Sancta Sara #8: Susan & Nat-1

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Sancta Sara #8: Susan & Nat-1

Sancta Sara is a nice nunnery for free fornication
Sancta Sara is way up in the hills of upper Sexonia

Nice naughty nuns and novices seek sexy satisfaction
Nice nuns from Sweden, the Americas, lots of novices

Priest Professor Peter Poet is the only male there
Priest Peter provides consolation after Confession

Peter Poet is a Professor of Sex and of Lusty Liturgy
Peter Poet invented praying by oral sexy stimulation

Sancta Sara is almost self-sufficient to be independent
Sancta Sara has its gardens, vineyards and many meadows

Professor Priest Peter almost has his team there complete
Professor Peter has Gina for the garden full of veggies

His Holiness needs next another erotic expert nice nun
His Holiness needs a nun with cattle-expertise to run

Professor Peter knows his best base for nuns is the US
Professor Peter knows he can convince Susan to nun-hood

Susan is a warm woman with a heart for free womanhood
Susan is working hard all day to run her small farm

Fine friend sexy Susan has a dear daughter nice Nat
Fine friend sexy Susan and her dear dod look alike

Fabulous BOOBY beauties both make your eyes pop out
Fantastic hot is mom, but her dod doesn’t see boys?

She gets up at sunrise to feed her chicken and geese
She gets only sexual attention from her net-Confessor

Susan longs to serve Professor Peter with her qualities
Susan longs to swap her husband for a proper gentleman

Fine friend sexy Susan seems shy to talk sex with nice Nat
Fine friend she is, so I decide to help her with my poem:

Nice naughty Nat we like to wet your teen twat
I know tasty teens of f0urteen do read sexy stuff
Certainly it gets their muffs very wet at times
Erotic experience is what your hot hormones want

Nat looks awesome I heard through the g****vine
Awesome big BOOBS already, at only f******n now
Tasty teen makes men stumble as their eyes fix

Why can’t men keep their eyes at their own women?
Erotic puzzle difficult to solve for a young woman

Well enough of difficult questions, today is your birthday
I wish you a great day! This poem with acrostic is my gift
Sometimes I write with your mom, this is my first for you
Hope you do enjoy my play with words and your mind a bit?

Anyway, I wish you a very happy, hot and pleasant birthday

You must have strange ideas about this weird friend of mom
Only old perverts watch porn, isn’t it? Well some are nice!
Usual suspects in the net are creeps indeed, few are gentlemen

Having hot feelings sometimes is normal, as all teens do!
At times it seems inconceivable to discuss it with your mom
Please do not forget your mom is a warm wanton woman as well
Pretty vulnerable to her flashes of hormones making her hot
You can imagine she sometimes looks for foxy fun in the net!

Better be healthy and hot than lacking lust in love at times
I hope you do not mind me talking to you like a young woman
Right now millions of girls your age watch porn in the net
Their moms don’t know, wait till their dods sleep for a peek
How easy life would be, if they could communicate about it?
Dear I hope that day has come close for you two out there!
All the best to you two from old Amsterdam by Poet Peter
You will have the best birthday ever in your life so far!


After she read my verse and other stories Nat proposes Susan
to take their chicks along and join that nunnery in Sexonia!

Copyright by Poet PETER, dd May 21st 2015

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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