Out Of Afrika, Chapoter 34

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Out Of Afrika, Chapoter 34
Out of Afrika, Chapter 34

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr and Wunderboi


Three months had passed and the new immigrants from India to Hawksville felt that at last they had settled in to become a part of the community. It had been a difficult and sometimes traumatic transition from the hustle and bustle of their home in Southern India to the relative calm of the US Eastern seaboard but with the help of her husband’s new employer, Rhino Industries, the dutiful wife and her little family had slotted right in and she felt that once again life had a purpose.

There had been so much to absorb and cope with not least of which nobody seemed to be able to cope with their Indian names. Their family name which went into many syllables and consonants they could nothing about for that was how they were registered with the immigration authorities but their given names, that was easy and now, rather than have to repeat slowly and articulate very carefully to each new introduction the names with which they had arrived, it had proven easier for them all to abandon their given names and to adopt something these charming Americans found easier to cope with. They had a little conference and from now on it was decided she would be known as ‘Indie’, her husband would use his second name ‘Sharad’ and mother, well, as a little ‘in joke’ between Indie and Sharad it was decided she would thenceforth be called ‘Chachi’ a title which, in its way, still gave her respect .

Her dear Sharad was thrilled with his new job and role as a senior software developer with Rhino Projects Division albeit she was concerned that they were making him work too hard and that she didn’t see him as often as she would have liked given already he was putting in hours of overtime. His absence from their new Rhino-provided house was further extended by his new found devotion to the complimentary membership he had for the Rhino Towers Gentlemen’s Night Club. He insisted that it was a duty, a work-related obligation, to visit there after work in order to continue discussing projects with colleagues. She loved her husband dearly but she wasn’t fooled by his excuses; the cum-stains on his underwear when she did laundry told a different story.

In some respects she was pleased that he was now able to perform so frequently for it had never in their 4 year old marriage been something that he had excelled at doing; fucking that is. Sex for them had always been an occasional quick coupling in the dark with no foreplay and had never lasted long enough for her to reach orgasm. Once Sharad had spurted his meagre load he would roll off her and fall straight to sleep with hardly a ‘goodnight’ before his snoring began. It was not the experience that she had been looking forward to when she had learned a marriage had been arranged for her; no, Sharad was not the lover she had hoped for and her ‘needs’ had to be satisfied by indulging herself in vivid fantasies and the use of her busy fingers.

Since arriving in Hawksville they had both had their separate fantasies indulged. Sharad harboured an ‘Auntie’ obsession that a lot of Indian men and boys held, one which involved older, mature Indian ladies with big breasts who would chastise the ‘naughty boy’ and make him fuck her in all manner of situations after he had unwound the Saree from her voluptuous body. The Rhino Gentlemen’s club had learned of this fantasy and provided the players to allow him to make his dreams come reality. The girls there were much amused at his enthusiasm.

For Indie it wasn’t quite as spontaneous for whilst her husband was getting his satisfaction made real at the club she was content to be conducting her own love affair with that delightful toy that she had been gifted by Oskar at the new arrivals reception party. As a young girl she had always been fascinated by thoughts of Black men and those thoughts had taken a more explicit turn when a school friend showed her a picture she had found on the Internet of a naked black man who was sporting an impossibly large erection. That image had stayed with her and formed an integral part of her young girl fantasies whenever she masturbated in the solitude of her bedroom. Now, since coming to Hawksville, she had her very own ‘black cock’ and what a delight it was to feel herself being filled by that sympathetic lover, a lover who never went soft; was always willing to love her whenever she asked; who would spurt his ‘spunk’ into her at the touch of a button.

Yes, coming to Hawksville had proved to be a life-changing experience and she knew that much more was to happen for whenever she used her new Rhino mobile phone she was hearing the most interesting suggestions and propositions that she knew she had no power to resist.

