Paying the Debt By Durango Dan

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Paying the Debt By Durango Dan
“Suzie do you know where in the hell the cards are” I yelled upstairs to my wife.
“I think their in the center drawer of the hutch Jason”
“Thanks honey, I got em’”

Just then the phone rang. I picked it up listening to Harry’s
wife asking for Sue. I called back up to my wife telling her to
pick up the phone. I listened until she picked up the extension
then hung up. I finished setting up the table and chairs in the
basement. It was my turn to host the monthly poker party. My
good friends Harry, Bill, and Tony have been getting together for
several years once a month to play poker. The wives go out
together so we have the house to ourselves to burp and fart if we
feel like it. I looked around the family room I had fixed in the
basement deciding that everything was ready. I headed up the
stairs finding Suzie sitting at the table with a long face.

”What’s up hon” I asked

“I guess I will have to curl up with a good book tonight because
the girls aren’t going out.” She said “Alice and Arlene are sick
and Faye said she would just as soon stay home.

“That’s too bad Sue, do you want to call someone else and go out”

“Nah, I just go to bed early and read, I won’t bother you boys”

”I’m not worried about that”

We ate supper and were just finishing up when the doorbell rang.
I opened the door finding Harry and Bill standing there. I asked
where Tony was and they said that he drove his own car because he
wanted to stop at the liquor store on the way over. Just as I
was shutting the door behind us I saw Tony’s car pull into the
driveway. I held the door open for him as he squeezed by me. He
held up a brown paper bag telling all of us that he has a new
idea to make it more fun tonight.

“What is your big idea this time” Harry asked him

He shot Harry a dirty look then explained “After each hand the
three losers have to drink a shot of Jack Daniels”

He smiled broadly at us waiting for our reaction. We looked at
each other then we all just shrugged our shoulders telling him
that it might be fun to try it. Suzie greeted each of them as
they walked through the kitchen to the basement steps. They all
waved at her saying hello as they passed. I hung back for a few
moments to kiss Suzie and tell her that we would try to be quiet.

“You just have fun, don’t worry about me” she said “I have a good

“Wish me luck” I told her as I headed down the steps

Harry, Bill, and Tony were already sitting at table when I got
down the steps. I took my seat next to Bill and Tony. Harry was
shuffling the cards and announcing that the first game was going
to be 7 card stud. We tossed in our ante as he dealt the cards
out. I was the lucky one and won the first hand. Tony poured
the shots which the three of them drank down in one swift gulp.

“I think we should hold off on the shots for a while or we will
be loaded before we even play cards” I laughed

“Okay, lets do this, we will only do the shots when Harry deals
that way we won’t get loaded to fast” Tony said

We all agreed to that plan and the game went on. As we drank
more beer and the occasional shot of Jack we were getting kind of
loud and vulgar. We were talking about work and who we would
fuck if we had a chance. We all worked at the same plastic
manufacturer. There were some good looking women that worked
there too.

”I’d shove my dick into Cheryl in a heartbeat” Bill said

“If Heather caught you fucking around it would be the last time
you fucked” Tony laughed “That’s what great about being single, I
don’t have to worry about a jealous wife”

As the night progressed, my luck got worse. Harry suggested we
quit for the night because I was running low on funds. We had
made a pact long ago not to give loans out for poker nights that
way nobody goes into debt when they’ve been drinking.

“No, no wait, wait a minute Harry” I pleaded “I’ve got an idea”

“Give me fifty bucks and I’ll get Suzie to give you a blow job” I
told him

“Yeah right as if she would agree to that” he laughed

“She will, I promise. I know I can get her to do it” I told him

What my three friends didn’t know was that before we were
married, Sue and I belonged to a swinger’s club. We use to go to
swapping parties about once a month. We stopped when we got
married. We talked about doing it again but never got back into
it yet.
Bill and Tony looked at us bartering a blow job for money. Bill
said he would give me the fifty bucks for the blow job but I said
I already offered it to Harry. I didn’t want to tell Bill that
Suzie never had a black man before. Harry finally agreed and
passed me the money.

