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It had been a while since I had done a bachelor party, but now that I was back to being an escort, I had scheduled a few parties and this was my first one since I had retired nearly 15 years ago. Mikey was my chaperone and he was in the corner of the hotel room handling the music that was currently playing while the bachelor fucked me in the ass. He had seen me fuck and suck off quite a few men since we had been together, but this was the first time that he had been with me since I had been working again. I looked across the room and into his eyes as my breasts bounced back and forth with each thrust. I was grunting loudly while my client pounded my ass hard. He and his friends were extremely drunk and they had watched me blow their soon to be married friend before he decided that he wanted to fuck the “black hooker” in the ass. Five of them stood around me on the bed as I held myself up on my hands and knees and took his cock deep in my ass. I knew that Mikey was loving it and I was too, since I knew that I would soon be fucking the rest of them when he finished. I didn’t mind that they thought of me as a hooker or prostitute and as they drunk more, they called me by a few other adjectives and names.

I had stripped for the group of guys at first and strutted around the room nude, teasing them, as the party continued on into the late evening. They had originally introduced me as Brandy, the Stripper, when I arrived, but after two hours of heavy drinking, I became the little black slut when they called for me or talked about me to one another. “This whore needs a cock in her mouth.” Lance said to his buddies as he slapped my ass and jammed his long dick harder into my asshole. Lance was the bachelor and I had sucked his long white pole until it was stiff enough to slide into my behind with some much needed lubricant. He had bypassed my wet pussy and went straight for the anal sex to “give this black bitch something to remember him by.” as he had told his friends. His extremely curved prick took some effort to get into my slippery hole, but once he was in, he made sure to ram me as hard as he could for his groomsmen. Two of the others had their hard tools in front of my face without wasting much time and I was soon being fed two stiff pricks while I was “Lanced” from behind. He was enjoying his fun and all of his jokes and comments made his friends laugh all the harder as I grunted loudly with each stroke. His 9 inch, bent, dick truly was “tearing this shit up!” as he fucked me and yelled to the ceiling, then commented about how much this hooker was going to remember his cock.

Lance gripped my hair in his fist and pumped my head back and forth as I sucked on his friend’s hard members. I was being forced to deep throat each one of them as they took turns sliding their penises into my mouth. “Somebody else come fuck this bitch.” Lance said as he slowly pulled out of my ass and made his way to the bathroom to “Piss like a racehorse“, as he had loudly proclaimed to his friends, before jumping off of the bed. I watched his long, curved monster bounce up and down as he left the room and wondered who would fuck me next. One of the guys in my mouth moved behind me and lined up his cock with my cunt, then slid deep into me with one thrust. I moaned out loudly as one of the other young men placed his sausage between my lips. The two that had yet to join in were slowly getting undressed and watching their three friends enjoy my services. I looked over to see that their boxers were sticking out and that they were fully erect and waiting. I was going to get fucked good and hard tonight and my pussy tightened up on the rapidly pumping dick, that was currently inside of me, at the thought of that fact.

