One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 12

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One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 12
It was Tuesday afternoon and Karen was getting concerned. Her Friday night party was in Jeopardy after two phone calls from planned attendees. First, Amanda called and said she was going to have to back out of the party. She had a cold and decided it was best not to be sucking and fucking everyone under the circumstances. Karen agreed that was a good idea and regretted Amanda would not be there. Karen and Keith both enjoyed Amanda’s personality, big tits and playing with her under all circumstances. The next call was a little more disconcerting. Penny called to confirm that she and her son, Tom, would be there, but also asked if another couple she knew – a father daughter pair – could attend the party. Penny had met the dad at the counseling sessions after Karen and quit attending and said he was really a very nice man and had nothing but good things to say about his daughter. Penny thought that they would be a nice addition to the party. She said she had mentioned the “family swinger” club she and her son were going to attend, and the father practically begged for an invitation. Karen was concerned that since Keith did not yet know Penny or her son, adding another couple he did not know might ruin the evening for him. She also did not like having the first acquaintance with another couple be her monthly “fuckfest”.

When Keith got home from school, Karen approached him about the changes in the guest list.

“If you want to cancel this month’s party, Keith, I understand and have no problem waiting until next month and getting acquainted with the new people in a different setting,” she explained.

Keith thought for a moment. “You know, it doesn’t take long to get acquainted with someone when you are buck naked and sticking your cock in them. If you are okay with it otherwise, I think I will be fine. Are you up to having another man you just met in the room with you and probably fucking you at some point when you have just met him?”

“Sounds hot to me in theory, but I am not really sure about it in reality. Penny swears he is a great guy, so it probably won’t take long to get comfortable with him. Besides, you might like a younger pussy for a change!” Karen said with a laugh.

“I am perfectly happy with the ones I am getting now, but thanks for thinking of me, mom,” Keith said with a little sarcasm in his voice.

They agreed to go on with the plan and the change in the guest list. Now it would be Karen, Keith, Shelley and her son, Jim, Penny and her son, Tom, and now the new couple, Rick and his daughter Abby. Friday night finally arrived and Karen was relieved that Shelley and Jim were the first to get there. Penny and Tom arrived a few minutes later and Karen made all of the introductions. Tom was a stocky built young man. He was by no means fat, but he was large framed, thick chested and muscular. He was not ripped like Keith, but looked like a cross between a fullback and a nose tackle if he were to play football. He had sandy blonde hair and green eyes and seemed rather shy and reserved, but not awkward at all. He and Keith seemed to hit it off pretty well from the start. Penny was tall and slim – just about the opposite of Amanda, looked to have a nice set of B-cup tits and was narrow at the hips. She had a warm, pretty face that, when she smiled, made her look prettier. She did not exude sexuality like Keith’s mother did these days or like Ms. Davis did every second of her life, so Keith would not have picked her out of a crowd to be one open to fuck parties or even one to screw her own son.

Shelley was fidgety and nervous acting, like she could hardly wait for the action to start. She clearly didn’t bother wearing a bra tonight and her big tits bounced around under her flimsy top. She was also wearing skin-tight leggings that were not exactly the most flattering to her full figure, but still gave off a very sexual undertone to her appearance. Slutty was the description that came to mind as Keith assessed her tonight. He and his mother had both noticed that Shelley moved very quickly from being shy, easily embarrassed and concerned about appearances to being a kinky fuck machine when it came to the two boys and Karen. Karen doubted that Shelley even knew what a dildo was two months ago and now had mastered the art of using one as well as the dirty talk that went with fucking anything and everything with every opening to her body. Karen decided that she had helped create a monster in Shelley – and loved it.

Rick and Abby showed up about 20 minutes after the scheduled arrival time. Penny decided to greet them at the door to make them feel more comfortable and led them to the living room where most of the party would take place. Karen and Keith had arranged a couple of mattresses on the floor in the center of the room. They would easily accommodate the four couples and Karen thought that would be better than trying to get someone to clean the carpets right before the holiday. She had learned her lesson after the first party when it was nearly impossible to get all of the cum spots off of the carpet.