It was the same for Chachi, her widowed mother, who had accompanied them to their new life. Back home in India she had been very much the dominant head of the family and her word had been unquestioned law but here, in Hawksville, those rules and her authority seemed increasingly to have become blurred and diminished and, in her opinion, her daughter and son-in-law no longer gave her the respect that she thought was her’s to command. It made for some very prickly exchanges whenever a dispute arose.

She found it to be all very unsettling and it seemed that very strange things had been happening from the moment they had arrived and now on top of everything else she was being treated by ‘her c***dren’ more as an equal. Try as she might to resist the idea, strangely, she found that as time went by she was questioning more and more the old order of her life and was beginning to enjoying being treated as ‘part of the gang’. (Then again, it had little to do with her personally losing self-resistance; more to do with doing what she was told to do by her Rhino phone.) When she wasn’t musing over these thoughts she was, just like her daughter, ‘amusing’ herself in the solitude of her bedroom with her Rhino gift and regretting that she hadn’t had the company of such a faithful companion in her ‘old life’ back in India. However, despite all the changes to her lifestyle here in this new land there was one thing at which she hadn’t let go of and that was her passion and skill for cooking and the use of spices and herbs. She had, figuratively speaking, quite a few culinary tricks up the sleeve of her Saree and it was something of which she was very proud and had already ‘confessed’ to Oskar at the arrival party that she hoped to be able to set up shop here in Hawksville.

Oskar, for his part, had been intrigued by the arrival of these ‘exotic’ creatures in the midst of Hawksville and their appearance had been like a breath of fresh air to him. He had would never have admitted to anyone that lately he had been feeling a little tired and jaded from all the effort he put in to ensure that ‘his project’ continued to make progress. It had been hard work keeping focus but now he felt he didn’t have to make excuses for the sight of these beautiful Indian ladies had given him ideas and now he had new objectives and initiatives to pursue.

Since meeting them at the welcoming reception he had taken time to learn about their backgrounds, especially the older one, Chachi (curious name, he thought) and now the time had come to build on that knowledge and begin to involve these Indian females into becoming part of the grand scheme of things. He picked up his phone and dialed her number.

Chachi was thrilled to get his call and to learn that he had been taking such a personal interest in her welfare and making sure that she was happy with her new situation. She was even more delighted when he indicated that he had a business proposition to put to her, “… perhaps I may pay you a visit?” he asked.

He hadn’t specified what the business might be other than indicate it might be something to do with her talent for spices but she was curious beyond measure to hear more and, in her more wilder and wicked flights of fancy, discover if he measured up to the toy which she had learned was modeled on him.


Chachi momentarily reverted to her domineering manner of old when she told Sharad that he needed to be at home at 6 o’clock, “… and make no mistake about it! We have a very important guest coming for dinner and I want to make sure that we are on our best behavior and that everything is ready for us to entertain in the best possible manner.”

Indie looked at Sharad and raised her eyebrows as if to say, “what is she on about? We already know quite well that it is Mr. Botha, your boss …” but she didn’t say anything of the sort, “Yes Chachi, we shall be there …” was all he said.

It was just before the appointed time that the three of them heard the sound of car, a powerful sounding car, coming down their street and to come to a rest at the kerbside. Chachi peeked out behind the d****s and saw a red Ferrari convertible with a beautiful blonde behind the wheel and Oskar seated in the passenger seat.

Oskar turned to Ingrid and said, “Thank you my dear for the lift. I expect to be a few hours but I will give you a call when I want you to return to pick me up.”

Ingrid leaned across to give him a peck on the cheek, “Have fun, see you later and you can tell me all about it.” He got out and closed the door and she put the sports car into gear and drove off leaving him to view her delightful receding rear end.

Ingrid was thrilled to be able to provide this service to her boss and lover. The car was her bonus which had been given to her by Rhino in recognition of her annual performance and for being an exemplary employee. She had been allowed to make her own choice and just as Suzi Recreant the Rhino Broadcast News presenter had been given her choice, a White Mercedes, when she had been similarly awarded the honour, Ingrid had decided upon the Ferrari. It made for an impressive combination.

