ProfNigma Stories #6: Power Trip #4

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ProfNigma Stories #6: Power Trip #4
iCarly/Victorious: Power Trip #4 – Chapter 3

(AU story)
Spun out of last series, this AU story has the gang gaining super powers thanks to a wish. Action, twists, and shocking moments abound.

There was an eerie silence for a few seconds as everyone could not believe what they had just seen. Beck looked up at Jade, looking horrified as he dropped the pipe and backed away from Freddie’s body.

“NOOO!” Jade screamed as she raced towards Beck, the intense heat from her body melting the ice inches before she touched it. Her whole body was slowly being consumed by the fire and eventually, she was a walking inferno.

The enraged teen could barely form words as she reached Beck and picked him up, his blue skin getting pinker by the second. Just as she began to burn him, she felt a deep pain behind her.

“This isn’t right,” Tori said, still gushing a gallon of water at Jade, trying hard to extinguish her before she did something she’d regret.

“Fuck what’s right! Did you see what Beck did to him?!”

“Yeah,” Nate said, coming up behind her, before placing his hand on her revealed shoulder. “But trying to do the same to him won’t make-”

“Get your redneck fucking hand off my shoulder before I show you the meaning of scorched earth, asshole,” Jade said coldly, still not taking her eyes off Beck.

Her former boyfriend looked like he was on the verge of tears, curled up in a ball as his natural blue colour began to return. On the other side of the room, Carly and Andre were getting Sam up off the ground, her eyes never leaving the sight of Freddie’s body as tears began to pour down her face.

Nate motioned toward Cat to come and help him with Freddie’s body and the two of them brought the body outside and tried to get it into the back of Nate’s truck.

Jade stood, nearly naked as her clothes, except for her bra and underwear, which Cat helped make for when she would burn through her clothes, had been turned to ash. Tori stood behind her, knowing that her friend would never be the same.

Tori placed her hand on Jade’s arm and pulled herself in close as she held Jade from behind in her arms. She could see that there were tears pouring down her face, boiling before they could ever fall.

“Just… kill… me. Please,” Beck said, coldly up to Jade.

“You don’t get off that easy.”

Finally, Jade turned around and hugged Tori tight, crying heavily into the youngest Vega’s shoulder. Tori had no idea how to respond to this situation, and just stroked her back up and down while Jade got it all out. The moment could have lasted longer but there was a buzzing sound that jarred all three of them.

As the girls looked down, Beck reached into his pocket and answered the phone. His eyes went wide and the phone dropped as his skin turned incredibly blue and he reached his hand out to ice the girls.

Tori tried to move but his ice nailed her arm, just as Jade pushed her away. Tori cradled her arm as she fell, managing not to smash it as she landed. Jade, however, was now emanating fire from every inch of her body.

Beck sneered as he applied as much ice as he possibly could to the grieving girl, but he was no match for her overwhelming power. It was like déjà vu as Jade grabbed Beck by his throat and began to burn him.

“No!” Tori cried out, trying to stand out and stop her friend again. This time, when Tori’s water hit Jade, it was already evaporating before it even touched her. Jade looked back at Tori, her face now nothing but green eyes in a raging fire, before she shot waves of fire at the youngest Vega, melting her frozen arm.

Tori, feeling like she was getting to Jade, took another step forward, and immediately regretted it. Her watery skin was drying fast and she felt if she got any closer to Jade she’d be completely dried out. The only thing keeping Beck alive was how cold his core temperature was, and even that was beginning to waver.

“That’s not Beck doing that… I think Robbie’s actually controlling him!”

“Back off, Vega. I don’t care if Shapiro’s in his head!” she shouted back.

“But-” Tori took another step towards Jade, but the angry Goth turned and shot a wave of fire at her, forcing Tori to retreat into her puddle form and move back a bit.

Before she could re-form, she looked up as Beck looked scared to death before it seemed like a moment of clarity hit him.

He whispered something to Jade that Tori couldn’t quite hear, but his words weren’t meant for her. They hit Jade, and the look in her eyes told her it was really Beck saying them.

“I never loved you. Not like her.”

Jade was over Beck for sure, but to hear this with the addition of what just happened completely blinded her to everything else in the world. She didn’t know why she did this, but she dove her face forward and kissed Beck deeply, his face becoming scorched as Jade’s fire burned brighter and brighter. There was smoke billowing from Beck’s body as Jade slowly cooked him from the inside.

