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I arrived at her house I made sure my clothes where clean and my shirt was tucked in. I rang the door bell and as soon as I see this beautiful woman that answers the door my internal jaw drops. Her name was Lydia. She was about 5’1, Italian looking, tanned complexion curly brown hair tied in a ponytail. Her body was gorgeous she was definitely someone who worked out. She had a nice ass, firm and defined. Her breasts were perky and round just a nice shape. She was wearing a white tank top that showed the top of her cleavage and black yoga pants that when she bent over you could see every last lace line of her black thong. All I could think of is how bad I wanted to slide my growing dick into that perfect ass.

She led me to the living room and I got me a drink. She left the room and the lust that I was feeling for her was almost unbearable. After a few minutes the door knocked. It was a friend. Fuck. Lydia comes back’s and says her friend is picking up a few things. Fuck. My dreams of ravaging this young amazing thing that was here were almost gone. Then her friend had left and we were alone again, I asked her if she can put the door on the latch so we don’t have anymore disturbances and we made our way up stairs.

We started talking. She said she couldn’t believe that I was the guy from Badoo. She complimented me on being tall and having nice eyes, strong and how she never expected me to come. We continued talking as she shows me the rest of her house she had a toilet up stairs and asks if i could use it. She said she was gonna go change no problem I walked into her toilet and couldn’t stop thinking how gorgeous she was and how much I wanted to slide my dick inside her. I could hear her opening and closing drawers in her room, I couldn’t help myself I had to take a peek. I opened the door just a little so I can stick my head through the trap door. She had her back turned to the door and already had her shirt off and was removing her bra. She tossed it to the side and continued to take off her pants. I couldn’t believe it! Her ass was perfect with a little cellulite. She had on a laced black thong but she took them off with a sigh of relief and tossed them to the side. She was completely naked. And I kicked my feet a little bit to make it seem like I was moving around and not being a complete perv. She put on a robe, no panties!

I pried my eyes away and continued to work reliving everything I just saw in my mind. She called up to me and asked how things were going. Great! I replied. I came out and she wanted to get something from her bathroom. I took my time coming out because I was hard as a rock and I know for a fact that it shows straight through denim jeans. I come out still bulging through my pants. i came out with my back to her not wanting her to see it. I had to turn though and and when I did we were standing face to face. She looked down to see the clear outline of my dick I’m sure she could see it but all she did was move a couple k**s toys that weren’t in the way.

I couldn’t help but wonder how my cock was still this hard after walking around and all the way down 2 flights of stairs. She was still in her robe but acted as if it were normal clothes she wore around the house when anybody came by. We got to the living room, and at this point my cock was still hard and almost throbbing. But at this point I didn’t care. At this point she ask if I was hungry and say’s she hid sweets and bends over to show me where it is. Damn her pussy looks so juicy! I can’t help myself I move in close behind her she moves back an inch and has her ass pressed up against my throbbing cock. She knows I’m there but doesn’t move. She wants to feel this dick. I move in closer and her robe is lightly grazing my cock. She moves back and she’s now pressed up on my cock. She backs up on me and I see her eyes close. She inhales deep and says she has to run upstairs.

I was thinking I gotta go fuck her she wants it just as bad as I do. She comes back down stairs and I looked up to see her smiling her eyes were locked on me. Her eyes were low and hazy she was definitely ready. She asked if I liked her outfit. It was a sexy red air hostess outfit you could see her gorgeous breast and her hard nipples pressed against it was terry cloth and a little short as it sat above her knees it looks really comfy I replied laughing. It’s really soft you should feel it. She came to my side of the room grabbed my hand and let me feel the bottom of it. I could feel her warm skin on the back of my hand as I felt her robe with my index finger and thumb. It was soft. She had gorgeous glowing skin I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties I could see the bottom of her pussy clearly. I looked straight at it. It was shiny and wet with her juice.

I was hard again and ready to drive my cock straight between her thighs. I was done playing.
I let my hand drift up her outfit to her left thigh I held her thigh tighter so she couldn’t move I looked her straight in the eyes and stood up. I pressed my hard cock right up against her. I kissed her on her neck with my grip still on her thigh as my other felt on her ass. She moaned and pressed on my cock. She was lightly humping me as I licked and kissed on her neck I let my other hand slide to her ass. God its soft I pulled her in closer squeezing her ass as I started to kiss her passionately.

That’s was her spot. As as I flicked her with my tongue in my mouth she grabbed me by the waist and hurried me into her bedroom room. She threw me on to the bed and started removing my belt. She was breathing hard and raspy. Finally, she got my belt off and spent no time on my pants. I tried to sit up and she pushed me back on my back and took my cock into her hands. She gripped my hard cock with both hands an was amazed how big it was she spit on it. Yes!! I sat up as she took the head of my cock into her mouth. She pulled at my cock as she licked and sucked at my head. My precum was leaking into her mouth she sucked it all up.

She placed her hands on my thighs and and tried to deep throat me it wasn’t happening. She gagged on my cock and more saliva came soaking out on my dick she licked it right up. She started to go faster on my cock I couldn’t hold back much longer but I didn’t want to cum in till she orgasmed. I pulled her over and laid her down on the bed and un buttoned her sexy outfit while still keeping it on exposing her dripping wet pussy and beautiful breast I immediately buried my face into her pussy. It was drenched I licked all her juices up I fingered her hard and fast as I licked on her clit while her cream just kept on leaking out until she finally came and boy did she cum. I’ve never seen anything like it in person. With every push of my fingers the more cream cum that flew out of her pussy. I licked up every bit.

I was so hard and ready to fuck that shit out of her. She asked if I had a condom, I said no I want to cum so hard inside of her. I took off my shirts and laid back down on the bed and then continued to get on top of her. I eased on taking only the tip and half the shaft into her wet pussy. She moaned like she was fucking for the first time. I grabbed her ass with both hands and started lift both legs I was thrusting hard and fast. My cock was slamming into her pussy deep and she moaned I gave her a few harder thrusts while I looked into her eyes I could feel her leaking all over my cock and legs she was breathing hard.

I put her on her back and licked her pussy walls I loved her taste. I put her legs together and slapped her ass. She moaned and said harder. I did it again she was loving it rough. got on my knees and put her legs on my shoulders. I slid my cock in hard I started pounding hard. I loved the way she grits her teeth and pulled my waist into her as I slammed away harder and harder she grabbed at her stomach she said I was hitting it too hard. I grabbed a fist full of her hair and flipped her over. Her ass was in the air her face down. I put my hard cock into her pussy still grabbing her hair she arched her back and I went to work. With every pump I did it sent a ripple throughout her ass. she was loving it. She started talking dirty calling my name Daniel and it drove me crazy. I went as hard as I could. Pulling her hair and slapping her ass. I was getting ready to cum with every word she said I came closer to cuming.

I told her I was going to cum and I let her know. She screamed for me to cum Daniel in me. I shot my hot cum all in her pussy with a shivering orgasm. We were exhausted and drained. It felt like we hadn’t come in years. It was late and she had to get change so she can pick up her k**s from school I kissed her goodbye and made my way back to London in till next time….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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