Rick was a tall, lean man. He was about 6’3″ tall, walnut colored hair, dark blue eyes, and broad shoulders. He was built more like a basketball player or swimmer. He was muscular, but more in the lean sense of the word. He was narrow at the waist and his legs were long with graceful muscles. Abby was tall as well. She was easily 5’10” tall, dark hair like her father’s, C-cup tits with no bra to hide or distort them under her athletic t-shirt. She had long, shapely legs extending from the matching athletic shorts she was wearing and her eyes were a dark brown that looked like a warm pair of coals about to glow red from the heat building inside.

With all of the introductions made and Rick and Abby now seated together on the couch, Karen thought it would be good to start the evening describing to each other how they had come to this lifestyle of family sex. Karen started, followed by Penny, followed by Shelley and then finally Rick.

Rick began by telling of his wife’s paranoia that he was cheating on her all of the time, when the honest truth was he had always been faithful and never considered cheating. But he traveled a lot for work and she couldn’t handle it. He offered to take a lower paying job that got him off the road, but she considered him to have already cheated and left. She made his life hell in the aftermath as well, telling his employer of her suspicions, which ultimately resulted in him losing his job. He settled into a new role with another company that did not require the travel, but she had pretty much cleaned him out financially and he had to more or less start all over.

Abby had been a witness to most of the fights and knew her dad was being honest with her mom and really wanted nothing to do with her mother after that. She was 20 at the time, now was 22, and came home one evening asking her dad if he was okay with her dating a guy he had not met. Rick was already in bed at the time reading, as he liked to do for the last hour of the day before going to sleep.

“I told her that she could go out with him as long as she didn’t do anything with her date that she wouldn’t do with me.” he said with a chuckle. “She whipped back the covers to discover that I like to sleep in the nude. She saw everything and her mood went from playful, giving dad a hard time, to staring at my naked body and getting very serious all of a sudden. I quickly tried to pull the covers back up, but she was having none of it. She climbed on the bed, pinning the covers down so that I could not pull them up, and took my cock in her hand. I stiffened almost immediately as you boys would understand, and she proceeded to give me the sweetest blow job I have ever experienced. I am ashamed to say that I came in her mouth without warning, but she took it all like a champ. Then she…”

Abby interrupted, “I lifted up my t-shirt to show him I wasn’t wearing anything else and before his cock could go limp, I lowered myself on him and fucked him. I have never felt so close to anyone in my life as I felt toward him while I was riding him. He pulled off my t-shirt and started playing with my tits. All I could think of was what a stupid bitch my mother was for giving up this man. Dad just laid there and let me take control for quite awhile. Once I came on his cock, he rolled me over and pounded me hard until he flooded me with another load. We have been screwing each other ever since and I haven’t had a date since that night. So, it was my fault that we started this relationship like it is now. He would never have initiated it on his own. But once we started, we had some very serious discussions about all of the implications and risks. He mentioned this party and thought it would be good for me to experience some other guys and to realize that there are other people who share our lifestyle. We both know it can’t go on forever, or at least I would have to find someone who gets it and is willing to share. I figure that is rare, but a group like this is a good place to start. I have also wanted to try getting it on with women. We watch some porn together once in awhile and we both gravitate to the woman on woman stuff. I have to say, I also get turned on by the guy on guy stuff too.”

Shelley let out an audible moan at Abby’s last comment. Karen noticed and realized that Keith and Jim were in a safe place if they wanted to demonstrate their newfound pleasures with each other. Karen also noticed that Tom was absentmindedly rubbing his very stiff cock through his pants with one hand while holding his mother’s hand with the other. Penny had her hand hidden between her legs as well. Shelley’s nipples were sticking out through her flimsy top in an obscene sort of way and Jim could not take his eyes off of Abby. Keith looked at his mother with a pleading sort of look, begging her with his eyes to get the party started. Abby had been the perfect person to break the ice and get everyone in the mood. Karen offered everyone refreshments with a choice of wine, beer, or harder stuff and any snacks they might want.

