No way was he Gay? PT5 Gay

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No way was he Gay? PT5 Gay
I began to pull my pants up, but he said, “No, take them off, but keep the pantyhose on.”

“Yes, sir,” I said, knowing I couldn’t disobey him.

I also took off my shirt, shoes and socks and followed him into the house.

“Oh yes, do fuck my ass with that massive cock,” a feminine voice begged.

A voice I recognized.

It was Mrs. Martens.

Our mid-fifties principal.

A real ball-breaker bitch.

Jamal said, “She’s the biggest BBC slut I’ve ever met. Someone fucks her in her office at least once a day.”

“No way,” I said.

“Oh yeah, she even has a tattoo on her ass of a black spade.”

“Inconceivable,” I said, quoting The Princess Bride, as we entered the living room and I arrived in a real-life porn movie, which was a confusion of sucking, fucking and gaming.

Mrs. Martens was on all fours getting slammed by Eugene, a chubby black nerd.

Winston, a colleague of mine, was being spit-roasted by two older black men. He was being driven back and forth like a rocking horse, taking one BBC deep in his ass, then deep-throating the other BBC.

Jazmyn, a black grade twelve student, was wearing a strap-on and fucking Ken, a linebacker on the football team who had full rides to every major college in the country. At the moment he was whimpering like a girl.

A larger black woman, with the biggest tits I’d ever seen, was keeping a blonde girl with a ponytail busy between her thick thighs.

Another black girl I didn’t recognize was fucking the same girl from behind with a beer bottle.

An elderly black man, easily in his eighties, was smoking a cigarette while Carter, our school President, sucked on his cock.

Three black alums, all having graduated last year, were on a couch playing Call of Duty while someone was sucking one of them.

Jamal pointed. “Go join your son.”

I looked closer.

Indeed, Ben was the one sucking a gamer’s BBC.

I wordlessly walked over to the guys, lowered myself to the floor and saw that all three cocks were out.

I crawled over to the first one. Jake, a player on the basketball team when I’d last coached, and silently took his cock into my mouth.

“Coach Barry, if I’d only known this on our road trips,” Jake quipped.

“Dad?” I heard a moment later.

I pulled back and said, first to Jake, “Yes, you could have dunked more than just basketballs.”

“Shit,” he laughed.

I turned to Ben and said as he stared at me mortified, “Now I understand completely, son.”

“But…” he began, clearly stunned I was kneeling beside him.

“Thank you for awakening me to my true purpose,” I said.

“Oh God, yes,” a feminine voice screamed.

Ben informed me, ashamed, “That was Amy. Jamal insisted I bring her over tonight. I was terrified I’d lose her, but she jumped right in! She’d been totally straight, but just discovered black pussy.”

“Lucky girl,” I approved before adding, “now let me see you suck that nice BBC while I do the same for you with Jake’s.”

“A father and son cock sucking duo,” Albert said, the one sitting on the far side of the couch. He was someone I barely knew. “That’s a first,” he laughed as I enthusiastically took Jake’s cock in my mouth, giving a thumbs up to my astounded son.

“Get to sucking like your father,” Jonesy ordered, another football player who’d recently graduated.

“Yes, sir,” Ben replied.

I bobbed for a couple minutes until Albert called “rotate”.

Ben went to Albert and I went to Jonesy.

“What’s with the pantyhose?” Jake asked.

“I want to be a sexy sissy,” I answered, honestly this time, in my best falsetto, sounding pathetic.

Mrs. Martens chirped, “Deep throat that cock, James.”

“Yes, Sandra,” I obeyed.

“That’s Mrs. Martens to you, faggot,” she corrected.

“Sorry, Mrs. Martens,” I apologized, before I took cock number two (in this room so far) into my mouth.

I sucked Jonesy’s eight-inch cock.

I then sucked Albert’s seven-inch but fat-as-fuck cock.

Then back to Jake’s nine-inch member.

When I got to Jonesy again Ben wasn’t beside me anymore.

I looked around.

He was now on all fours getting ass fucked by a black guy I didn’t recognize while Amy was nearby, still between the woman’s legs.

“Bukkake for the new fag!” Albert declared.

“Indeed,” Jonesy agreed.

All three of them stood up and began pumping their cocks in front of me.

I knelt and waited for the cum as I exhorted them, “Yes, shoot your hot cum all over me.”

“As you wish,” Jake grunted even as I was finishing my plea, hitting me square on the forehead.

“Nothing hotter than a cum-coated cock sucking teacher,” Albert said, as he stroked his cock furiously.

“Big black cock is hotter,” I disagreed gaily, adding my bit to the twisted submissive scenario.

