ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #4

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ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #4
iCarly/Victorious: Blame It On Me #4 – The Anniversary 2 – Bath Time Boogaloo

Despite the fact that she was just craving some dessert, for some reason, she just couldn’t stop kissing him and nuzzling her face into his neck. Finally, he kissed her ear as she blushed and tried to nuzzle deeper into him, before he whispered into her ear.

“You want a little late night snack?”

“If that’s code for me going down on you, I’m tempted… but I think my jaw is still recovering.”

“I’m so sorry baby…” he said, touching her face as he kissed her jawline as if she was a ch*ld with a ‘boo boo,’ instantly healed by his affection. It wasn’t exactly instant but she loved the way his hot mouth could set her cool skin on edge. “I was actually thinking about some dessert… I’ve got a treat cooling in the fridge.”

“Oooh… I don’t know about dessert, I’m not exactly the sweets type. Dark chocolate and coffee are pretty much my desserts.”

“You’d think I would have known that…” he said, slipping away from her with a sly smile on his face. “And yet, here I am with…”

Jade waited with eagerness to see what he had for her; even if it wasn’t her taste, it was his thought that counts. Freddie backed slowly from the fridge with a covered plate before climbing onto the bed and facing her as they sat Indian style with the plate between them.

“Dark chocolate dipped espresso meringues…” his smirk was enormous as he lifted the cover to her delight. The oval shaped treats, and there were at least 20 of them, each one half dark chocolate covered and half espresso.

“Ohmygod… I love you but you can be a real nub, Fre-”

The teen boy was happy to silence his girlfriend with one of the bite-size delicacies, and once the flavour hit her tongue, she was more than happy to shut up too. They were magnificent, and with the exception of the one time she had hot chocolate with dark chocolate, this was literally the best flavour combination she’d ever had.

Freddie on the other hand was not much of a fan of the dessert, but the completely blissful look on Jade’s face was more than worth it. Plus, and this was just a rumour he’d heard, but dark chocolate was supposed to be an aphrodisiac, and thanks to the espresso, he prayed Jade might be up for a Round 2 later, but for right now, he just wanted her to feel special.

Jade’s nirvana-esque grin was plastered to her face as she ate one after another. Freddie ate two or three, hoping to taste what she was tasting, but it just wasn’t for him. So he slowly slid off the bed, grabbed a bag from the corner and headed into the bathroom, hoping he’d have enough time to prepare… and brush his teeth of course.

* * *

Before Jade even realized it, she’d eaten all the candies and apparently hadn’t even noticed that Freddie was gone. She had no idea how many of them she ate, but she didn’t feel bloated at all; probably because they were so light. Like eating a bunch of Three Musketeers bars.

“Freddie?” she called out before getting up from the bed to look around. Suddenly, she felt a bit dizzy as there was a loud rushing sound. Ruling it as just simple vertigo, Jade tightened her bathrobe and headed towards the main door, opening it and looking outside at the chilly night outside, managing to catch the last remaining bits of the sunset. But there was no sign of her beau.

As she turned and shut the door, she saw a flicker from the bathroom, as a glow seemed to bounce around underneath the darkened door. Slowly she snuck up on the bathroom door, knocking softly. “Freddie? You ok?”

He didn’t say anything but the gushing sound stopped and the doorknob quickly turned and allowed her entry to what he had been preparing for her. This had certainly been the day for surprises with Freddie, but this was… pretty amazing, she thought.

Jade stepped in and shut the door behind her, and marvelled at his work. There was no electrical light in the bathroom; everything was lit solely by a bunch of red candles. The gushing sound should have been obvious to Jade, but it was the tub being filled with hot water, covered in a thick layer of bubbles. The tub was large and had a thick ledge with plenty of room for the candles. It was so sizable that she couldn’t believe it was in a one bedroom cabin like that. She looked up at his grinning face, as if he was trying to silently brag about what he’d done.

He is so self-absorbed and pain, she thought, but he had certainly made this into a night to remember for her. His hands reached out to her and she gladly took his grasp as he twirled her into his arms. He shamelessly dipped her and kissed her lips before letting her back up.

Jade almost hypnotically walked towards the tub and dipped her toe in, instantly feeling the heat and loving it.

“This… this is what I really needed, Freddie… thank you.” Jade held Freddie tight, smelling his minty breath as she slowly rocked back and forth with him, in almost a mock dance.