That fifty bucks lasted less than a half hour. Tony slid another
fifty to me telling me that he wanted the same deal. I looked at
him smiling. The alcohol was making me make some bad decisions
but I didn’t realize it at the time. This fifty went even
faster. Before I knew it, Bill was giving me fifty dollars too.
Now if my luck didn’t change I was going to have to convince
Suzie to give each of my friends a blow job.

“My cock is hard just thinking of Sue’s lips around it” Harry

Bill and Tony laughed but I just stared at my friends. I
couldn’t believe what I had done. I was a nervous wreck and it
was sobering me up quickly. My luck didn’t improve any and soon
I was down to almost nothing again. Just then we heard footsteps
on the stairs.

“Just wanted to come down and say goodnight” Sue announced

“How are you doing honey” she asked me

A silence fell over the room as I struggled with an answer. She
looked at me then at the other three guys. “What’s the matter”
she wanted to know

Then she looked at me again and asked “How much did you lose”

I couldn’t look her in the eyes so I stared at the table. “I owe
each of the guys some money”

“How much damn it” she said sternly

“It’s not the money, I told them if they gave it to me then you
would give them a blow job” I said softly

“YOU WHAT” she screamed

That made me made that she would yell in front of our friends
like that. I stood up telling her that it was nothing different
than we did before we were married. She glared at me without

“Look, I’m sure I’m speaking for all the guys here Sue, you don’t
have to do this. We can just forget about it”

“NO, Jason got us in this mess now he can help get us out” she
told Harry

“What do you mean” I asked her

“Oh I’ll suck their cocks like you promised them but only when
you do it first”

“Now wait a minute Suzie, I’m not sucking nobody’s cock” I yelled

“You got yourself into this so now you have to work to get out of
it. I will do what ever they want but you have to do it first”
She told me

“If I suck a cock and swallow cum, you do too. If I get fucked
then you do too” she said flatly.

“Come on guys, we don’t expect you to do this” Tony said

“Bullshit, he made the bet and this will teach him a fucking good

“I suggest you three guys move the table while Jason spreads some
blankets on the floor” she said.

“MOVE IT JASON” she yelled at me

I quickly went upstairs to get a bunch of blankets for the floor.
I went back downstairs and spread the blankets out on the floor.
Carol went upstairs returning shortly with a jar of lube. She
announced that sucking cock makes her hot and will want to be
fucked. She said if she gets fucked then so do I so that’s why
she brought the lube down.

”Okay, I’m in charge of this payback plan. Who got the first
IOU” Sue asked

Harry raised his hand saying that he was. She told him to stand
up and strip off his clothes. He looked around the room at
everyone before he started. I guess the booze made it easier for
him because soon he began to strip out of his clothes. It wasn’t
long before he was naked with his semi hard cock hanging down
between his legs.

“Okay Jason, if you want me to suck it you have to go first” she
told me

“Come on Sue, you had your fun now let’s get serious. I’m not
gay and I’m sure not sucking any cock”

“Then I guess you never want to have sex with me again”

I knew she meant that. She got mad at me once and held off sex
for over three months. I knew she wasn’t k**ding. I went over
to the table lifting the bottle of Jack to my lips. I took a big
swig of the booze then went back to the blankets. Suzie told me
to strip too so I shed my clothes. She looked at Bill and Tony
telling them they might as well get ready too. Soon all four of
us guys were stark naked. Bill and Tony were sitting on the
couch while Harry and I stood on the blanket.

”You guys aren’t even hard yet” Sue observed “I guess I have to
help you out a little”

She began to sway to imaginary music lifting her arms over her
head so her tits pushed out her t-shirt. She moved in front of
each of us as she wiggled her hips. She moved her hands down her
sides cupping her breasts flicking her finger over her nipples.
They grew erect immediately so we all could see their outline on
the material. She moved her hands over her crotch and began to
rub her pussy through her shorts. The four of us guys stared at
her dance. I almost forgot about what I had to do. She
unbuttoned the button on her shorts and yanked them down showing
everyone her blue colored thong. My three friends gave a soft
whistle as she kicked her pants off her legs. She slowly and
erotically pulled her t-shirt over her head exposing her bare
tits for all to see. I glanced around my friends and their cocks
were now rock hard and sticking out from their bodies. Sue
hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly
pulled them down. She slowly turned around showing everyone her
shaved cunt. She looked at me then told me to get on my knees
and take care of Harry’s cock.

