Samantha Fucks Daddy!

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Samantha Fucks Daddy!

Samantha was looking forward to spending some time with her dad. Since her parents had divorced she only got to see every other weekend and then for a couple of weeks each summer.

Samantha felt that over the last couple of years they had grown apart but her recent sexual awakening was even more if reason to want to be with her dad.

Samantha had been introduced to sex by her boyfriend Tony. He was a fantastic lover but he had a secret. Tony was sexually attracted to older women and the one he was the most attracted to was his mom.

Samantha was seduced by Tony’s sexy mom and she learned quickly of just how hot the sex was. Since then they all had sex pretty regularly but the two teens were encouraged to explore their own desires. Recently this included Samantha having sex with her older brother.

Samantha loved having the forbidden sex and now she wanted to see if she could seduce her Dad. She knew he liked sex with younger women since that had been the reason for the ugly divorce.

After arriving Samantha went and changed into a pair of yoga pants that clung to her shapely ass like they had been painted on. She then walked into her dad’s game room where tended to spend the most time. As soon she walked she knew she had his attention.

“Hi daddy! I thought I would do a little yoga if that is alright.” She said as she moved on the floor and started her routine

Out of the corner of her eye she could see her dad watching her every move. She moved into a downward facing dog position with her ass pointed towards him. He could probably see the lips of her pussy and maybe even the developing wet spot in her crotch.

“I love this position! It makes me feel so excited!” Samantha said

“Ugh what’s that baby? I’m afraid my mind was wandering.” Her dad said as she looked at him she could see his face flushed

“I said I really like that downward dog position. Did I look ok doing it? I’m kind of new at the doggie thing.” Samantha said as she smiled at her father

“Well it looks good to me.” He said

“I think you just liked looking at my butt!” Samantha giggled

“Ugh…I was not!” He said suddenly turning red

“Daddy it’s alright! I know I have nice body and every guy likes to check me out! You’re a man and my dad so I’m sure likes what you were looking at!” Samantha said with a knowing smile

“Samantha! I’m your father!” He said trying sound firm but his daughter knew him too well

“Yeah you may be my dad but that erection you got in your pants says that you want to fuck me!” Samantha said as she looked at the bulge in his pants

“Now young lady you should not be talking to me that way!” He said he tried to hide his stiff cock

“Daddy, I think you better know that I’m not a virgin. I have been having sex for a while and I really do enjoy it!” Samantha said as she flashed sexy smile at her stunned father

“Well you shouldn’t be telling me about this!” He said with more panic in his voice than he intended

“But Daddy your last girlfriend was only a few years older than me! I know you liked fucking her. Did you like seeing her with ass up in the air like this?” Samantha said as she went back to her position but this time she wiggled her ass at him

“Agh shit! You are beautiful! So is that how your boyfriend fucks you.” He asked as his blood boiled with desire for the sexy woman

“It is a good one but I like them all. This one he likes but sometimes he gets excited and puts his cock in my asshole. I like that too!” Samantha said as she looked at her dad

“So do you suck his cock too?” He asked as the perverted conversation just fed his lust

“Yes daddy! I love sucking cock! I really love to make guys cum with my mouth.” Samantha said as she knelt in front of her dad

“Guys? You sucked others besides Tony?” He asked

“Yes daddy! I love cock! Tony and I have an open relationship. He has women he wants and I have guys and women.” She said as she gripped his legs and looked at her father’s bulging cock

“Women!” He said in amazement

“Girl sex is fun daddy! I prefer a good cock but eating pussy is good too! Especially if it full of cum!” Samantha said as she licked her lips and her dad moaned

“Daddy I want to show you my body!” She said as she removed her top and then her pants

Her father looked at his sexy girl. She was perfect. As he watched she opened his pants and pulled out his cock. He watched as she slowly stroked his dick with her small hand.

“Daddy, do you want me to show how well I suck dick?” Samantha said

“Ohhhh fuck he said” as Samantha pulled his clothes off

He watched as his daughter leaned over his cock and then wrapped her lips around him. He moaned as she lowered her mouth down his cock while looking him in the eyes.

He watched cock disappear and could feel her tongue rubbing the bottom of his dick. Just as he thought she could go no deeper she closed her eyes and he felt the head of his cock go into her throat. She started to gag but then held him for an instant. He watched as she let the cock slide back out between her lips. Her eyes has small teardrops from nearly chocking.