“You’re all I really need, Jade West.”

“You gotta cool it with that shit, Benson,” she said through a smile as she took his hand and slid it across her arm. “The way you say my name makes me feel so excited and intense.”

Freddie chuckled a bit. “Babe, its ok… Just focus on the bath and just relax… you deserve that at least.”

“Relax? Dude, an hour ago, you made me come so hard, I saw the face of God, gave me the most delicious dark chocolate coffee things that I pray you have more of, and now you’re trying to get me to relax? Not a fuckin’ chance.”

Freddie just stared at her, shaking his head as he led her back to the tub. Jade put her hair up with a band and gave him a sly look.

“Fine,” she said, “but I’m only doing this because I want to and not because I’m in love with you and your incredibly cheesy and somehow perfect set-up. Clear?”

“Crystal,” he said, watching her almost bashfully untie her robe as it fell to the floor in a heap, revealing her flawless pale skin. He slid being her and held her from behind, kissing her sensitive neck as his hands slid over her stomach and midsection.

Finally, he held her hand for balance as she stretched her leg into the tub, feeling the intense heat and ticklish bubbles swallow her body, inch by inch. Freddie unabashedly checked out her ass as she sunk into the waters. He could have watched her for days at that moment, even though it was just her head and shoulders sticking out from the suds, eyes closed and a deep smile that he could see coming from her very core.

“You could join me, you know…” she said, opening one eye to look at him slyly.

“You know, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least considering that…” Freddie smiled down at her, slowly untying his robe. Secretly, he really just wanted to relax and be with her, without the sex. As he undressed and took a step into the water, he couldn’t help but marvel at how naturally beautiful she was, lit only in the flickering flames. He was almost sure that he wanted to spend the rest of his life looking at that face, and those eyes and making love to her gorgeous form, but Freddie knew that something was missing, something outside the physical.

Freddie sunk down to his side of the tub, facing his lover and smiled peacefully at her, his legs reaching a bit to touch hers. Jade sunk down a bit more, her legs reaching further towards him until her toes were tickling his thighs. Not wanting this to go in that direction quite yet, he moved towards her until they were almost face to face, legs wrapped around each other’s midsection.

Jade loved the way he held her as they set in the hot water. There was something about hot tubs and steamy baths that just set the Goth teen on edge. Like she was being cooked, and the idea of being cooked by Freddie as the two held each other was the very peak of her imagination’s idea of the perfect ending.

They silently smile and laugh as they caress each other’s naked form until finally, Freddie broke the silence.

“You know I love you, right?”

“Of course, baby,” she said, touching her foamy fingers to his cheek. “Otherwise, you doing all this stuff would be pretty fuckin’ nuts.”

“Valid point,” he shrugged as he placed his hand on her side. “But do you think our relationship is normal?”

“Normal? What the fuck is normal?” she said, her happiness slowly dissipating.

“I mean… I don’t know. With the distance and everything, sometimes I just kinda worry about us and whether we’re really ok.”

“Freddie…” she said, calming down a bit. “We’ve talked about this… I love you and we are doing just fine. We talk every day, the sex is insanely good, and, at least for me, every time I just think about you, and my heart flutters a little bit.”

“I know, but still… we aren’t the type to go to the movies or just relax around each other… it’s all just physical and surface stuff.”

“Surface stuff?”

“Yeah… like I have no idea about your life before we met, what your favourite band, song, or TV show is, and is it weird that I’ve not once met your parents?”

“Fine, if you want to be an asshole about it. In that order, my favourites are Breaking Benjamin, Float On by Modest Mouse, and Harper’s Island. My life before you was shit, mixed with a few shining moments with a guy that fucked my heart over. As for my parents, you’d have a better chance of winning the fucking lottery than catching them sober. That enough for you?”

“Jade…” he called out as she started to push him away and get up.

“What? What is it now? You want to know my Social Security number? What the fuck does any of this shit have to do with us? I don’t ask you all this inane bullshit. You better say what you need to say right fucking now, or I’m gone.”

With her standing and towering above him, he felt almost scared and he could see why she had such an overwhelming presence with her friends. He tried to stand up and she pushed him to stay down.

“Jade, I’m crazy about you, but I just don’t know about our future when it seems like all we ever do is make love. Even when we talk, we barely talk about our day or that ‘inane bullshit’ you called it, and we just talk about how much we miss each other, love each other, and what we want to do with each other. Do you realize that we have had sex more times than we’ve talked about who we are?”

