New sales girl at work

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New sales girl at work
I’ve been at the company about 8 years now. I sell computer solutions and the profits are great. The top salespeople are awarded a trip to a conference in Maui and I attended my third conference. The wife had a conflict so this was my first trip by myself.
The week is spent in classes that only a few people attend. Most folks go golfing, sailing, sunning, or diving. IN the evenings the company pays for a great luau each night with lots of booze.
Alyson seemed to pay a lot of attention to me and it had me bewildered. She knows I’m married, she has met Cindi yet it seemed as though she was coming on to me in the evenings. I was a little flattered, Alyson is 26 years’9″, long blond hair and very fit. He was wearing shorts only old, dark black hair and a perfect body. She is single and hasn’t fooled around at tjhe office.
Tuesday night she suggested we take advantage of the couples massage offered at the hotel spa. It is legendary, the hotle is known for it.
I was intrigued enough to accept her offer.
We both checked in the next day, late morning. I was lead to a dressing room. I was told to undress and put on arobe and then proceed to the therapy room. Alyosn had registered us as a couple.
She entered the room a couple minutes after me. Then two ther****ts entered. One was a guy, about 22. He is about 5′ 10″ wearing shorts only, very fit.
Kim was our female ther****t. She looked to be half asian and half hawaiin. She is about 5′ 6″ long dark tbrown hair and wearing a tank top and shorts
Kim explained wshowere could first get scrubbed in the multi-jet shower. We wold get a sea weed wrap and a massage.
We had no questions so Kim told us to head to the shower
I gasped as we were told to hang our robes and walk into the shower
Alyson was icredible as she disrobed. She has a muscular ass, flat stomach and firm small to medium sized tits
I dropped my robe and the guy picked it up
We stood in the shower as Kim turned on the nozzles. We were blasted from all angles. I was already semi-erect
Teh guy and Kim started scrubbing us as we turned in the water
My erection was becomming more difficult to conceal
Alyson asked Kim if we could pause for a second. She grabbed me and lead me into the steam room
I could not believe this was happening as she satt down, pulled me in front of her and blew me
I shot a load immediatley into her cute young face
Alyson cleaned the jism off her face and my balls and we returned to the shower
What a double strange feeling, a guy and a hot girl scrubbing me after Alyson had sucked me
After our scrub we were wrapped in sea weed and we relaxed on a therapy bed
The final act of our session was a massage
We both lay down, naked on the beds and these two massaged us.The switched every few minutes so I was rubbed by both. I had to avoid looking over and Alyson’s awesome body
We were lead out to a private deck and given smoothies to sip as we enjoyed the view of the ocean.
Alyson grabbed some tanning lotion, rubbed her sweet pussy and came over and mounted me on the lounger. She straddled me and rode my hard dick
I lasted longer this time but not much. I looked at her hard tits and then played with them as she grinned
I played with her nipples and she leaned back and moaned as I twisted them. I came violently in her tight pussy and I felt her quickening her pace
She came and arched backwards as she secreamed
We both left teh spa satisfied. We agreed to meet again after the evening luau
I had a suite so she came to my room after dinner
As I poured a drink she disrobed and entered the jacuzi
I sat our droinks down, stripped and joined her
As I approached her she spread her legs
I dove in and kissed her sweet mound. She was freshly shaved/waxed and her mound is beautiflul
After I kissed her all over I started licking and kissing her clit. Then nibbling
I sucked her clit and licked until she pulled my head in and came again. I could feel her hips shuddering
I didnt let her rest for long. I wanted some more of her pussy
I turned her over on the edge of the jacuzzi edge and entered her pussy from behind. What an incredible view, her muscular ass and my dick
I told myslef to last longer but her beauty overcame me
WE spen the rest of the evening, sucking, fucking, lickkng and relaxing in the but
In teh mornign I ordered room service. Alyson never evern dressed as the waiter set up our breakfast
We continued until we had to return to the home office. To top things off, Alyson sucked me as I checked in wiht Cindi at home
I was nervous about hwo to make sure Alysondidn’t have any thoughts about this continuing back home but she brought it up first
” Look Derek. I like to have fun away from the office but this doesn’t go any further”
“Yeah okay” I replied
What a dream come true

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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