Revelations Pt.3

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Revelations Pt.3
There was a brief silence. Danny could see his wife mustering up some will to continue. “Go on,” he said dryly.

“Well … umm … when we returned to my room, I invited him in for one last nightcap and, well, that’s how it started,” she finished, once again refusing to look into her husband’s eyes.

By now the feeling of betrayal and humiliation had been replaced by anger. If what he had heard was correct, then that was the time they started their affair. They sure took their time in getting into bed, thought Danny, as he stared down his wife.

“So you two had sex … no, make that ‘made love’ … that night for the first time,” said Danny, with heavy sarcasm evident in his tone.

“No! No, Danny! I did not make love to Harry. The Lord knows that the only person I love is you and you alone!” she shot back. “It … it was … was a healing, healing of the mind and body.” Danny began to feel uneasy. The way his wife had been replying back made him feel as though he never really completely knew his wife of over thirty years. It’s been said thru ages that a man can never really get to know a woman completely. It was only now that he was beginning to understand its full import.

As he understood, what she was going to tell him next was that they slept together that night, and that was at the very minimum having sex. And when one considers that it went on for almost a year, it would be more close to making love as affections were definitely involved. But his wife, who was the accounts head of a big unit and had the worldly experience of over thirty years, seems to be refuting all of it. What did they do, then, in the hotel room? Play twiddly thumbs?

“After a couple of drinks and talking about … just about everything under the sun but nothing in general, I leaned over and kissed him on his mouth. He … he seemed surprised at first but then responded back. After some more kissing and caressing I unbuttoned my blouse and let it slip to the floor, along with my bra. I … I told him that mama wanted him to drink her milk tonight.”

“You what!” screamed out Danny.

“Please Danny, I’m trying my best to be honest with you,” whispered Dawn. Fresh tears had by now already begun to make their way down her pale face.

“He … Harry was all over me. He pressed me down and began playing with my breasts, fondling them, kissing them, and all along singing praises about my beauty. It was funny, hearing him sing my praises, and he got me all worked up too. Then he went for my skirt and I stopped his hand. Instead, I unzipped his trousers and took out his little fella’ and gave him a blowjob.”

There it was, finally. His wife had finally told him how her affair started. Did that General’s affair also start off seemingly so innocently? The two would be discussing the draft of his biography and one fine day they just put the book aside and started fucking each other? He wondered what kind of a story the concubine was telling her husband right now. Now that the chips were down it seemed the family she spurned for the General’s arms and bed seemed to be the only ones to give her shelter and protection in times of her national if not international shame and disgrace.

“The next day there was a new, rejuvenated Harry to greet me at the breakfast table, much more like the Harry of old days. We didn’t speak of our tryst of the previous evening, but it weighed heavily on my mind. Seeing the glow on his face and the sparkle in his eyes reassured me that I had made the right decision the night before.”

“Right decision! Of course, it never did cross your mind to talk about it with me before you did, or perhaps you assumed I would heartily back your modus operandi to resuscitate your boss back to life.”

Dawn gave her husband a funny look before continuing.

“The next few days passed away uneventfully at the office. Harry had changed for the better and I felt happy. We continued to work closely and have lunch together in his office. Then one afternoon when I entered his office he asked me to lock the door and come over. When I walked over to his side I saw that he had removed his trousers and boxers. He was sitting nude from the waist down with his thick cock sticking out. He looked at me with that … that look in his eyes which he had that evening at the restaurant. I found myself unbuttoning my blouse and going down on my knees in front of him. This became almost a daily routine. I just couldn’t bring myself to refuse him.”

“You couldn’t refuse!” repeated Danny incredulously.

“Danny, that man had suffered a terrible tragedy!” shot back Dawn in an almost exasperated tone.

Danny says you had no problem refusing me!

“She is not my wife. This is not the woman I married,” repeated Danny to himself under his breath. “But the pics and CD’s show you both doing much more than having oral sex,” replied back Danny.