“Oh yes, fuck my ass,” Ben whimpered.

I had to see that. So I turned around to watch the black man, with his hands on my son’s hips, slamming into him hard. I had no idea how big the cock inside him was, but my son was taking it all and clearly loving it.

“You like seeing your Dad becoming just like you?” Jamal asked, Amy now sucking him.

I guess if straight white boys and men couldn’t resist black cock, it shouldn’t be a surprise for white girls to love it too.

“Yes, its so hot,” Ben moaned, just as I felt cum exploding onto my left cheek.

“You two jocks have another thing in common now,” Jamal laughed.

“Yes, we’re both BBC cock suckers, and you were the first BBC for each of us,” Ben agreed.

“In that case, I guess I should be his first back door bang, too,” Jamal offered.

“Wow, what a great idea! Yes, fuck Daddy,” Ben moaned, calling me Daddy for the first time since he was seven years old.

“You want me to fuck your Dad?” Jamal asked, even though Ben had just said he did.

“Yes, make him a two-hole faggot just like me,” Ben said enthusiastically, looking right at me. “You do want to get fucked, don’t you, Daddy?”

The shame he’d had yesterday was totally gone from my son. He was proud of his status as a cock sucker and faggot. He didn’t even mind that his girlfriend was witnessing all this… well kind of witnessing… she had a mouthful of black cock blocking her view.

I’d lost my shame, too. I loved BBC. I loved sucking cock, and after watching my son take it in his ass, I wanted that too. And at least within the safety of this exclusive crowd, I was proud of my new status.

I was about to express some words of gratitude to everyone, when without even getting my attention first, Jonesy shoved his cock in my mouth and began face fucking me furiously. It continued the humiliation, which, in turn, continued my submissive excitement.

I gagged a bit, but in a couple of minutes I was swallowing the first load of my future hundreds (perhaps thousands). It scampered down my throat so quick I barely tasted it, hardly got to feel its texture.

But the act was submissive… which added to the humiliation, making it extra gratifying.

When he pulled out, I turned back to Ben and finally answered his question. “Yes, son, I want to be a faggot… just like you.”

“A faggot family, how quaint,” the elderly black woman chuckled, her legs still spread wide open, revealing a very hairy pussy.

“Come kneel on all fours next to your son,” Jamal ordered.

I crawled over, giving one more example of my utter obedient submissiveness.

“Hi, son,” I said, oddly casual for the circumstance, looking at him as he whimpered from the hard fucking.

“Hi, Dad,” he whimpered.

“I get it now,” I told him again as I felt my pantyhose being ripped apart.

“I know,” he said.

“I mean it,” I said. “I understand you had no control over this. It doesn’t make you weak, it makes you strong.”

“It does?”

“Yes,” I nodded, as I felt wetness being poured on my ass. Thankfully they were going to lube me up. I understood this was likely going to hurt quite a bit at first. “You’ve accepted who you are, and that’s tough for a man at any age.”

“I guess,” he said, as he looked to see who was behind me and grinned.

“I’m serious,” I continued, as a finger poked into my virgin hole. I didn’t look back, but only I twitched at the slight pain as the finger slid inside me. “And you’ve helped me discover my true self.”

Then as he was sodomized by a BBC and I was sodomized by a finger… no, two of them now… wiggling around inside me, we had a strange father-son moment. “I… love… you… Dad.”

It took a long time for him to say, as now he was really getting hammered.

“I love you too, son,” I replied as the strange sensation of fingers in my ass had my cock remaining hard as fuck.

“Oh God, fuck me harder,” Ben moaned, closing his eyes. “Let Daddy see how big a faggot I am.”

“You’re a great big BBC faggot,” I assured him, knowing this superlative compliment would enhance his pleasure the same way it would enhance mine.

“Oh yes, Daddy,” Ben whimpered, seeming to be close to coming, which seemed impossible since his cock wasn’t being touched at all.

“You’re a great big cock sucker for black cock,” I continued, “a sissy ready to be spit-roasted by every BBC you see, even in front of your gorgeous white blacked girlfriend, even in front of your blacked Daddy.”

“I couldn’t agree more! It certainly is pretty fucking hot, Mr. Barry,” Amy said right in my ear, as I suddenly learned whose fingers were in my ass: my son’s girlfriend’s!

“Is he gaped?” Jamal asked.

“As well as possible for your cock, Mr. Jamal,” Amy reported.

“How would you like to fuck your future Daddy-in-law?” Jamal asked.

“You mean peg him? That would be lots of fun,” Amy replied enthusiastically.

“Amy pegged your son for the first time tonight,” Jamal revealed.

