secrets p3

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secrets p3

Chapter Three

10:00 am. New years day, and I was more excited than a
6 year old on Christmas morning opening up presents
from under the tree!

I walked down the sidewalk looking at my empty
driveway, “Good Mark’s car was gone” I thought to
myself. My eyes strained to see through the garage’s
service door window on the way to the front entrance,
confirming the stall was also empty.

Not bothering to look and see if mom left a note on the
refrigerator’s door informing me when she’ll be back. I
felt too charged and my body couldn’t contain itself. I
ran up the stairs to retrieve the camera.

Carefully, I entered ma’s bedroom and I noticed that
everything was neat and tidy.

She must have cleaned up before leaving the house this
morning. The bed sheets were changed to her usual
traditional style.

My hands shook with anticipation while I removed the
vent cover. I examined down the dark tunnel making sure
nothing was disturbed. (I didn’t want my secret to get

After removing my camcorder. I reinstalled the grill
cover and quickly walked to my bedroom closing the door
behind me.

Mild obscenities echoed in my room! As I fumbled with
my computer’s patch cable trying to hook it up to the
back of the camera and turning it on.

The information blinking on the screen said that I
recorded 4 hours 16 minutes, so I knew I had a good
chance of capturing something worth watching.

Skipping through the blank recording. It didn’t take
very long from when I left the house until I saw
movement in the room. Appearing to be very eager! Ma
didn’t waist any time at all.

Anticipation was the reason I sat on the edge of my
sleek desk chair. Stunned! I lost my balance and slid
off the end and my ass hit the ground with a loud thud,
while I saw the first image captured!

Mom was seductively bending over panty less! In her
short, leather dress showing me for the first time her
enticingly firm, bronze colored tush! “Mom’s ass looks
like it belongs on a porn star” I murmured to myself.

The image resolution was soo clear; I could see
everything as she placed romantically lit candles all
around her bedroom.

She strategically placed them on every horizontal
surface in there. It reminded me of the ritualistic
candle lighting ceremony at each station in a Catholic

She walked over to the door in her luscious spiked
heels and adjusted her can lights overhead, dimming
them to dull amber color which really set a sultry
mood. The light provided bathed Ma in a heavenly glow
surrounding perfect silhouette.

After setting the stage, Mom removed the Rubbermaid
container from her bed and placed it beside the
nightstand on the floor; she reached on top of the
silken black bed sheet, gracefully smoothing it over
with her elegant hand and left the room.

Jumping ahead 40 minutes into the recording. I saw more
movement on the blurred screen and I stopped to view

All my deviance and careful calculated planning was
about to pay off! There it was in front of me on the
computer’s monitor, my wet dream come true, my gorgeous
mother was going to fuck her lover. And I had all
captured on the hard drive.

Mark was lead into the whimsical room by my alluring
mom. Her hand and positioned him seated on her
oversized bed.

She teased Mark as she knelt down if front of him. Her
hands deliberately meandering, while ma removed his
three piece suit.

She lingered provocatively smelling each article of his
Italian hand made clothing almost as if she was
checking to make sure his aroma was the only scent
found on them.

My mother then removed each one of his brown leather
shoes, hugging them softly to her gorgeous face.

Mom extended her wet tongue. Licking the tip slowly and
cooing inaudible words.

She resembled a horned up snake as it would
instinctively sample the smooth leather top. Afterward,
she gently placed them beside her bed.

Pressing both of her feminine hands on his broad
muscular chest. Ma exerted all of her 115lbs pushing
downward causing him to lean back on the bed.

She removed some shiny strips of cloth from her
nightstand and lovingly tied each one of Mark’s
appendages to her bed’s corner post.

Stopping the recording immediately! I went on a search
of the house for some lubricant so I could tug at my
penis without chaffing it.

Rummaging through my bathroom drawers, my supply was
depleted! I was not able to find anything to jerk with.

My memory recollected that I used all my makeshift
lubes up. Sexually driven hormones have been causing my
to jerk off allot more lately. (They couldn’t have made
enough jerk cream for me that week)! I was pathetic; it
was even getting to the point where I was using cream
rinse on my burning cock!

I ran into ma’s bathroom and found some of her scented
hand lotion on the top of her wash sink. Victorious! I
left the room thinking what ma may have done with her
sluttish clothes she had worn last night?

My intention was to have them close to me while I
stroke as they were probably laced with her femininely
sweet fragrance.

Franticly! I rummaged through her closet and couldn’t
find her leather dress, however, I did find her 5-inch
spikes so I grabbed them instead and took them back to
my room.