“Because it doesn’t matter… We love each other!” Jade yelled down at him before taking a step out of the tub.

“Do you really think you can marry, and have a f*mily with someone you don’t even know?”

Jade was frozen in place. “What did you just say?”

“I said, I want to marry you and be with you forever, with k*ds, and all that stuff, but I can’t help but feel like I don’t really know you. You don’t feel the same way?”

Jade turned around and looked into his eyes. “I feel the same way, but… I’m just afraid that if you knew the real me, with all my issues, that you wouldn’t feel the same way.”

“Not a chance…” he said, finally standing up. “I would love you no matter what- no matter what kinda crap you have going on, I could very well have worse. I want all of you.”

“Ok… but if this ruins everything, I’m going to stab you in the k*dneys…” she said playfully, but half of Freddie wondered if it was true. The two locked in a tight embrace as they kissed and just held each other before settling down in the tub and resuming their close activities. Suddenly, Jade stopped.

“But we can still have sex though right?”

“Ummm… yeah,” Freddie said grinning as he kissed her deeply, his hands moving towards her chest, his thumb circling her nipple as she moaned into his hungry mouth.

“Good… because you went through a lot of trouble with all these candles and this bath and everything else tonight, and I have every intention of paying you back…”

“I’ve got one more thing for you, baby,” he said, smirking as he hit a button on the tub’s edge, turning on the jets. The water burst surprised Jade at first but then she began to shift so the jets would hit her just the right way. The hard stream cascaded against her nipple as she kissed Freddie.

Jade soon relaxed and smiled faintly at Freddie who was already calculating where to kiss her next, and decided to nibble from her neck to her earlobe, setting her skin on fire. As her head reeled back, eyes still closed, her hands wandered to his body and settled as her fingers grasped his growing member.

“Ohmygod, baby… you feel so good. How can you be so fucking perfect at everything?”

“I’m not perfect by a long shot, Jade.”

“Just shut up you magnificent bastard and make love to me.”

The two smiled as they kissed, their mouths devouring each other until finally Jade turned him around so his back was against the tub wall and she was in his lap, still stroking his raging hard-on. She subtly bit her bottom lip as she slapped the gorgeous rod against her stomach until he was at full mast.

“Jade, baby, you are too good for words…”

“I need you inside me,” she said, taking deep breaths and remembering how he pierced her core earlier. Gripping his cock tightly to aim it, she raised and lowered herself onto it, impaling herself slowly as he pushed into her sex until he was completely inside her.

“Jeez,” he said, taking a deep breath, “you fit beyond perfectly.”

Jade pressed her finger to his lips, kissed him sensually and started raising herself up before pushing herself back down, feeling the hot water pump inside her, alongside his pole. Freddie pushed his hips upwards, his balls splashing hot water against her ass as she pushed downward, making the f*rce feel incredible. Jade cooed and moaned at the feeling which only increased as their speed rose, and his mouth began to suckle and devour her shaking breasts as she stroked his hair.

While one of his hands was busy with her rack, his other hand gripped her ass, holding her in place as the two desperately tried to keep each other close, as if they could never get close enough. It felt just like the time before, with the way they were connecting, their eyes remaining pretty focused on the other and they were feeling beyond cravings for each other.

Jade reached for the nearest candle and pushed Freddie back against the wall as she held the candle above her body before arching her back. Freddie was actually a bit surprised for a moment as the hot wax fell from the glass container onto her chest where it no doubt scalded for a second before hardening onto her body. She made a special effort to cover her nipples in wax, the liquid hardening up on them, turning her on even more. Freddie even got some dripped on him, but he wasn’t nearly as much of a fan. Jade let out a few ooh’s and ahh’s before she peeled the wax off her skin, and pressed Freddie’s head into her chest to lick and suckle on the places that were burning.

Between the wax work, his mouth on her incredibly sensitive chest, her hips shivering from the building explosion, and the way that he was still pounding her as the water splashed around them, Jade knew she was going to come, and when she did, it was going to be epic. She rode harder and faster, her orgasmic bubble growing and growing until she felt the world shake and her sight going completely white as she quivered, holding onto him tight while she rode out the pleasure wave.

