Sam has slip showing Stories

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Sam has slip showing Stories
Sam is my SO. We have been married many years.

Sam 1

The first time I recall meeting her was when a group of friends met for a chat and coffee. As there were more people than chairs I ended up sitting on the floor and she was sitting on a table. She was wearing an above the knee black dress with a white decorative band. On a couple of times she pushed herself off the table to get something and then jumped back on. Each time she did this I could see her white plain slip.

Unfortunately after that time she went more for trousers and skirts with linings. So it was many years later – after we were married that slips put in an appearance.

Guide Uniform

After we had been married about a year Sam decided to get involved in the Guide movement as a leader. She had a straight blue dress as a uniform and decided that the really should wear a slip underneath. She still had a couple of full half slips and a full slip. She decided that the half slips had too much material and they would be uncomfortable so she settled for the full slip. When she put it on I could see that it was about 1/8 inch too long for the dress. For some reason it was showing at the back and not at the front. I decided that I would not tell her and see what happened. She did not notice and went off.

When she returned the slip was still showing the same amount.

It was pleasing that for the next year each Guide night she wore the same dress, same slip and same result. No one at Guides could have told her and I did not either.

At the end of the year we moved and she stopped going to guides so the slip show ended.

Sam’s new slip

Some six months after we moved Sam went to an “Underwear Party”. When she returned from the party she told me she had ordered a lacy cream half slip. We had not discussed my love of slips at this point and I was really pleased.

The following Thursday the slip arrived. I had about 2 inches of lace along the bottom. She had bought a 27 inch long one.

We were going to a friend’s wedding on the following Saturday and Sam decided to wear her new slip under a brown skirt.

On the Saturday we duly set off and drove up the motorway. We stopped at one of the services so we would be ready as soon as we got to the reception. (We were not invited to the actual wedding since it was in a registry office that was quite small.)

As our son was very small at the time we put him in the push chair and went to the loo. I went in first and then the plan was that I would go back to the car with our son car whilst Sam got comfortable.

Coming out of loo I saw Sam who had her back to me. I instantly saw three inches of slip showing under her brown skirt. As she turned I saw that there was also about two inches showing at the front.

I decided to say nothing assuming she would realise she was showing and adjust it when she had finished in the loo.

I went back to the car and waited for her to return.

When I saw Sam approaching I noted that she had not adjusted her slip. There remained around two inches hanging down below her skirt hem at the front. I must have had a rush of blood to the head since I told her she was “showing”.

Sam went back to the loo and returned a few minutes later with no slip on display.

We then drove to the hotel where the reception was planned. Getting out of the car I saw immediately that Sam’s cream lacy slip had lived up to its name and had slipped back into sight. Again I told her and she looked for the Ladies and went in to adjust it once more.

She returned once more with no slip showing. However as we walked around chatting to our friends Sam’s slip quickly put in a further appearance. Soon I (and everyone else in the room) could see all of the lace and from the back an inch of the plain cream body of the slip.

Mid afternoon she went off once more and on returning she declared that she had discover her slip was showing again (this of course I knew) and had solved the problem by tucking some of her slip through the elastic.

That was the end of that day’s slip showing session. I wondered at the time if that was to be the last slip show ever. Fortunately I was wrong. Many many more times since I have enjoyed the sight of a Sam showing a lot of slip.

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