One of the other guys had traded places with his friend and I soon had another strange cock sliding in me. “Fuck her black cunt hard!” Lance yelled out to him as he re-entered the room. His friend began to really thrust in earnest and received a high five from Lance when he came back beside the bed to slap my ass hard. After about 30 minutes, all 5 of the guys had taken a turn in my mouth and pussy and Lance was erect again and requesting more time in my ass. “Are you ready for this big white cock in your black ass again?” He asked me as I bobbed my head on one of the guy’s dicks. “Mmmhhmmm” I hummed out in agreement as he rubbed a generous amount of Astroglide on the shaft and head of his huge cock. “That’s right, I knew you liked it you little whore.” he said as the current man in my pussy began to really pump me hard. “OH Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” my current sex partner yelled to his friends. The chant of “Feed it to her, feed it to her.” began to reverberate in the room as he withdrew his stiff prick and moved in front of me, while his friends dodged out of the way. His hard cock found my mouth and I reached up to stroke his shaft as they all watched in anticipation. A long, loud groan and a few expletives filled the air as a series of blasts filled my mouth with his hot, sticky semen. I kept sucking and pumping his throbbing boner as he continued to moan and my mouth filled with his white seed. I kept it in my mouth and showed it to them all before I swallowed it down and smiled at them.
“Yeah! What a sweet fuckin’ whore she is dude! We got ourselves a little black cum slut here!” my jizz depositor yelled out. I was soon surrounded once more as Lance stuffed my asshole and his friends took turns in my mouth. Lance drilled me with his upwardly curved probe and would occasionally take a break to let one of the other guys fuck me. My pussy took a pounding for the next hour as they all took turns penetrating my well used hole. Lance kept my anal opening lubed and gaping after each session in my behind and soon I had swallowed another two huge loads of cum. They loved watching me eat their spunk and the last guy had held his cock over my mouth to watch it squirt between my lips and fill my mouth before I swallowed it down too. Another hour passed as the final three decided to take turns double and triple penetrating me. It was awkward as I was moved into the cumbersome positions, but Lance’s stiff prick continued to drill my ass while I sat on his friend’s hard cocks. I was fed two more loads of warm goo before Lance began to finalize his night long tryst in my ass. “Take it all bitch.” he grunted out as he stuffed his dick as deep into me as he could. “I am going to fill that black ass up with my white cum.” he kept telling me as his friends rooted him on.

I was a little bit sore from the long amount of time that I had been being fucked and Lance and his friends loved the fact that they had really given their black hooker a night to remember. “You’re gonna remember us white boys.” Lance said as he pulled me from the bed and maneuvered me onto the floor near a footstool in the hotel room. My shoulders were on the floor as my ass and legs were held into the air and I was held against the footstool. Lance wanted to anally pile drive his cock into me while his friends watched and stood over me, angling his cock into my ass and sliding in balls deep. He began to bend at the knees and soon his long pole was driving deep into my ass and his balls were slapping on my butt with each downward thrust. They had paid me extra to allow them to take cell phone pictures that evening and now all five of Lance’s buddies were clicking away as he pounded me into the carpeted floor. They had taken photos throughout the night, but now they were watching the coup de grace as Lance skewered me with his long white dong, causing me to grimace and yell out with each hard thrust. I thought for sure that he would ejaculate soon, but he didn’t and my ass endured another 10 minutes as he pile drove his cock down into my worn out asshole. His friends were rooting him on and he kept his eyes closed as he kept his concentration and long stroked his pole into my anal sphincter.

I was still groaning as I watched one of the guys pull out his cock and begin stroking it as they all stood there watching the future groom slam the hooker that they had hired. Lance’s friend had gotten hard again and after about 5 minutes of pumping his cock he moved over and kneeled down on the floor over my head and covered my face in cum. Warm streaks of jizz sprayed my face and Lance congratulated his friend on the huge facial that he had given me. “Look at you lying there all used up, your face covered with cum and looking like the whore you are.” Lance stated as he looked down on me, his bent cock still rapidly drilling my butt hole. He threw his head back and groaned out and soon my ass was being filled with one huge blast after another as Lance orgasmed inside of my rectum. “Oooohhhhhhhhh yeah! You little fuckin’ whore!” he groaned out as he continued to pump me with his pole and his spunk oozed from my asshole. Lance pulled his still hard dick from my ass and then knelt over my cum covered face and guided his tilted rocket into my mouth. “Lick my big white cock clean you little black slut!” Lance ordered and soon his cum covered shaft was between my lips and pressing deep into my mouth as he fed me his curved member. “If any of you guys are hard again, I suggest you fuck this black chick in the ass.” Lance told his friends while he smacked his limp hot dog across my lips.