As the others walked back into the warehouse, they witnessed Beck’s final moments before Jade threw him to the center of the room, nothing but a dried up skeleton husk. Her fire hadn’t died down at all as everyone just looked at her, unsure of what to say or do to stop her as she marched towards them. As Jade reached outside, she saw Sam sitting on the edge of Nate’s truck, her hands on her former lover’s body.

“You!” she screamed at the weeping blonde. “This… all this was your fault!” Jade stormed towards Sam, who looked up at her with bl*odshot eyes.

“Just… kill me,” Sam muttered. “Put me out of my misery. I don’t want to live in a world without him.”

“I know,” Jade said coldly, her hand reaching out to touch Sam’s face. Her right hand held the side of the blonde’s face as Sam closed her eyes and slowly waited for Jade to kill her.

Just when she thought that Jade wasn’t going to do it, Sam felt a white hot searing pain along her face before Jade pulled away. There was a sick smell and a loud pop.

“Death’s too good for you. You deserve to live with yourself.”

Jade’s words caused Sam to open her eye to see the walking bonfire walk away from the vehicles to God knows where. After a few seconds, the others came out of the warehouse and looked at her with utter disgust. Only when Sam reached up to touch her face did she understand why. Her skin was practically gone, burned so badly that she didn’t even feel her eye burst as Jade had burned half her face away, cauterizing her work so Sam wouldn’t die.

Sam sunk to the ground, using her last bit of strength to touch Freddie’s body before she passed out.

“We should deal with Jade later,” Andre said, stepping forward. “Maybe that Gibby k*d can help Sam when we get back to the house. Right now, we need to cover our tracks, and hide these two bodies. Then,” his eyes narrowing at Sam and then back at the warehouse, “we’re going to find out where fuck Robbie and Trina are. And we’re going to make them pay.”

* * *

Thanks to Nate, it only took a few minutes for them to get two holes big enough for their friends, and quickly dropped them into them, figuring that they should keep them there until they could come up with a plan.

Carly was beside herself as she cried over where Freddie was buried. Deep in her heart she knew that she loved him. Not in the way that Sam or Jade had by any means, but she loved him like a best friend who was always there for her. Sam sat at the grave, not moving or crying. If it wasn’t for shallow breaths every so often, she could have been mistaken for dead. Carly wanted to hate Sam for what she did, but she knew that no amount of hate or anger could match what Sam was doing to herself. Nate stood over Freddie’s grave and just made grunts and simple respectful signs before heading back to the truck.

Tori, Cat, and Andre stood around where Beck was buried. None of them were crying but they all felt extremely sad. Beck had done some very bad things but they knew what happened today wasn’t really his doing. They held hands and Andre said a prayer for both guys before they broke apart and headed toward Andre’s car.

The ride back to the West house was incredibly awkward and no one said a word for the entirety of the hour long ride. As they pulled into the driveway, Carly merely uttered a phrase before getting out of the vehicle:

“What am I going to tell Spencer?”

Unfortunately, they didn’t have much time to develop a way to break the news as he opened the door happily and looked at the group.

“You guys teach your friends the error of their ways?” he joked, seeing that there was no humor in the teens, he changed the subject. “So… where’s Freddie and Jade? Those two lovebirds-”

“Spencer, man…” Andre began, but Carly stopped him.

“Freddie isn’t, uh, you know… he…” Carly could no longer hold back her tears as the droplets fell from her face.

“What she’s trying to say is, he was trying to save us and stop those guys,” Andre said, putting a hand on Carly’s shoulder. “But… he, I don’t know what went wrong, but he, uh… he didn’t make it. He died trying to save us.”

The colour drained from Spencer’s face as he looked at the teens, his mind racing to every possible thought, ranging from “What do I tell his mom?” to “I should have been there,” and of course, “That could have been Carly.”

Gibby had come downstairs after overhearing what Andre said, his own mind unable to process what he had just heard. He too felt like he should have been there, at least to maybe heal Freddie.

“So… what about them? Is Sam ok?” Spencer asked, trying to remain strong.

“Well, Sam’s out in the truck here, but… Gibby, we might need your help with her.”

“What happened?” Spencer and Gibby said in unison.

“Well…” Cat said, motioning for Sam to come to the house. “Something bad.”