Samantha thrilled at seeing the incredible pleasure her daddy was feeling as she showed off her oral skills. As the cock slipped from her lips she licked the head as the dick jerked involuntarily.

“So daddy, am I a good cocksucker?” She asked as she kissed his balls and then licked his cock along the bottom in an agonizingly slow way

“Ohhhh Samantha that is so fucking good! Please keep going!” He groaned as his hand pushed her head toward his cock

She opened her mouth and steadily pumped on his erection as he who withered in ecstasy. He could feel her blonde hair on his thighs as his sweet girl worked his cock. He could see that she was rubbing her pussy. His mind began to burn with a desire to taste her.

“Baby, do you know what a 69 is?” He asked as he felt perverse thrill run through him

“Yes Daddy! That would be fun!” She said as she stood up

Her father lay back as she straddled his face. She lowered her pussy towards him. She heard him moan and then his hot breath hit her pussy. Samantha wiggled with joy as his tongue licked her slit. She felt his fingers grip her ass as he fucked her pussy with his tongue. Samantha moaned and leaned toward his cock.

Her mouth found his dick and she started to suck him. Her dad was driving her crazy as he licked and sucked her. She pumped his dick and her spit ran down his dick.

“Ohhhh ahhhh mmmmmm!” Came the muffled but happy sound below

Samantha was breathing hard as her dad was bringing her closer every second to an amazing orgasm. She could hear her own labored breathing along with that distinct sound of a sloppy blow job being given.

She felt him push her forward a little and wondered why until she felt his tongue probed her tight asshole. Then he worked back to her clit and sucked it. Then she felt her daddy push a finger in her ass. Samantha went off like a bomb.

She was jerking and moaning with his dick still in her mouth.

“Cum for me baby! Mmmm yeah mmmmm!” He moaned as his face was drenched with pussy juice

Even as Samantha recovered from her orgasm there was only one thing she wanted. She straddled her father’s cock and then lowered herself onto him. He watched silently as his dick entered her pussy. Samantha groaned with pleasure as her pussy was stretched by the thick cock.

“Damn I should not be doing this!” He groaned as Samantha started to ride his cock

“Daddy you want this! You know you want to fuck me! You know why I know that?” She asked as she bounced on his dick

“Why baby?” He said as he admired her young firm natural tits bouncing

“Because I want it too! Fuck me Daddy!” She screamed

Her dad watched as his daughter rode his cock better than any woman ever had. Then he started thrusting up into her making her grunt.

He picked her up with amazing strength and turned her back to him. As they stood she bent forward as he started to fuck her from behind.

Samantha loved the powerful strokes her dad was using to fuck her. His hands griped her shoulders and he fucked her hard. She was whimpering with joy when he pulled out!

“Suck your juice off my dick!” He said

Samantha was happy to do so. She opened her mouth and reveled in the taste of her pussy on his cock. She could taste a steady stream of pre-cum flooding her mouth as he gripped her head.

“Baby I need to cum!” He said

“Yes Daddy ! Cum on my face! Come on cum right here!” She said as she pointed to her face

Her dad groaned and then his load started to cover her face. Her mouth was open and she loved the taste as more and more entered her mouth.

Her father looked down at her and was shocked at how turned he was to see his spunk on her face as she played with some in her mouth. He watched as she swallowed his sperm and then smiled.

“Mmmmm you taste good!” She said as she scooped more sperm with her fingers and then sucked it in her mouth.

“Fuck baby you are amazing! So is daddy going get more?” He asked

Samantha started to suck his cock as her hand played with her pussy. He was amazed when his cock stayed hard. He was even more amazed when she stood up and led him back to the sofa. She laid down and spread her legs and pulled his cock towards her.

“Now daddy fuck me nice and slow! We have all weekend!” She said

Her father pushed into her and started making love to her teen pussy.

The end
This story is a continuation of a series but can be read on its own. Samantha is the girlfriend of Tony from “My Son’s Secret Desire” series. Here are some links to the original chapters if you would like to catch up.


(A word from the author. Well Samantha is learning more all the time. Her dad has now been introduced and I do have a plan for him….if you liked the story let me know with a thumbs up. As always I look forward to your comments and messages.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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