Private Games (bisexual female)

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Private Games (bisexual female)

Bisexual female – lesbian first time – anal sex – anal training female – submissive female – dominant female – buttplug – strap-on male and female

1. The Game

They were sitting on the couch watching TV one night, her head in his lap, when she reached over and grabbed the remote and hit Mute. It was right in the middle of a show he loved.

“What was that for?” he asked.

She turned her head to look up at him and with a serious tone said, “Can we talk about something delicate?”

Here it comes, he thought with a sigh. “Sure.”

“You know how you’ve been wanting to do more…stuff…in bed?”

Wait a minute—this might be a little spicier than he thought. “Un huh…?”

“I’ve been reading a book my girlfriend gave me, and um… I guess I’d like to try some thing.”

“Okay, sure! What is it?”

“Well, you won’t be mad?”

“Of course not!”

“It’s called a ‘Power Exchange.’ Do you know what that is?”

He wasn’t completely certain, but he was pretty sure she was talking about a dominance/submissive thing! He had been wanting to tie her up for a while with some light bondage to kiss her body all over, but she had never relented. Now, she was asking him to go the full monte?

“Yes I think so, but you’ve never wanted to even be tied up!”

“I know” she said sheepishly. “But you’ve never explained exactly how it feels to be in complete sexual submission. And this book did, and…”

“Keep going, you’ve got me on tenterhooks!”

“…well, it was very erotic, and it got me super wet. I think that maybe I do have a submissive side. And our sex life has gotten really in a rut lately, which of course you know. And… well I guess I just wanted to see if I could help get us out of the doldrums. I don’t think I’m ready for going the whole way. But maybe we could try some little games out temporarily and see what happens?”

His heart was pounding, and her head was being nudged by the straining erection building in his pants.

She smiled. “Can I take it by your little friend that you’re okay with the idea?” she asked.

He had a huge smile, and said “I guess it’s a give away, huh? Yes, I’m very excited by the idea! I’ll have to have some time to think about it, but maybe we can start tomorrow night?”

“It’s a deal!” she said. “In the meantime, can I help your little friend?” She slid her head down his lap onto his knees, and unzipped his fly. She reached in and dug around, trying to free him. Finally, she was able to release him, and his rock hard erection sprung free of its prison.

“Ummmm…” she moaned. Her tongue licked the precum off the tip of his cock. And then she slid as much as she could into her mouth and started gently nursing him.

This is going to be one hell of an adventure, he thought!

2. The Rules

The next morning they both got up late, and rushed out to work. She got home earlier than he did, as always, and she had already slipped into something a little sexy. It was a red and black teddy that she knew he liked. When he got home, he walked in the front door, sat down his bag, and caught a glimpse of his wife.

Goddamn it, she looks sexy! They had never had k**s, so although they were in their early forties, she still had a great body and hadn’t let herself go. She was a petite brunette with a very shapely female body. She had short sexy black hair with a few streaks of gray, cut very flattering for her pretty face. Unlike many women her age, she was at a perfect weight range, and still had curves in the right places and a perfectly feminine tummy; soft and rounded like a woman’s should be, and not at all a “muffin-top”. Her very perky little breasts were just the perfect size and shape for him. She often joked about how small they were, but he always thought they were super-foxy, with the extra bonus that they had held up to gravity very well! And to “bottom” it all off, she had the most amazing ass—her rear-end wouldn’t quit and she could pour into a pair of jeans absolutely perfectly.

He walked briskly right over to her, and without the customary “hello” kiss, he forcefully grasped her arm. “Come here,” he commanded as he led her over to the couch.

Oh my!, she thought. I wonder if I made a mistake!

He sat her down, and sat down beside her.

“I’ve thought about your request all day. And I’ve got quite a bit to say. So just listen,” he started with. “If you’re serious about this, I will be setting the rules. You must listen to me and obey me without question. Can you do that?”

She swallowed. “Yes,” she said very quietly.

“You know that I love you very much and won’t ever hurt you. But I will be training you. And in this training, you will become my sex slave. I will have sex with you at any time, any place, or any way I see fit. If you disobey me, I will have to punish you. Do you understand?”

She felt herself starting to get moist. “Yes,” she again said below her breath.

“No matter what I ask of you, you will do it, without questioning me. You will address me as ‘master’, and I will address you as ‘slave’. Is this clear so far?”


“Good. Now, I’m going to be giving you some rules. You need to obey these rules, and make them part of your routine. I won’t be repeating myself, so if you don’t get it right the first time, I will be forced to punish you. Shall we continue?”

“Yes.” She felt herself blush, and she could tell that she was definitely getting wet. She knew that she was a bad girl for having wanted this in the first place. But the fact that he so easily fell into this role made her wonder if her fantasies from her girlfriend’s book should have remained secret. She was scared that she had gone too far.

Almost in response to her thoughts was his next sentence. “Our marriage for these many years has been fantastic. I want to know that I still respect you, and this game of ours will go on until you want it to stop.” He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small white leather loop. “This is your collar. While you’re wearing this, you are my slave.” He d****d the collar around her neck. In the front he let dangle the two loose ends, and he produced a small steel ring shaped like a heart. “And this is a heart. If you want to stop this game at any time, unscrew this heart so you can take off your collar, and that will be the end of it.” The heart was hinged, and he slipped each side through the two looped ends of the collar. At the heart’s point, there was a small ball that screwed the two halves together. It made a beautiful white loop perfectly fitted around her neck, and the little steel heart rested in the soft hollow of her neck. “Understand?”

“Yes.” She knew now that at least she had an out, and she felt much more secure.

“Yes what?”

“Yes…?” She looked at him questioningly.

“‘Yes Master,’ but that is the last time you’ll get a rule twice,” he prompted.

“Yes Master,” she said. She now started to understand what would be required of her. But because she knew that she could back out she started to really get into the game more readily.

“Good. Now take off that lingerie.”

She made a little pouty face. “But I went to the trouble of picking this…”

He interrupted her protest by slapping her ass cheek—not hard, but she noticed! He had never hit her, not in anger.

“Again, you’re to obey me without question, and no back talk. I don’t want you talking to me like that unless I ask you a question, or you’ve been given permission. I won’t really hurt you, but you need to be made to understand these new rules, and if you can’t it’s going to cause you some discomfort. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.” Her rear stung a little, but she knew he hadn’t hit her hard. Although she was very vocal against domestic v******e and wife battering, she was the one who started the whole thing, and she wasn’t about to call it off now. She took off her teddy, and laid it on the couch. She was now completely naked, except for her snug white collar.

“I want you to be naked whenever you are inside the house, unless you’ve been given special dispensation. Go over and look at yourself in the mirror.”

She walked over, and admired how the white leather looked against her skin. She noticed that the fit was almost perfect. Since there wasn’t any adjustment needed, she figured he must have measured her neck when she was asleep.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“It looks very nice, Master.”

“Good. Now, you will always wear this collar. Consider this is now part of your permanent ‘jewelry.’ You’ll wear it inside the house and outside to work, when you shower, when you go to bed at night. The only time it comes off is if you’ve given up on the game. If anyone asks you about it, it’s just your newest fashion statement. And you can blush with pride knowing that it means much, much more. Now come back here.”

She came back and sat next to him again.

“Here is an appointment for tomorrow.” He handed her a card. On it was written Thursday, 2:00PM, Full Brazilian Wax. Laya Spa.

He asked her “You understand what this means, right?”

She blushed, and said after a slight pause “Master wants me to be bare.”

“That’s right, Master wants you to be bare. I’ve made a recurring appointment for you at the same time every four weeks. You will get your first Brazilian tomorrow, and you will keep yourself completely bare from here on out. Tell your job that you have a doctor’s appointment.”

She had always wanted to get a Brazilian, but she had been too chicken to try. But now she had to! She was secretly looking forward to it, although she was a little scared.

“Had enough yet?” he asked.

“I’m sorry Master, I… I don’t think I understand,” she replied.

“Kneel on the couch, put your face down in the cushions and raise your ass high in the air. Now!”

She did as she was bid.

He took his fingertip and ran it up her thigh, teased his way through her pussy fur, and touched her opening. By now it was sopping wet. He dipped his finger inside, and then brought it to his lips. “Ummm. You’re quite a dirty little slut, aren’t you? It’s probably time that your Master give you the good hard fucking that you deserve!”

He pulled down his pants, and his bulging erection immediately sprung free. She was so wet that he was able to slide it into her in one stroke. Her pussy was burning with desire, and she instinctively backed her ass up against him, taking his cock as deeply as she could. They were both so excited that their frantic fucking didn’t last long for either of them before they cried out and collapsed in a heap on the couch.

“This is going to be a fun experiment,” he whispered over her shoulder.

“Oh yes it will, master!”

3. A Bare Kitty

The whole next morning she was itching with lust and curiosity and trepidation for her waxing. When she had arrived at work, some of the other girls had commented on her “necklace” and told her how sexy it looked. If they only knew! She had told her boss that she had a doctor’s appointment at 2 o’clock that she had forgotten to put in the schedule. When her appointment came time, she felt herself getting butterflies inside when she headed out to the parking lot to her car. The salon was very close to her office, so it didn’t take long. She almost didn’t notice the receptionist who took her name and appointment time. She leafed through magazines in the waiting room, not really even looking or reading them, but continually crossing and uncrossing her legs. A tall Asian girl walked out from the back. She was beautiful, and was wearing a tight blue t-shirt and loose fitting Juicy couture sweats that exposed her pierced belly button. “Susanne?” she asked.

“That’s me!”

The Asian girl introduced herself, as they walked back to the private room. “Hi, I’m Mandy. You’re new on the books—is this your first time?”

“Yes, and I’m a little scared!”

“Well, not to worry. It does hurt like hell, but it’s over quickly. Since we’re about to get intimate, I may as well show you–I do myself all the time.” Mandy was obviously comfortable with nudity, since she pulled her sweats down, and pulled a small pink thong to the side to show her pussy. Susanne was surprised by her waxer’s forwardness, but was fascinated! Mandy’s bald pussy was perfectly shaped and not any razor stubble or ingrown hairs that she was used to from shaving her bikini line. She noticed that the girl’s clitoris poked out, and she saw with surprise that Mandy had a small silver ring through it! The girl pulled back up her pants and said “Okay, now you know what you’re getting into—and it’s your turn! Take off your pants and panties.”

Susanne did so, and she sat on the table.

“Did you want a triangle, a landing strip, or the full thing?”

“The full thing, please.” She was still a little shy about having her bits hanging out in plain view of this other woman, and her legs were still together.

“Okay, you’ll need to spread your legs and put your ankle on my shoulder.” This wasn’t quite what she had imagined, but she did so. Mandy spread the hot wax on the top of her mound with a wooden stick, and pressed a small cloth against it.


“As ready as I’m going to be!”

“Okay: one, two, THREE”, and she ripped the cloth. YEOW! The fur at the top of her V hurt quite a bit. She looked down, and there wasn’t any bleeding like she was afraid of. Next were her labia, and she was really nervous about those! Mandy continued to move and place her legs as she needed, spreading the wax expertly, and pressing the cloth against her lips. Again, the count-down and the yank, although it hurt surprisingly less pulling the fur off her labia. Three more relatively quick leg maneuvering, wax, cloth, yank operations, and she was almost done!

“Okay, now the rear. Can you lay on your stomach, and hold your cheeks apart with your hands?”

Oh no. She hadn’t really thought about this one, but did as she was requested. The hot wax on her rosebud actually felt somewhat nice, but the cloth being pressed up against her felt a little more intimate than her labia had! Another quick painless yank—this one didn’t really hurt at all! And she was done! Mandy gave her a quick squirt of lotion to rub into her mound, and then dusted her off with a little baby powder.

Mandy handed her a hand mirror while she did a little general cleanup. Susanne looked down, and her pussy was a little pink and sore, but gorgeously bald! She was so happy and proud!

When he came home, he saw that she was naked with her collar, and he also saw with pleasure that her beaver was completely clean. He came up to her and said “Good little girl! I see you’ve cleaned your carpet!”

“Yes Master. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it might.”

“Well, that’s good. We want our little slave to look forward to her monthly waxing. Sit down here,” he said as he pointed to a chair.

She did as he asked.

“We have some more rules today. I want to be able to call you from the office before I leave for the day and tell you what I expect. But other people may be around, so we’re going to have a little code. I’ll be talking to you as if I’m talking about our dog. But of course, we don’t have a dog, so I’ll be talking about you! Now kneel on the floor, facing the door, sitting on your heels. Good. Spread your legs wide. Wider! Take your fingers, and make sure your lips are spread apart too—I want to be able to see your delicious clit. Okay, now hold your hands behind your back and thrust out your breasts. This position I’ll call ‘Good girl.’

“Yes Master. So if you say ‘how was our good girl’ or something like that to me, this is what you want when you get home?”