“Oh shit!” Gibby exclaimed upon seeing her face. “Sorry for the language but jeez… They did that to her.”

“Nope,” Sam said, still emotionless. “Jade.”

“Whoa,” Spencer said, “The rocker chick who owns this place?… How?… What?”

“Here’s what happened,” Tori began, and proceeded to tell everything that happened from the fight to what happened between Jade and Beck to Jade going insane and burning Sam before disappearing.

“If she’s that messed up, maybe we should get the hell out of here,” Gibby said, backing away from the door to get his stuff.

“Nah…” Andre said, “I don’t think she’s coming back here until she finds Robbie and Trina. But I feel bad for them when she does.”

Gibby headed back outside and took a look at the damage to Sam’s face. She looked like something out of a horror movie or like Harvey Dent in that one Batman movie Freddie made him watch like fifty times. Even with all this done to her, she looked like she was in more emotional pain than physical. Sadly, there was nothing he could do for that.

He placed his hand on her face, and she shot him a dirty look, signalling the real Sam was still in there somewhere. Once he touched her, her body went limp, her strength sapped, as bit by bit the flesh grew back, and the char fell from her face. The sickest thing, however, was watching her eye slowly grow back, like a balloon.

After about 5 minutes, she was as good as new, which meant the only barrier between her grief and her conscience had just been removed. Gibby helped her inside, earning the glares of all those inside, and once she was in her room, he shut the door and joined the others downstairs.

No one was really saying very much and just looking at the floor, amazed that in just under a day, two of their friends had died, two were lost entirely in grief, and at least one was responsible for it all. Everyone had just collapsed in Jade’s den and after almost an hour, Andre, Nate, Tori, Carly, and Spencer all headed out to go find Trina and Robbie, and hopefully stop them.

* * *

A full city away, Robbie and Trina had stopped in a motel around Venice Beach, neither one saying very much throughout the drive. Trina knew that Robbie was responsible for what happened, but she couldn’t really prove it beside the part where he made her phase through Sam. She was absolutely horrified as that what happened with Freddie, and her stomach was in a knot at what Beck had done. She wondered if her s*ster was okay, and worried a bit that Beck might be in trouble since Robbie called and told him to keep attacking. Trina certainly didn’t regret leaving Sam behind, but she did feel a bit guilty for just bolting with Robbie.

The two of them trotted up to the room and settled down inside before Trina ever bothered to speak, being somewhat afraid of how he might react.

“Can I ask you something?” she said, sheepishly.

“Kinda just did, but sure, I guess.”

Trina took a deep breath. “Did you make Beck do that thing earlier?”

Robbie stopped suddenly and turned to face her. “Do what thing?”

“The thing with the iCarly k*d… did you make him kill him?”

Rolling his eyes and shaking his head, Robbie headed into the bathroom. “It doesn’t matter,” he called out from behind the door, running the sink. “I have a headache right now and I don’t feel well.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” Trina said, debating whether or not to phase through the door. The decision was made for her as it was flung open. “I need to know what-”

“You’re going to shut up and you’re not going to make another sound until I say so.”

Trina was powerless as she couldn’t speak at his behest, and she tried to fight back but she just couldn’t. She began to get scared when she felt his cold and wet hands beginning to paw at her body.

“Now, Trina, you’re not going to talk and we’re going to have a very nice time, and if you do everything I say, I will let you speak.”

Trina tried to squeal and scream at him to stop, but she couldn’t make a sound. His hands began to undress her when the clothing phased though his fingers as she tried to slip away.

“Fine… you want to be like that? Stand right there and take all your clothes off,” he said angrily. “And don’t even think of phasing away from me right now.”

Trina was against the bathroom door and frozen in place and her hands seemed to be acting on their own accord, removing her shirt and her pants before unhooking her bra and taking her panties off. Her eyes tried to send all the messages she could muster but she knew it was all for naught as he took steps toward her.

His hands, which she used to love were now kneading her breasts way too hard, and he just began abusing her body and touching her way too hard. Her body was responding to his touch, but it was more out of fear than anything.

“That’s a good girl… just let this happen and nothing bad will happen to you.”

A few minutes later, after he had sufficiently done what he needed to do to her nude form, he whispered to her.

“Now get on your knees and service me. Act like the whore bitch you really are.”