Once everyone had passed on the food and served themselves some drinks, Karen suggested that everyone get undressed and each couple show the others their favorite sexual activity and position with one another to get things started. “We will let the younger ones in the group go first with their favorites and then the older ones can demonstrate their favorites. But no cumming. This is only a demo, so control yourselves until we start the fun for real.”

A small storm of the limited amount of clothing ensued as everyone stripped without hesitation and threw their clothes into a common pile in the corner of the room. Everyone took a moment to assess each other’s bodies in their nakedness. The men were all hard as rocks from the beginning and the inner thighs of the women were already damp from the flow of their excitement of what lay ahead. Karen had seen Jim’s and Keith’s cocks before, so she paid the most attention to those of the new guests. Tom’ cock looked to be about 8″ long and was extremely thick. It was so large in diameter that Karen was pretty sure no virgin would consider trying it on for size. She wondered how Penny even got her mouth around the head of it and couldn’t wait to see if she could do it. Rick had the largest cock in the group. Karen estimated that three female hands could wrap around the shaft and still leave his cock head completely exposed above it all. She estimated that he was at least 10″ and maybe closer to 12″ in length, but not as thick as Tom’s. None of the men were lacking in size.

Karen said that she and Keith would demonstrate first. They moved to the mattresses and Keith put his mother on her back and lifted her legs, pushing them back nearly to the floor behind her head and pumped three or four good strokes into her before pulling out to end his demo. She responded by having him sit with his legs spread. She faced him and sat down on his cock and he lifted her up by the ass and set her down several times to end her demo. Jim got his mother down on her back and assumed the 69 position and slid his cock into his mother’s mouth and then began to lick her pussy. After a couple of minutes, he stopped and Shelley got on her hands and knees and had him enter her from behind. Jim fucked her for a few strokes, then pulled out to end the family demos. Rick and Abby went next. She put her dad on his back and she climbed on and went for a quick ride. Rick then stood up and helped Abby to her feet, slipped his hands under her ass, picked her up and lowered her onto his cock. She wrapped her legs around his waist and bounced up and down on his cock a few times before ending their demos. Penny and Tom moved to the coffee table pushed to one side. Penny laid down on her back and Tom moved between her legs and slowly shoved his cock into her pussy. Everyone in the room was amazed at how easily she took his thick rod. He pumped three of four times and withdrew. Penny then moved to the mattresses and got on her hands and knees to demo what she liked best. Everyone expected another doggy style fuck and were shocked when she grabbed his heavy log and guided it to her asshole. It took Tom a couple of minutes, but he buried his wood in her ass balls deep and stroked in and out a few times. Penny already looked like she was about to cum hard, but her son withdrew and she relaxed with obvious disappointment in her eyes.

Everyone refilled their drinks and came back into the room. Abby was clearly dialed in on Keith, rarely taking her eyes off of him. Shelley was seriously interested in having Tom in her ass and Karen was nearly salivating over that long rod of Rick’s. Penny was the only one who was hard to read among the women in the room. Karen could not tell where her passions would be directed, but Karen knew they were there from her discussions on multiple occasions with Penny.

Karen looked around the room and everyone was nearly done with their second drink and decided it was time for Keith and Jim to get the party started. “I have heard several of you indicate that guy on guy stuff is of interest to you, so I think Keith and Jim should get the party started by giving you exactly that. Shelley leaned forward on her seat, her big tits, swaying in front of her. Clearly, she did not want to miss a thing. She probably would have taped her eyelids open so that blinking didn’t result in missing any of this action. Abby’s eyes were intensely focused on Keith and watched every move he made. She licked her lips slightly and put one hand between her legs while holding her father’s cock with the other. Penny sat on her son’s lap sideways, his arms holding her upright while she put one arm around his neck. She lightly played with his egg-sized balls while they watched.

