Seduced by my son

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Seduced by my son
David our son was watching TV, seated next to me on the couch.
I hadn’t meant to stay long as I had just wanted to show David my new see through brazier I had bought to surprise his father. It was black nylon and I let him feel how soft it was, and how well it held my breasts.
My husband, his father, asleep in his own chair
David had a blanket over his legs as it was cold in the room
As the movie we were watching became a little erotic David reached out and grabbed my wrist
I knew what he was doing as he had done this before
Slowly he moved my hand to the bulge under his blanket
I pulled away but his grip was too tight
“No” i whispered but he totally ignored me
“No David, Daddy would be cross” I insisted
But i knew David had opened his trousers and pushed his underwear down
Soon i felt the soft skin of his cock
He felt so soft, and so big, like a sleeping python
My vagina tingled but i tried to ignore it and resisted a bit more
His grip tightened and hurt more
I winced but didn’t want to wake my husband
David’s cock was flaccid, but felt very large and the skin felt so soft it made me want to touch him more
My fingers touched him lightly and then i began to fold my fingers around his soft smooth cock
“We should stop” I whispered
He didn’t even acknowledge me
His cock felt so full but even as i touched it so so delicately i could feel it was beginning to grow in size. My long nails stroked the skin,
Surely he could not get much bigger, he was already the size of my husband’s cock
A quick nervous glance toward my sleeping husband confirmed he was none the wiser
My eyes were fixed onto David’s glazed eyes
Then my eyes closed as i started to squeeze his hardening cock, then slowly began to pull it for him
My fingers sliding over his gorgeous hardening cock
I felt his knob grow harder, and much larger, but i couldn’t see under the blanket. I tapped my long nails on the head of his now erect cock
The knob felt just a little wet after I had tapped for a few seconds
Then without warning David reached up and pulled my head forward by my neck, he had never done that before, and without thinking I let out a soft moan
He forced my head down and then exposed his beautiful hard cock right in my face
He was huge, my eyes blinked at his enormity
Hoping my husband did not awaken, i acquiesced to his forcefulness
His hand pushed my mouth over the swollen head and forced the knob into my mouth
Hardly able to open my lips wide enough to accept his huge member, my lipstick smearing onto the skin
I sucked him and tasted his huge cock, my eyes closed still
Then with both hands David forced my head down further as he pushed half of the shaft into my mouth and almost down my throat. I opened my eyes in shock.
Controlling my head he fucked my mouth, in and out, in and out until I started to gag but he persisted with one thing on his mind, using me like a cheap slut
His momentum increased and finally we felt his huge cock pulsate as David ejeculated semen down my throat. We were both struggling to stay quiet, while i swallowed a stream of semen which over flowed my lips and dripped onto my blouse making it look transparent
My husband breathed on steadily while David finished ejeculating in my mouth
We both let go and sunk back into the couch
I arranged myself in orderly manner
My vagina was so wet, I had soaked right thru my panties and i had to excuse myself to change into another pair, and change my blouse
While in the bathroom I located my black dildo and inserted it into my vagina and fantasied it was Davids huge cock. In just a few seconds my orgasm spread across my vagina and thru my body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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