“You understand perfectly. As a reward for being a good girl, you’ll probably be sucking my cock as soon as I get home. Now, the next position. Face away from the door, on your knees, but this time, put your ass in the air, and lay your chest against the ground. Leave your arms at your sides, holding your feet. Stick your ass up higher. There! This will be ‘bad dog.'”

“Yes Master.”

“You’ll likely be getting it doggy-style in this position! Oh, and I see they’ve cleaned off your rosebud too—that’s nice! Now, the third position and last position for now. Lay on your back on the couch, with your pussy facing the door. That’s right. Spread your legs nice and wide. Separate your lips with your fingers again, and make sure your clit is nice and visible. Put your arms behind your back and hold one arm with the other. There! This will be ‘clean bowl,’ since I’ll be licking your little cunt clean with this one.”

She blushed. She knew he loved to eat her out, and this position guaranteed that she would be ready for him!

“Okay, that’s good for your position lessons for today. Now, time to try this tasty little morsel!” He brought his mouth down to her freshly bald pussy. With a big wet lick, he lapped his tongue along her length. She involuntarily flinched her legs closed, since she wasn’t expecting that so soon. Not to mention that her newly bald pussy was giving her lots of extra sensation—it felt electric, and the flinch was just a reflex.

He gave her a quick slap on her thigh. “You need to be ready to let me use your body however I see fit—don’t do that again.” This time, he drew her clit into his mouth in one motion. He nuzzled it with his mouth, and sucked in and out on it several times hard but very slowly. He then alternated with big wet kisses on her outer lips, going back and forth between sucking at her clit and little nibbles on her now perfectly smooth soft labia. After a little more of that, she was going mad with lust and she wanted to pull his head into her crotch, but she kept her hands behind her back. He brought his hand up to her now wet cunt, and slid his middle finger inside. He continued his incessant suckling on her clit, and his finger gently started stroking her G-spot. With his index and ring finger, he spread her lips wide, and started wildly licking her up and down her inner labia, taking turns between deeply sucking in her lips or her clit. His middle finger started to finger-fuck her much more urgently now. She started to moan and buck her hips against his face, and he suddenly stopped and pulled his face away from her pussy.

“Okay, now I’m going to train you to come when I want you to. You can come when you have my permission, but not before. If you come when I haven’t given you permission, you’ll be punished. Understand?”

She was not expecting anything like this, but she shuddered and whispered “I’ll try Master.”

“Wrong–there’s no try. If you come when you aren’t allowed to, you get punished. It’s as simple as that. Now, let’s try again.” He brought his face down to her wet pussy again. And he started big wet sloppy kisses on her outer lips and all over her clit. She gasped. Again he brought his fingers back, this time slipping two inside her. He started his rhythm again, sucking her clit deeply and slowly in and out of his mouth while moving his whole hand back and forth, authoritatively fucking her with his fingers. His rhythmic sucking and pumping was starting to build inside her. It felt so good she started whimpering.

She wanted to please him, so she started thinking about anything else she could to keep her mind off his mouth on her pussy. Groceries, maybe I should—uhhhn—the lawn needs to be cut—oohhh god!—I should clean out my closet… It was getting harder and harder to hold herself back, and he continued eating her relentlessly, gaining speed little by little. He could tell by her grunts and breathing that she was close, so he edged her even closer, making slight and subtle adjustments in pressure and speed to bring her ever closer. Her thighs were shaking and her belly quivered.

“Master?” she struggled out a whisper.

He lifted his head from her glistening cunt, but left his fingers inside her. With his free hand, he pressed his palm protectively and firmly over her mound. “You know you’re not to question me without permission, remember?” His palm pressed harder, squishing her clit between his hand and her pubic bone; enough to have pressure, but not pain.
But with her swollen clit, it was enough. She understood. “Yes Master. I was just hoping I could beg you for release.”

“When I’m ready! Now, I’ve got to get back to work.” His palm released off her clit, but now his mouth attacked her pussy with even more vigor. He sucked and sucked, and his tongue flicked up, down, around, and across her clit as if it was possessed. His fingering was now becoming fast and powerful. She was gritting her teeth, and clenching her ass cheeks together, trying anything to hold herself back. When finally he briefly lifted his mouth off her mound and whispered “You may come.”

As soon as he put his mouth back in position and continued sucking, she exploded. She screamed out, and locked his head between her thighs, as wave after wave of passion rolled through her body. She took her arms and held his head, cradling it against her cunt as she spasmed and gasped.She was still coming and he kept finger-fucking and sucking her with the exact same rhythm he was using when she came, eventually slowing the pace as he felt her body start to relax.

“What a very good little slave you are! You did very well coming on command your very first time! As a special reward, for the next week I’ll let you masturbate yourself to orgasm any time you want as long as you’re home alone. Would you like that?”

“Yes, Master!”

4. Two Kinds of Doggie

The next night, she got home from work, and stripped immediately. She was feeling very frisky and alive with this new change in their routine. She was very excited to see what tonight would bring. She was wandering around the house in the nude wondering what to do next, when the phone rang.


“Hello honey. How’s our little dog doing?”

“Very well, Master. She’s really getting used to the routine in our new home!”

“Oh, you say she peed on the carpet? What a bad dog!”

“Yes Master, I’ll be waiting for you!”

“Alright then. Bye honey!”

She went to the bathroom one last time, emptied her bladder, made sure she cleaned herself properly, and walked up near the front door. She knelt down and propped her ass as high as she could in the air. She used her hands to spread her lips, and then her cheeks too for good measure so that he would see what he was getting. She still was getting used to her bald pussy, so she lingered back to it, and felt herself, running her hand up and down her smooth mound. She didn’t have time to beat herself, but she really liked how her bare pussy felt. She lay her body down on the carpet, flattening her breasts as close to the ground as she could, and waited.

She heard his car roll up, and shivered with excitement. She wasn’t sure what would happen tonight, but she was ready.

He opened the door, and saw her in her expected position. “Good little slave!” He walked over, and pulled down his pants. He knelt behind her, took out his cock, and rubbed it up and down her slit. She was already moist having been thinking about what the evening’s entertainment would be, so it didn’t take long before he thrust inside her. But instead of keeping an in-and-out rhythm, as soon as he was in her as deeply as he could, he stopped.

“You know I love to give it to you doggie-style, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master, I do. I love it too!”

“I know you do. But how many times have I also asked to come in the back door?”

She shivered slightly—she knew what was coming.

“Uhh. I don’t know Master.”

“That’s right—quite a few. Well, that’s going to change. I brought you some things.” He had dropped a black plastic shopping bag next to them before he knelt, so he reached over to it while he was still deep inside her. She looked over her shoulder to see what he was doing.

“No peeking,” he said, as he gently but firmly redirected her head back down with his palm.

She heard some packaging opening, and a small spritz of some fluid.

“I’m not going to take you there tonight. But I am going to be getting you ready for it. We’re going to make sure, my little slave, that not only will you like it, you’ll be begging me for it by the time we’re done.”

She wasn’t sure what this meant. She never liked anal sex; they had tried it twice in their long marriage. And she had refused and rebuffed him many times afterwards. She didn’t like it—it hurt! She would never like it back there, no matter how badly he wanted it. She might think about letting him one last time, but she would call off the whole “slave game” if he wanted to again.

While she was elsewhere thinking all of this, she didn’t notice until too late that he had pressed a small wet thing against her butthole. She gasped.

“Don’t struggle. This won’t hurt, and in fact, it should feel rather pleasant.” It was a dildo of some type. Judging just by the small tip that was against her it was probably very thin, thinner than his cock. It was covered with a warm lubricant, and he slowly slid into her ass. A slightly wider portion passed her sphincter ring, and her ass seemed hungry as the remainder slid right in.

“It’s in. How does it feel?”

“Not too bad Master. It’s not really as uncomfortable as I thought.”

“Good. It’s a butt-plug, and it’s the smallest I could find. I don’t want to hurt you, and I know you will find this pleasurable eventually. But we need to get you used to it a bit. We’re going to start a weeklong regimen to get your ass used to being occupied. You’re going to wear this constantly for the next three days.

“The only time you’re allowed to have it out is if you have to defecate. But if I catch it outside your ass and you’re not on the toilet, there will be hell to pay. You will wear this to bed, and you’ll wear it to work. You may have to adjust how you walk slightly, but this model is designed for extended wear, so it has a narrow flare to fit nicely within your beautiful ass crack.

“You’ll wear this one for three days, and then we upgrade. The next one is slightly wider and deeper, and you’ll wear that for three days. Then finally, you’ll wear the poppa-bear for three days. After that on the tenth day you’ll get a reprieve, when I’ll ass-fuck you!”

He had pulled himself slightly away from her body while inserting the butt-plug, all the while continuing to keep his cock inside her. But now he pushed back in to his full depth. She wasn’t really happy hearing about her fate, but the small butt-plug didn’t really hurt. He grasped her hips, and started stroking in and out of her. She temporarily forgot about the slightly uncomfortable plug in her ass, and started concentrating on his cock that was filling and moving inside her. He knew she loved getting fucked from behind, and it didn’t take long for his pumping to bring her excitement up.

“You can come now,” he said. He reached underneath her with one hand and cupped her cunt while fucking her, massaging her labia with his fingertips. This was enough to bring her over the top, and she cried out. He came at the same time, pulling her deeply towards him, until the finally stopped and fell over to their sides.

5. Plugs and Holes

She slept with the butt-plug in all night as he commanded. When she got up in the morning for work, she didn’t have to p*o, so she left it in while she showered and dressed. It was a little more comfortable now that she was used to it, although having something in there made her feel a little like she had to go. She noticed that she walked with a little more exaggerated female hip-swaying than normal to keep the pressure off the plug. Well, I’m sure he’ll like that, she thought.

At work, she finally had to go to the bathroom, so she left her desk and walked to the women’s restrooms. She picked the first stall, and went in. Reaching underneath herself, she grasped the flare of the plug and slowly extracted it. It gently slid out and left her ass strangely empty feeling. It was black rubbery plastic—this was the first chance she had gotten to actually look at it. She did her business, and wiped with one hand, all the while still holding the plug. She thought to herself that she could leave it out, and just put it in right before he got home and he would never know. But then she realized that she’d have to keep it in her purse. She sniffed it—it was a little funky and stinky. Nothing that she wanted in her purse! She could wrap it in toilet paper. But if another woman saw it while she was digging around for change or lipstick, that would be embarrassing! She also thought about washing it in the sink. But what if someone walked in and caught her washing a butt-plug at work?

She decided that the safest course of action was to just leave it in. So she lifted her leg, reached back underneath herself, and placed the tip against her rosebud. She tried to slide it in, but without lube it wasn’t very easy. So she got some more toilet paper, wiped the plug off as best as she could, and drooled a good amount of her spit on it. Then she repositioned it, and it was able to slowly push it in. It slid into her ass until it got to the flare, she gave it a quick adjustment or two before pulling up her panties. I’ll have to keep lube in my purse from now on, she thought.

The rest of the day at work went without incident, although she could swear that her subtle hip motions were being noticed by the men at the office. Between her womanly movements and her new snug collar, she knew she was getting appreciable looks from the men. But she realized that part of it was probably her renewed interest in sex or her sexual confidence. She knew that even though it had only been a couple of days that she was sexier and more alive than she had been in a long while.

She drove home and she had just arrived when he called her and asked her “Has our puppy been a bad dog?” So she was waiting when he got home, her ass towards the door and high in the air, proudly sporting its new butt-plug.

“Good girl!” he said when he opened the door and saw her gorgeous ass sticking straight up. He came over to her, and stroked his hand across her ass, feeling underneath to admire her bare cunt lips, and then resting his fingertips on the end of the plug, giving it a solid push and tug to make sure it was seated properly.

“How’s it going wearing your new toy all day?” he asked.

“It went fine, Master. Would it be possible for me to get some lubricant to carry in my purse?”

“Of course. I thought about that today, and so I picked up a second bottle for you.” He took the new bottle of lube out of his pocket and sat it on the ground next to her. “I did forget to tell you some other aspects of your training,” he added. “Last night was the last time I will fuck your pussy until your ass is completely ready. So until then, you will need to pleasure me with your mouth or your ass, and your pussy will be strictly off limits. Is that clear?”

“Yes Master.” She was sad about this development because she really loved being penetrated. It was one more reason to look forward to having this whole ass-training thing over with soon.

“Good.” He pulled the butt-plug from her, which she wasn’t expecting. Her ass, having been used to having it in all day long actually felt a little lonely. That wasn’t a problem for long, since he squirted some lube on his index finger, and immediately slid his well lubricated finger in place of the plug. “There—how does that feel?”