I slowly dropped to my knees in front of my best friend. I
stared at his cut cock that was right in front of my face. I
looked at Sue and she just nodded her head. I reached out and
took his cock in my hand. It was the first time I ever touched
another man’s cock. It was hard and hot. I could feel it
pulsing in my hand as I slowly felt all over it.

”Quit playing with it and suck it” Suzie scolded me

I stood up walking over to the table grabbing the bottle of Jack
on more time. I took a huge gulp of the whiskey then returned to
the blanket. I dropped back down to my knees taking Harry’s cock
in my hand. I bent forward placing his hardness against my lips.
I heard Harry take a deep breath in anticipation. I licked the
head one time before opening my mouth to let him slip inside.
His cock head filled my mouth. I tasted a slight salty taste
that I figured was his precum. I licked the spongy head with my
tongue while holding his shaft with my hand.

“Holy shit Jason, you’re really sucking my cock” Harry groaned

I pulled a little more of his cock into my mouth as I sucked
harder on his cock. He took my head in his hands and pulled my
face toward his crotch making me take more of his hard dick into
my mouth. Harry’s cock was leaking precum into my mouth and I
swallowed the salty juice down so I wouldn’t choke. I bobbed my
head up and down on his shaft.

“You know guys I think Jason should take the first load into his
mouth, what do you think” Sue asked my friends.

“Yeah, swallow his cum Jason” they said

I figured I deserved this for getting Sue involved in that stupid
loan scheme. I reached out taking Harry’s ass cheeks in my hand
pulling myself down on his hard cock. I heard Sue telling me to
play with his balls so I reached down taking his hairy nut sack
into my hands. I rolled his balls around the palm of my hands as
I sucked hard on his throbbing cock.

”Harry lie on the floor so he can suck your nuts” Sue instructed

Harry got down on his back while I crawled between his legs. I
sucked his cock back into my mouth as I played with his nuts.
Sue told him to lift his legs so I could suck his balls. Harry
lifted his legs slightly but Sue grabbed them pulling them
straight up in the air. I could see his entire hairy nut sack
plus his puckered little ass hole. I moved my mouth down to his
sack sucking each nut one at a time into my mouth. I gave each
of his nuts a nice tongue bath before moving back to his cock.

”Fuck Jason, suck my cock and make me cum” Harry groaned “Hurry
up and make me cum”

I increased my speed and suction as I shoved more and more of his
cock into my mouth. I ran my tongue all over his cock as it slid
in and out of my mouth.

”Use your finger to play with his ass hole Jason” Suzie told me

I let some spit coat my finger before I moved it to his tight ass
hole. I ran my finger around his tight hot hole. Harry bucked
his hips up to me when my finger touched his puckered hole.

”UUUUGGGHHHHH Oh fuck Jason that feels so good” he groaned

I could feel his cock getting even harder and new that he was
about to blow a huge wad of cum. I pushed against his anal
opening feeling his anal ring begin to open. My finger slid into
his ass making him moan loudly.

I worked my whole finger deep into his ass while I kept sucking
his cock. When my finger was all the way inside I wiggled it all

“OOHHHH shit I’m cumming Jason, OOHHHH fuck me I’m cumming” he

I felt the first blast of his hot sticky cum fill my mouth. It
was so salty but I swallowed it all down before the next spurt
erupted in my mouth. He shot five strong spurts of his hot cum
into my mouth before he began to just dribble it out. I licked
at it savoring the musky taste of his cum. I licked his cock
clean before letting the softening dick slip out of my mouth. I
sat up with a smile on my face.

“Well look at that, I think Jason likes sucking cock” my wife

I heard my friends snicker as she humiliated me in front of them.
Bill laughed saying that he bet he could stretch my mouth wider
than Harry did. Suzie told him if he thought that he should try

”Hey, I sucked a cock already, it’s your turn” I complained to

“Okay, okay you’re right, come here Tony and give me that cock”
she told him

Tony went over to Sue placing his dripping cock at her lips. I
watched as my wife opened her mouth to let Tony slide his hard
cock inside. She closed her lips around the hard shaft making my
friend Tony groan out as she began to suck on his hard thick
cock. Bill looked at me as he walked over to me.

