Parental influence and old man on train

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Parental influence and old man on train
Hormones, those little compounds that control our bodily functions, unseen and indiscernible, shaping and molding our bodies, moods, and desires, from the pinkness and perkiness, of my overly sensitive nipples, to the individual hairs growing on my Mons Pubis, but this is not really a story of my hormones, more about how a young girl coped, growing-up amongst a sea of sperm producing males, vying to count those individual soft pubes, and lick the swollen pink cunt below them, lick it into total submission, before finally pushing deeper and seeding this fledgling female, my thighs tremor and stiffen, my eyes close as the delicious feeling generated by each individual marking , that shapes my fingerprint, caresses across my swollen clitoris, short rapid electrical impulses shoot forth from that wonderful tight knot of nerve endings, I am in the throes of an orgasm, I lie in the darkness of my room on my freshly laundered sheets, I am naked and wish to be seen, I want men to see me as I come to the end of my fantasy, the power of my orgasm is bodily convulsing, my hips rise from the sweat soaked sheets, as my imaginary lover thrusts deeper into my cunt, I meet him with my back arched as our bodies collide, his testes slapping hard against my taut buttocks, I am there, over the ridge, wave after wave envelopes me, this wondrous feeling of release, such a feeling normally reserved for adults, being enjoyed by a girl so young, I relax, my arching body returns to its normal state as my buttocks come into contact with the cool cotton of the sheets, my fingers trembling, soaked in my womanly lubrication, I turn my head to my bedroom door and see the darkened shadows of his footprints, as he stands outside listening, to his daughter masturbate, ‘Night Daddy’, I call out, my signal to let him know I had finished, I call out with a slight hint of smile on my full lips, ‘Night darling, sleep tight’, comes his muffled reply through the thick wooden door, and I watch as his shadows move away and leave a straight line of light across the footprint of my bedroom door, now that goes out, as Daddy switches off the hall light, I wonder if he got hard listening to me, his naughty daughter, and as think, I drift off to sleep, knowing I shall awake in the morning, refreshed and ready for tomorrows endeavors, mostly of the sexual nature, as my desirability, continues to drive men to want me, and I would not want it any other way.
Over breakfast I note Daddy is looking at me, he sees me looking and asks, ‘Did you sleep well Mariel’, I smile, ‘You know I did Daddy’, and I cast a glance at the kitchen, to assure myself Mummy is out of earshot, ‘I always sleep well after doing it’, Daddy loves to hear me refer to my masturbation sessions, openly and honestly, ‘Was it good Mariel, did you cum hard’, I could hear the change in his voice as he asked such an intimate question, ‘Yes Daddy, I came very hard’, my last omission accompanied with my doe-eyed expression, I knew Daddy liked young girls, their youthful clumsy and awkward ways, excited him, their budding breasts more so.
‘Good girl’, and as he said it the kitchen door opened and Mummy emerged, ‘Why is she good’, she asked a she juggled with the next breakfast course, ‘Mariel is doing well in her studies’, I laughed inwardly, ‘Well done indeed Mariel’, Mummy chorused, as she lay plate after plate onto the table, Daddy looked at me as his hand found Mummies rear, she was in her housecoat and nothing else, so Daddies fondling would have met no resistance in the form of clothing, I guessed they would be fucking before I left for school.
I cleaned my teeth as they fucked, I guess they had no way of knowing how sound carried when they fucked, so I brushed as they moaned, doing so silently, as I knew from my studies, that sound went both ways, and I did not want them to be disturbed, besides I knew I was a budding voyeur and exhibitionist at heart, like most of my friends were, in fact I thought it as a passive sexual enjoyment, only to be enjoyed by less physically active persons, mostly girls, so I always believed that girls were more likely to be voyeurs and exhibitionists, a trait we all carried into our adulthood.
Daddy always left his room door ajar, so I could sneak a peek as they did it, they were both in their prime, had good body shape, so watching them, excited me, and if I am honest, had I not had my own session last night, I would have indulged Daddy by doing it at the door and letting him watch me do it.
Dressed in my uniform I quietly move down the hall as Mummy squeals are amplified within the hallway, she is not aware her daughter is approaching the slightly open door, besides if I am like her and she me, then I am sure she is currently focused on Daddies cock working her inner love canal, indeed, as I look in, her long legs are over Daddies shoulders, and his cock’s bell-end must be tickling her tonsils.
I watch a tad detached, I have seen this scene many times, thanks to Daddies insistence, so as he turns to look at the door and see me watching, he raises his ass to let me see his power-charged manhood, before driving it down into Mummy, with renewed vigor, somehow I suspected Daddy was driving into me, his lustful forlorn look, clearly showing in his efforts to arouse me into letting him go further than the visual, but for now I eased my skirt high and started to touch myself, and as I pulled my cotton panties to one side, he let out a huge groan, and released into Mummy, to this day I always tell my younger brother I witnessed his conception, but never say how.
I left the house with both my parents locked in each others embrace and made my way to school, the imagery of my Daddies cock doing it’s business, fixed in my mind, and as I sat down next to a dirt looking man, I wondered how he would react to my girlish pondering.
We sat at the back of the carriage and as the train filled to capacity and beyond, I was happy to put up with his nudging and pressing, but to counteract it I pulled my iPad out and popped in my ear-buds, now I could be oblivious to my surroundings, save my seat partner, who was clearly delighting in having a fertile nymph to rub against, and fortunately for him, one that could be as game as he, time would tell.
Thankfully this commuter had free WiFi, so I browsed for music videos and hit on Lady Gaga. What made this content interesting was it was from a private source, a girl who was in the crowd when Lady Gaga, either boozed or d**gged, threw herself into the crowd and was pulled and passed overhead, into a crowd of men, who immediately started to grope her hard, while her bouncers tried in vain to reach her. The film clearly shows hands dipping inside her costume, back and front, and as she wears little clothing to start with, she was being finger fucked, back and front, before being hauled to safety, back onto stage, only to throw herself back into the crowd, she clearly up for the abuse, this time her entourage taking more time to reach her, as the men around her got their monies worth.
I was aware the man beside me was watching my screen, and pressing his leg against mine as the film got raunchier, my own heat rising in this moment of golden opportunity, I looked up and around the crowded carriage, we were like a dissociated island, everyone was looking the other way, and everything was coming to a head, I moved my iPad on my lap a little to the left and saw my bared thigh, catching his eye movement in my peripheral vision, he was looking down on the expanse of bare flesh.
I moved the iPad back a little and hit the search button, I had to take advantage, and sought sex content, and was not disappointed, as image after image showed how my mind sought, soon his fingers had touched the bareness of my thigh, and I responded be placing my blazer over his hand, then sliding my open leg over his, I slid forward in my seat, and like Lady Gaga, let this man slid into me, his fingers replacing Daddies cock for the time being, my jacket covering his manhood as I wanked him and we each other.
One day in the near future, I would stand on this same commuter and let men slid their cocks inside me, happily fucked to the rhythmic rocking of the train, I always had a fantasy of alighting this train and standing in front of man sitting on the bench, waiting for the next train, and as he looked at my bottom in a short mini skirt with netted stockings, he could see the cum running down the back of my thigh, as I released it from my freshly fucked pussy, now that’s how my dirty mind was developing, not bad for a girl dont you think.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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