“Better than the plug Master, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He put his finger in her as deeply as it would go, knelt down beside her and said “Now suck my cock.” She turned around as gently as she could with his finger still in her ass to reach his crotch. She unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants around his thighs. Then she lifted his underwear over his straining cock, and pulled them down too. His cock was hard and glistening with precum. She licked the precum off the tip, and rubbed the head across her lips and gums. Then she popped the head into her mouth with good strong suction. His musky scent filled her nostrils, and she drank it in. She pulled him out of her mouth, and as she did so, he removed his finger from her ass. She took him in her mouth again deeper this time, and he plunged his finger back into her asshole. Each time she pumped of her head down on his cock, he plunged his finger into her asshole in unison. It didn’t feel as good as it would in her pussy, but it actually felt pretty good to have him fingering her ass like this. She started really getting into giving him head, with deep strong sloppy-wet sucks, and the fingering into her rear became more pleasurable than uncomfortable. Every several sucks, she would dip her mouth down to his balls and lick and suck on them too. She was a great little cocksucker, and between her voracious sucking his cock and milking his balls with one hand, he soon came. He pulled his finger out of her ass, and grabbed her shoulders as she drained the last of his seed.

The next couple days, he called her up with a “Good girl” message and had her suck his cock as soon as he walked in the door. He didn’t fuck her in the pussy or in the ass, but fingered her asshole while she sucked his cock and left her unsatisfied. Every third day when it was time to upgrade to the next bigger plug, he called to let her know she was a “Bad dog” before he came home and after she was done servicing him, he would insert the bigger plug. Once she had become used to the small plug, it was almost comfortable wearing it all day. Not really much different from wearing a tampon, except the different hole of course. The middle plug was not quite as big around as his cock, and a bit shorter as well. She definitely noticed it was larger going in, but she got used to it pretty quickly. The large plug was a little longer than his cock, as wide as his cock at its narrowest, and about two or three times as wide at the flare. She grunted to accept that one when it went in! Walking with the big plug was definitely more difficult, and her feminine sashay was even more pronounced. She had to sit much more delicately at work, and while driving. But she left it in as she was told.

On the last night of the biggest plug, she was so happy. She was finally going to be rid of the plug! His phone call that night was for “Bad dog” which she fully expected, so she got in position kneeling with her ass high in the air and breasts pressed flat to the ground. He came in and gave her a “good girl”, at which she glowed. He came over and slowly pulled out the big plug. Her ass made a sucking sound as it was withdrawn, and she could tell her asshole was gaping open. It felt good to have it out, but it was strange after all these days to have nothing at her rear entrance.

“You have such a beautiful ass,” he said.

“Thank you Master.”

“So, I now have a question for you.” He removed his pants and waited, and she remained silent. “Would you prefer that I now fuck your pussy or your ass?”

She hadn’t gotten fucked in the ass, except by his finger; she thought that she might get out of that fate after all! “My pussy, Master!” She was so desperate to be penetrated, and it had been 10 days since she had anything in her pussy.

“Wrong answer.” He had already lubed his cock. Without hesitation, he pressed his knob against her rosebud. It was still open from the massive butt-plug, and he slowly pushed in with almost no resistance. She didn’t feel any discomfort. His cock was well lubricated and much smaller than the plug. It was warm inside her unlike the cold plugs when they were first inserted, and it was actually pleasant. He started moving in and out, slowly at first, but picking up speed as he was able to sense that she could handle it. She was at first trying to get over the reality that she was being fucked in her ass, but it was nice to finally have him back inside her and feel him pumping against her butt doggy-style, even if it wasn’t the right hole. She was getting slowly more excited, but she hadn’t really quite reached the peak when she could tell he was going to come. He grasped her hips, and made one final thrust deep into her ass. As he grunted, she could feel his cock pulsing and pumping his come deep into her bowels.

After he was done, he pulled out of her ass. And he rewarded her by eating her cunt. He hadn’t satisfied her since they had started the training, and the ass-fucking had already brought her close. It didn’t take long for him sucking her pussy before she too was in the throes of an orgasm, and she screamed out loud.

After she had come, she curled up into a ball in his arms. He reached over her body, and re-inserted the middle butt-plug. She moaned a little in protest, but it was smaller than the big plug and almost like his cock, so she just settled into it, still lying in the afterglow.

“Are you listening?”

“Yes Master,” she whispered.

“I have two new commands for you. The first is ‘Wash her tail.’ If I call with that, you must give yourself an enema. I’ve brought a kit that you can use. Fill your ass with hot water, wait for 1 minute, and expel it. This way, I can be sure your ass is nice and clean for me when I need it. The second is ‘Brush her tail.’ With this one, I want you to use this special applicator—it’s like that used for hemorrhoid cream. Put it on the lubricant tube, and squirt a generous amount into your ass. You won’t want to skimp, because I won’t have lubed myself, and you’ll want to make sure I go in easily. Understood?”

“Yes Master.” She didn’t think those were too bad; although she had never given herself an enema before, she had douched. Judging by tonight, her first real ass fuck, she might actually get to enjoy it, maybe even come! But she was hoping that her ass wouldn’t become his primary means of satisfaction.

She was at home the next night and she got the call.

“How is our little puppy?”

“Just fine Master.”

“Oh, she got loose you say? Got mud in her tail? You better wash her tail off and brush it. What a bad dog!”

“I understand Master.”

“Okay then, well hopefully she’ll be all clean by the time I get home from work.”

“She will be Master.”

“Great! See you in a little bit.”

“Goodbye Master!”

She got out the enema kit and went to the bathroom. She removed the mid-sized plug from her rear. She opened the kit, read through the instructions, and started filling the bag with warm water. It took a little while to figure out exactly how the nozzle and bottle hooked together, but she got it together, and squatted over the toilet. She put the nozzle into her ass, and started emptying the warm water into her rectum. It felt pleasantly warm, but it did make her feel like going to the bathroom. She waited until it was all empty and removed the nozzle. She squeezed her ass shut to keep the water from dribbling down her legs, and looked at the clock on the wall. One minute seemed to take eternity, and she started dancing back and forth, really straining to keep from releasing the water. She absentmindedly fingered the steel heart on her snug little white collar, waiting for the time to pass. Finally, the next minute clicked, and she squatted down and pushed the water out. It came out in a stream at first, then a gusher. After a few seconds, she was empty. She wiped herself well, and she actually did feel cleaner! Then she got the lube, added the applicator, and inserted that back into her ass. She gave a good squeeze so she’d have plenty of lubricant in her for him. It was cold filling her ass after that warm water, but she knew it was for her own good.

She got into her “bad dog” position and waited.

When he arrived, he walked right up spread her cheeks wide and inspected her. “Lots of lube I see. Good. Now I have a question for you again. Would you prefer that I fuck your pussy or your ass?”

“My ass Master. It is ready for you,” she said with pride.

“Wrong!” he said with a start, as he smacked his palm sharply across her ass cheeks. It stung, and she was so surprised that a tear welled in her eye as she stammered
“But Master, you said…”

He cut her off. “Be quiet! I want you to go right now and ‘wash her tail’ and ‘brush her tail’ again. And while you’re doing that, think carefully about why you were wrong.”

She got up, and moped to the bathroom. She shut the door, and sat down on the toilet. She was sure that this is what he wanted! He called to have her ass prepared for him. And now he wanted her to do it again?! It didn’t make any sense! What did he say… ‘Would you prefer that I fuck your pussy or your ass’, right? She got out the enema bottle again, and started the hot faucet and sat back down on the toilet while the water warmed up. And finally it hit her. ‘Would you prefer that I fuck your pussy or your ass?’ Of course. He was asking her what she wanted. And she wasn’t the Master—she shouldn’t have a preference. She got a small square of toilet paper and dabbed her eyes. Now she understood, and she would make him proud. She refilled the bottle, and began the process again, filling her bowels with water, waiting the requisite time, and rinsing out the lube she had worked so hard to get in. She reapplied the lube—it was going all so much faster now. She took one final look at herself after she was done with the preparation. She thought that the collar around her neck made her look so very sexy, and she primped her hair a little. She turned around to look at her ass where there was still a red mark where she had gotten punished.

She walked back to the living room, and she got into the bad dog position again.

“Are you finished?” he asked. Again, he spread her cheeks apart, and examined her rosebud. He could see glistening moisture just inside her anal opening. “Looks like you are. Okay, let’s try this again–would you prefer that I fuck your pussy or your ass?”

“Master, I have no preference. You should do what you wish with me.”

“Excellent—you do understand now.” He pulled down his pants, and to her great surprise, he rubbed the head of his cock against the opening of her cunt. She was a little moist from the sexual excitement of the whole night, and it wasn’t long before he was inside her. He felt so good! She was supremely happy that he was inside her pussy after longer than a week, and she moaned and backed herself up against him. He started pumping her strongly, holding her down on the small of her back with one hand and reaching underneath her to grab her breasts with the other. She was in her glory, and she was getting close to an orgasm. Her breathing started getting regular and panting, and he could tell it was good for her. He stopped and pulled completely out of her.


“Shhh.” He lifted his cock one inch, and slid it into the newly prepared hole. With the mix of lubricant and pussy juices it went smoothly into her ass. She was already quite excited, and she almost didn’t care where his cock went, as long as it was back inside her. She slowly eased back onto him letting his cock fill her, and soon he was at full depth but in a new place. He started his rhythm again, and this time since she was already so close to coming from her pussy, her ass had picked up her bodies urgency. He was thrusting long and deep into her, and this time she felt differently about it—it was really good, and she didn’t want it to stop!

“Master, please fuck my ass!” she cried.

“You’ve been such a good little slave, I will reward you with your wish! You can come anytime you’re ready.” He pumped into her ass relentlessly. He could feel her tensing, and saw her hands clutching at the carpet. He kept exactly the same pace in his thrusts, but manipulated her nipples with his free hand; gently pulling, stretching, rolling them between his fingertips. She was shaking and right on the edge, and stayed there for a good minute before she finally broke. She yelled out “Oh God!”, and she jammed her body back up against him to bury his cock as deep as she could get into her ass. She writhed and rotated her pelvis up and down, getting as much stimulation from his cock as she could. He could feel the orgasm pulsing through her, as her sphincter clutched at him with every passing wave. Her moans were almost of an a****l, but they finally started to die down as he slowed. He never completely stopped thrusting, although it was quite slow at this point. When her whimpers had mostly subsided, he started moving more quickly again, and she backed up to meet his thrusts. He had been waiting for her to come first. Now that he let himself go it wasn’t long before he also was grabbing her hips, groaning and thrusting, and he came into her. They collapsed together on the floor.

“Your training is done. Now your ass is mine, whenever I want it.”

6. Housebroken Kitty

Over the next four days, he would fuck her ass at least once nightly as soon as he got home, sometimes twice when he would also fuck her right before they went to bed. He avoided using her pussy during those four days while she got more used to the idea of her ass being a sexual object. But he would always make sure that she came. He wanted her to associate using her ass with pleasure. Sometimes she would come when she got it in her ass, but many times she didn’t. If she didn’t come through fucking her ass, he would flip her over immediately after he came in her rear, and furiously eat and finger her cunt until she was satisfied.

After the fifth day he started mixing it up, fucking her any way he wanted. But he made sure that she didn’t know what was next. He would sometimes call up with a request for “bad dog and a brushed tail”, so she’d have her ass in the air, pumped full of lube. She naturally thought this would lead to a night of ass-fucking. But then he’d surprise her and fuck her pussy instead. Other times he’d call for a “good girl”, and have her suck his dick right when he walked in just like she would expect, or a “clean bowl” when he’d eat her out like crazy. She initially was trying to guess what he wanted, and over the next couple of weeks she eventually gave up trying to figure out what he would take from her. He didn’t make it easy to guess, and she came to realize that he just needed her complete submission and willingness to accept his cock or his mouth however he would give it to her. She became completely malleable and submissive to his desire. She just needed to be fucked, and she didn’t care how—she felt like a sexual object, a receptacle, a fucking machine, an a****l—and he fucked her anywhere and anyhow he felt like. And she was loving it! She came to enjoy guessing if she would get it in the cunt or in the ass, and felt completely open to his choice.

Although she was getting sexed up much more frequently than before their game started, she didn’t mind at all. She had wanted to spice things up, and they were fucking at a rate that was more like when they were first dating again. He gave her constant attention, which had opened up the goddess in her. She felt more feminine and more like a complete woman than she ever had before. Because he had to play his part too, he was now always thinking of new ways to pleasure her sexually. And he was coming up with lots of little romantic gestures that were interspersed between the daily fucking sessions. He didn’t need to of course because she was his “slave”, but he would often come home with small gifts: a chocolate truffle, or a flower, or a pair of earrings for being a good little girl. And she would reward him with the gift of her pussy, her mouth, her ass, her tits. He took good care of her, and she would just melt and cuddle in his arms after having been ravished senselessly. Things were harmonious elsewhere too. The master/slave and sexual intimacies forged a deep bond between them. Plus, with the time they devoted to sex and activities around it, they didn’t have time for the stupid little fights that life would have normally thrown at them!