Clearly the power was going to his head, and as Trina was powerless to dropping down and unhooking Robbie’s belt, reaching inside his pants and fishing out his already solid member. She stroked him mindlessly, praying that this would end soon so she could run away.

“Suck it.”

Trina opened her mouth and went to work on blowing her former boyfriend, and tried to think about anything else but this day. He took hold of her head and began face-fucking her as tears rolled down her cheeks. As her deep regret, humiliation, and pain took hold, something unexpected happened.

“Fuck!” Robbie exclaimed as be smashed his dick against the hard bathroom door.

Trina had apparently mindlessly phased right through it. She had a self-congratulatory look in the mirror but she still couldn’t talk. Unable to lock the door behind her in time, Robbie burst in, his hand and penis, which was slowly shrinking a very bright red.

“You little fucking bitch. You’re going to regret that,” his hand slapping her fast so fast, Trina couldn’t have dodged it if she tried. “I want you to phase your face but not your hair.”

Trina’s body responded and, grabbing tightly to her hair pushed her head into the empty bathtub, smashing her face into the spigot of the bathtub, unharmed thanks to phasing.

“Now, you’re going to stay like this, and not move a muscle, or I’m going to tell your powers to stop working, and you’re going to have a really bad headache.”

Trina nodded, scared to death.

“You want to know the truth? I whispered instructions to Beck right after I got up from when that Freddie k*d hit me. He deserved it. He knocked me down, so he deserved to be knocked down a bit himself… but you wanna know his real crime?” He looked down at Trina who was breathing shallow breaths. “That fucker deflowered the love of my life. He fucked my beloved Cat so I decided to fuck his life. I would have let Beck join us, but he attacked me before those guys showed up and I certainly wasn’t going to let him escape. So I framed him for Freddie’s murder and left him to the guy’s girlfriends, and I never cared for Sam anyway. For my entire life, I have been nothing but ignored by all my cool friends. ‘The puppet boy is so weird’ everyone would say. Calling me creepy, and I tried sooo hard to be the nice guy and be fine when all of my friends dated each other and nobody wanted me or respected me. Well, you know what? Those days are over and it’s MY turn to be the one that everyone bows to. You know, we could have had our ‘happily ever after,’ Trina. All you had to do was leave well enough alone, but now here we are, and you’re kinda forcing my hand here.”

He pushed her face a little further into the pipe until she felt it touch her hair before he heard a slight noise in the room and pulled her head back up to face him.

“Turn solid, Trina.”

Trina returned to normal and breathed a sigh of relief before a heavy pain struck her in the back of the head and everything faded to black.

* * *

Trina’s eyes opened to nothing but blackness. She felt around her body and realized she was in some sort of box, and she felt around for anything else in there. As her hands felt along her stomach, she realized that she was still naked and there was a small flashlight and a note on her. She fumbled around, unable to move very much, and still unable to speak, until she finally got to the note:


You know those movies where the bad guy stupidly keeps the hero alive instead of killing them after they’ve explained all their plans? I know how dumb it is, and that should tell you how little I think of your chances. I really can’t afford to have you around, and yet I can’t exactly kill you for some reason. So here’s my solution. You’re buried about 10 feet down in the box, just deep enough that even if you tried, you couldn’t get out by phasing. It’s a good sized box so I figure you’ve got enough air to last a day or so, especially if you manage to phase enough to get some without swallowing too much dirt. I’d say I’m sorry it came to this, but truthfully, I think I’d be lying.


Trina crumpled the note up and desperately tried to scream for help but no sound was coming out. Realizing that this was really hopeless, she began to silently weep, thinking over all the wrong decisions she’d made, while she waited for her deserved end.

* * *

Robbie got back to his motel room at nearly 2am, wondering if Trina had woken up yet. He was exhausted, despite doing none of the work himself, instead using three burly construction workers to dig that hole and get her buried. Robbie sighed deeply and wondered if he had made a mistake; not in hurting Trina and his friends, but in not killing all of them. Robbie shrugged softly as he relaxed on the bed, happy that Rex hadn’t bothered him in over a week, and quickly drifted to sl*ep.

Outside, a cab pulled up to the motel, letting out its passenger. The raven haired teen, with bright red streaks through her hair was dressed rather oddly, as if she had gotten her clothes from a costume shop. In fact, that’s exactly what Jade West did, and as the cabbie drove away, he almost thought he saw some fire at the edge of her clothes.

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