Before sitting back down I stripped down below my waist
and applied a huge amount of wiener slide in my skin,
working the shockingly cold cream in as it became more
comfortable to use and palmed my semi-hard cock with
the warmed lube.

My horny body now situated. I went back to view my
beloved recording where I left off from before.

I placed Ma’s red slut pumps in front if me for an
added catalyst.

I turned the volume up as far as it would go. Their
conversation echoed in my room as I heard my mother ask
Mark if she looked like the whore of his desires.

Mark shook his head up and down as eyes focused on her
body constricted in the tight leather dress.

He slobbered over himself, expressing how sexy she
looked and that she could dress like that anytime for

He also conveyed he wanted her to leave her shameless
clothes on while the fucked!

Mom spoke sarcastically and said “good! I was going to
fuck in this smutty outfit whether you liked it, or

My cock was now as hard as steel! I hung onto every one
of those dirty words both my mom’s and Mark’s mouths. I
lightly stroked the tip of my member as it was very
sensitive. Each delicate movement made my legs jump a
little. The lubricant provided less resistance, without
it, I would have felt more pressure and probably came
by now!

Mom produced a scissors from her nightstand a cut the
blue boxers from Mark’s nether regions exposing his
very large but flaccid cock.

It looked like a gargantuan coiled snake ready to
strike and it wasn’t even hard yet!

His dick made me jealous, I liked down at my pathetic
5-inch teenaged wiener and felt it wasn’t worthy of my
very spoiled mom.

Seeing Mark monster, I now realized why she needed that
huge dildo, Practice! Practice! Practice!

She placed the scissors down on the stand and slid her
plastic toy chest closer to them. She reached in and
furnished Mark’s mammoth cock some clear, slippery
lubricant of his own.

My talented mother worked his member over like a she
had experience! Using her long, shiny fingers to coat
every inch of dry skin of the docile b**st, gently
waking it from its slumber and getting it ready for her
to play with!

Within a few minutes the b**st was alive and ready to
seek out destruction of my wanton mother’s body!

I was thunderstruck viewing of the caliber of Mark’s
thick, shiny pole. Valiantly! Standing at attention in
front of my animated mother which only seemed to be
honoring it.

His b**st reminded me of when I would see those muscle-
bound body builders all glazed up for competition,
striking various posses showing ever detail of their
magnificent bodies

I’m proud of my sweet mother she didn’t hesitate to use
it like a giant lozenge drawing it in her capable warm
mouth. With her first try she professionally engulfed
half of his tool!

As she pulled back off it and you could clearly see
were her moist lips marked the depth of her erotic

She repeated the process again only much faster!
Resembling a wild woman until Mark was squirming
feverishly He couldn’t take it any more and he
announced that if she didn’t slow down he was going to
blow! She again lifted her head off his proud member,
only this time leaving a large string of saliva
dangling from her lower lip to the summit of his mucous
covered cock!

And then I witnessed something unimaginable. This
dreamy whore that gave birth to me used the palm of her
hand to wipe the spit from herself and his slimy cock
and placed it on Mark’s open mouth to humiliate him
into keeping quiet.

Thus far, this was the most erotic thing I have ever
seen, “Women just don’t do that!” I murmured.

Prolonging Mark’s inevitable orgasm, she complied with
his overwrought request.

I had to stop watching my vixen mother performing such
arrant acts. With my heightened state of arousal, as 25
minutes have already passed. All my senses were really
taking its toll in me.

And besides, my hand was like loose cannon!

The increasingly speeded strokes were decreasing my
waxy sensation as the coating of lotion was drying up.
I need to slow down and extend time to enjoy the fruits
of my labor.

I grabbed ma’s brilliant red heel and rubbed the cool
smooth leather on my cheek, I sniffed in its heavenly
spice while looking at the bottom of the sole and also
its heel, noticing they appeared to have low mileage on

“Maybe I can change that,” I thought with some

This obsession for my mother was getting to the best of
me. All I want to do now is to have her become my
personal fuck toy, to use her when I want with no

Now mom is very smart and she can sense bullshit from a
mile away, I am going to have to come up with a plan to
get her to notice me as a fuck partner without raising
her suspicions.