Keith and Jim had already worked out their plan if this were to happen. Keith had taken Jim’s cock up his ass while Shelley watched and so this time Jim wanted to feel Keith fuck his ass. They got on the mattresses, Jim on his hands and knees with his legs spread. Everyone else got situated so they could see Keith’s cock enter into Jim’s behind. Both were lubed now and Keith got ready for his first male ass and started slipping his cock past the sphincter. Jim stiffened a little at first and wondered if this was such a good idea after all. But as Keith made progress, Jim began to relax a little more and his cock stiffened again. The room was filled with heavy breathing not only from Keith and Jim, but from most of the audience. Everyone was glued to the scene in front of them as Keith slowly picked up speed and the intensity of his thrusts into Jim’s ass.

Tom looked at his mother, who returned his gaze and nodded almost without being perceptible. She moved off of his lap and Tom moved to the mattress sliding his head first under Jim so that his mouth was just under Jim’s cock and his own cock was just below Jim’s mouth. Murmurs filled the room as they could see what Tom was doing and planning to do. Tom lifted his head just a little and began sucking Jim’s cock. With each of Keith’s thrusts into Jim’s ass, it pushed Jim forward, thrusting his cock into Tom’s mouth. Jim could not decide which was feeling better at this moment – Keith’s ass fucking him or Tom sucking him. He returned the favor to Tom and lowered his mouth to begin sucking on Tom’s enormous cock head. That was about all he could take into his mouth at the moment because he was too distracted by the double pleasures he was feeling to focus on swallowing more of Tom’s thick rod. Penny was watching her son with a combination of pride and lust. She was equally enthralled by Keith’s cock plowing Jim’s ass and clearly wishing it was her ass getting fucked.

Shelley gave herself her first orgasm, trying to hide it from everyone else, but her contorting face gave it away. Most people didn’t notice, but Karen smiled at the kinky thrills Shelley was getting from watching her son get ass fucked and sucking a cock at the same time. Karen was having a hard time maintaining her own composure and desperately wanted a cock in her soon – and preferably Rick’s long tool when she finally got one.

Keith breathlessly said he was about to cum and everyone wanted to see the “money shot” so he pulled out and stroked his large, thick load of cream all over Jim’s ass and back to a brief round of applause and whoops. He pulled out and leaned back as Jim and Tom continued to suck each other off. Due to Jim’s extra stimulation, and the applause Keith’s cum shot received, he pulled out and gave Tom a facial, shooting a voluminous load of cum that nearly covered Tom’s face. Tom soon followed from his mother’s ball play with him and getting his first taste of cock, sending his cum straight in the air, hitting Jim in the forehead and dripping from his nose. Tom shot several spurts, most of it landing on his stomach, including that which had hit Jim’s face.

The all male show was a big hit and Karen noticed that Abby was still completely focused on Keith. She wasn’t staring at his cock or any other feature, she was just intensely studying him as a person. Karen remembered to announce that anyone feeling the need to shower or or rinse themselves off were welcome to do so and that there were plenty of towels available. Jim, Keith and Tom all headed for the shower to wash themselves off.

“Be sure you come back, guys. The rest of us want some of you, too!” Karen said to approving laughter.

Everyone helped themselves to another round of drinks and the guys soon returned, cleaned of the cum and in Keith’s case, a freshly washed cock.

“You are all on your own, people. Do whatever you all agree to and remember to share. We have all night and we have each other, so there is time for everyone to experience everyone else if you want to.” Karen tried to make everyone feel at home and keep the party moving, which didn’t seem to be a problem. “I would just suggest that you match up with someone other than your family member for the first few rounds. You can fuck each other at home.” There was more laughter and agreement.