Sharad opened the front door to Oskar who stood holding a large bouquet of flowers. He stammered, “Good evening Sir. Thank you for honouring us with your presence tonight. Please come in.”

Oskar smiled at the deferential reception given by his employee and as he stepped through the doorway he shook his hand and said, “Sharad, the honour is mine and please, for this evening call me Oskar … and, my goodness, what is that delicious smell?”

Indie and Chachi looked out from the kitchen doorway which was wreathed in drifting vapours from the stove. “That Sir, uh, I mean Oskar, is the smell from my Mother-in-Law’s cooking. We are very pleased to have you here so that at last we get a good meal,” he joked.

The ladies both emerged from the kitchen and came into the lobby and involuntarily gave their guest a curtsey and held out their hands to be shaken. Chachi looked at Sharad with a mock scowl for his remark and then turned her attention back to Oskar, “Don’t you listen to what that naughty boy says, he does very well with his Chachi’s cooking …”.

Oskar laughed and presented her with the flowers, ” … and something for you,” he said in his deep baritone voice as he gave Indie a gift of a gift-wrapped box of chocolates. “Thank you so much for the invitation. I’m sure we shall have a splendid evening. I have a lot to talk about and hopefully show you.”

The ladies were captivated by the charming manner of their guest for Oskar Botha had a reputation for being gruff and blunt but here he was, charm personified. They were not to know that the impression he was giving was part of his plan to confuse and relax all of them before he got down to business.

Sharad took his coat and left the ladies to lead him through to the dining room. As Oskar followed he couldn’t take his eyes off their delicious looking butts swathed in the colourful silks of the sarees they were both wearing. The bare flesh of their mid-drifts looked to be particularly tantalizing and when they reached the table and turned around he found his eyes drawn to their silk-covered breasts and, with his imagination running at full pace, he was sure that neither was wearing a bra given he was certain he could define stiff nipples pressing against the material. Yes, already they were certainly fulfilling his fantasy.

Indie noticed his interest and returned his gaze with a knowing look of her own before she gestured to a chair and invited him to sit. Chachi nodded approvingly as he sat and then returned to the kitchen collecting Sharad just as he reappeared and told him to assist her in bringing in their dinner. Soon Oskar was looking on in pleasant surprise as steaming tureens and bowls and plates of the most delicious looking foods were transported to the table by a subservient Sharad. As he placed a final platter of rice in the center of the table he commented, “I hope you like spicy food. Chachi is famous in the family for her use of herbs and such.”

Oskar gave another laugh, “Oh yes, not a problem and that is really the reason I have asked to speak with you Chachi …” he said in his soothing tones. “I have an idea that I hope will appeal to you.”

Over the next hour between mouthfuls of Chachi’s superb cooking he explained his thinking. Hawksville, whilst it had developed and evolved into a centre of technical excellence under the careful guidance of Rhino, was still a relatively conservative place in which to live and he had thought for a long time that the town needed a bit of shaking up and for new businesses, diverse non-tech businesses, to be introduced in order to make life more interesting and attractive for the populace and visitors to the town. He said that when he was introduced to Sharad and his ladies at the welcoming reception and found them to be such interesting company that his mind started working as to how their Indian heritage might be utilized to achieve his aim. It was when he learned that Chachi was an expert in the use of Indian and Oriental spices that he had the bright idea of setting up a retail outlet, maybe a restaurant, where these skills and talents could be employed.

As he put down his fork after finishing off a final plate of curry he made a proposal, “Chachi, I would like to have you manage such a shop. Indeed, you would not be just a manager; the enterprise would be owned by you and I would be delighted to give full financial backing in order for you to have no risk whatsoever.” He covered his mouth with his hand and gave a quiet burp as he awaited an answer from the stunned Chachi.