I took two more white cocks in my ass over the next 45 minutes and both of the guys took cell phone pics as they added their nut to my ass and my face, respectively. They enjoyed watching me as I used my fingers to scoop the cum from my face to my mouth and I teased them a little more before I used their shower to clean up. Lance and the others kept drinking and their talk continued about their fun hooker and what a great whore I was. They shared their photos with one another and I got to see a few of them when I returned to the room, after I had cleaned up and put on a sexy little outfit. I had been hired to stay all night with the group and three of the guys had passed out, including Lance, after a few lap dances. I played and teased the other three and ended up sucking off one of the last guys before the evening ended. Mikey helped me into my coat and gathered up my gear and tips before we said goodbye to the two guys still awake and left the hotel. As we drove home that early morning, Mikey pulled out his long, hard, white cock and I sucked him off and swallowed his big load to relieve his horniness from the entire evening. My pussy and ass had received a long hard fucking and I had swallowed quite a bit of cum before the party ended, but I knew that I had fulfilled my expectations and been the hottest and sexiest hooker that they were ever going to enjoy.

Two days had passed since I had performed at the bachelor party and Mikey must have fucked me 4 or 5 times during that period. He had truly enjoyed watching me be a whore and getting paid while doing it was the icing on the cake. If only Mikey could see me now, while I was sitting on the edge of the truck stop, motel bed, stroking and sucking off one of my regular clients. I had been meeting with the older circuit court judge for a few months and this must have been the 5th or 6th time that I had blown him. His affinity to black prostitutes is what had led him to hire me in the first place and he enjoyed cumming in my mouth and on my face during each session. He had fucked me once or twice, but we mostly spent our time with me sucking his cock. He was in his late 60’s and was nearing retirement, so we met secretly to preserve his reputation. “I’d like to watch you masturbate.” he said as my lips wrapped his shaft and I sucked on his stiff prick. I told him that it was fine and I slid back onto the bed and pillows to spread my legs. I was totally nude and he sat on the edge of the bed to watch intently while I began rubbing my clit and then, after licking my fingers, began to slowly slide two of them into my vagina. He stood back up and moved toward the head of the bed, leaning over to place his cock back into my mouth while I fingered myself. The judge reached down to hold my head with one hand and began squeezing my breasts with his other, while he watched.

My pussy was getting really wet and soon the sounds of my cunt slurping my fingers melded with the sound of me sucking on my clients rock hard pole. He was firmly erect today and he took me by surprise when he asked to lick my twat. He had never done so before, but I laid back and let him slide between my legs as his tongue and mouth went to work on my labia and hard clitoris. I came after a few minutes and he enjoyed the fact that he had gotten his hooker off. I was squirming in his grasp as he continued to lick me and eventually he slid up on top of me and began to fuck me. He had a large stomach and was fairly overweight and his age kept him from holding his weight up while he pumped my soaked hole. I was being crushed under his weight and was grunting and gasping for breath when his chest pressed against mine and he began to grind his cock into me. His face was red and he was soaked in sweat as he slid on my body, pressing his cock deep into my slit. He finally propped himself up onto his elbows and soon his groin was slapping against mine as his pace picked up and he fucked me faster. “Your pussy feels so good.” he told me as he leaned down to kiss and suck on my neck and ears. The judge had always pulled out and cum on my face, the couple of times that he had fucked me before, but this time he exploded deep in my vagina and I felt his thick semen splashing against my cervix as he pumped me full of his seed. He laid on me for a while, telling me how good it felt to cum in me and how this was the first time that he had cum in another woman other than his wife. I told him that he could cum in me anytime he wanted and that seemed to excite him as he began to grind his groin into mine again. His limp cock slipped out a few times and he finally gave up thoughts of another round and fed me his jizz covered, shriveled cock to clean up.

The judge left and I laid back to light up and smoke a cigarette, still naked and filled with cum. When I finished, cleaned up and left the hotel room, I made my way toward the truck stop diner to grab something to eat. I was famished from my sexual romp with the judge and sat in a booth to order. My food was delivered and while I was eating, one of the truck drivers that had been sitting at the counter made his way to my table and asked if he could join me. He made small talk for a while and was more than nice when he finally told me that he had seen me at the hotel before, always leaving a room after a man had left. He said that it only came to his attention because he found me so attractive. I accepted his compliment and then asked him why he was so interested. He told me that he always drove through town and that this was a regular stop for him at least 3 times a week. He explained that it got lonely on the road and wondered if I was available to keep him company on occasions. His name was John and he was very well spoken, asking me if I was a prostitute without saying those exact words. I smiled at him and told him that we might be able to work something out and then we began talking again as I finished my meal and he drank his coffee. Afterwards, we were both standing near his semi truck, smoking cigarettes, as I told him that I had never seen the inside of such a big vehicle. He invited me into his cab and it wasn’t long before I was naked and he was fucking me from behind.