“Danny, I’m sorry for the hurt and pain I have heaped upon you. Watching those clippings must have been terrible. Oh, God, if only I’d known …” trailed off Dawn, remorse and anguish writ all over her face. The falling tears were making fresh paths on her cheeks as they coursed downwards. Dawn bent down her head and continued sobbing quietly.

Danny looked hard at his sobbing wife. The anguish seemed genuine, thirty years of living together ensures that a couple could read each other out. But why? Why did she have that affair? Was he inadequate? Did he fail to satisfy her? He knew she did not have an orgasm every time they made love but then that was true for most women. Or did she want something different after so many years, something on the side to remember about in later life? After all, she did seem to stare at those thick cocks on display so many years ago at the nudist beach. His wife was an intelligent woman and so far, what she had said just didn’t add up properly to give the whole picture.

“So just for the record’s sake, when did you two finally start cuckolding me in the complete sense of the word?” Danny lashed out at her.

Dawn flinched on hearing his words. She started to say something, then stopped. She then spoke again, all the time keeping her eyes fixed on the floor, “Harry and me were by now having our luncheon tryst on an almost daily basis. Since I was the one chosen by the company to be Harry’s aide, they did not find it wrong to have me spending time for lunch with him. And Harry? Well, let me tell you by now he had reverted back to his old style of meeting and talking with people. Gone was the picture of a Harry walking in with drooping shoulders and going straight inside his office without acknowledging anybody.”

Danny could not fail to note the element of pride in her tone as she said those words.

“We were at one of these out-of-town meetings at the client’s place. Harry was at his best and the meeting had gone well. That evening we decided to have a little party of our own. Needless to say, we drank and danced a lot and in short, had some good fun. Harry seemed to be his old self and never failed to grope around on the dance floor. Then he leaned into me and whispered that we should go up to my room for a night cap.”

“Well, I knew what he had really meant and, well, we had already been doing it regularly, so I agreed. We moved out of the restaurant and made our way to the elevators. Once inside my room I went to the bathroom. When I came back, I saw that Harry had fully undressed and was lying on the bed. I … umm … I joined him …” murmured Dawn once again.

“Join him she sure did,” thought Danny. The bile was once again threatening to ruin the facade of calmness he was so desperately projecting and holding on to. Some of the images he had seen in the clipping played thru his mind. She sucked him. Sometimes she played with him, sucking his balls and rimming his ass, even fucking his ass with her tongue, but it seemed Harry loved getting sucked off. In another clipping in Harry’s living room, he had grabbed her and ordered her to take off her clothes. She had complied readily; she obviously loved being dominated by him, loved being made to do things. Then he had commanded her to accompany him outside to the swimming pool where he ordered her to go down on her knees. She had walked outside in her high-heels, completely naked, her ass swaying provocatively from side to side. It was a great ass and Danny loved it; so did Harry, it seemed.

As he had continued to watch the CD, his wife reached out to the zipper of his pants. She unzipped him and reached inside his underwear and squeezed his hardening cock firmly. He gasped in surprise. She then tugged his pants down, along with his underwear. His cock was not all the way hard yet.

Dawn lowered her mouth to his cock and blew lightly on the head of it. It was a good size, even not all the way hard. She licked her lips and teased the head of his cock with her wet lips. She didn’t suck him in yet, just rubbed the head of his dick against her wet lips from side to side. The head of his cock was dark purple as he grew harder. Using the tip of her tongue, she drew circles around the head of his cock. Danny could tell Harry was feeling pretty good. Dawn then gently sucked the head of his cock into her wet mouth. Danny heard a small moan escape Harry lips. Harry closed his eyes again as Dawn took him into her mouth as far as she could without gagging. She teased the underside of his cock with her tongue as his shaft went in and out of her mouth, wetting his cock with her spit. She started stroking him with her hand firmly while her mouth went lower and found his balls. Dawn began teasing his balls with her tongue, licking them, sucking them gently into her mouth with her hand all along stroking her lover’s thick, hard dick. Harry moaned really loudly.