”You want me on my back or standing” he asked me

I was kneeling on the floor so his cock was about the right level
for me to suck. I looked at the black cock before me. It was
huge. It was hard and stiff about 8 ? ???? inches and very thick. I
reached up taking it in my hand. I couldn’t even get my hand
close to closing around it. I noticed the white pearly drops of
precum oozing from his cock head. The pearly color stood out
against his black cock. I bent my head down running my tongue
over his black spongy head licking that pearly drop of precum off
his cock. I stuck the black cock head inside my mouth closing my
lips around it. I used my tongue to wash all over the soft head
of Billy’s cock.

”Oh Christ that feels good Jason, OOHHHH fuck don’t stop doing
that” he groaned

I sucked and licked his hard cock head moving one of my hands
down to his dark hairy ball sack. I lifted the huge egg shaped
balls with my hand. They were heavy with his cum. I told him to
lay down on the floor so I could suck his nuts for him. He
quickly dropped spreading his legs wide for me. He bent his legs
at the knees so I could easily reach his balls. I wrapped my
hand around his cock stroking it gently as I sucked one of his
heavy balls into my mouth. I used my mouth and tongue to tease
his nuts into making even more of his hot cum. I swear I could
feel them getting heavier as I sucked them more. I licked my way
back up to his black cock, running my tongue along his big vein
on the underside I tool his huge cock head into my mouth once
more. I pushed it inside until I felt it hitting the entrance to
my throat.

“Hey Jason, I bet you can’t get it all in your mouth” Harry

I looked at Harry. I thought about the possibility of taking all
of Bill’s huge black cock inside my mouth. I knew if I did it I
would have to put about two inches into my throat. I didn’t
think I could do that. Bill reached up with his hands taking my
head in them and began to pull me down on his hard cock. I
started to say something but he pushed at the same time I took a
breath to speak. I heard him groan as the tip of his cock
entered my throat. I froze, not moving an inch as his cock
stayed buried in my throat. I didn’t choke or gag so I held him
there for a few moments. Bill used his hands to pull my face
close and I felt some more of his cock slide into my throat. I
was breathing hard through my nose not realizing that Bill was
forcing more of his hard black cock down my throat. Suddenly I
felt his coarse hair rubbing on my nose.

”Jesus Christ Sue, take a look at your husband, he has Bill’s
whole cock in his mouth” Harry told my wife.

I had a hard time breathing so I pulled the black rod out of my
mouth. It slid out of my mouth bouncing up and down in front of
my face. I told Harry to pass the bottle over to me. I took a
big swig of the Jack hoping to get a good buzz going so I could
take Bill down my throat again.

“Fuck Sue, you suck cock really good but I want to stick it in
your shaved cunt” Tony told my wife

“Yeah Tony I’d love your cock in my pussy” she answered him “But
first Jason would have to get fucked, you know the rules”

I took another swig of whiskey. “Hey Bill, want to fuck him in
the ass” she asked him

“No way Sue, he’d rip me apart” I complained

“Shut the fuck up, you can stretch just like I’m going to stretch
around Tony’s cock” she yelled at me

Sue came over to me telling me to get down on my hands and knees.
I slowly got into the position that she requested. She told
Tony to stand in front of me so I could continue the blow job
that she was giving him. Sue reached for the lube squirting some
on her fingers. She rubbed her fingers on my tight puckered ass
hole. She roughly shoved a finger all the way into my ass making
me grunt loudly around Tony’s cock that was sliding in and out of
my mouth.

Sue slid another finger up my ass as she slowly loosened my ass
up for Bill’s cock. I was sucking hard and fast on Tony’s 6 inch
cock. Sue told me that when I could take three of her fingers
that I would be ready for Bill. I shuddered with fear and
excitement at the thought of Bill’s 8 ? ???? inch cock pushing up my
ass. I felt her pushing her third finger into my ass hole. I
groaned out as she ? all three fingers in and out of my
greased hole.