John had a long ZZ Topp type beard and it had tickled me as he sucked and licked on my tits before he requested to do me doggy style. I held myself up while he pumped me from behind and it felt good to have his hard white cock sliding into me. I eventually ended up riding his pole as he laid back in his cab and he spewed a huge load of spunk into my well worked out pussy. We laid back and shared a cigarette as he fondled my breasts and tickled me with his beard. John was a nice guy and I had enjoyed our encounter. He was already telling me how he couldn’t wait until we met again, letting me know his schedule for the next month. He didn’t seem to mind paying me such a large amount for a truck stop fuck and by the look of the large wad of bills he carried, he could more than afford it. He gave me a little kiss on the cheek after helping me from his cab a short while later and asked me if I’d like to meet him again for lunch on the following day, since he’d be back through town. I checked my escort schedule on my I-Phone and confirmed our date, while John joked about me fitting him in between all of the other clients on my list.

I pulled my Lexus beside John’s semi and got out to smoke a cigarette with him as he stood there watching me walk toward him. “I never tire of that sexy walk.” he told me as I stepped in to hug him. He kissed me opened mouth, his tongue darting in to taste my lips and tongue. . This was our 10th meeting in the last 3 weeks and his cock was rock hard as I felt him press it against me during our hug. We finished our cigarettes and I whispered into his ear to ask if he’d like me suck his cock as we stood between our vehicles. He loved my naughtiness and looked around before giving me the ok. I bent at my knees and soon his hard, pale pole was the only thing that I was smoking, as I blew him in broad daylight. John loved it as he guided my head by my hair back and forth on his rigid tool. Situated between his truck and my car made seeing us difficult at best, so I deep throated him, while I looked up into his eyes, to let him know that my cock sucking skills were well worth the money, that he was paying me, to do this and to fuck my pussy on a regular basis. I pulled up my dress to let him watch as I began fingering my cunt. My labia were already swollen from the excitement of having his dick in my mouth and small droplets of moisture dripped from my well used, open hole onto the pavement below, where I was squatting. The nearby highway traffic and wind drowned out most of John’s moaning and the slurping of my mouth as I worked his cock with my oral skills. I didn’t even hear the vehicle pull up behind mine until I heard the large blast of the siren from the police car. I jumped up quickly and John pulled up his pants while we stood there looking at the two officers as they got out of their car.

“Seems like somebody is having fun today.” the officer said as he approached us from behind. The other policeman circled to the front of my Lexus and wrote down my license number before blocking us in from the front of our vehicles. “Just talking to an old friend.” John said. “We were sitting behind you for nearly 2 or 3 minutes and it looks like you were doing more than talking.” the officer said with a smirk. “There have been reports of a lot of prostitutes working this truck stop, so we thought that we’d stop by to check it out.”
he told us. “You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you maam?” the officer asked me as he approached both of us. “We’re old friends.” John said “Just catching up on old times and sharing a smoke.” he told them while he pulled out his pack of cigarettes, handed one to me and placed one in his mouth.” John lit his smoke and I leaned over as he did the same for me, both of us inhaling deeply and trying to remain cool. The policeman asked to see both of our ID’s and John provided his while I got into my car to get mine from my purse. Each officer looked at our driver’s licenses and asked a few personal questions to verify our information. “Do you often give oral sex to men at the truck stop maam.” I was asked by the persistent police officer. “If I know them and like them, yes.” I answered with a grin as I took a long drag on my cigarette. “How much are you charging for blow jobs now a day Brandy?” he asked. I was taken aback by the fact that he had called me by my stripper and escort name, which wasn’t on my license. The officer stepped up to me and asked me to lean against my Lexus and he patted me down before asking me to place my hands behind my back where he cuffed them.

