I said “red wine is good for the libido”

She looked at me confused; obviously she did not know what libido was, but she took the glass and had a sip, she grimaced. I guess she had never had wine before so I told her that the first glass was always difficult and wine was an acquired taste. I picked up my glass and chinked it against hers; “cheers” I said, and downed the entire glass in one go. “Your turn” I ordered and she quickly followed suit; downing a whole glass like it was g**** juice.

As she gagged and spluttered the rush of blood sent her face crimson. “Don’t worry” I said “The taste gets better after the second glass” and poured another for us both. Before I had even returned the bottle to the table, she had downed that too. I laughed, poured her third glass and told her to sip this one; “the taste would be a lot better now.”

We sat there for a moment enjoying the cheap plonk as if it were a vintage Pomerol. I gazed at her hands; all cracked and dry. I told her she should use some moisturiser as I took hold of one. I gently caressed the hand, turning it over two or three times as if inspecting it. She did not pull away so I said; “let me try to fix them”.

I folded back her index, wedding and little fingers, leaving just the middle finger poking out. She looked at me as I stared directly into her eyes. Pulling her hand upwards, I opened my mouth and put that middle finger inside. As I did, I could not help but think of the shower and the time she masturbated herself as I secretly watched.

Using my tongue I began to moisten and suck it like a cock, I then gently withdrew it a little and inserted it again. She kept her eyes on mine as I gently sucked, pulled and licked her finger.

“Does that feel good?” I asked, but she did not reply; she just kept looking at me. I then removed the finger and opened up the palm of her hand. I began to lick every part of her palm as well as using my thumbs to massage the centre. Slowly, one by one, inserted all her fingers in my mouth. Starting with the pinkie and all the while keepingmy eyes fixed on hers as I moved each finger in and out of my mouth.

“Does that feel good?” I asked again, and this time she nodded “yes”.
“Do you know what a Blowjob is?” I asked rhetorically “That is how it is done, there is very little blowing, and a lot of sucking.” To which she giggled. I softly laid her hand back on her lap and with the other cupped her behind the neck.

“Would you like to kiss me?” I asked and again she nodded assent.

As I moved in she closed her eyes and opened her mouth. At first it was a gentle kiss, but then her tongue suddenly shot into my mouth; it was a like a python; solid muscle darting and poking inside me. Shit; this girl may have been a virgin, according to her family, but she sure knew how to kiss.

Keeping hold of her neck, I gradually began to edge backwards, pulling her on top of me; at first she followed, but then pulled away. I stopped and looked at her a little confused and she bashfully looked at the floor.

“Are you okay?” I asked, but she did not reply. “Did I do something wrong?” still, no reply.

Hmm, I thought, maybe this is a set up, and she is confused. As I reached out to take her hand and explain everything was okay, a huge stream of vomit shot out all over the floor. Then another and another.

“Shit, are you okay?” she nodded but continued to wretch. “Hold on” I said, and grabbed a plant pot for whatever remained, but it was too late, just dry heaving remained. Fuck! I thought; so close but yet so far.

I grabbed a mop and a bucket, gave it to her and told her to clean it up before Kutwijf came home. I then told her I would be back later, leaving her to clean up her mess.

Fucking light weight could not handle her wine; next time, and there would be a next time just two days later, maybe she would not chug it so fast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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