One night after a small dinner, he could barely wait until he had finished eating before he ravenously attacked her. He pushed the dinner plates out of the way, and leaned over, his mouth seeking hers. They threw each other on the kitchen floor, and started fucking like a****ls. Over the next hour of sheer mindless fucking, he had used her good in every hole, and she was completely spent, curled up in a ball on the carpet. He took a throw off the couch and covered her.

“I’ll be back shortly,” he whispered in her ear. “Okay,” she mumbled. He went to the master bathroom, and after about fifteen minutes he came back. She had fallen asleep, and he gently woke her. “Kitty cat—wake up,” he whispered with a hand stroking her shoulder.

“Come on,” and he helped her to her feet. She was slow, but she got up. She was a mess, variously covered with sweat, come, lubricant, and saliva. He slowly led her into their bathroom. He had drawn a bath, which was full of softly florally scented foam. Several candles provided the only light.

“Step in.”

She got into the tub, which was deliciously warm. She slowly slid down into the warm water, and let the foam caress her. A sign escaped her lips, and he said, “That’s a good girl. Turn to the wall.”She did, and he had a warm washcloth, and started massaging her back in small circles with soap. Once he had covered her whole back, he took a small cup, dipped it into the tub’s water and poured it down her back sensuously. “Okay, turn around.” She did and faced him. He started softly soaping her chest and her breasts in the same manner, being a little more delicate on her soft breasts. Again he dipped and poured the warm water down her front, her beautiful breasts shining wet and clean in the candlelight.

He reached toward her little white collar and started to unscrew the end. She looked at him with a brief flash of doubt, and her hand flew up to her throat to touch his hand. “I want to wash your neck and hair–what is it?” he asked.

She looked at him a very long time with big soulful eyes, while he looked back at her quizzically. She finally managed to softly stammer, “please”.

“Please what, you don’t want me to wash your hair?”

She was quiet again for several seconds. “Please, don’t take it off,” she finally managed.

“Oh! It doesn’t have to mean we’re done with our game,” he laughed.

She lowered her eyes, and continued to hold her hand over his hand at her throat. “I know. But I don’t want to take it off. Please?” she pleaded.


He left the collar on. They didn’t exchange any other words the rest of the night. He finished washing her hair, gave her pussy and ass a good soaping, and washed and shaved her legs. She stood up while the tub was draining, and he toweled her off. He got the hair dryer, and dried her hair while she sat on the toilet. She brushed her own teeth at the same time that he brushed his teeth, briefly soaped his face, took the washcloth and gave himself a quick whore’s bath under armpits and crotch. Then he led her to bed with one hand.

She curled up, and he wrapped himself around her, spooning her back. She fell asleep almost immediately. He had one arm wrapped around her neck and cradling her breast, and one hand tucked in around her soft belly. He stayed awake a good couple of hours, thinking about what had just happened. Finally, he gave her a good long squeeze and closed his eyes.

7. Kittycat on the Town

One day he called her up on his way home as was his way.

“Honey, we’re going to go out to dinner tonight. I bought a dress for you that you can try out when I get home.”

“Okay—should I just be naked when you get here?”

“That’s a good little kitty.”

“Yes Master, see you soon!”

She wasn’t sure what he had in store, so she just got in her standard “good girl” pose on her knees with spread legs and waited. He arrived home with a shopping bag from Deb Jr. She had always teased him as they walked by the store in the mall that their clothes were exclusively for young sluts. Out of the bag he pulled out a small black headband that had a pair of little black triangle ears with silky pink insides.

“These are your ears. Here, put this on”, he handed the headband to her. She looked quizzically at him, but did as he asked.

“Do you have any eyeliner?” he asked. She got up, went to the bedroom, and came back with a small pencil. “Kneel down.” He proceeded to draw a small circle on the tip of her nose, and three short lines on her cheek emanating from either side of her nose.

“There! Now you look like a kitty! Only one thing is missing.” He reached back into the bag, and brought out a small black tail. It was a little thicker than his thumb around, and about a foot long, made of soft cloth and stuffed so it was slightly stiff but still quite flexible. At one end was a small black butt plug. “You know where this goes, don’t you?” He handed the tail to her. “Master, I’ll be right back.”

She went back into the bedroom and came back with a small squirt of lube in her hand. She rubbed it on the plug-end of the tail, lifted her leg, and with a short push slid the tail into place. “Turn around and model it,” he said. She did so, slowly turning around before him, her beautiful ass with a short little cat tail protruding, sporting her new little ears and makeup, and her always present white collar.

“There’s my little kitty! Well?”

“May I go look, Master?”

“Of course!”

She went into the bedroom once again, and looked in their full-length mirror. The tail’s butt-plug was on the small side, and wasn’t too uncomfortable to wear. But the soft little tail hanging between her legs got a little getting used to; it rubbed against her legs when she walked. She stood with her back to the mirror and turned her head over her shoulder to look at the new little tail sprouting out of her ass. “It does look kind of cute!” she thought. She went back to the family room, where he had pulled a couple more items out of the shopping bag. A pair of black back-seamed stockings and a black garter belt. She snapped the garter belt around her back and snugged it to her waist. Then she slid each stocking up her legs, smoothing them slowly and flashing him her beautiful smooth beaver as she held up each knee.

Next he removed a pretty black dress with a satiny finish from the bag. It had a spandex stretch to it, which he demonstrated, and he handed it over to her. “You’ll look very sexy in this!” he exclaimed as she held the dress, looking it over. With an appreciative hand he stroked her back and followed down the curves of her body. He ended by cradling her ass cheek in his hand, and then followed by stroking her kitty tail. The movement sent vibrations up the plug, which sent shivers up her spine.

“Go ahead and put it on.” She turned it around in her hands, determining the dresses’ orientation, pooled the dress on the floor, and stepped into it, pulling the straps up along either side of her body. She had to tuck her tail in-between her legs to pull the dress up past her ass. She got it all the way up, fit the shoulder straps in place, and then turned to face him. It wasn’t painted-on tight, but it was quite form fitting. The neckline plunged between her breasts, and the fabric was loose there, giving ample opportunity to see the sides of her breasts when she moved in just the right way. She turned slowly. The hemline was about mid-thigh. It was much shorter than most dresses she wore, but not unusual for cocktail length. Her little black tail was just short enough to not be seen from underneath the bottom of the dress.

Finally, he pulled out a pair of pink pumps the same color as the inside of the kitty ears. He sat them on the ground near her feet. She slipped into each little pink shoe, and the costume was complete.

“What do you think?”

She ran her hands up and down her sides, across her thighs and her ass, assessing the fit and cut of the dress, and generally surveying her outfit. “Very sexy Master!”

“Good. We’ve got a 6:00 dinner engagement. I’ve got to clean up a little; wait right here.”

“I can’t go out like this!” she protested.

“Oh yes you can. You’re going to a costume party—nobody will think anything of it.”

“Please don’t make me—this is really slutty!”

“Trust me little kitty. It’ll be okay. Go ahead and do your makeup. But make sure to leave on your whiskers.” He left the room.

She hesitated for a second, but then walked into the master bath. She touched up her lipstick, added eye shadow and eye liner, powdered her cheeks a little, and looked herself over. All her doubts of being too mature or not pretty enough were gone. She was sexy as hell, no denying that—even she would admit it! But she didn’t want to be a slut in public. She was hoping that she might make it through the night if nobody really was out tonight to see her. After all, it was early still and it wasn’t a weekend. Maybe everywhere would be deserted. As she was about to leave the bathroom, for good measure she pulled out her eye pencil and darkened the whiskers and nose spot.

He had come back, dressed up in a sharp-looking suit and tie. He escorted her outside to the car, and opened the door for her. She got in and with her tail in sat down slowly and gingerly, just as she had learned with her butt-plugs. He got in the driver’s side, and they drove off to a nearby Italian restaurant they had been to before.

He pulled in, and had the valet park the car. The valet opened the door for her. She got out slowly and very ladylike so as not to flash the world anything under that dress. He was a young k**—probably a teenager—and he gave her an obvious up-and-down look as she stepped out. He exclaimed “Wow, lady! Great costume!” Then as an afterthought, he added “Nice cat, but you forgot the tail!”

At this point, he had stepped from around the driver’s side, handed the k** the keys, and offered his hand to his wife.

“A tail’s a good idea, but we couldn’t figure out how to attach one to her dress!” he joked back to the k**. “Right dear?”

She blushed shyly, the kitty tail seeming to burn between her cheeks underneath the dress. “That’s right,” she said softly.

He escorted her into the restaurant on his arm into the restaurant and up to the hostess stand.

“Reservation for two at six, Tabby party,” he said to the girl behind the podium. The hostess was a attractive young blond girl who was referencing the books when they walked up, and she looked up at them for the first time as he spoke. “Certainly, I have you right here,” she said. “Costume party?” she offered, as she looked at Susanne.

“Of course!” he replied.

“But where’s your costume?”

“Well, can’t you tell? I’m Pussy’s owner.”

Susanne felt her cheeks burning with embarrassment at the hidden truth in the statement, but the girl didn’t seem to react to the double-entendre. She just said, “That’s lame. At least your wife had the decency to think up a good costume. You should have gotten off work a little early to do the same.”

He played the game back to the girl. “You’re right. I wish I would have gone out and bought a costume for the occasion, but I ran out of time.” Of course Susanne knew the truth about his shopping trip all for her, which made her even redder. Good thing this restaurant had dim light!

“I thought so!” the girl said, as she led them to their table.

Their table was in the rear corner of the restaurant off the beaten path, but somewhat to the restrooms. This part of the restaurant had a bench running along the wall so that one part of each couple would have shared seating with the other patrons. Several two-top tables were against the bench, with a single chair at each table opposite the bench. The tables were large for a couple, and generously spaced so that they could both sit on the bench side side-by-side, which they did. The tablecloth reached to the floor, so they had to slide in gingerly to not accidentally pull it off the table. The hostess quickly rearranged the place settings to accommodate their shift to dine side-by-side and walked away.

“God you’re sexy!” he said to her as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close, planting a huge deep kiss on her red lips.

The Matri’d walked up to their table and smiled a knowing smile at them. “Any wine or cocktails this evening?”

He broke their embrace and opened the wine list, gave a quick perusal, and said “Bin #39, please.”

“An excellent choice. I’ll be right back,” he said and strode off.

He turned to her and said “I’ll do the ordering for us, but there’s something special on the menu! I picked this table especially for tonight. Don’t think that Tuesday night at senior dining hours was an accident either. I don’t want anyone around.”

She didn’t know what that meant exactly, but she could guess.

The Matri’d came back, and poured their glasses after the requisite wine game. The waiter came over, and he ordered for them: bruschetta as a starter, and a salad and pasta primavera to split since the portions were large. He ordered the pasta without asparagus, and she smiled to herself. He had been a vegetarian for a long time now, and she had always maintained that his come tasted better after he stopped eating meat. But now that they had started their game, instead of giving him head once a month or so, she was sucking him off several times a week. And he had changed his diet in consideration. He had started eating several stalks of celery a day, a pineapple a week, and avoiding asparagus to make his come taste sweeter for her.

They talked and joked like old times, and with the glass of wine and the comfortable atmosphere, she started to relax and even forgot that she was dressed like a cat in public. Hell, she thought, nobody knew what they were up to, so it was all in good fun! The food came, and they ate with relish.

Once they had finished their meal, he placed his hand on her stocking, and slid it up the garter so it was resting on her bare leg only an inch away from her pussy. Of course with the long tablecloth resting on their laps, nobody in the restaurant could see anything that went on.

“Now that dinner’s done, it’s time for dessert,” he said. “Get on your knees under this table, and I don’t want you back up here until you have a mouth full of come. And don’t swallow either—I want to see it.”

She gasped, and quickly looked around the restaurant. It was still too early for most diners; although there were some people in the far front of the place, nobody was seated anywhere near them. And none of the staff were around to have heard what her husband said. “I can’t do that!” she cried.

“You can, and you will. Don’t stall, or you’ll really get punished. Now be a good little girl and get to work. I’ll give you a signal for the all-clear to come up, so you don’t need to worry about being spotted.”

She looked around again—nobody. If he did watch out for her, maybe nobody would notice. She took a deep breath and held it. Her heart was racing a mile a minute—she’d never done anything like this! She was actually very excited at the possibility of doing something this incredibly dirty in public without getting caught. She took one last look, and didn’t see anyone, so she quickly dove underneath the table. She looked all around her, and the tablecloth reached to the floor all around her. She thought to herself it had probably been designed by some perverted Italian who knew it could be used to completely hide some little tart just like her!

Her master’s legs were there, and he scooted his butt further on the seat towards her to give her better access. She thought “better now than never,” and reached up his pant leg, found his zipper and pulled it down. She reached her hand in, trying to find her dessert. He was already hard, but he was wearing boxers, which made it easier. She finally wrangled his cock out of the boxers and the pants zipper. It was pulsing and huge with excitement. She had to kneel really near him to get close enough to put her mouth on him, and there wasn’t a lot of room for her head, but she found that if she pulled his cock down a little and sat slightly to one side, she could manage.