“Okay Bill, butt fuck Jason and give it to him good” she said to

Bill moved behind me. I tensed up when I felt the tip of his
cock at the entrance to my ass. Bill spread my ass cheeks with
his big black hands and began to slowly push his cock at my tight
hole. I groaned around Tony’s cock as Bill tried to push his
huge cock into my ass. I tried to relax but it felt like someone
trying to put his fist up my ass.

“OOHHH shit, stop Bill I can’t take you in my ass” I cried out

“Sure you can Jason, just like this” he said as he shoved hard
and the head of his cock popped into my ass.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHH Oh god it hurts Bill, OHHHHH please don’t move” I
cried out again

“Fuck Jason, don’t stop sucking my cock” Tony yelled at me as he
hit my lips with his cock.

“Damn Tony, I can’t suck you while I have Bill in my ass” I

“Sure you can Jason” He said as he hit me again with his cock
“Take it like a man”

Tony and Harry laughed at that comment. I opened my mouth to say
something but Tony forced his cock back into my mouth. I closed
my lips around his cock and began to suck again trying to take my
mind off the huge cock in my ass. Bill told me to get ready
because he was going to push again. I held my breath as I sucked
Tony’s cock. Bill pushed an inch of his cock into my hot ass
hole making me moan loudly around Tony’s dick.

“Hey Tony are you ready to put that dick in my cunt” Sue asked

“Fuck not now, I want Jason to finish me off” he told her. “I’m
almost there”

“Okay Harry, I guess it’s you that has to fill my pussy with
cock” she said

“Let’s just watch Jason get butt fucked, it’s so hot to watch” he
told my wife

Tony was slamming his cock in and out of my mouth, his balls
slapping my chin with each stroke. I groaned as Bill slide
another inch into my over stretched ass hole. My ass hole felt
like it was on fire as Bill split it with his huge black cock.
He only had about three inches in me but it felt like three feet
of cock. I grunted as each centimeter slid up my ass.

OOHHHH fuck Jason, suck me buddy, suck my cock” Tony moaned “Take
my load in your mouth”

I pulled my mouth back leaving just the head of his cock in my
mouth. I used the tip of my tongue to tease his piss hole. I
tasted his precum as it flowed freely out of his hole. I swirled
my tongue all over his mushroom capped cock making him groan
steadily. He tried to pull my face closer so more than just his
cock head would go into my mouth but I held him off.

”AAAAWWWW suck me deep Jason, I’m so close. OOOOHHHHHH fuck let
it go in your throat” Tony cried in frustration

“Get ready Jason, I got to fuck your ass. I can’t wait any
longer” Bill said

Bill pulled my hips hard back toward him sinking his long hard
cock all the way into my ass hole. I opened my mouth to scream
and Tony shoved his cock forward sliding his cock into my throat.
I couldn’t do anything but moan loudly around Tony’s hard fuck

Bill and Tony sighed loudly at the same time. Bill pulled his
cock just about out then pushed it slowly all the way back in
again. I moaned again around Tony’s cock making him shudder with
the pleasure of the vibrations along his hard shaft.

“OOHH God, OHHH God Jason, take it, take my cum, AAAAHHHHHH I’m
cumming Jason I’m cumming” Tony screamed

I pulled him from my throat so I could taste his hot salty loud
of cum. The first blast filled my mouth so full some leaked out
around the corners of my mouth. I quickly swallowed the load
down my throat just as the second blast filled my mouth. I
gulped down four mouthfuls of Tony’s hot sticky cum before his
cock just dribbled the rest of it out.

“Jesus Jason, that was great, OOHH keep licking me like that and
I will give you another load” he sighed

I licked his cock as it softened in my mouth. I cleaned it of
all the cum that was there savoring the great taste of him. Bill
had picked up the speed fucking my ass and I was actually
beginning to feel good with his cock pounding my ass.

“Holy fuck, look at Jason’s cock” Harry said

My cock was rock hard and dripping precum on the floor. Suzie
said that it looked like I was going to cum soon just from having
a black cock in my ass. I had to agree with that. I felt my
balls begin to churn as Bill slid his 8 ? ???? inch cock in and out of
my ass. He must have been hitting my prostate because all of a
sudden I erupted and shot my cum all over the blanket. I didn’t
even touch my cock and I shot a massive load of cum.