In truth, he knew what her answer would be for the Rhino network through her phone and other devices had been preparing for this meeting for some time. She turned her head and glanced at her c***dren as if inviting reassurance for what she was about to say and then looked back to Oskar, “Oh, Mr. Botha, I am flattered that you should think of me in such a fashion but, I don’t know if I can do such a thing. I am just a simple housewife and I should not be thinking of doing such things. My place is here in my home taking care of my family. I don’t know what to say ….”. Her voice trailed off as she looked down at her lap, supposedly in confusion.

Oskar was unconcerned at this initial negative response, he knew that he would get the required answer very soon for he had powerful allies that would make her give her enthusiastic consent. There was Indie who had already been conducting her own campaign of going out to work and had subconsciously been planting the idea in Chachi’s mind of accepting this great taboo; there was the relentless Rhino-inspired stream of hidden messages that had told her it was her ‘great calling’ to break the mould and to do something for herself against her Indian traditional upbringing. Finally there was the packet of herbs in Oskar’s pocket that he had bought along that when ingested would break down all resistance.

The silence that had descended around the table was broken when Chachi stood up and announced, “Time to have some dessert. Sharad, help me clear the table then you can bring in the Gulab Jamun.” Sharad did as he was told.

The large bowl of golden pastry balls dipped in Saffron syrup was placed reverently in the center of the table and Chachi began to spoon out a portion for each of them. Oskar waited a moment before clearing his throat and said, “Chachi, that looks to be delicious but I have to decline for I suffer from diabetes and my doctor tells me that I must keep away from sweet things.” He pushed his plate to one side.

“Oh, such a pity. This really is one of Chachi’s best recipes,” Indie said as she tucked into her portion.

Sharad nodded sympathetically but he, like Indie, noticed that a packet of herbs had appeared on the table. “What have you got there?” he asked.

“Ah, it is an ‘inducement’, another gift. I have bought along a special herb made from an aromatic plant that grows in my homeland. I don’t know its name but I imported it following a visit to Lerotica where its unique taste made such a great impression and enhanced everything in which it was mixed.”

Oskar was being a little economical with the exact description of the herb’s qualities; in truth the innocuous looking powder made from shredded leaves was a powerful aphrodisiac and he knew from experience that a mere pinch of the powder gave vent to the most unavoidable sexual urges.

“I thought that you might like to test it so that we can consider selling it in your shop.”

Chachi looked at the packet and failed to recognise that Oskar had made the business decision for her. “Here, sprinkle a little on that delicious looking pudding. See what you think.”

She took the packet from him, opened the flap and took a sniff. Her head jerked back in pleasant surprise when she inhaled the sweet smell and stiffled a cough before saying, “Mmm, that smells, erm, interesting. Like nothing I’ve come across before.” She took a pinch and s**ttered it over her dessert. “Here, you two, push your plates this way. I’m not doing this on my own.”

Indie and Sharad paused eating their Gulab Jamun and did as they were told. Chachi sprinkled a generous pinch of the powder over each bowl and pushed them back. Oskar looked on approvingly as the three of them simultaneously dipped their spoons into their bowls, “Hmm, so what do you think, does it taste different?”

Nobody said a word. Indie put down her spoon and looked at her mother and wondered if she was feeling as wet between her thighs as she had suddenly become; Sharad sat back and wondered what had caused his cock to grow into the best erection he had ever experienced. All three of them were overwhelmed with a feeling of an intense sexual frustration and desire that just had to be satisfied.

Oskar smiled to see their reaction. He knew that this stuff was good but, my goodness, he had never seen it act so quickly as was now unfolding before his eyes. He stood up and announced, “Well, that seems to have done the trick, why don’t we go into the lounge and get ourselves comfortable?” He picked up his phone which had been laying on the table quietly making the signature Rhino humming tone and led the way to the comfort of the lounge. He had no need to look behind him to see if his ‘suggestion’ was being followed for he knew that his hosts were now totally under the combined spell of the hypnotic hum of the phone with its subliminal messages and now, the additional impact of the Lerotican herbs. He sat down in the middle of the sofa and unzipped his pants as he awaited the two ladies to seat themselves either side of him.