“Take it all, faggot,” Ben’s guy grunted and assumedly came in his ass.

“Yes!” Ben screamed in a high-pitched feminine voice I would never guess could emerge from his lips.

I saw cum spurting onto the carpet.

My son had just come… no hands!… from getting ass fucked.


I didn’t know that was even possible.

As I took it all in, I felt a cock poking at my back door.

I turned back and said, “Fuck me like you fuck my son.”

“It’s going to hurt,” Jamal warned.

“Coach used to always tell me no pain, no gain,” someone said.

“Just slam it in,” I said, desperate to feel a cock… Jamal’s cock… in my ass. Getting sodomised must be amazing, if my son could come from it.

“As you wish,” Jamal said, as he thrust all the way in and I screamed.

“Holy fuck!” I bellowed, feeling fire burning inside me.

“Told you,” Jamal said, looking a little concerned for me.

“Just relax, Daddy,” Ben advised, as I looked up and saw another guy was now fucking him. “It gets really good eventually, but it’s important to relax.” The son was tutoring the father in anal.

“Okay,” I said, grinding my teeth as Jamal began slowly pumping his ten-inch cock in and out of me… tearing my ass apart.

Mrs. Martens ordered, “Amy, come and eat out my holes. They have some yummy cream pies all for you.”

“Yes Mistress Martens,” Amy replied, and scurried over to the school principal, who opened her legs to reveal cum leaking from both holes.

“All the cheerleaders are my cunt-licking sluts,” she informed me… that somehow making more sense than her being only a BBC slut exclusively.

“Lucky girls,” I responded, still through gritted teeth, the pain not yet fading away.

“Oh God, Daddy, this black cock is so fat,” Ben moaned.

“Take it like a good faggot,” I said.

“Just like you, Daddy,” he moaned, my son an insatiable ass slut.

“Just like you, son,” I countered as a subtle pleasure began building inside me… my cock, which had become flaccid during the initial pain began to harden again.

“Take it all, Daddy, take all of that BBC,” Ben encouraged me.

“It’s beginning to feel good,” I moaned.

“Another white bottom discovers his true calling,” Jamal laughed as he began fucking me harder.

“Yes, pound my faggot hole,” I moaned, wanting to be used like a cheap slut.

“Yes, pound Daddy’s cunt,” Ben added, thoroughly enjoying the sight of my getting used.

“You like watching your Dad become a sissy?” I asked.

“It’s so hot, but you’re not my Dad, you’re my slut Daddy!” Ben agreed.

“Watching you get ass fucked is hot too,” I said, the weirdest father-son bonding conversation in the history of the world.

“Biggest faggots ever,” someone laughed.

“Oh God yes,” I moaned, the pleasure inside me building… the pain fading almost totally by now.

“Oh yes, harder,” Ben said, although I’m unsure whether he was saying it to Jamal or to the guy fucking him.

“Yes, fuck both our faggot holes,” I agreed.

And for a few minutes we were each pounded.

We each whimpered like sluts.

We each got rock hard again.

We each begged to be fucked harder… rougher… deeper.

Then I could feel my balls boiling.

My cock aching.

And as Jamal grunted and deposited a load in my ass, I did the seemingly impossible… I came too.

“Wow, just like his son! He came from getting ass fucked,” someone said.

“They really are true faggots,” Albert laughed.

“For BBC,” I agreed weakly as cum kept spewing out of my cock and Jamal finished in my ass.

“Oh God,” Ben groaned, as his own alpha male destroyed his asshole.

As Jamal pulled out, I could feel cum leaking out of my ass before a different cock slid into my mouth and another into my ass… my first spit-roast… my first of many.

I swallowed three more loads.

I had two more deposited in my ass.

And then it was over.

Ben and I got into his car… Ben sober this entire time… me too, now.

Amy went home with Mrs. Martens and some black college girl.

I asked, “Is it weird that I’m still craving more?”

“Nope,” he said. “Now you’ll always be craving BBC.”

“Shit,” I said as I felt cum leaking out of my gaping asshole.

“But don’t worry,” Ben said as he pulled out his phone. “This app will get us BBC whenever we crave it.”

“I’m still craving it,” I said.

“Not a problem. Let’s see if there’s any black cock out there looking for a matched set of cock suckers,” Ben said.

“Please do, son,” I said.

A minute later he reported, “There’s an available BBC ten miles from here.”

“Then I guess we have one more stop before going home,” I joked.

“Only one?”

“Well, at least one,” I laughed as he pressed Accept and the GPS guided us on our way.

That night… we shared two more BBC’s… and began our new life as a father-son BBC cock-sucking, ass-taking team.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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