”AAAWWWWW fuck, OOHHHHH God yeah fuck my ass Bill, fuck my ass
harder” I begged him as I shot my load

“Come on Bill fuck me, fuck me, give me all that black cock” I
yelled at him

He was pounding my ass in long hard fast strokes. My cock
stopped shooting my cum but never lost its hardness.

“Jesus, he’s still hard as a rock” Sue said in amazement “He’s
never done that before”

Bill was panting hard. I could feel his cock get even bigger and
knew that it wouldn’t be long before I felt him filling my ass
with his hot slimy cum. I felt like I needed to cum again
already. I had tears streaming down my cheeks as Bill slammed
his cock in my ass hole.

“OOHHH fuck me Bill, AAAAWWWWWW harder, harder Bill” I sobbed

He hammered into my ass then held it deep inside my bowels as he
shot his first blast of cum into my ass.

filling your ass” Bill roared as his cock erupted

I felt each hot spurt of cum as it blasted into my ass hole. The
heat from his cum radiated through my body as he unloaded an
ungodly amount of cum. It seemed like someone turned on a hose
and let it go. I could feel his cum running down my thighs as he
kept cumming. When he was done, he slowly pulled his cock from
my well fucked ass hole.

“Mother fucker, look at how is hole is stretched so wide open”
Harry said softly

Sue moved behind me sticking four fingers into my gaping ass

“AAAHHHHHHHHH yeah, OOHHHHHH God Sue make me come again” I begged

She used her hand to stroke my cock as her four fingers plunged
in and out of my ass hole. It only took a few seconds before I
blasted another load of my cum onto the blanket. I groaned
loudly as I made another puddle on the floor. I finally
collapsed falling into my own cum. I laid there trying to catch
my breath. I couldn’t move if I had wanted too. Suzie announced
that she needed to be fucked and fucked now.

Harry crawled between my wife’s legs and shoved his cock all the
way into her wet cunt hole. She wrapped her legs around his
waist and began to hump her cunt up to meet his thrusts. They
were both so hot and excited from watching what happened to me
that it only took a few minutes before Sue and Harry both
screamed out. I could see Harry’s ass cheeks tense as he
unloaded his load into Suzie’s pussy. When Harry pulled out his
wet cock from her hole he moved over in front of me offering his
slimy cock for me to clean off. I opened my mouth and cleaned
his cum and my wife’s cum off of his semi-hard cock.

“Well that was fun” Sue announced “Anybody want to do more”

“Let’s have a few drinks to rest up and then I wouldn’t mind
taking a turn at Jason’s ass” Harry told her

“No Harry, I can’t” I told him

“Bullshit” Sue said sternly “You started this shit and it isn’t
ending until we say it is”

“Get tough Jason, here have a drink” Harry told me as he handed
me the bottle of whiskey. “We know you like it so don’t try to
bullshit us”

“I’ll tell you what Jason, you let Harry fuck your ass and I will
take care of Bill and Tony” Suzie said to me

My cock grew to full size at the thought of my wife getting
fucked by my two friends. Harry laughed telling everyone to look
at my cock for my answer. Sue told us to have a few drinks and
she would go make a few sandwiches. After she left to go to the
kitchen, Harry asked me if it felt good to get ass fucked.

“Fuck it hurt at first but yeah it felt really good after Bill
was all the way in” I answered honestly.

“What about having a hard cock in your mouth Jason, do you like
that too” Tony asked

I shrugged my shoulders telling him that it was okay and the
sperm was warm and salty but tasty. I told them that I had never
done it before tonight but I wouldn’t mind doing it again. It’s
kind of neat to feel a hard cock sliding in and out of our mouth,
so soft and hard at the same time.

“Don’t it bug you that we are fucking your wife” Bill wanted to

“Nah, I can guarantee that I’ll fuck her like never before after
you guys leave. It’s hot watching her get pleased by other men.”