Sharad stumbled his way into the lounge following behind his two ladies who made a beeline for the sofa. They took a seat either side of Oskar and seemed not the slightest bit embarrassed to see that he already had eased his cock out of his pants. Indeed, they were filled with a sense of wonder when they realized what he had done and both of them made to grasp the swelling black cock that he was now holding.

It was only after they had sat down that Sharad was able to see what was holding their attention and although his mind was in a turmoil and clearly was unable to think straight, he had seemingly retained enough presence of mind to make a protest. “Oskar! what do you think you are doing … that is my wife you are … you are …. you are …,” his voice trailed off.

Oskar turned his head and glared at Sharad, “Right, let’s get something straight here; I am your boss, let’s forget the Oskar thing. I’m here to discuss business and your wife and your Mother-in-law are going to assist me in pursuing that. You go and sit over there …,” he said pointing to a hardback chair which was set opposite the sofa, ” … drop your pants and take that little dick of yours in hand and watch and learn. I’ve got business to attend to, understand?”

Sharad stood in stunned silence as he watched his wife and her mother each with their hands wrapped around Oskar’s fat cock. They seemed totally oblivious to his presence and indeed gave the impression that they hadn’t heard a word that Oskar had just spoken. He looked on as they began to move their hands and begin to softly stroke the magnificent penis; they certainly didn’t hear Sharad meekly answer, “Yes Sir,” as he backed into the chair and did as he was told. Indeed, by that time he was totally absorbed in the sight before him and was looking forward to hearing the next part of the business discussion. With his pants down around his ankles he took his cock in hand and settled back to ‘look and learn’ as instructed.

Oskar glanced down at the Siena-patterned hands that were stroking his cock and thought to himself what a erotic sight they made. Without disturbing their concentration he raised himself up and pulled down his trousers and boxers so that his swollen balls came into view and invited attention. Chachi took up the invitation and transferred her hand from his cock to fondle his warm hairy testicles, “Oh so soft, so warm, so full, ” she cooed and his cock grew stiffer.

Oskar put his hand on her head and pulled her toward him. She understood immediately what he was asking and she opened her mouth and attempted to take in the bulbous knob but, just like her toy, she knew his size made it impossible for her to do so she (and he) was content to lick and to kiss, suck and lick some more around the purple glans. In her d**g-fuddled state she still had the presence of mind to recognise that the rumour was true, that his black throbbing cock was the image of her vibrating toy and there was no doubting that every detail matched. As she pleasured him she knew she needed to have the final confirmation; she needed to feel his cock inside her wet pussy. She pulled away from him and stood up, pulled at the fastening around her waist and her saree seemed to unravel of its own accord, slip from her shoulders and fall to the floor.

Indie smiled to see her mother naked except for the elaborate gold necklaces around her neck and the bangles on her wrists.

Sharad didn’t smile, he just sat on his hard chair, with his equally hard cock in hand and his mouth open not believing he was seeing his mother-in-law acting so brazenly and so out of character. However, any thoughts of disapproval were far from his mind when she turned around to look at him and he saw for the first time her bare breasts; her large breasts; her big breasts with large dark areolas tipped with stiff nipples. She looked just like his dreams of being with his fantasy Aunts. His hand moved a little quicker and he felt the slickness of his sticky pre-cum as he thought on ‘his Auntie’ telling him to suck on those tits.

Indie took advantage of her mother relinquishing her hold on Oskar and without a word being spoken she leaned over and her mouth took her mother’s place. She was more successful and managed to suck him in and to swirl her tongue around the monstrous dick end as she continued to wank the shaft. The patterns traced on the back of her hand became a blur as she struggled to maintain her grip whilst at the same time she fumbled with her other hand to loosen her silken saree so that she could be as unencumbered as her mother.