“Fuck!” He had seen him yell. As Danny had watched in disgust, Harry grabbed his wife’s head and started to fuck her face, pushing his cock deep into her throat and urging her to “suck it, baby, suck it”. Dawn sucked him as far in her throat as she could stand and held him there and let her tongue tease the base of his cock. He closed his eyes and jerked as he began spurting inside her mouth. Dawn held her mouth on his dick and sucked every drop of cum out of his cock.

But the show was not over and the two weren’t finished for the day. The CD showed Harry looking at his wife with a dazed expression on his face. “Martha would’ve killed me if I had come in her mouth.”

That had been perhaps one of the most sickening sentences Danny had ever heard in his life. The man was praising his concubine by disparaging his dead wife! Even more sickening was the way his naked wife was smiling back at her lover; she was literally glowing at the compliments he was gushing out.

Then he heard his wife say, “I sucked you till you came; I want the same pleasure.” She pushed him gently down on the lounger beside the pool and straddled his face, lowering her wet pussy over his face. “Eat my pussy. You know you want to taste my sweet cum.”

Danny saw his wife’s boss reach out and spread her pussy lips as Dawn lowered her pussy against his mouth. His tongue found her clit as his wife ground her pussy down against his tongue. He covered her clit with his lips and sucked, making his concubine cry out in pleasure. She rode his mouth hard as he put the flat part of his tongue against her clit and licked even as Danny saw his wife come down hard on his mouth.

Harry ate his wife’s pussy like a man starving. He went back and forth between tongue fucking her sweet, wet pussy and teasing her clit. Going by the dazed look on his wife’s face, it was evident she had her orgasm before he was done. When she finally moved off him, Harry’s mouth and chin were glistening with his wife’s cum; and he was also rock hard again. The old bastard was vey virile.

Her next words would perhaps be forever burned into his memory as he watched his wife lovingly fondle the thick shaft and then say to her lover, “Please fuck me.”

Danny had watched with tears in his eyes as his wife lowered herself onto her lover’s hard cock. “Goddamn, you’re tight,” he heard him mutter. Then she began riding his dick, bouncing up and down on him gently, her tits bouncing with every stroke. Dawn covered her tits with her hands and squeezed her nipples while Harry watched in obvious pleasure. Then she got off of him and lay down on her back with her legs spread wide apart. Harry stared for a brief moment before he mounted her, sliding inside her warm, willing pussy. Dawn wrapped her legs around his waist and thrust up against him. He fucked her that way, grunting in pleasure, for some moments, the fornication continuing undisturbed until his wife unwrapped her legs from his waist and pushed him off her.

Then she turned around and bent over, kneeling on the lounge. Harry didn’t need to be asked what to do. Danny heard his wife moan in pleasure as she felt him behind her as he pushed that rock hard cock into her tight pussy. His hands gripped her hips as he thrust into her with all his might. He was in deep and he found her clit with his fingers and rubbed it quickly as he thrust harder and faster. He kept rubbing and thrusting till he saw his wife shudder as her orgasm coursed through her body. At the same time Harry tensed up. He leaned against Dawn and kissed the back of her neck as he came inside her wet pussy. He jerked twice and then collapsed on top of his mistress, his cock still inside her. For some moments they stayed entangled together until he rolled off his wife, who then reached out and snuggled into him. He began caressing her damp hair, telling her how wonderful she had been. The pillow talk continued till the two of them could be seen dozing off.

“Yes, Dawn, join him you did, at the living room, at the swimming pool, and of course in his bedroom too.”

Dawn’s eyes opened wide as she covered her mouth with her hand, shock and shame written all over her face. “I’m sorry, Danny. I’m sorry you …”

“Tell me, Dawn, as far as I recollect those years gone by, you really weren’t travelling all that much, but yet, going by the CD recording it seems you two just couldn’t keep your hands off each other. So did all the cuckolding take place at his place as shown in the CD’s?”

