Sex At Wedding House

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Sex At Wedding House

My self and my husband could not find a place so we were asked to go upstairs where there is one guest who is old aged about 60 years we went up and the person present was white haired reading magazine we introduce our self and started chit chat since the bed was on floor we also sat

He was very interested person and was attractive we put our pillows and lied on the bed I was wearing night gown hence I put my pillow adjacent to my husband since the bed was not so big we have to adjust three person at a bed for two. We were so involved in talks that we forget to see what time it is suddenly the old man said lets sleep its already 2.00 of midnight and your husband is already slept.

I saw my husband has streched himself to the corner of bed and was fast asleep I was in dilema where to sleep because on the other corner the old man was sleeping so only place left for me to lie inbetween my husband and the old man . Sensing the situation old man said dont wake up your hubby he is too tired if you dont mind sleep here only and I am not characterless person I laughed and lied in between my hubby and old man.

He was very jovial and stout in built doesnt look like 60 year old. Lights were put off and we slept in the night when I was to go for toilet I saw the old man sleeping and after I came back I just looked at him his dick was fully erect under his lungi and probably he was not wearings underwear I coul d see his thick and 9¨ long dick. I just laid in my place. In half an hour this old man p ut his hand on me

I could feel the weight of his hand on my breast which I slowly removed. Again after some time he turned towards me and again he put his hand on me I saw he was deep in sleep so I didnt removed his hand now. I felt that my big breast were very lightly caressed by him I was shocked and was not knowing what to do as I was tired I slept and with this he got more advanced and he was encircling my nipples

I also felt good and was little excited to know what he will do next I pretended that i am sleeping with this he unbuttoned my gown and on my bra he was sequeesing my nipples which were erect. I turned towards my husband side this old man also came closer to my back I could feel his 9¨dick ay my back. Next day after all ceremonies were over it was agin late in the night we were tired so we went up again I chit chat with the old man it was all normal and during that my husband was sleep I again had to sleep in between soon I got sleep again I found that this old man put his hand on my big breast

I turned to my husband side but to be true I was excited so I unbuttoned my gown and loosened my bra he again put his hand on my breast this time he found it was all loose so he straight away put hin hand on my boobs and caressing my nipples and got my nipples erected I lay straight he removed his hand

then I turned towards him this time one of my boob was exposed to him I pretended that I am in sleep so he saw my boob and put his mouth very gently on my exposed breast and started licking my nipples and his hand was very slowly pulling my gown up which was already up to my thigh so he could access to my panty.

He came closer to me and he started very gentle caress on my vagina in my cracks. I was wet I spread my legs to have him access on this he left me and lied straight I put my hand on his lungi to find his hard erect lund and put my hand on it he thaught I am asleep so he slowly pulled his lungi so that my hand is on his hard dick.

He became bold by now so he pulled me towards him and grabbed my boobs and started sucking I also got high so I responded him he put his hand inside my panty he was caressing my pubic hairs and inserted his finger in my choot

I whispered in his ears to go slowly and he removed my panty he then told me to turn towards my husband so that he can put 9¨thick rod in my vagina I did then he came inside me from the back he stroked very gently andI was enjoying he was caressing my boobs and stroking made me cum two times and then he said I am cumming he filled my vagina with his white fluid, Next day my husband went out for some work at the weddind garden

I was to go to take bath after bath when I came out from bathroom this old man was there he asked me whether I enjoyed last night i said in nod he said but it was not open and fear was there so he proposed can we have one more round and before I could answer him he bolted the doorand came towards me he removed my gown and made me nude and he also removed his clothes

I saw his dick and he asked me to suck his penis I did he sucked me we were in 69 position then we gone in supine position he was on my top and stroking hard my vaginaI came two times he was sytill stroking then after I said it too much he asked me to suck him and he came in my mouth . The marriage was over we were returning I took his address now often he comes to satisfy me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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