Oskar didn’t say much either, he was delighted that the evening was going as planned, just as he knew it would. He had two ladies who would now be prepared to do anything he desired, albeit he had no need to make any suggestions for they would be doing ‘anything’ on their own initiative; he had their wimpy son/husband firmly in his place and showing respect to his superior master and, when the evening came to an end, he knew that he had the delights of the delicious Ingrid to look forward to. Yes, he thought as Chachi straddled him and Indie guided his cock wet with her saliva into the gaping maw of her mother’s cunt, the evening was going very well indeed.

Chachi placed her palms on Oskar’s chest and braced herself as she began to move and down to fuck him. His cock, as big as it was, slipped into her with no resistance whatsoever a consequence of her being so slippery wet and the fact that for months she had been exercising with a vibrator of the same proportions. Her hanging breasts swung in rhythm with her movements as she pushed herself against him to the added accompaniment of the squishing sound of her wet vagina being filled by Oskar’s fat cock. Oskar lightly held her waist so that she didn’t inadvertently slip and as he did so he nuzzled his face against her tits

Indie shuddered as she gazed with half-closed eyes at the sheer eroticism of the scene, her mother unashamedly fucking a fat black cock whilst opposite her husband sat stroking his cock looking on. Involuntarily she pulled up the hem of her silk saree to expose the neatly trimmed hair fringing her pussy, spread her legs and with a smile toward Sharad she joined him in mutual masturbation as they both listened to Chachi’s squeals of pleasure and Oskar’s murmurs of approval.

She felt as if she was playing the part in some wonderful dream. Every part of her body tingled with waves of pleasure as her wildest and naughtiest fantasies were being played out around her. Her mother fucking alongside her; a black man with a big cock eager, ready and capable to provide; her husband a willing participant and showing his approval in such an obvious way by wanking his little cock as he looked dreamily on; herself openly masturbating and nobody thinking any the less of her for doing so. Could it get any better she thought as she felt her self-induced climax wash over her?

She would soon have her answer.

Chachi’s cries of passion reached a sudden pitch as she sensed Oskar’s throbbing cock swell and for him with a grunt shoot his hot spunk deep into her. Indie from her viewpoint could only surmise that he had come in her but Sharad had a perfect view as his mother-in-law continued to hump and with each diminishing move her pussy which was so comfortably enveloping the fat black invader would dribble out the white hot creamy cum to matt the hair around her lips. The sight was enough to trigger his own orgasm and with a faint smile of satisfaction he continued to mechanically pump his fist and felt the rising tide. In an instant his hand became covered with his ejaculation.

Oskar waited for Chachi to calm herself and he enjoyed the moment of this older woman laying on his chest and feeling her heavy breathing through the cushion of those delightful breasts. He glanced over to see Indie with her eyes closed still softly masturbating herself as she re-ran in her mind the sights that she had just witnessed. He decided she looked delightful and inviting. He eased Chachi’s supine body up and his still rigid cock slipped out of her cum-filled pussy with a flop. In one careful move he gently eased her to one side and as she slumped into the cushions totally satiated he rolled away from her and got to his knees so that he was perfectly positioned between Indie’s spread legs.

Indie felt the movement, opened her eyes and instantly saw the monstrous cock all shiny with his cum and her mother’s juices pointing at her gaping vagina and, yes, things were just about to get better. She welcomed him with open arms and open legs and sighed as he rubbed the fat glans over her protruding clit. Her smile became wider as he toyed for a while rubbing his cock up and down her wet slit and she made no objection as he pulled at her blouse and her tits became exposed to his approving gaze. He bent his head and nibbled at each stiff nipple and the sensation was glorious as his tongue and mouth swirled and sucked at each in turn. She was so taken with the feeling that she hardly realised that as he was giving her such intimate attention he had at the same time lodged the head of his cock inside the folds of her cunt. He allowed her a few moments to get accustomed to the feel of this intrusion before he with practiced ease he slowly pushed into her. She sighed her approval as inch by inch he shoved into her wetness and came to rest with his balls pressed against her puckered anus.