After kissing him deeply, Jade went right back into her lust driven mindset- he had made love to her and now she needed him to dominate her and to fuck her. The pale but blushing teen climbed off of him and stood up, bending over as if to offer herself to him.

Freddie nearly jumped at the opportunity, shifting so she could support herself on the wall, but he stayed, kneeling behind her. When she felt a very different penetration than she was expecting, it was surprising, but as his hands spread her ass, she bent a bit more to allow him the best access. He licked and suckled on her pussy, even going so far as to lick her perfect ass.

Jade just cooed and squealed as her very core was devoured, desperately waiting for him to give her what she needed and tried her best to grip the slick wall. Freddie loved the way her love tasted after she had come, as if it was honey or nectar that he could sip for the rest of his life. Slowly, he moved upwards, and pierced her more unconventional hole with his tongue, as Jade nearly screamed an ‘Ungh’ as the organ danced around her back entrance.

“Oh shit, baby… please fuck me!” she called out. “You can even put it in my ass if you really want, but I need your cock inside me!”

Freddie slid up her body until his shaft rubbed against her swollen pussy. With one swift push, he slid his entire length inside her as her knees went weak and she screamed out in ecstasy.

With the initial pressure released between them, he was able to take time to observe. The jiggle of her perfect breasts as he thrust. The look of transcendent bliss on her face as Freddie kneaded her soft skin. When he started pounding harder and faster as she f*rced herself back into him, the result was clear.

“Oh fuck…” she screams out, gripping her left breast as her body shook with his f*rce.

He fucked her as hard, as best as he could, pulling her tied up hair towards him. She reached back and scratches his chest, the pain driving him, she’s screaming her throat raw, large muscles spasming uncontrollably, inner muscles rippling, gripping him so firmly that he honestly wondered if it’s possible she’d snap his member off.

Freddie couldn’t help himself from smacking her already flushed ass so that it was almost red, knowing it would drive her crazy enough so he could fuck wild and hard for another few minutes, her slippery sex-vice grinding up and down the length of his hardness.

He reached under her, twiddling her little nub between thumb and forefinger for a few glorious seconds, pumping slower and deeper inside her throbbing sex. The sound of her thighs slapping against his add to the symphony of gasps and groans filling the darkened room until suddenly he could feel her pour like Niagara Falls around him for the second time that night.

Jade’s body shook with insane pleasure as she rode out her orgasm before turning around and falling to her knees. She couldn’t help but to grab his cock and suck the head, stroking it, eagerly awaiting her creamy reward. The taste of their combined sweat and juices was incredibly over-whelming and she tried to take more of him into her mouth and stroked faster. Jade didn’t have to wait long as she pointed it at her face and chest just in time for him to fire ropes of thick cum all over her face, mouth and tongue. She scooped up what she could, licking her fingers clean, as she slowly regained composure from whatever anim*listic state she had just been in.

“That was…” he started saying, sinking back into the tub to face her.

“Beyond comprehension,” she finished, smiling back at him. “Sorry I got a little…”

Freddie knew she couldn’t find the right words, so he just pulled her in close and used his freshly bathed hands to bath her and kiss her neck.

“You’re so amazing, Jade West…”

“And you are practically a god, Freddie Benson.”

The two teens laughed and cleaned up a bit before climbing out and drying off. This time, they didn’t even bother with the robes, choosing to go straight to bed completely nude. Freddie dried quickly and took care of the candles as Jade finished up getting dry. He slid behind her and held her softly as she looked at herself in the mirror, red marks and flushed skin. I really got worked over, she thought, but fuck, was it worth it…

Freddie whispered into her ear as she let her hair down and while it was just unintelligible stuff, she couldn’t help but grin as he kissed her neck between words. His arms wrapped around her midsection and the couple admired themselves in the mirror. Never in a million years would some-one have put the two of them together, and yet, here they were, naked and so in love that nothing mattered.

They said nothing more for the rest of the night, except for a surprised ‘Whoa’ from Jade as he picked her up from the bathroom and carried her in his arms like she was a newlywed bride. He lay her on the bed, and hit all the lights before jumping into the bed with her.

Freddie turned on the TV to sl*ep to, and in the dimly lit cabin bedroom the lovebirds were cuddled up together and within minutes of getting into the incredibly comfortable bed, Jade was fast asl*ep. Freddie stroked her head softly and started watching F*mily Guy, but before the first commercial break, he was out like a light.

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