She held his cock with one hand, and steadied herself against his knee with the other. She slowly slid his cock into her mouth, and started sucking. Above table, he was doing his best to remain in composure, although the feeling of her warm wet mouth on his cock was electric. Just then, the waiter walked back to the table and said “Any dessert for you two?”

She froze with his cock in her mouth, involuntarily clamping down. It wasn’t a bite, but she had his cock pinned tightly between her teeth. She was at full alert, her senses straining to hear anything, her muscles rigid so as not to make a sound.

He flinched slightly at her closing in around his prick, but remained collected. “No, we’re all finished. She wanted dessert elsewhere tonight, thanks. But I’ll take a coffee, and if you could refill the ladies’ water, and then just bring the bill.”

“Certainly sir,” and he walked off again.

Underneath the table, his hand reached and patted her head for the all-clear. She slowly recovered, and released her grip on his cock. She started sucking again, using her hand to pump up and down his shaft as much as she had access to outside his pants. She was swirling her tongue around his head and slowly sucking him as if to savor each moment. She was using moderately strong suction, and was using her thumb underneath his cock to rub along his uthretha. He was in ecstasy, but couldn’t reveal it. She was used to making sounds during sex, so she had to work hard to not moan or make enthusiastic grunts like she normally would have.

The waiter returned with “Here’s your coffee sir, and another water for the lady. And your bill. You can pay when you’re ready.”

This time, she slowed to be extra cautious about making a sound, but she didn’t stop. Actually by now she was feeling quite sexually supercharged and more than a little mischievous, so as quietly as she could while the waiter was talking, she rammed his cock as far as she could manage down her throat. She couldn’t deepthroat, but she did manage to take his cock probably further than she ever had before.

“Uhhhh… thanks,” he stammered out. The waiter walked away, and she continued sucking her heart out, happy to know that she could break his concentration. She could sense the tension in his legs, and she knew it was close. She kept diligently at it, and took him very deeply a couple more times. He started to quiver and she pulled his cock back to mid-mouth to catch his come.

“Would you like change?” The waiter was back at the table again. Damn it, leave us alone, she thought! It took several moments before he spoke. To her, squatting under the table with his cock in her mouth and her kitty tail brushing the floor it seemed like an eternity. Finally he was able to get out “No, thanks. Could you have the valet get our car?”

“Of course,” and he walked away with the bill and cash.

This time, he couldn’t hold back. He started to shake, and his hand reached underneath the table and grasped her shoulder as he started to come. His come started spurting into her mouth. To her it seemed like each gush was more volume than normal, although she normally swallowed as it came so she couldn’t be sure. But this time, she held it and let him fill her mouth. Finally, his spasms slowed, and stopped. All the while, she kept her mouth firmly wrapped around his cock. Once she was sure he was finished, she slowly pulled back, keeping her lips tight around his penis so as not to let any come escape. She had a mouthful of his come, and she swished it around her mouth and tongue. It was thick and warm and ropy. Although it didn’t taste like chocolate, it had a familiar salty musky taste, and faintly sweet. She instantly associated that taste with him, and because of that she loved it.

She did her best to wipe off the tip of his cock with her palm, and she tried to stuff him back into his pants. He was too hard to maneuver, but his hand came down underneath the table to help her shoehorn his stiff cock back into his pants. That was one thing she always appreciated, she thought—he never seems to get soft at an inopportune moment! Although admittedly this time, it was proving a little bit awkward. They finally got him back in his trousers, although he was still obviously rock hard.

She got up on her ankles, awaiting the signal. As she sat there, swirling his come around her mouth, she thought about how incredibly dirty this was. She actually couldn’t believe she’d done it! She would have never thought that she could do anything like this in public. Just then, he reached under the table and tapped her. She pulled the tablecloth up over her head, and waddled out. She was facing him, and she stood up as quickly as she dared, straightened the tablecloth, and then her dress. She lowered her head and opened her mouth to show him her dessert. He nodded approvingly, and she swallowed her mouthful. She lifted her glass of water off the table to wash it down. Just then a man walking past caught the corner of her eye. They both looked over towards the man—he was a restaurant patron who was on the way to the bathroom. He was staring directly at them, but was still walking purposefully.

She turned her head away from the man, and sat down quickly. She started back up in surprise, having temporarily forgotten about her tail, the butt-plug moving inside her. She quickly popped back down with a “Oh!”. The man was gone.

“I thought it was clear!” she leaned in to him and whispered hoarsely.

“It was, I swear to God!” he replied, apologetically. “Let’s go—the car should be ready.” They got up and quickly made their way to the exit, saying perfunctory “goodbye” to the hostess as they rushed out to the waiting car. He handed the valet a couple bills and helped her in the passenger side, quickly sprinting around to the driver side and they left.

“Do you think he saw anything?” she asked hopefully once they were underway.

“I’m quite sure he saw you get out from underneath the table. But he won’t say anything,” he said reassuringly.

“How can you be sure? What if he tells the staff? I could get arrested for public indecency!” she cried.

“Well, first of all, I paid in cash so they don’t know who we are. Secondly, no man would ever rat out someone they caught having sex in public. Trust me! Finally, did you see the look in his eye?”

“Yes, but I wasn’t sure what it was. Disgust?”

“You couldn’t tell? That my love, was pure raw unadulterated lust, mixed with a touch of envy or jealously I should think.”

She reeled with surprise. “Really?”

“Really. At that moment, he would have walked across hot coals for you. That man would have sold his soul to the devil for an eternity in hellfire to have ten minutes with you. You could have ordered him to his death and he would have gone willingly with a smile on his face.” And he mouthed breathlessly, “Just like me.”

He hadn’t really intended her to see that last comment, but she saw his lips moving and figured out what he had said. She was amazed that her husband felt his love for her like that. Amazed that she had not recognized the stranger’s lust. That she was still hot and desirable despite her own feelings of insecurity. That she had been such a dirty, dirty slut and sucked her husband’s cock in the middle of a restaurant. And that she had gotten away with it!

“Now it’s time to get you home and out of that kitty costume, and give you the good hard fucking that you deserve. You’ve earned it!”

8. New Friends, New Lovers

It had been several weeks since the Kittycat restaurant adventure as they called it, when he rang her up before leaving for home at the end of the day. She had just gotten home and hadn’t yet had time to strip.

“Hello baby. I’ve got something special planned for tonight.”

“Great Master! Anything in particular I should do?”

“Please make sure the dog has licked her bowl clean. And I think you’ll really enjoy tonight.”

“Yes Master. Looking forward to it!”

She went to the bedroom and started stripping. Once she had gotten down to just her collar, she put away her clothes and went into the bathroom. She took a pee and cleaned herself well with a moist towelette, reapplied some perfume, and went back into the family room to await him. She sat on the couch and spread her legs wide. Then she reached down and used her fingers to pull apart her lips, making sure they were well separated and visible. She crossed her arms behind her back and lay back on the couch, awaiting his return.

He walked in. She noticed that unlike most “special” nights, he didn’t have a extra shopping bag, just his book bag. “That’s strange,” she thought to herself, “I wonder what he’s got in store.”

“Hello babe,” he said as he put away his satchel, and strode up to her. He bent over and gave her a deep kiss, and she responded in kind. “You can put your arms in front,” he said, and she did. He sat on the couch behind her, and slid up so her head was in his lap. He stroked his hand across her breasts, and gave them each a friendly squeeze. He cupped his left hand over her breast and said “I want you to masturbate yourself.”

She left her legs spread wide, but her hands instinctively shielded her pussy in a protective pose. She had never masturbated for him before. When she did, it was always in private. She had never let him see what she looked like when she was “taking care of herself”, and she was deeply embarrassed by it. He had asked many times before they had started playing the game to beat herself off in front of him, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. He had masturbated for her, letting her see him stroke himself until he sprayed his come over his belly or over her tits. And she had always gotten very excited by seeing him pleasure himself for her. She had always said in return “maybe sometime if you get me drunk enough I will!” Now, he was using her submission to order it out of her with no alcohol in sight!

He quietly reached up and unbuttoned his collar. She lay there nude and exposed as he held her head in his lap, and he started softly stroked her hair without saying a word. He was letting her work through her inner demons first before reacting. Her mind was working a mile a minute, trying to analyze why she never beat off for him, and what she should do. She knew that she had to follow through with it, or get a punishment, whatever that might mean. She tried to understand what in herself was preventing her from sharing this part of her sexuality with him. She realized that it was because she wanted to keep this one secret, this one private moment for herself. But she was the one who wanted to start these games. And they were now sharing in experiences far more intimate than this. She realized that he just wanted to share in something she had selfishly kept for herself. She wanted them to be closer, and to have no boundaries. And she realized that she too wanted to share herself with him, no matter how intimate.

After what had seemed like an eternity, but was really only about ten seconds, she whispered back “yes Master.” He smiled and gave her breast a supportive squeeze. She took her hands off her pussy, and used her fingers to spread herself even more.

She stammered “I’m sorry, I’ve never done this—can you see me okay?”

“Just fine, kittykat. Go ahead.”

Her left hand reached up and grasped his hand that was still cupping her breast, while she moved her right hand into position on her soft belly. She started gently moving her fingertips up and down her outer labia for a couple of seconds, then rested her wrist on her pubic bone. She extended her index finger to the hood of her clit, and started gently circularly massaging it.

With his free hand, he cradled her head. He kept his hands still, not wanting to stimulate her or distract her in the slightest. But he kept his hands on her body so she wouldn’t forget he was right there behind her watching.

She continued to fondle her clit, very slowly at first and very self-consciously. But after a little while, she started to get into it. She lost track of the fact he was there watching her in this embarrassing moment, and started concentrating on the feelings radiating up from her pussy. Her hand was barely moving, just her finger almost imperceptibly stroking her clit. He could sense a change in her breathing, and watched intently. As she got closer, her finger started moving more visibly now, moving up and down her clit very rapidly. He looked at her thighs and he saw them quiver. When finally, she cried out “Oh god!” She clutched his hand over her breast with her left, and cupped her pussy with her right, closing her legs around her hand as she spasmed.

He lay there with his wife in his arms, cradling her as she came down, a big smile on his face now that he had finally gotten the privilege to watch her come for him.

After her orgasm had finally died away, her legs fell back open. He leaned over and said to her quietly “Put your finger in yourself.” He couldn’t see her face, but he knew she was blushing. But she did as she was bid. “Deeper. Good. Now bring your finger up to my mouth.” She hesitated, but she did it. He smelled her moist finger deeply, and drew it into his mouth sucking it clean. “Thank you kittykat. That was just a prelude. Now go get dressed; put on something sexy.”

She had selected a sexy blue dress, with a very low back and short hemline. He drove them across town. She was puzzled, because she had figured on another embarrassing night out at a restaurant. But he was driving in a subdivision, obviously looking for an address. Finally, he found the right house, and he pulled up in the drive. Just an ordinary suburban ranch, much like the last house they had owned.

He stepped out, walked around and let her out, and walked with her hand-in-hand to the door. He rang the bell.

A youngish man opened the door. “Hi, Max?”

“Yup. Hi Jim.”

“We’ve been expecting you. Come on in.”

Clearly they hadn’t met before in person, she thought. I wonder who “we” is? She looked at Jim—he was probably in his mid- to late-thirties, ear length light brown hair, maybe a little taller than her husband. He was dressed more casually in jeans and a light-green short-sleeved t-shirt. He looked typical Anglo-Saxon to her, and had a rugged clean-shaved face. She thought that although he wasn’t fantastic looking, he wasn’t too bad either.

Jim brought them inside, and led them into their living room. Sitting on a couch was a mulatto girl. She was a breathtakingly beautiful petite girl, with very light brown skin. She looked a little younger than Jim—maybe late twenties, or possibly early thirties. She had a large mop of shoulder-length super curly dark golden hair, with the occasional blonde highlight—almost an afro, but the curl was looser. She was wearing very short jean shorts and a red tank top, big hoop earrings and a loose necklace made up of large copper links. Her face was very cute and she had big deep brown eyes. She flashed them a demure smile, and coyly gave a very slight wink.

Max and Susanne sat down in a love seat opposite the girl.

Max spoke to the girl. “I’m Master Max, and this is my slave Susanne.”

Susanne blushed—did they know about their game!? She couldn’t believe that he would address her like this in front of this other couple!

Jim said “I’m Master Jim, and this is my slave Asis.”

The girl said “Hello, pleased to meet you.”

Max turned to Susanne and said “Don’t you have something to say?”

“Sorry,” she blurted. “Nice to meet you too.” Well, at least they’re on equal terms. I hope I can handle whatever kind of game is happening tonight, she thought.