Climbing the highest mountain in the world would pale
in comparison to what I would set out to achieve. Okay,
I calmed down a bit. The feeling of me cumming in the
next 10 second subsided, so I could get back to my home

Mom changed her position and raised her uncomfortable
dress above her tanned thighs to straddle Mark’s face.
With her hand out of the way a saw something else
incredibly huge. Mark’s nutsack! The shaved flesh
encompassing it was the size of a small g****fruit. I
thought “man I wouldn’t want to be carrying that all
day between my legs”.

“Eat me and get me all juicy so I can take that big
cock of yours all the way, you fucker!” She commanded
with a hint of urgency!

The front of her red dress was stretched to its limit
due to it clinging to the outer part of her spread
thighs, from my prospective the strained leather looked
like a partially opened garage door.

Her face was posed with an expression of pure ecstasy;
Mom was now grinding her pussy into his face
ruthlessly. All I could see was Mark’s lower jawbone
moving with a rhythm that matched mom’s hip gyrations
with perfect harmony.

I’ve never lasted this long before. My hand was
starting to cramp a bit and I had to switch to the left

Stretching my digits, I formed an “O” with my thumb and
index finger. I wanted to rotate it around the lower
part of my dick’s helmet, as it’s the most tuned in to
my nervous system.

When I’ve done this before it gave me the some of the
best prolonged orgasms I have ever enjoyed!

I spontaneously started sucking on the sharp heel of
mom’s pump, imagining someday mom would give me
permission to do that for her, and maybe it could be on
her beautiful foot at the time!

Another 12 minutes went by and she lifted herself off
her hansom boyfriend’s shiny, red face. It appeared to
be sopped with her pussy’s secretion. She spun around
to look directly in his eyes as used her hand to guide
his gargantuan tool in her hidden opening.

Mom leaned over his face and innocently kissed Mark’s
worn out mouth sampling the nectar she had deposited.
Feeling the shock of his 11″ cock entering her opening.
Mom lightly bit down on his tongue, and slowly took him
in one inch at a time.

“Heidi’s pussy was made to endure his unusually large
manhood!” I said malevolently.

Feeling disconnected, I was beginning to think of mom
as a complete stranger. Or maybe? More like an object.

In no time at all, mom was taking the full amount of
what mark had to give. She was having some trouble
maintaining her balance squatting on his big monster
with her 5″ spikes, but like a trooper she just kept
riding him like a horse at full gallop meeting each one
of his strokes with maximum penetration.

My maternal whore needed to cum! Instinctively, Ma
licked the painted fingers on her right hand with her
moist tongue and reached in between those lovely long
legs and started to rub the nub with an unyielding
figure eight motion to get her to the place she needed
to be!

I wanted to prolong my cum as long my mother but
watching both of them fucking was hampering my efforts
to control myself. I was going to spurt and spurt hard!

With nothing in sight that resembled a cum rag, I stood
up in front of my computer desk and rapidly caressed my
wiener over my mothers red pump. Pointing its tip
directly in the opening.

My eyes were glued to the monitor watching the two of
them fucking and making lewd noises like untamed fauna.
That was enough for me!

I milked my hypersensitive prick into Ma’s footwear
with such might; I actually heard the blunt splashes of
my gunky seed impacting the leather!

My knees buckled as if they kept on loosing power
intermittently each time I stroke over my over-
sensitive glands underneath the helmet.

I strangled my beating cock for every last of drop of
sperm it could offer!

My dick was totally spent but, Like watching a car
crash. I kept my peeps focused on my blissful mother in
the movie.

Her orgasm was imminent, she was really working Mark’s
anaconda with slow twisting movements.

Plunging all the way down, she arched her back while
her head tilted back looking at the ceiling with her
eye- slits barely open, as her overstuffed pussy took
his huge size.

Now I’ve never heard of this before or seen anything
like this, but Mom’s orgasm made her loose complete
control of her pussy!

She lifted herself off him and shook violently as her
pussy hovered over his flagpole. To my disbelief, Ma
shot spew all over Mark’s lower abdomen and the upper
portion of his legs.

The moisture from my mother’s release, collected on his
hard body became concentrated and turned into little
beads of fluid seemingly to only racing each other to
where gravity would take them onto the silk bed sheet

I need time to collect my thoughts of what I just
witnessed. I turned off the camera as to save the rest
for later.

I picked up and studied ma’s soiled pump. My hand
rocked it from side to side. I watched the clear boy-
jizz disappear in the toe and reappearing in the heel.

Suddenly! I stopped playing with my cum and had an

My mission in life going to get my mom to notice me, I
am going to achieve that by beating off into or onto
everything she owns.

That way she will eventually have to confront me about
it, and I can’t wait for that day to come!


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