Abby made a beeline for Keith, dragging her dad with her. “Keith, that was awesome! I nearly came several times watching you bang Jim! I almost made my dad cum all over himself too, because I was yanking him so much. Would you fuck me while he fucks your mother? I can tell he wants her as much as I want you. Deal?” Just as in the their opening introduction, Abby was an open book, saying what she thought in the most direct terms possible. Keith like that about her.

“Sure! I was hoping we would get together sooner rather than later.” Keith replied eagerly wanting some pussy now. Karen was all for it, getting first shot and that big long cock of Rick’s ahead of the rest of the group. The others weren’t paying any attention. Penny immediately approached Shelley suggesting that they swap sons for some ass fucking of their own, so everyone was happily getting ready for their own round of activity.

Abby wanted to get on top and ride Keith while Rick climbed Karen. Karen and Keith laid down side by side and briefly held hands while their new friends took their places on top of both of them. Abby sucked on Keith’s cock briefly as if to make sure it was properly inflated before sliding her pussy over it. She tickled his balls while she licked his shaft and he seriously considered just cumming in her mouth right then. She stopped, straddled him, hovering her pussy over his shaft and then guided it into her and quickly took the entire length into her sloppy wet cunt.

Rick took a few moments to kiss and suck on Karen’s nipples and she nearly begged him to fuck her already. She didn’t need foreplay, she needed cock and lots of it. He moved into position and she was again amazed when she grabbed his meat, just how large it was. She spread wide for him and watched as she guided him to her hole. He took his time entering her fully in case she wasn’t fully prepared for the entire length of his cock. His worries were unfounded. She had never said anything to her son, but Keith’s dad was hung just about like Rick and she enjoyed every inch Rick had to offer. In just a few moments Rick and Abby were fucking away on Keith and his mother, all having an excellent time.

Meanwhile, Shelley and Penny were playing with each others’ tits and kissing with a lot of tongue action while their boys lubed up to fuck some new ass for both of them. Shelley was hoping she could take Tom’s thick cock without doing any damage to her ass. Penny was just looking forward to getting her ass fucked by anyone or anything. Penny felt Jim move in behind her and wasted no time burying his cock in her ass. She was in her happy place now and just enjoyed playing with Shelley’s large bouncing tits while taking a nice stiff dick in her ass.

Shelley felt the large head of Tom’s cock begin to force its way into her ass and at first she thought she would have to stop him and forego an ass fucking from him. But she bit her lip and suddenly thrust herself back on him, taking most of it in one slightly painful stroke. She hadn’t felt this full since Keith and Jim had fucked both holes at the same time the previous week. Once the boys were in and stroking away and all were enjoying themselves, Penny suggested that she get on her back so that the women could lick each other’s pussies while the boys continued their ass pounding. Shelley was all for it, so Penny had Jim pull out so that she could get under Shelley and go to work on her cunt. Jim reentered Penny and the two women began sucking each other’s clits while the boys fucked ass. Penny was also enjoying Shelley’s big, bouncy tits. Shelley had had a woman eat her pussy on several occasions since meeting Karen, but Penny had really mastered the art and Shelley came within minutes of Penny’s assault on her clit. That big dick in her ass and Penny’s masterful work on her clit had Shelley climaxing at regular intervals for nearly half an hour.

The room was filled with the sounds of grunting, dirty talk and instructions. Karen was nearly having an out of body experience for a moment as she heard herself telling Rick to fuck her hard with that long stick of his. Abby told Keith to squeeze her tits and nipples hard as she reached her climax and clamped down hard on his cock as she came. Shelley lifted off of Penny’s pussy to give Tom instructions.

Shelley: “Fuck my ass hard, Tom! Really fuck it! I want you to bust your nut in my ass. I want to feel your hot cum spilling in my ass.”

Tom: “You like getting your ass fucked don’t you? You want my wad filling you up and running out, don’t you?”

Penny: “That’s it Jim! You are a pro as fucking my ass. Ooooh, that feels so good. Cum in my ass, too. I want to feel your cock swell up and explode inside me. Oh, fuck yeah!”