Max stood up. “Remain seated here, while Jim and I talk. You girls can talk if you wish.” He walked off with Jim to a back room.

The girls shyly looked over each other for a while.

Finally Asis broke the silence. “Are you really into the BSDM community?” she asked tentatively, almost scared to hear the answer.

“No! We’re just playing sex games! We don’t do anything rough—no spanking, no whipping, nothing! Some light submissive/dominant stuff, but I can call it off at any time!”

“Oh, thank god! Us too! I got really worried that you guys were serious!”

They both gave a nervous laugh. Then they started to get curious about each other. Susanne started first this time. “Have you been playing games long?”

Asis replied, “About four months. This is the first time we’ve done anything with another couple. He’s been mostly having me do nude modeling. But I really like showing my body anyway,” she admitted.

Susanne ticked off the time on her fingers by the number of Brazilians she’d had, and said “We’ve been doing it about three months now. And we’ve never done anything with anyone else either.” Susanne offered. “Did you know we were coming?”

“No. Jim said to expect something special, but nothing more.”

“Me neither. I wonder what’s going to happen.”

“I don’t know. But I expect we’ll find out soon. I like your collar,” Asis added.

“Thanks! I’ve gotten very attached to it. I wear it all the time, even at work.”

“Really? Don’t people ask about it?”

“I got a lot of comments on it at first, but nobody knows what it means. Now they just think it’s a fashion statement.”

At that moment, Max and Jim walked back into the room. Jim looked at Asis and said “Asis, take off your clothes.”

She readily pulled her top over her head and tossed it aside. She didn’t hesitate at all, Susanne marveled—she must really be an exhibitionist at heart! Her breasts were small but pert, slightly smaller than Susanne’s. She stood up, unbuttoned her jeans, and pulled them around her ankles, stepping out of them. She was wearing a small pink thong which she also removed to expose a completely bare pussy. Asis turned herself around to model for them, and Susanne enjoyed the chance to see this pretty girl naked. She had a perfect body the color of creamed coffee and she wore a belly-button ring with a pearl in the center.

Now it was Max’s turn. He turned to Susanne and said “Go kiss her.” She looked at him questioningly, and he nodded. So this was to be tonight’s activity! She had never had any lesbian experimentation like other girls she knew in college. She had thought about it before, but never had the courage to act on those impulses. She did think some women were absolutely beautiful, and sometimes she and her husband would “girlwatch” together. But she had never thought to actually do anything about it. But Susanne thought that she could be game tonight. This girl was an exotic knock-out, and there would never be a better time!

She moved over to the couch where Asis sat, and she tentatively moved her mouth close to the other girl’s. Asis closed her eyes, and leaned in with slightly parted lips. Their first kiss was a gentle peck with only the slightest sound. Susanne kissed her again, slightly more forcefully and longer. She could smell the other girl’s perfume, a light intoxicating floral scent that she couldn’t place. Asis put her arms around Susanne’s neck, and Susanne wrapped her arms around the girl’s waist. They kissed again, delicately and slowly. Feelings for each other were awakening as they pressed their lips together. Susanne held Asis close and she slightly parted her lips to let the very tip of her tongue between, barely licking the other girl’s lips. At the touch of Susanne’s tongue on her lips, Asis melted into Susanne’s arms, completely submitting to Susanne’s will and opening like a flower. She arched her back to conform to Susanne’s body and opened her mouth to let Susanne explore as she wished. Susanne recognized Asis’ behavior, many times abandoning herself to her husband like this. It gave her a surge of power and responsibility and thus emboldened, she extended her wet tongue into the other girl’s mouth, gently probing and tasting.

Susanne had never had a nude woman in her arms before, and the experience was very erotic. Asis’ body was soft and hairless, much different from her husband. She let her hands wander up and down Asis’ back as they kissed, softly stroking her from her shoulders down to her butt. She let her hands wander up to Asis’ head, running her fingers through the girl’s wild curly hair. Asis had her arms around Susanne’s neck, and as Susanne explored her body, she clutched her closer.

Jim quietly interrupted. “Asis, take Susanne to the bedroom.” The girls broke their embrace, and stood apart for a moment. Then Asis led the way, holding Susanne’s hand in hers. She was very light on her feet as she guided Susanne down the hall. Susanne gazed admiringly at Asis’ pert cinnamon rear as she bounced toward the bedroom, pulling her by the hand. The room was very tastefully decorated in a muted yellow paint with stripes, and a king-sized bed with lots of comfy pillows. There were two chairs sat along the wall beside the bed, and Jim and Max took up residence in them. Asis playfully fell backwards onto the bed with open arms and legs, looking back at Susanne with desire in her eyes. Susanne was still wearing her blue dress, and she hesitated a little, looking over at their audience. Her gaze was met with approval, desire and admiration from the men, but they remained silent. She hooked her finger underneath the straps of the dress and slid them down her shoulders. The dress fell around her waist, and she shimmied a little to get it past her hips where it fell to the floor. Asis looked Susanne up and down and purred in approval. Susanne stepped out of her dress and approached the bed. She leaned over the edge and descended on top of Asis, extending her arms to catch herself. Asis raised her legs, wrapping them around Susanne’s hips, and she held her arms above her head which molded her breasts into perfect teardrop shapes.

Susanne had never felt another girl’s body pressed up against her. Their waists were pressed against each other, and the other girls legs were spread wide and wrapped around her, Asis’ feet grazing against her ass. It was delightful; Asis was soft and warm and curvy and it filled her with desire. Susanne slowly fell to her elbows so they could touch their torsos together. They were almost the same height, and the other girl’s breasts rubbed against hers. It was a sensuous feeling, having the girl’s soft breasts press up against her own. She brought her mouth down to Asis’, and she resumed kissing her, gently but persistently. Asis immediately opened her mouth and pulled her head backwards, submitting to Susanne’s desire.

Susanne could feel herself becoming moist. Although she had thought about a lesbian experience, she had never extrapolated from that simple wish to a full fantasy about what it would really be like. This was better than she had imagined! The other girl’s soft sensual body was an aphrodisiac and she felt herself becoming more and more lustful for her. She had completely forgotten about the men watching them, and she focused solely on Asis, cradling her in her arms, their mouths now fully open and tongues intertwined, lips pressed hard together. Asis too was feeling very reciprocal, although she had assumed a completely submissive role, and was letting Susanne take her.

Susanne broke their French kiss and turned over on her side while Asis lay flat on her back. From this position, Susanne started stroking Asis’ body up and down, softly petting her breasts, running her fingertips up her neck and into her hair, then letting her hand glide down Asis’ body to her belly. She stopped short of touching the other girl’s pussy, but otherwise let her hand explore Asis everywhere. Asis was cooing and let herself be explored. Susanne was amazed at what she felt. In a way, she felt like she was exploring her own body—soft and curvy, completely female. She started to understand the desire that the female body (her body!) aroused in her husband. This girl underneath her hand was completely passive to her wishes, which made her feel even more lust for her.

The men were watching the events unfold, remaining silent observers. The girls didn’t remember or care if they were there. Susanne didn’t have to be told to go further—she wanted it; she wanted to possess this girl. She leaned over, and started kissing Asis’ neck, trailing her kisses down toward her breasts, but staying far away from her nipples. The girl had silver dollar sized brown areolas with lovely miniature gumdrop shaped nipples on top, which were quite hard. Susanne knew exactly how Asis was reacting, having been made love to many times before. Susanne’s husband was easily overcome with complete lust for her and had a difficult time maintaining a snail’s pace. It wasn’t that he didn’t know that she enjoyed it slow. But he was a raging hormone by that time, and he often rushed faster than she wished involuntarily like an a****l in heat. Susanne knew from her own experience being pleasured that teasing Asis would arouse amazing desire, and so she purposefully drew out the event as long as she could stand it. Her kisses went over the top of the girl’s breasts, not ever straying to her nipples, when she would roam back up to her neck and shoulders. Asis was still laying passively and softly moaning, but was becoming more animated, stretching her legs and arching her back, absorbing the other girl’s passion. Susanne looked admiring at Asis’ nipples that were a dark brown, set against the girl’s light mocha skin.

Finally when neither one could stand it any longer, Susanne’s kisses made a trail to Asis’ closer nipple, and she sucked it into her mouth. Asis moaned approvingly, and Susanne cupped the rest of Asis’ breast in her hand. She started to suck, very slowly but drawing the girl’s nipple as deeply into her mouth as she could, and pressing it out with her tongue against the roof of her mouth while retaining the suction. She started nursing on Asis’ breast like this, slowly but forcefully, all the while massaging the girl’s breast with her hand. Asis cupped Susanne’s head with her hand, spread her fingers through Susanne’s hair, and held her head against her.

Susanne had always wondered what men’s fascination with breasts and nipples was. It seemed that they were always wanting a peek, turned on by the merest glimpse of tit. She had always found that typical male behavior immature, thinking “you’ve left the cradle, haven’t you?” But holding Asis’s beautiful breast, with her nipple deep in her mouth was very primal for her. It was erotic and satisfying, giving and taking, and she couldn’t get enough. She released the girl’s nipple and squatted on top of Asis so she would have free access to her body. Then she took the other breast into her mouth. She gave that nipple a strong sucking so it wouldn’t feel left out, and used both her hands to manipulate and massage Asis’ breasts. Asis was letting out soft groans of pleasure, arching her back to let Susanne get at her breasts more easily.

After many minutes of nursing at Asis, swapping back and forth from breast to breast, Susanne finally started to crawl down Asis’ body. She was still sitting straddled on top of the girl, and she worked her way down, giving moist kisses and sucks to any part of Asis in her mouth’s way. She gently gnawed the edge of girl’s ribs, and moved to her belly. Susanne probed the girl’s ring and belly button with her tongue. Asis’ belly button ring was a special delight— it was an interesting texture for her mouth. She continued southward, licking the girl’s hips, and right above her bare kitten. Asis was squirming and sighing, and Susanne could feel the girl’s breath quickening.

Of course by this point, Asis was going mad, and she put her hands on top of Susanne’s head, and gave her a gentle but insistent push further down. Susanne was so excited—she knew all of this girl’s reactions having lived them herself. But now she was feeling what it was like on the giving side. Susanne was still having fun teasing her and didn’t want to end it just yet. She resisted Asis’ push, and continued to tease the girl, licking and kissing just above her pubic bone. She would move back up Asis’ body, start kissing the undersides of her breasts, and then move back down across her belly, repeating this several times, panning side to side.

Finally, curiosity and lust got the better of her. She moved herself right down between Asis’ legs, and positioned her face just over the girl’s now dripping wet cunt. Susanne looked at the girl’s bare beaver, seeing that she wasn’t waxed like she was, but that Asis must shave herself. But she had done a good job; she was clean-shaven with no extra hairs or obvious stubble. Susanne never got a chance to look at herself this closely or this intimately: squatting over a mirror out of curiosity just didn’t cut it. Now she had a chance to really see a pussy close-up, and it was beautiful. She gently used her fingertips to pet the girl’s pussy up and down, to separate her delicately wrinkled lips, to lift her hood, to move her labia from side to side, gently tugging on them. Asis’ café-au-lait skin tapered to a dark coffee brown at the tips of her labia. The skin there was soft and wrinkled, and it faded to a feminine pink in-between her lips. She felt like a k** in a candy shop: a dirty candy shop! It was so exciting that this woman was allowing her to completely explore her most intimate parts, to examine every nuance of her female organs. It was beautiful and awe inspiring.

She stopped exploring and steadied herself with her hands on Asis’ hips. She pressed her nose against Asis’ clit, and drew in a deep breath. Her husband always deeply inhaled when eating her, and she wanted to see why. What filled her nostrils was a sweet musky scent, definitely female, and definitely alluring. Asis’ pussy was a veritable sex candle, giving off a warm, unmistakable mating scent. Susanne was a little surprised that she enjoyed the smell so much—the girl smelled different than she did, and it was like an aphrodisiac. She moved her nose closer to the girl’s opening, and pressed the very tip of her nose against the girls’ open lips, drawing another deep breath. A more tangy version of the same scent filled her lungs. Susanne could see why her husband enjoyed the scent of her own ripe cunt so much. It was intoxicating and filled her with desire. She started slowly peppering the girl’s outer labia with wet kisses. Now Asis was finally getting what she wanted, and her hands moved to Susanne’s head, gently holding it against her body.

Susanne continued kissing up and down the girl’s wet pussy, and finally while poised over her clit just about ready to dive in, she lifted her head. She had gotten a sudden realization of what she was doing, that she was about to eat out another girl, and a brief Catholic guilt washed over her. She wasn’t worried about homosexuality or hell or anything like that. But she felt to go any further would be cheating on her husband, and she took her marriage vows very seriously. Susanne whispered, “Is it okay?” not obviously addressed to anyone. These were the first actual words uttered once the girls had started—all else had been moans and groans of appreciation or pleasure. Asis assumed that this question was for her, and answered immediately, “For God’s sake yes! Please don’t torture me!” Asis hands were still on Susanne’s head, and she cautiously but insistently started pulling Susanne back to her and tilted her pelvis upwards. Susanne turned her head towards her husband sitting just feet away and gave him a timid look. He looked at her with lustful yet compassionate eyes and reassured her, “Please keep going. I really want you to. It’s okay.”