Just as I finished talking, Sue came down the steps with a tray
of sandwiches. She offered each of us one then took one herself.
We ate quietly taking sips of Jack Daniels to wash it down.
Soon I had my buzz back and ready to go again. I got on my knees
and reached for Harry’s semi-hard cock. I wrapped my hand around
his hot member feeling it stiffen in my hand. I stroked him
until he was rock hard again then licked the spongy mushroom
shaped head of his cock. I used the tip of my tongue to tease
him running it around the underside of his cock head. I knew if
must have felt good because I was rewarded by a big pearly drop
of precum. I head Harry sigh heavily as I closed my lips around
his cock.

“OOHHH Jesus Jason, you suck cock better than my wife” he groaned

“I want to fuck your ass Jason, my wife won’t let me do that to
her and I just have to know what it feels like” he said

I pulled his cock from my mouth telling him that he could stick
it up my ass but first I wanted to get him really worked up. I
put his cock back into my mouth letting it slide all the way in
until it hit the entrance to my throat. I pulled back enough to
leave just his soft cock head inside my mouth. I ran my tongue
all over the head of his dick then pushed him very slowly back
into my mouth not stopping until my nose was buried in his pubic

“OOHHHHH fuck Jason, are you trying to make me cum already” he
cried as his cock slide down my throat.

I used my throat muscles to massage his hard cock while rubbing
his nut sack with my hand. His cock was pouring out a steady
drip of precum painting my throat with the slimy juice. He
quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth panting hard.

“Damn it Jason turn around, I need to fuck your ass now” he

I turned around wiggling my ass at him. He quickly coated his
cock with some of the lube and placed it against my tight anal
opening. He didn’t waste any time and just gave one mighty shove
sinking his cock all the way up my ass. I grunted out more from
surprise than from pain. After Bill’s 8 ? ???? inches, Harry wasn’t
uncomfortable at all.

“AAWWWW yeah, OOHHHH God it’s so hot and tight” Harry groaned

“Let me just hold still for a minute Jason, I don’t want to cum
to soon”

“Take your time buddy, it feels good to me too” I told him

While Harry and I stayed motionless we both turned our heads
toward Sue. She was her wet cunt over Bill’s huge cock.
She told Tony to get ready to fuck her ass when she told him she
was ready. Harry and I watched Suzie slide up and down on Bill’s
hardness working to get it all inside her shaven pussy.

”Holy shit Bill, you’re at my cervix and there is still at least
an inch to go” she exclaimed

“AAAAHHHHH, I’ve never had this much cock in me before, OOHHHHH
God it feels wonderful” she moaned

She looked at me smiling then told me to watch as she pushes
Bill’s black cock all the way into her cervix. Harry and I
stayed motionless as she raised herself up leaving just the tip
of the black cock inside her cunt. She took a deep breath and
let herself fall down hard on Bill’s hard black cock.

“OOWWWW, OOOHHHHHH fuck it’s in my cervix Jason, it’s where no
cock has been before. AAAAHHHHHH God, OOHHHHH God I’m so full of
wonderful cock meat” she cried.

“AAAAAWWWWWW fuck me Bill, fuck me hard and deep with that black
cock of yours” She begged him

Bill reached up taking her hips in his big black hands and began
lifting her up and down on his huge cock. She bent over forward
placing her lips on his big fat lips kissing him deeply. I
watched as her tongue went into his mouth swapping spit with my
black friend. She sucked his pink tongue into her mouth sucking
on it like a soft cock. Sue was bouncing hard up and down on
Bill’s cock crying out each time it went into her cervix.

”OHHHHHHH fuck, OOHHHH fuck, Now Tony, fuck my ass now” she
yelled at Tony

Tony moved between Bill’s legs lining his cock up with Sue’s
puckered rear hole. He shoved hard against it and it slowly
began to sink in.

shove it in hard, AAAHHHHHH I need it all in me” she moaned to

hard as soon as Tony buried his cock all the way up her ass.

She held Bill and Tony deep inside of her as her body shook and
trembled uncontrollably through a massive orgasm. I had
forgotten about the cock in my ass until Harry began to slowly
pump his cock in and out of my ass. I told him ????? nice and
slow so he could enjoy my ass. He took long slow stokes
muttering how good it felt each time he pushed back inside of me.