The officer read me my rights as he placed me in his car and informed me that I was being taken in for suspicion of prostitution , indecent exposure and lewd conduct. He pulled my cigarette from my lips and stomped it out on the ground as I slid onto the back seat and they drove away. John watched me as we pulled out and I hoped that he wouldn’t get into trouble. “Well Brandy, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.” the older of the two officers said. “You may not remember me, but I worked Vice nearly 23 years ago, before I was moved to my current position. Do you remember detective Glenn from Vice?” “Yes I do.” I told him, as I recalled how he and a handful of his officers used to fuck me for free in order to keep them off my back. “He retired some years ago, but I remember my first night out with him on a training run when he introduced us to “Cummy Bear“. I recognized you immediately. You haven’t really changed much. I’m surprised that you’re still a hooker, you seemed to have done well when you were younger. I figured you’d be retired by now.” the officer said as he continued with his story. “You may not remember me, but my name is Jankowski.” When he said his name I remembered him immediately. He was one of the men that Glenn had ordered to fuck me in a motel room when they had arrested me for prostitution. He seemed reluctant at the time, but he had no problem stuffing his cock in both my ass and pussy that night, before feeding me a load of cum. No wonder he remembered my “Cummy Bear” nickname so well.

“I often felt guilty about that night until I worked in Vice for nearly 18 years, now I know that Glenn was right about the majority of you hookers.” he said sardonically. “Seeing that nearly 25 years have passed since that night and you’re still sucking cock for a living. It makes me believe that everything he said about you is true. That’s why I’m going to train my rookie partner, Peterson here, in the same manner that I was trained by Glenn. So if things are still the same, then I know that I can rely on your utmost cooperation. Isn’t that right?” Jankowski asked me, as I sat there knowing exactly what I was being expected to do. The old warehouse was dark and dusty, but that didn’t keep Jankowski and Peterson from pulling off my dress and taking turns fucking me on an old, dusty, wooden table. One of them kept my hands held above my head while the other laid between my legs and pumped me, then they traded positions to enjoy the same. After taking turns with me for quite some time, I was given a reprieve from lying on the dirty table and bent over it as they each took a turn in my ass. Jankowski nearly repeated the same lines to Peterson, as Glenn did to him during the night of his initiation into the Vice Squad. He laughed as he told Peterson that he could tell if I was a whore by the fact that there was no difference in fucking my big, worn out pussy and fucking my loose ass. “This girls been fucked so much during her life that fucking her in one hole is just like fucking her in the other.” he told Peterson. “I remember when she took on about 7 of us on the night I met her and she could have probably done the whole squad. She’s been a hooker for well over 30 years by my estimates, so make sure you don’t fall in and get lost.” he said with a laugh , while Peterson slammed me from behind.

I took their cocks and hard fucking as I did when I was younger and figured that if it kept me out of jail and my reputation with my k**s from blowing further out of proportion, then I would do what they wanted. “Let’s see if “Cummy Bear” still has the same tastes as she used to.” Jankowski said as he pulled his cock from my ass during his turn and pushed me to my knees to suck him off. He filled my mouth with a huge load of spunk and shortly thereafter, so did his partner. I swallowed it all down and they both got a kick at making me lick them clean when we were done. They left me naked near the warehouse, holding my dress and shoes as they pulled away in their squad car. I dressed and walked to the nearest place that I could borrow a phone, where I called John to come and get me, since my purse and belongings were still in my car. He brought me back to the truck stop and we ended up finishing where we had left off, but this time in the back of his cab. I didn’t tell him what had happened, explaining that they had released me due to a lack of evidence. I laid there thinking about it, as John filled me with his hot jizz, and it brought back memories of my youth and the slut that I had once been and continued to be. I orgasmed along with John, as he ejaculated deep in my wet cunt , while my mind raced at how my holes had been filled by all of the men that day and how I was satiated by their warm cum. Maybe the police officers were right. I was the same whore today as I was when I was younger….and I loved it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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