He held still for a few moment to allow her to get used to his size but, in truth, he had no need to wait for she was long practised with using the dildo that had stretched her to be waiting for this moment. The only difference as far as she was concerned was that the cock now inside her had a life of its own and she no longer had to use her imagination. In so many words she told him what was on her mind, “Fuck me; please fuck me.”

Oskar obliged and soon the room was filled with the combination of sounds of her squelching pussy being pumped by his fat cock; her cries of increasing pleasure; her husband hissing moans of approval at the sight, “Yes, yes…” as he once again stroked his still stiff penis and, in the background, the persuasive hum from Oskar’s phone which was resting on the cabinet beside them.

She lost all sense of time as climax after climax washed over her. She had never felt such joy or felt such admiration and gratitude for the pleasure that she was being given. “The stories were true, black men were so superior,” she thought between orgasms. “What joy; what pleasure, how could I go back to anything less after this?” were her thoughts as she, like her mother before her, felt the cock in her cunt begin to seemingly swell even fatter and then, with a grunt, for Oskar to spurt and flood her with his cum.

Sharad’s heart was racing, never in his wildest fantasies had he envisaged such sights as he had witnessed over the course of the evening. He remained glued to his seat as he had been instructed by his boss but he was extremely grateful toward him for allowing him to watch and that Oskar had encouraged him to pleasure himself. He was also grateful that he had deigned to fuck his wife for he knew that he really was such a busy man and that his time was precious but, then again, this could have been a thought that had been implanted in him by the humming phone, who knew? What he did know was that he had never had so many satisfactory wanks so quickly after each other and that he was still stiff and feeling ready for more satisfaction.

Oskar felt the last pulse of his ejaculation inside the pussy of his latest ‘conquest’ and as he gathered his breath he slowly withdrew, got to his feet and left the satiated Indie sprawled on the sofa alongside her similarly disposed mother. They made for a fine sight, flat on their backs, legs still spread wide and their pussies smeared and matted with the evidence of his creamy cum.

They both dreamily looked up to see him looking around to find his hastily discarded clothes and watched him as he dressed himself. They made no move as he tucked himself in and zipped up. He slipped his shoes back on his feet and then reached across and picked up his phone. As if nothing untoward had happened he said, “Well, that was a lovely evening and I can’t thank you enough; it has been a great pleasure for me and a most productive meeting. I think we are all agreed that the business proposal is a go-er and I look forward to seeing you soon when we can discuss the finer details of how this is all going to fit together. I’ll get Simone to set up a date.”

Indie and Chachi were bemused. Although still befuddled by the combined effects of the d**g and the suggestions made by the phone they still had enough sense to realise this to be a little odd way of ending what had been a wonderful evening. Indeed, the furthest thing from their minds was talk of business; what they still wanted was for their sexual needs to be satisfied and now the person who could provide was heading for the door.

Oskar knew very well what he was doing, he had seen this all before. He ignored the pleading look on the women’s faces and tapped the speed-dial for Ingrid’s number, “Hi, can you come and get me. I’m done here,” he commanded.

With the phone in hand he touched a couple keys and turned his attention to Sharad who was still sitting where he had been told, still with his pants around his ankles; still with his stiff little cock in his wet fist. The phone gave another hum and Oskar said, “You can get up now and I’m sure that your wife and your Mother-in-law will be grateful if you can give them a bit of attention rather than you just looking after your own pleasure.” He nodded toward the women on the sofa, “You can go and enjoy yourselves after I’ve gone. Perhaps Chachi can be the ‘Auntie’ you’ve always been telling the girls at the club about. I’m sure for starters that your Auntie would like for you to clean her up and then perhaps your wife will assist you to fuck her.”

Indie and Chachi brightened at the suggestion and to the sound of a Ferrari coming down the street they stood up and helped the confused Shard to his feet and led him towards the bedroom. They didn’t look back as Oskar opened the front door or hear him call to Sharad, “Don’t be late for work tomorrow. We’ve got a busy day ahead.”


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