Sue screamed out making me look over at her. Bill was pounding
his cock brutally in and out of her cunt as Tony slide his short
thick cock in and out of her ass. Her hair was matted to her
forehead from the sweat. Her eyes were glassy and unfocused as
she was being thoroughly fucked.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck OHHHHHH fuck me, I’m cumming Jason,
OOHHHHH God I’m cumming” Harry panted and grunted out

He slammed his cock into my ass one more time then held it deep
inside my bowels as he emptied his nuts. I felt each spurt of
his hot cum as it filled my ass. I groaned in pleasure as he
continued to shoot his sperm in me. When he finished emptying
his nut sack of its seed he let his cock slide out of my ass. I
could feel his cum running down my legs. I rolled over on my
back so I could watch my wife get fucked by two guys at once.

Harry sat next to me as we watched Sue. She was rocking her hips
forward and backward sliding on each hard cock as she screamed
out another massive climax. Bill used his hands to steady her
and guide her along his cock. I told them that they had better
hurry up because she couldn’t take much more of that kind of

“Don’t worry Jason, I’m just about ready to fill your wife’s cunt
with my hot cum” Bill grunted

“Yeah Jason, I’m going to paint your Suzie’s ass walls with my
cum” Tony added.

Both men were panting hard slamming their cocks in and out of
Suzie’s holes in alternate strokes. When Bill pushed his huge
black cock in her cunt Tony was withdrawing his fat cock from her
ass. Then when Bill pulled out a little Tony slammed his cock
back up her ass. My wife was being royally fucked and you could
tell she had numerous orgasms by the way she looked. Suddenly
Suzie sat up straight holding her breath with Bill’s cock buried
in her cervix. Her mouth was wide open but no sound was coming
out. Tony took the opportunity to slam his cock hard and deep
into her ass hole.

When a sound finally came out of her mouth it started as a low
moan but soon became a high pitched scream.

her body shook uncontrollably.

Bill grunted loudly and Harry and I could see his balls begin to
pump their load of hot cum into Sue’s convulsing pussy.

”Oh fuck Sue, I’m cumming, OOHHHHH shit I’m filling your ass with
my cum” he groaned

It didn’t take long before cum was leaking out of her cunt and
ass hole as both cocks pumped their sticky cum deep inside of my
wife’s holes. Sue screamed out again when she felt her spurts of
cum shooting into her body. She fell forward, collapsing on top
of Bill’s chest. She had passed out from an overload of her
senses. Bill and Tony kept pumping into her until their nuts
were empty. Sue started to wake up after a few moments and she
smiled weakly at me. I smiled back telling her that she looked
like she really enjoyed the ride.

Bill and Tony slowly pulled their cocks out of her body. Sue
quickly came over to me straddling my face with her body. She
held her wet sloppy pussy a couple of inches over my face and let
the cum run out of her and into my mouth. I opened wide letting
Bill’s cum fill my mouth. I saw Tony’s cum beginning to mix with
Bill’s as a small stream of the sticky seed oozed out of her well
stretched ass hole. I tried to pull her down to my lips but she
told me that she didn’t want to cum again for awhile. She just
let her pussy and ass drip their cum to my mouth.

Tony looked at the clock on the wall saying that it was really
getting late and he had to go. Bill and Harry said the same
thing. They got dressed as Sue and I stayed on the floor. Her
cunt and ass hole were just about empty of all the cum that was
pumped into them.

“Hey Jason, thanks for everything. This is one night I won’t
ever forget.” Harry said to me

“Me too” said Bill

“Yeah same here, you guys were fantastic” Tony added

Sue and I stood up still naked telling them that we had enjoyed
it too. I asked them to please keep this between just us and not
go blabbing it around. They all promised to keep quiet about
what we did.

“You know, maybe I could talk my wife into joining us sometime.”
Harry said

“Yeah, me too. I bet my old lady would go for a group bang
sometime” Bill laughed

“I’ll talk to mine too, you never know what she might like” Tony

Sue and I walked them to the door saying good night to them. I
took Suzie by the hand telling her it was my turn to sink my cock
into her cunt. She smiled and told me that she would like
nothing more than to have me fill her pussy with my cock. We
went into the bedroom to get our rocks off one more time.

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