She let her husband’s permission soak in for a few moments until she was composed enough to continue. Then she lowered her head back down, and planted a big wet kiss on Asis’ clit. The girl had been left waiting so long that the kiss was electric and she grunted with a start. Asis loudly sighed, lifting her legs to d**** them over Susanne’s back. Susanne opened her mouth and softly sucked in Asis’ clit.

She had tasted her own pussy off her husband’s fingers or from his cock, but this girl tasted different. She thought it was so more attractive than her own scent, but she couldn’t tell exactly how. She thought about all the times her girlfriends had complained about their own female odors. And she had felt the same as they did, deriding the smell of her own pussy, although her husband was clearly quite crazy about her scent. She knew every woman smelled and tasted slightly differently. She had always chalked up his desire to smell and taste her as a strictly male/female sexual dynamic. But the taste of Asis’ pussy was so pleasant, she just sucked the girl’s clit into her mouth and held it there. Maybe there was a built-in evolutionary mechanism causing women not to find themselves nice smelling, like a required difference in pheromones that kept people from falling in love with their parents or siblings. Whatever it was, she realized that she had been wrong the whole time. She had never thought she could love another woman’s scent or taste because only men would find it attractive. But in truth, she had never been intimate with another woman until now, and she found that she loved the smell and flavor of this girl. She had her mouth pressed up against Asis’ mound, drawing in her scent with her nostrils. It was curious, sexual, but most definitely appealing. She realized that her husband probably smelled and tasted her in the same way she tasted this girl. And that like his cunt-worshipping relationship with her, she was falling under the spell of this girl’s sweet smelling pussy.

Her husband was very good at eating pussy. But he could never seem to tease her with his mouth for the duration she would have preferred; once he had clamped his mouth onto her clit, he wouldn’t let go until she came. Now she found herself in the same predicament and finally understood it clearly. Her lust to satiate this girl and fill herself on this woman’s cunt was urgent. She wanted to devour the girl’s pussy, and she knew that she wouldn’t be able to let the girl out of her mouth now that she had had a taste. Once she had asked her husband what his pussy eating secret was. He had said that it was simple—keep a consistent rhythm, pay attention to the woman’s body, and keep every part of your mouth in motion. And, he added, it doesn’t hurt to absolutely adore your subject matter!

Never having eaten pussy before, she tried to follow his advice. She knew what felt good on her own pussy, so she combined his advice with her knowledge of having been a receiver of lots of muff diving. She hungrily suckled at Asis’ clit, deeply sucking it in and out, moving her mouth side to side, flicking her tongue up and down her clit, and pressing her lips together and apart. Asis was pulling Susanne’s head close to her, rubbing her cunt in Susanne’s face as much as she could. Her back was arched, and she was moaning deep in pleasure.

Susanne knew what had to come next, and she removed her right hand from the girls’ hip and placed it underneath her body between Asis’ legs. Susanne kept the girl’s inner labia and clit fully in her mouth while she probed delicately for the girl’s opening with her fingertips. It was wet and ready for her, and Susanne extended her middle finger and slid it inside. Asis bucked passionately, angling her hips down in an attempt to bury Susanne’s finger as deeply as she could within her cunt. Susanne started pumping the girl very slowly in a come-hither motion, milking the girl’s G-spot.

At this moment, her whole world was this girl’s soft, wet, fragrant cunt. She rubbed her face in it, and sucked and fingered the girl, losing track of time and everything else. Her ears were completely tuned to the girl’s moans, and every sign or grunt from Asis was a signal to speed up, slow down, keep this pace, keep doing that. Susanne had never felt so giving or passionate when she sucked cock. When she sucked cock, it was as a favor to her husband—it was because he had asked her for it. She was happy to oblige, but she didn’t hunger for his cock. When he finally came, it was a relief for her. Not that it was unpleasant, but she looked forward to ending the ache in her jaw. This was different. She was eating cunt like she was born to do nothing else. Her tongue was tired, but she didn’t care—she wanted to keep working it until it fell off. Asis’ pussy was a forbidden fruit, and she wanted to taste it until it was gone. She was in complete charge of this girl’s pleasure, and she felt a great responsibility. Susanne wanted desperately to make Asis come, to feel the girl’s pussy convulse underneath her, to make her happy. But at the same time, she was so lost in the enjoyment of the girl’s pussy that she dreaded the orgasm which would end her feast. With a flash of insight, she realized that her husband really did ache to eat her. He had said as much in many words, but she never came close to feeling it. He would beg to satisfy her, and was on his knees licking her slit at the drop of a hat. She had always thought this was insincere or just play, since she had never felt that way about him. But now she realized that he really did hunger to eat her, a dire urge that was only temporarily satisfied by diving into her pussy. Again she felt like she truly understood another part of her husband, and felt very warm towards him. What an incredible irony that it takes me eating a pussy to really get close to my husband, she thought.

Finally, Susanne recognized the signs of Asis’ getting close from her breathing. She stayed the course, remaining very consistent in her current sucking, tonguing, fingering pattern. She kept going until Asis’ legs clenched around her tightly, and she pushed Susanne’s head against her cunt forcefully. Asis cried out “Oh God!” and she grasped Susanne to her pussy as tighly as she could. Susanne’s head was being crushed between the girl’s legs, and her mouth was pressed hard against her pubic bone, but she kept sucking and fingering, incrementally slowing the pace until Asis’ cries and spasms ended. Finally, Asis uncrossed her ankles over Susanne’s back, and let her legs fall open, spread wide. She released her pull on Susanne’s head, and cradled it gently, and Susanne stopped.

Susanne raised her mouth from the girl’s pussy and slowly withdrew her finger. Asis’ juices had dribbled down her face, and she u*********sly wiped them off. She brought her right middle finger to her mouth, gingerly tasting the tip. It was sweet and musky, and very faintly metallic. Not like blood, but like an inner secret that she had just uncovered. She licked her finger clean. Although Asis had come, her lust had not yet been satiated. She was overcome with a desire to possess this beautiful thing, to penetrate her, to ride her and mount her, to fuck her. She moved her pelvis as close as she could to Asis’ and started bumping their clits together, very sad about the lack of certain equipment she could have really used at that moment.

At this point, Max interrupted her reverie and said, “Look to your left.” She was temporarily startled, since she had completely forgotten that anyone else existed in the world except her and Asis. But she did, and she saw a double-headed dildo on the bed, mounted into a harness. She didn’t need any other encouragement. This was exactly what her lust needed right now, and Susanne picked it up. It took a couple of seconds to figure out exactly how it worked. The two dildo heads were realistic penis shaped, each like the real thing with the requisite ridges and veins. And there was an obvious inside and outside end. The inside part was designed to go in her, and it had a small cup positioned half-way between the two cocks that was covered with many small bumps. Clearly, that would rub against her clit while she was fucking. Underneath the outside cock was a set of fake balls that would bump against the other girl. She stepped off the bed, found the loops to position around each leg, and slipped it on. She gently guided the inside dildo into her pussy, and shuddered—after her lust it felt so good to be filled! She positioned the two holding straps around each buttock, and adjusted the bumpy cup around her open labia, right up against her clit. A top strap reached around her waist and snapped back in the front to keep the harness from slipping down once it was on.

She looked down, and minus a few black straps circling her like an exotic G-string, it looked like she had a cock! She grasped the outer dildo and pumped it like she would a real cock. The dildo inside her moved, and the cup rubbed her clit, sending shivers up her spine. So pumping her “cock” really felt good! And the harness remained solidly in place.

Now ready with her new equipment, she turned to Asis and said “Get on your knees—I want to fuck you doggy-style!” Asis obediently rolled over, and stuck her ass in the air, awaiting Susanne’s first thrust. Susanne knelt on the bed, scooted up close to the girl, and positioned her dildo against the girl’s opening, sliding up and down and around her labia to find the right spot and lubricating the tip. Once she found it, she pressed in slowly, rotating her hips and penetrating in a little deeper on each stroke to coat the dildo with Asis’ wetness, just like her husband would do using his cock to her. Once she was in to full depth, she started slowly pumping in and out. She grabbed the other girl’s hips with her hands, and pulled her towards her with every pump. Each stroke was imparting a sensation to each girl. Asis was getting the majority of it, and with the depth of each stroke she would grunt. But the motion of the dildo and the bumping of the studded cup against her clit was having its effect on Susanne too. She had to bottom out on Asis to get the cup mashing into her clit, so her strokes were deep and she would vigorously rub and press her hips against the other girl’s ass once she reached bottom.

Susanne looked down at Asis. She had never seen this angle before—she couldn’t fuck her husband like this. It was an amazing sight. The girl’s sexy mop of curly hair, her smooth bare back, the curve of her hips, all ending in a perfect heart-shaped little ass that was connected to her through her dildo. She had never felt so in control of the sex act. She owned this girl; with each thrust, she was directly responsible for the girl’s moans and for her pleasure. She realized that she had never really been the active partner in sex, not like this. Of course, she would ride on top of her husband, and she loved girl-on-top. But that was only a different position, really still somewhat passive. He still provided the cock and the majority of the thrust. Here, she was the one who was fucking, there could be no doubt. Susanne was pumping the girl, and she felt like the more that Asis reacted to her, reared back to her, moaned, reached back with her hands to pull Susanne’s ass closer, the more she wanted to fuck her back, she wanted to own this girl, to make her hers.

She saw the girl’s sexy little brown asshole, and she was moved to own that too. She put her thumb in her mouth to make it wet, and then covered the girl’s browneye with her wet thumb, spreading the rest of her hand to cover the girl’s crack and tailbone. The girl moaned appreciatively, and Susanne picked up her thrusts, fucking her harder now. She let her other hand roam the girl’s up and down back, reaching underneath to fondle her breasts. Each pump was still very deep, ending with an extra hard wiggle to let Susanne get the maximum stimulation for herself, and it was driving Asis completely mad. She started grunting at every stroke. Asis’ sounds were music to Susanne’s ears, and interestingly she suddenly realized that she wasn’t making any sound! Susanne was normally very vocal in bed, and her husband could provoke a symphony of cries from her when he was fucking her. She knew that her uncharacteristic silence was a final sign that she was the active partner, it was she who was dominating. She was so focused on fucking Asis that she forgot to make noise! When she was submitting her body to her partner, her voice was the way she communicated her lust back to him. She knew exactly what it was like to be Asis, completely surrendered to the force taking her, opening her body to the person using her. And Asis was telling Susanne through her grunts to keep fucking her and not stop.

Asis was rhythmically panting, begging for release. But it wasn’t long before Asis was coming again, her gasps urgent and a****listic. Susanne found this an amazing turn-on, and it flooded her with a rush of endorphins. Watching the girl underneath her having an orgasm that she was completely responsible for pushed her over the edge, and she started to come too. She became suddenly filled with an almost blind lust, repeatedly ramming the dildo forcefully into the other girl while she came. Finally the two girls slowed and stopped, their bodies glistening with a light sheen of sweat. Susanne fell over on her side, holding Asis’ hips while she did so, pulling the two of them over while they were still connected. Asis straightened her body up to press her back up against Susanne’s breasts as best as she could, and Susanne responded by wrapping her arm around Asis, cradling the girl’s breast in her hand. Their breathing was deep and synchronized as they held each other.

Jim d****d a sheet over the girls, and he whispered to them “We’ll come wake you up in a while.” The men left the room.

Susanne’s head was filled with all kinds of strange emotions—love, lust, kindness, adoration, appreciation, caring, tenderness. Both for the girl in her arms that she was spooning, and for her husband who she now understood in a deeper way than she ever thought possible. She hugged Asis close to her, and smelled the girl’s hair. Asis purred in response and held her hand over Susanne’s hand that was still holding her breast. The girls snuggled as close together as they could and drifted off to sleep.

9. Turnabout is Fair Play

After the girls woke up, they got dressed, everyone said quick awkward goodbyes, and Max and Susanne rushed on their way home. They didn’t talk at all, and they went to bed after a quick bite.

Over the next few days, Susanne had a lot to think about, and her mind was a blur of strange emotions and questions. Why did Max make her do this? Actually, he hadn’t really made her—was she a lesbian at heart? What was going to happen next? Would she see Asis again? She wanted to see her, but should she? Were those strong feelings of lust and passion of the moment? Were they real? Could she have fallen in love with a girl that she had a one-night-stand with? What else was there to experience in being a “top”? Should she end the games with her husband? Or should she let them lead her into deeper territory? Could she feel the same powerful emotions with him? Was it “feminine” to be a top?