His wife flinched on his saying the “c” word. At least she still has that much decency left in her, thought Danny. She spoke again, her face turned to one side, her eyes refusing to meet his. “We … we had his place all to ourselves. His son was serving in the Army and was stationed overseas while his daughter had moved to New York. Harry would leave the office early with nobody really minding. Then I would also leave early with some papers for Harry to look over on my way home. Since I was the designated aide to him it did not arouse any suspicions,” replied Dawn, the last few words coming in a low whisper.

“Yup, you’re right it definitely didn’t cross my mind to ask you why you were stopping by so often at his place on your way back home. And then I moved to Houston and the coast was clear for you to cuckold me at will. So innocent of me,” retorted Danny. Dawn refused to look in his direction, though her flushed face and labored breathing clearly indicated that his cross questioning and replies were unsettling her.

Dawn didn’t reply. Instead, she continued to stare at her hands resting on her lap. Danny fought to control his feelings and then asked, “Why did you do it?”

“We were losing him. After Martha passed away it seemed he had lost his will to live. He was lost and lonely like a lamb lost in the woods. Tell me, Danny; is it wrong to save somebody from dying?”

“You’re a married woman and you slept with your boss,” shot back Danny angrily. It really did seem that he did not know his wife at all.

“Danny, supposing you and … and that big boogied Anderson woman who lives down the road were to get lost in a snowstorm and hole up in this old wooden cabin and as a means to keep warm, the two of you embraced each other and perhaps also had sex. Would it mean that you were cheating on me?”

“What kind of an explanation is that, Dawn?” thundered Danny. It seemed the two of them were tuned to totally different frequencies and what one was thinking and saying was missed out by the other.

“The point I want to make is that I have loved you and you alone, Danny, and what happened between me and Harry was exactly what you saw, just sex. Sex for the sake of reclaiming a person we all know from the world of the living dead!”

“I don’t care if your lover lives or dies! Those kinds of feelings and emotions should have been for me and me alone! If sex is some kind of a medical therapy, as you make it out to be, then all the nurses in all the God damned hospitals should be practicing it with gusto” shouted out Danny in rage. With that final burst Danny stormed out of the room. He collected his night stuff from the bedroom and made himself comfortable in the guest room.

That night he couldn’t get any sleep. His showdown with his wife over her affair had thrown up some startling information, some new insight into his wife’s personality that were making him uneasy. Throughout their confrontation she had maintained that it was not an affair but rather some kind of a therapy and that he had been and would always be her true love. What kind of bullshit was that? Or was this some new way of explaining away her affair?

Was the General’s mistress also dishing out similar lines to her husband/cuckold? What could she be saying? That she felt sorry for the lonely General so far away from his family? And that if she hadn’t spread her legs for him, then the free world would have lost one of their finest protectors? Would that cuckolded doctor believe her? Why should he? After all, the skeletons came tumbling out of the closet only after some Government agency stumbled upon their well kept secret during their course of investigations into another matter. Other than that, the General and his married concubine had got away pretty clean.

Likewise, had he not opened the courier parcel, he would have never come to know about his wife’s affair with her boss. Even the best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry, thought Danny bitterly.

Dawn knocked on the guest room door and asked if he was ok. Danny snorted and turned his back to the door without bothering to reply. She might be a self-proclaimed expert in therapy, but he didn’t need her reminders. He could look after himself. Dawn knocked on the door a couple of times more and then things became silent.

Thank God the k**s have all grown up and flown the coop was perhaps one of the last things running around in his shell-shocked brain before sleep finally overcame him.

The next couple of days they skirted around each other. Danny was still trying to fully absorb the fact that his wife had cheated on him. Even more frustrating was the fact that she really didn’t look at it that way. It seems she had done what she thought had to be done and that’s that, and they should continue with their lives. Thanksgiving Day was near and soon their c***dren and grandc***dren would be here and there were still lots of preparations to be completed. It was some kind of an unspoken agreement between the two to call a truce till the c***dren had gone home.

Danny went about his daily chores while making as little talk with his wife as possible. Dawn seemed to understand the distance and silence he wished to maintain but her eyes seemed to be red and wet most of the time while her face had taken on a sick pallor more or less permanently. Many times, he caught her looking in his direction.

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