Abby: “Fuck her, dad! I love watching you fuck her with that big cock of yours. Don’t stop! Between Keith’s stiff cock and watching you fuck Karen, I am going to cum again. Ahhhh!”

Keith: “Holy shit! I think I am going to cum too. I am going to fill your pussy with my cum. Get ready!”

Rick: “This is fucking awesome! Your pussy is so tight and you really know how to squeeze down on my cock. I am not going to last much longer. You want my cum in you or on you?”

Karen: “On me. Give your daughter the show she wants! Cum on me wherever you want to shoot it!”

Jim: “Penny, you have such a beautiful ass! I love fucking it. Cum on my mother’s face and then I will fill your ass with cum.”

The room smelled of musk and cum and pussy. The air was filled with dirty talk and the sounds of orgasm after orgasm. Penny came on Shelley’s tongue and lips, gushing her juices and coating Shelley’s face. Jim, groaned and he emptied his balls in Penny’s ass, flooding it with another large load of cum. Shelley had already cum several times on Penny’s expert tongue and came one more time before Tom unleashed a huge load in Shelley’s ass. She could feel his cock throb just before he spewed inside her and then she felt the warmth of his cum settle in her ass. Penny introduced Shelley to the particular treat of eating ass cum as it drained out of each other. Penny loved the taste and smell of eating cum straight from the ass. She couldn’t do that for herself, but she enjoyed the times like this where she could enjoy it from someone else. She licked the cream from Shelley’s ass and savored everything about it. Shelley found that she loved it as well as she cleaned out Penny, who had held it in until she was done with Shelley.

Rick pulled his long stick from Karen’s wet pussy after she had reached a couple of orgasms herself and he launched his load all the way up to her tits and down her abdomen. Her stomach had several white streaks in near-parallel lines where he left his cum. Keith flooded Abby’s pussy with his cum. she had already cum twice and she locked down on him tightly, intensifying his own climax. She clamped down so tight he wasn’t sure he could get it out of his cock and into her pussy, Abby then leaned over to suck on Karen’s tits and stir around in the cum on her abdomen.

“Karen, if you don’t mind, I would like to eat your pussy now.” said Abby with a surprising amount of courtesy.

“Help yourself, sweetheart. Eat all you want. I am not going anywhere for awhile.” was Karen’s response. Karen pulled Rick by his cock to her face so she could lick and suck and study his immense shaft. He quickly regained an erection as she polished his pole for several minutes, pausing only to cum on Abby’s face. Abby turned so that they could eat each other and Rick moved in behind his daughter and buried his rod deep into her pussy to pick up where Keith left off. Keith walked over to Penny and she willingly opened her legs to let him in her pussy. While he fucked her pussy, Tom moved in to stuff his over-sized dick in his mother’s familiar ass. Jim settled back for a nice relaxing blow job from his mother.

As the night progressed, each of the men had emptied themselves in each of the women at least once. But Karen had noticed a pattern emerging later in the wee hours of the morning. The recurring pairings were obvious. Rick kept coming to Karen and Abby was continually drawn to Keith. Penny and Shelley and their sons were more and more drawn to each other. Penny and Shelley were obviously into anal sex more than the others and the boys seemed to really like the other’s mothers a lot. The separation of the group seemed to occur naturally. Karen wasn’t bothered by it, but did wonder if a sea change was about to take place. Her sixth sense tried to tell her something was changing tonight. She had taken Rick and his cum in all three holes, so to speak and enjoyed it all. Keith had done the same to Abby and they seemed like a perfect pairing. Abby seemed as if Keith was the only one in the room most of the time, even if she had been fucking the other boys and her dad. Karen just assumed she was going to have to roll with the punches and see what came about. Rick was somehow different for Karen and she couldn’t put her finger on what it was. She couldn’t tell, either, if Abby was just that intense or if Keith filled a need that had been lingering in her for quite some time. Right now, Karen was just enjoying the sounds, sights and pleasures of fucking the night away. Tomorrow would be another day.

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