She was very quiet and reserved at home and at work. A couple of the girls at work noticed her change in demeanor and asked her if everything was okay. Susanne replied “Sure,” but didn’t elaborate. Max definitely noticed. He knew he had pushed her boundaries, and thought that he may have gone too far. She was very demure at home, and although she still remained naked as was his wish, he didn’t call with any instructions and he didn’t take advantage of her. He suspected that she would have obeyed if he had asked, but he didn’t want to push his luck.

After two days of the silent treatment from Susanne, Max came home and she wasn’t nude. She was waiting for him fully clothed, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. “Uh oh,” he thought, although he did notice that she strangely still wore her little white collar.

“Hi?” he offered with a good deal of hesitation.

“Hi honey,” she replied. “We’ve got to talk.”

“Sure,” he said quietly, and came down and sat next to her. “Look, I’m really, really sorry about the other night…”

She put her finger over his lips. “Please let me do the talking. You don’t need to apologize.”

He looked at her questioningly. “But I know I pushed…”

She used her fingertips to gently pinch his lips shut. “I’m serious—I need to talk, and don’t interrupt. I’m not upset about the other night.”

“You’re not?”

“No. It was one of the most amazing sexual experiences I’ve ever had. And I wouldn’t have thought to do it myself. Even if I did, I wouldn’t ever have had the courage to pull it off.”

He looked very relieved.

She continued. “I know I’ve been completely inside my head these last couple days. But I’ve had a lot to think about. Thank you for giving me the time.”

“You’re welcome. You’re still wearing your collar?” he asked timidly.

“Yes. I don’t want to end our games. At first I thought that night with Asis was beyond what my sexual boundaries were. But as it turns out, I guess it really wasn’t. So I want to keep going. But there are some things I need to find out for myself first.”


“I want to try an experiment. Although I’m going to leave on my collar, for tonight I want to be given the freedom to do and say whatever I want. No rules are in effect. No retroactive punishment. And after tonight, everything can go back to status quo if you want; I’m the slave and you’re the Master again. Okay?”

He was so relieved that she wasn’t angry. He had even come to think that she might divorce him over this. Now he figured that he was out of the woods, so he eagerly agreed, “Of course!”

“Good. I want to explore an aspect of my sexuality that you woke up the other night. I have lived my life without seeing this side, and I want to experience it further. To more deeply understand it. Are you okay with that?”

He assumed that she meant the lesbianism. Like most red-blooded males, he was incredibly turned on by heterosexual women overcome by their passion so much that they would make love to other women. So again, he quickly responded, “Yes!”

“So you’ll do as I ask, no matter what it is?”


“Good,” she said. “Sit here.” He did, and she walked into the bedroom and came back with a small plastic bag.

“Take off your clothes,” she said.

He looked back questioningly.

She replied, “I found out what it was like to be in charge of sex for the very first time. I mean really in charge. I want to see if the power and responsibility and lust that I felt were because I was making love to a girl, or if that would apply to you too. I have always loved you, but for me sex has been an act of compassion. I gave of myself; I never took. But sex the other night was raw lust. I needed to possess that girl, to own her, to fuck her. I wanted her to come—no, I needed her to come. I’ve never felt that way before.”

He looked at her in wonder.

She continued, “I have to find out for myself what that means. I want to understand if I can feel that same raw energy and passion for you. We’ve had a sexual relationship for so many years, but it was only the night with Asis where I came to realize some very important things. I was able to relate to you on a deeper level than ever before. I felt how you must feel when you take me. I felt how you must feel when you are begging me to eat my pussy. Having that beautiful woman submissive to my desire and moaning because of what I was doing to her almost felt like I was getting a peek inside your head. I was surprised myself, but I think that fucking Asis brought me closer to you than I ever imagined!”

He sat and listened intently.

“So I’m going to fuck you tonight. Like you’ve never been fucked before. So, as I said, take off your clothes.”

He thought about it. This was certainly an unexpected turn of events. He wouldn’t have guess that this be the outcome of their tryst with Asis and Jim in a million years. But he thought about how really GGG she had been about their little games. She wore a collar for him, she wore butt-plugs and tails for him, she sucked him off in public, she let him ass-fuck her, she beat off for him, she fucked another woman for him. He realized that there was absolutely no way he could refuse her wishes—he had to man up and play fair. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! He started obediently unbuttoning his shirt, and asked, “May I talk?”

She laughed, “Of course! This isn’t a master/slave thing. I need to fuck you, but I don’t need to dominate you.” Under her breath quietly, she added “Not yet, anyway.”

“Okay,” he sighed with some relief.

“There’s only one request I have.”

“What is it?” he asked.

“I know you’re not afraid of your sexuality. And you’ve never held back from wearing pink t-shirts or anything like that. But I want you to be open to your feminine side like never before. I want you to be submissive. I don’t want you to act like a man—don’t try to take control, don’t fight with me. Just lie there and let me fuck you, let me control you, let me pleasure you. Absorb it, respond to it, feel it as much as you can. I want you to come to touch with your feminine side as deeply as you’ve helped me come to touch with my masculine side. Fair?”

“Sounds fair,” he agreed. At this point he was naked and had placed his clothes folded on the floor.

“Good. Now lay back.” He stretched out on the couch, and she laid on top of him. She started slowly by kissing him around the face. His first instinct was to kiss back, and she put her hand on his forehead and forcefully pushed him back down. “Be receptive, not active. Just lay back and enjoy it!” He did, and let himself fall back into the cushions.

She started crawling down his body slowly, kissing him everywhere. He was getting more relaxed now, and started enjoying being an object of her desire. She reached down between his legs and cupped his balls, coming back for a full kiss on his lips. He moaned. She extended her tongue into his mouth, and he fought the urge to move his tongue in return, instead passively letting her invade his mouth. She tongue fucked his mouth while she fondled his balls. At this point, he was quite hard, and she sat up on him, taking off her t-shirt. “We don’t want to get this dirty!” she exclaimed, tossing it aside. She was still wearing a black bra and her jeans, and he looked at her beautiful body admiringly. She went back down to deep kissing him, expertly rolling his balls in her hands.

He was really getting into it now, and was fully letting her take the reins. He was moving his body in response to her touch, passively expressing his pleasure. She felt herself being overcome with the desire to fuck this man underneath her. She was right! It wasn’t just having a soft beautiful woman to fuck that aroused her active passion. Here was her husband of almost twenty years under her, submissive to her every desire, letting himself be opened like a flower, to be fucked by her. His submission was enflaming her lust, and she straddled him, her jeans rubbing against his hard cock, pinching his nipples while she mouth fucked him.

At this point, she really wanted to devour him. She slid down his body, and she reached between his legs, moving to spread them. He spread himself readily for her. She sat between his legs, and took the head of his cock in her mouth. She wanted to eat him, to taste him—she swallowed him as deeply as she could, holding his balls in one hand, and his shaft in the other. She started ravenously sucking him, as if completely consuming him would fulfill her lust. Her mouth felt like heaven on his cock. She had sucked him off so many times before, and she was great at it. But this time, he sensed it was different. She was not just performing an act for his pleasure. She was sucking him out of her own need, her own lust. He felt her urgency in her tongue and lips around his cock, and it was exhilarating. He felt her excitement, but instead of holding her head to him, he just melted to her desire and started whimpering and writhing his body.

It wasn’t long with her devouring his cock that he came, although it was a surprise for his body and he wasn’t expecting it. He shouted out “Oh Jesus Christ!” and he wrapped his hands around her shoulders. She drank his come, saddened by how short lived her hunger was before he came. But she relished his orgasm, and the power she had over him was intoxicating. Normally she stopped sucking once he came, but this time she kept sucking and sucking harder, pulling his balls and pumping his shaft vigorously.

If he was active, he would have forced her to stop right away after he came. But this time, he was passive and he lay back, trying to squirm away but letting her do as she wished. He realized that this was what he did to her; he would eat her until she came but he wasn’t yet finished and would keep eating her, sometimes to a second orgasm. She would lay back and take it, being passive to his desire. So he attempted to do the same. His refractory period was low; he didn’t need hours between erections like some men. He never even went limp after he came. The feelings of pleasure emanating from his cock were intense, but he rode it out while she sucked him, and eventually he too was beyond his first orgasm and on his way to the next. She continued sucking him in a frenzy, and then she finally stopped.

He had been very resistant at first to her forceful sucking after he came, but by now, he was starting to get primed again, and her withdrawal made him whimper. She reached down to the plastic bag she had brought from the bedroom. Out of it, she pulled a tube of Astroglide, and she lubed up her finger. He was panting, gyrating his hips to get her to notice his still hard cock. She obliged by sliding her finger into his ass and sucking his cock back into her mouth.
“Ohhhh!” he moaned. She had never played with his ass before; it was a mix of lack of desire from her and lack of interest from him. But now, she had turned him into a raw pit of objectified lust, and he was eager to get anything she gave him. And she was ready to fuck him and possess him, and his ass was the next step.

She sucked him greedily, pulling his balls and fingering his ass, while he squirmed in pleasure. Soon she could feel him getting close to a second orgasm. She could tell she was getting better at being a top, because she wanted to toy with his second orgasm and stretch it out as long as possible. She slowed and moved to sucking his balls. He loved this although he wouldn’t come from it. But she knew the feelings were intense for him when she rolled his balls around her mouth. She kept fingering his ass, and several times moved from sucking his balls to sucking his cock. He got closer and closer at each switch.

Finally he couldn’t hold back any further and came for a second time, screaming loudly and grasping her with his legs. He spurted noticeably less into her mouth this time, but she took that offering too and swallowed it down. This time she stopped sucking and took her mouth off of him, but left her finger in his ass motionless for a second or two and then pulled it out. He was shaking and panting, laying there with his eyes closed completely submissive to her will. She got up, and quickly pulled off her jeans, her bra and her panties. She reached in the bag, and in it was a harness similar to the one she had used on Asis. She quickly donned it, slid the inner dildo inside herself, and adjusted the straps. Then she squirted a generous amount of lubricant on the external dildo.

“Turn over, on your knees,” she commanded.

He was barely functional and still shaking, but he did manage to roll over on all fours. She put the tip of the dildo against his ass, and slowly started to slide it in. In reaction, he grunted. But instead of pulling away, he dropped his upper body to the couch submissively, propping his ass into the air for her.

She took it slowly and eventually had the full length of the dildo inside him. She then started moving in and out. With each stroke, the dildo inside her was providing her some relief from her lust. He was grunting and panting as she started pumping him more quickly, until she was fully fucking his ass. She was satiating herself now, using his ass as the means to get her cunt satisfied. The feeling of dominance, of using him as a sexual object returned to her, just as they had the night with Asis. She felt in control, and she grabbed his hips to pull his ass to her as she pumped. Her cunt was wet and waiting for the dildo by the time she had put on the harness, so between the physical and visual stimulation of him writhing underneath her it wasn’t long that she was on the edge herself. He was crying out, not of pain but of passion at each stroke, really letting himself go vocally like he never did before. Hearing his a****listic sounds in response to her fucking him made Susanne mad with passion.

Her strokes were long and deep into his ass, when she finally broke, giving him a final deep thrust as she came. She rubbed her cunt furiously against the dildo harness for several seconds while he passively accepted her. Finally, she collapsed on top of him, the dildo still deep inside both of them. They were panting and sweating, and she covered him with her body.

She climbed off of him, and they took a long shower together and crawled into bed. He spooned into her arms, and let her curl her arms around him.

“That was amazing,” he said finally. “I’ve never felt so completely like I was being taken. Like I was offering myself up to you.”

“I was hoping that you would feel what I feel for you every time we make love. I wanted to share each other’s experiences. I wouldn’t have ever thought to do it without having experienced the male side of things the other night.”

“I never knew it could be like this!” he said in surprise. “I can’t believe what it felt like to submit to you. I think we’ll have to trade off who’s going to going to be the Master!”

“Can I still wear my collar if I top you?” she asked.

“Of course! It’s so super sexy. Even if you’re going to be dominating me, collars still go with the territory. We’ll just have to adjust our concept that it can only mean ‘slave’, and I’m okay with that!”

“That’s good—I’ve really gotten to love it. Oh, and the sex-store lady says ‘Hi’.”

“What?” He was temporarily shocked.

“I wore my collar into the store, and as you know it’s a special order. The clerk behind the desk recognized it right away when I was ringing up my purchases and asked how I liked it. She remembered the gentleman who had been coming in there time and time again buying special little surprises. She said she was glad to see the other party finally!”

They laughed heartily at having their little secret in “public”, even if it was just the sex store lady. Susanne hesitated a little before she spoke again. “I still want to explore again with Asis too, if that’s okay.”

“As long as we can both share you!” he laughed.

“Thank you! I love you so much.”

“I love you too. Thank you for fucking me.”

“You’re welcome. Thanks for letting me! Good night.”

“Good night.”

They purred and cooed together and snuggled close, falling quickly asleep.

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